Anyone CCW a ruger GP100 4" 0r 6"?


November 8, 2006, 08:18 PM
as the title says, does anyone carry a 4" or 6" bbl GP100 concealed? If so, how?

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November 8, 2006, 08:49 PM
I carry a 4" GP100 when I'm outdoors in the cool/cold weather months . It's too bulky for me to carry in an IWB holster and impossible to conceal when wearing lighter clothes . I use a Bianchi belt holster but I'm looking for something else because the Bianchi squeeks when I move or walk . But , it does conceal the gun pretty good when wearing just an untucked flannel shirt . For warmer weather and IWB carry I have a SP101 2.25" .

November 9, 2006, 05:58 PM
I've been known to carry mine sometimes, despite its ridiculous size... I've even done it in fairly light clothing. I just use a leather OWB holster. Depending on what I'm wearing, the gun may print a bit, but I don't usually concern myself with that. Most people are completely oblivious.

November 9, 2006, 06:56 PM
Once in a while in cool weather with a jacket or vest with a high rise, forward canted pancake.

But that three pounds gets old real fast considering the number of times I have ever pulled a concealed weapon which is zero.

November 9, 2006, 11:47 PM
I carry a 4" fixed sight GP in jacket weather months via Don Hume belt slide or sometimes even via Uncle Mike's IWB.

Joe Leland
November 12, 2006, 11:01 AM
I started carrying the GP100 years ago. I'll share with you what I've found to work very well for me in a CCW carry system. Most any holster and speedloader carrier that is designated for an L-frame S&W will work for a GP100; when you search for GP100 holsters and accessories and fail to find models for the GP100 listed, check the S&W 586/686 L- frame because I've found them to be almost 100% interchangable. Two great belt scabbards for the GP100 are the Desantis 02 speed scabbard:
and the Tauris enhanced high ride belt scabbard made by Mike Taurisano: .
Both of these belt scabbards are well made (cowhide) and are affordable. I have used the Desantis 02 scabbard with my GP100 in competition night matches. It works very well; I personally think it is a better made holster than the Galco FLETCH.
It is possible to carry a GP100 IWB, but to do so, you have to have the right holster. I went with a Ken Null UNS: . The Null UNS is square shaped and distributes the weight of the GP100 over the entire length of your lower hip and your right glutemus maximus instead of your beltline. The GP100 conceals VERY WELL in this holster: zero movement/shift while wearing and extremely comfortable. This is a horsehide custom made holster and is not cheap, but I dare say it is the best IWB holster I have found for a medium/large revolver. Any of these holsters need a strong belt. I have used the Tauris 1 1/2" and Null 1 1/2" duty belts and have found them to be just right for me. Desantis, Galco, Bianchi, and Milt Sparks all make super strong belts for CCW. Find one that fits your taste and budget because they all work well.
Safariland speedloaders in the Comp 2 design and the HKS 586 are the best for carry in my opinion. The Safariland Comp 2 is a push feed and is very fast. The HKS 586 is a twist feed and is not as fast, but very sturdy and probably more durable. The choice between these two speedloaders is up to the wearer. They are both good choices. The Desantis Second Six speedloader holder: for the HKS 586 works for both speedloaders previously mentioned and rides around the wearer's belt with the rounds in the speedloader strattling the belt while inside the speedloader carrier. This method of carry cuts down on the speedloader's bulk by up to 50%. The Safariland Comp 3 loader and the Buffer technologies Jetloader are large spring-loaded speedloaders that are super fast but are really too big for carry unless you become really creative. I use the Comp 3 Safariland and the Jetloaders as support reloads from a vehicle or rollout bag.
The Bianchi Speed Strips:
(the Amazon price is for a bulk department purchase, hence the $90+ price)
are excellent for flat carry in the pocket. They also make an excellent choice as support reloads carried in the pocket backing up your speedloaders or serving as a reload for your backup revolver like say an SP101 Ruger.

I really like the GP100 compact grip offered by Ruger with wood or Derlin polymer panels. They really cut down on the grip size for carry.

The fixed sight GP100 models can be found for incredible prices:

Take Care.....

Commander Crusty
February 12, 2008, 09:35 AM
My first carry gun was a 4" heavy barrel Ruger GP100. I carried it concealed in a very anti-gun state for five years. No problems. I just used a nice heavy belt and pancake holster. Although, the gun WAS customized with a bobbed hammer and wore the compact Ruger, "round butt" grips. That big Ruger was heavy, but oh such a dream to shoot! I finally switched to a .45, but honestly, the automatic was about the same weight, just flatter.

If you are hard core, or honestly NEED a gun, I'd say go with the big one. However, most people are going to end up with something smaller. So, I say get the GP100 for home use and buy a nice SP101 (or 642) for concealed carry. Just grab a nice pancake holster for the big boomer; that way you can carry it when you feel you need something more controllable on your side.

When I carry my 4" Airweight KA frame now-a-days, I often use this holster from Hoffners:


This one from Don Hume is also very nice, but completely different:


For a sturdy gun belt, try The Belt Man:


February 12, 2008, 11:17 AM
I've posted this before: I carry a 3 inch, ported GP100.

If you carry IWB...any good belt will do...I use a High Noon.

If you carry OWB, do yourself a favor and get one of Beltman's "reinforced" has a stiffener sandwitched in-between two layers of leather sewn together. Works great.

Bottom line: if you really do have to pull a weapon and actually fire at another human being, a .357 magnum will give you a warm and fuzzy and your target a cold and static feeling.

I've carried pistols...they just seem to malfunction at the worst of times. One must just get themselves into "revolver carrying" shape.

February 13, 2008, 08:14 AM
I have in the past CCW'ed a 4" GP100, with lugged barrel, using a now-discontinued nylon IWB rig made by Eagle Industries. I now have a Ruger Speed Six, which is ever so slightly smaller, and its smaller grip and spurless hammer make it better for CCW. I carry the Speed Six in the same nylon rig sometimes, but usually use a Milt Sparks PMK. Before the GP100, in the mid-80's, I regularly carried an S&W M58 .41 mag in a couple of different IWB rigs, and in a now-discontinued G. Wm. Davis holster. The S&W is an N-frame, bigger than the GP100. The M58 and GP100 were duty sixguns, and it made good sense to tote the same sixgun when off the clock. I agree with DawgFvr about getting into shape for packing a substantial sixgun, but it is not really all that difficult, and nothing is quite as comforting, at least for me. I recently obtained a Kramer belt scabbard for the GP100, so I may start toting it again.

February 13, 2008, 08:44 AM
I carry a 686 4" every day, all day, even in short sleeve weather. In cold weather, I carry in a Don Hume JIT slide. In my opinion it is a great deal for the $20 price. Leather and molded for fit and stiff so one handed holstering is easy. It is form fitted to the gun so I need no thumb retention device.. I like open top. I wear it under a coat.
When deep concealment is needed, or if it is short sleeve weather and no coat is possible, I carry it in a large smart carry. I have no problem with it, no one has ever noticed when I have it on. I also carry 2 extra speedloaders of the HKS variety with it. Pretty amazing when you can conceal a 4" L frame and 2 full speed loaders when just wearing shorts and no shirt.

The round butt and boot grips works wonders for concealment.

DAWG, what is that top OWB holster? You are right, nothing like knowing that you have a wheel .357 on your side. Some autos, like Taurus, might have second strike capability or are DAO, but nothing beats knowing that if you have a bad round, the next one is just a pull away ready to SCREAM to the target.

February 13, 2008, 10:59 AM
researchdoc: The top photo is the inexpensive, but very nice FIST #9 Basic.

Again, the Belt Man's fiber stiffener inserted between two bull hides sewn together make for a very stable belt for OWB heavy revovler carry.

February 13, 2008, 11:05 AM
Nice... The FIST is a nice holster.. thinking about one...
I agree on Beltman.. I have one that is 1.5" with the stiffener. I can carry my 4" 629 on it all day with not a care.. It has never sagged and draws the grip in close to my body even with a high ride holster.
Beltman is in my neck of the woods about 35 miles from here in Apex NC.
I called him once to see if I could come watch him make me a nice Elephant hide belt. I haven't done it yet. He has superior quality stuff. That is a great recommendation on your part.
And THANK YOU for your service to our country!

December 26, 2011, 05:55 PM
Found this thread while searching for a good belt. I carry my 6" full-lug stainless GP-100 from time to time, though not as often as my 4" 629 or 5" 1911. When I do carry my GP-100, I carry it in a shoulder-rig with the holster 'horizontal' but canted with the butt low and the muzzle high in the back. The angle helps conceal the large revolver within the profile of my torso, and I keep three speed-loaders in my left-hand jacket pocket. It's comfortable, and with the right jacket no one would ever know it's there. I've carried it once or twice in my nylon 1911 IWB (fits pretty well lol), but if I bend over to pick anything up the grip would show and reveal its presence. The shoulder rig setup is great for driving, much easier to reach than my usual 5:00 IWB, but I must plan ahead and know where I'm going, as sometimes it's awkward to keep a jacket on indoors when visiting someone who isn't gun-savvy. Also I'd like to mention that I feel the .357 magnum is the WORST hand gun cartridge for unprotected ears. Granted most will agree that your life is more important than your hearing, but laying in bed at night with a high pitched ringing in your ears is awful!
I prefer to carry my GP-100 with .38 specials or .38 +P vs full-on .357 mag loads, reduces risk of over-penetration, and my ears will appreciate it if I ever have to fire without protection.

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