1911 holster for delicate finish?


November 10, 2006, 12:43 PM
Hey just checking if anyone knows of a good holster for guns with a delicate finish? I just purcased a Kimber Eclipse and want to keep it p'erty :D

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November 11, 2006, 10:52 PM
Well ... that's a toughy.

Kydex usually grabs the gun in a few select locations, wears the finish a little and it goes no further. Leather tends to touch the gun in every location, the wear won't be as pronounced in any one location but it continually, slowly wears everywhere.

What you CAN do is make sure if you go Kydex, don't go hard plastic as in uncle Mike or some of the other cheap ones. We all use the word "kydex" in a general way on these forums but if you are serious about wear select a one of the custom makers of REAL kydex.
BearClaw Holsters http://www.bearclawholsters.com
Dan Hillsman http://www.hillsmanholster.com
Others ...

For Leather, I've found that Mitch Rosen, Alessi, and a few others hug the gun VERY tight ... which is good in some ways but if you are worried about wear, specifically ask for one that fits a little less snug ... maybe some of the other guys here can suggest a leather maker that balances retention with presention ... some are just too heavy on retention.

Lastly ... I have Kimber Tac Pro and it's finish is a bit on the wimpy side. I think the Eclipse has a better quality finish and you might not have anything to worry about, anyway.

My .02. Enjoy the Eclipse and shoot safe.

November 13, 2006, 06:40 AM
Just my opinion; unless you intend to keep it boxed it is not going to stay pristine no matter how gentle the holster. Is this going to be a defensive tool - or a collected piece? Holstering, drawing, and simple body movement while wearing the holstered pistol will cause some finish wear in the longterm.

My advice is to take all the usual care and attention when handling, cleaning, protecting; years down the road - barring any mishaps - your pistol will have the more appealing honest wear and character of any well kept tool.



November 13, 2006, 09:16 AM
My .02:

If you get a lined holster, get one with a smooth lining (like pigskin) rather than suede. While the suede appears softer, it will be more prone to trap grit.

November 13, 2006, 03:28 PM
I do not have a CCW so the gun will rarely be holstered with the excetion of open carry in the wilderness and life-threatening situations that require it. Otherwise it will be in a drawer next to my bed. I understand that any holster will put wear on the firearm, and I dont care if it does, but any steps I can take to minimize wear I would want to take.

A few more questions guys:
1) What are your thoughts on open-muzzle holsters? The possibility of dust and dirt getting up in the barrel would be a turn off.

2) I willl be practicing my draw with this holster, what are the determining factors for a good holster? What other factors do you look for in a holster besides a "snug" fit on the firearm?

Here are a few padded holsters I am pondering:

Galco FED Paddle

Galco FX


November 14, 2006, 07:44 AM
I have a lined Bianchi (19L) in which I have carried a Browning High Power daily for a year, and two days a week since over three years. Only some very slight finish wear here and there.

I prefer a closed muzzle holster for most purposes. Both open and closed are a tradeoff. Open allows dust to get in the bore - or dirt and other crud if you spend anytime sitting, crawling around or laying on the ground when hiking, hunting etc. Closed means alittle dust, perhaps fine debris, accumilating in the bottom of the holster. I prefer to deal with the latter problem as needed.



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