Ruger Single Six glitch


November 13, 2006, 04:21 PM
Single Six problem

I originally posted this under "revolvers". I realized that it should have been here! I hope that I'm not breaking any rules by re-posting here. If I am, I truly apologize before I catch heck!

I recently came by a single six made in 1975, and it is a one-owner (until now). It was shot very little, but definitely shows some care and surface rust issues. I think it could be called a "throw in the vehicle gun". When cocking, it hangs up at about half-cock. It does this with either cylinder, LR or Mag. Without a cylinder, it cocks fine. It may have been opened up at one time, but it had been a long time ago. The problem does not seem to be with the Base Pin Assembly. Could it be a pawl problem? Base Pin? Any recomendations? Thanks for any ideas.

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Old Fuff
November 13, 2006, 05:24 PM
I presume this is a New Model Single Six with the transfer bar safety.

After checking to be sure the cylinder is unloaded, point the muzzle down and then cock the hammer to see if it hangs up. Then repeat the test with the muzzle pointed up.

If the hammer hangs up while the muzzle is pointed down the problem is probably related to the little spring and plunger in the back of the cylinder pin. Be sure the spring and plunger are working.

Next, check and be sure the spring and plunger that pushes the hand forward is also working as it should.

Finely, be sure the cylinder latch is dropping down soon enough to release the cylinder so that it can turn.

If none of this turns up anything, disassemble the lockwork and look for evidence of home gunsmithing.

November 13, 2006, 07:34 PM
Old Fuff,
Thank you for the information. I think that it has to be one of those items that is causing the problem. Now an update--- making me think it's Halloween again. Last night I removed the grip assembly and the ejector rod to get rid of the aluminum. I then soaked the barrel & hammer assembly in mineral spirits over night. I cleaned and oiled everything and put it back together. Same old story. Now, a few hours later, it has decided to work!!!. The best explaination that I have is that the cylinder latch, or the hole that the plunger & spring goes into, was dirty, and it finally loosened up. When I looked at the gun, it initially worked. I suppose that I had cocked and let the hammer down 15 to 20 times when it started sticking. I really don't feel competent to tear it down any more than I did. If it sticks again, I'll be heading for the 'smith. PS> Do you think that I should take it in anyway? I'm tempted to re-blue it. It would obviously look better. Is it worth enough that I should not consider this? It probably wouldn't make any difference. I plan to shoot it.

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