Got three 'new to me' old Smiths, need suggestions.


January 5, 2003, 05:21 PM
One is a shooting collector, one is a 'project', and the other one won't be around long.

I need some ideas for the 'project', gun.

S&W M28-2. Needs (in my mind), a complete refurbish. (I have high standards for appearance, given my 'druthers).

1- Finish

I've never had to have a used gun refinished, so I'm kind of in the dark. What I would like to do is get the 58 re-blued to the M27 finish. I don't know if thats possible, given that this gun has been reblued once already, it appears to me, and had some pitting on the side plates (both sides) above the grips that was not totally removed when that was done. OR, it was just a mediocre finish job from the factory. I tend to think its been re-blued. I think these could be blasted or polished out, as they arent deep, but visible. Otherwise, it's in good shape. No rust, clean barrel/cylinders, factory action with little or no work done to it. Functionally, it's fine. (Thanks to Jim March). I'll get back to that later.

I'm looking for recommendations for someone who might be able to do this right. I can find companies/smiths who say they will do it, but I need experienced recommendations. IOW, who can walk the walk, in this regard. (If the 27 finish isn't a realistic objective, I'm thinking a durable bead-blasted matte type, as it'll be carried, sooner or later, anyway, but I've got time, as I am waithing on common sense to break out where I am, or I'll move, eventually).

2 - barrel

It's a six-inch. I'd prefer a 3 inch heavier bbl, maybe ported. For carry. Don't really want to go below 3 inches. (This needs to happen before the finish work, I know).

3. Action

Want to smooth this out some, not a lot. I want a good carry action. At the same time, I want a polished trigger (no serrations). Pretty straightforward. I've been thinking about Teddy Jacobsen, or just sending it back to S&W for that.

Grips are good, but I can handle anything I need to do there.

I'm looking for suggestions, advice, and opinions. No limits, as I'm in no real hurry. The gun will shoot just fine as is, and I can live with it for awhile.

Thanks in advance, folks.


(edited to fix Model, like Saxonpig pointed out. I was in a hurry):rolleyes:

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January 5, 2003, 08:49 PM
Yep. Another typo. M28-2. HUA again!

As for why, it's tough to find a good 27 around here. Lots of junk under the counter, used for hammer, fixing fences, etc. Dealing out of state is tougher, because of stupid PTB issue here.

Besides, if I found a good 27, I wouldn't want to mess with it.;)
Since what I want was not 'factory' anyway, I'd rather do it this way.

Pits aren't that deep. Right sideplate is no big deal, could replace that. Left side, obvious problem. There is an issue with how much material has been taken off already, if I'm right about the re-blue already having been done. In that case, bead-blasted matte finish is probably the only viable option. I could live with that, and keep my eye out for a 27. This isn't the last gun I'll ever buy. ;)

Money? Heck, if I worried about what stuff costs, I'd be dead from worry. Besides, it's that personalization thing. I got a good deal, and can afford to sink the bucks. It's just fun. :cool:

January 5, 2003, 09:05 PM
I would start with seeing what S&W can do for you. They have three inch barrels at the ready from what I understand and could handle the porting and finish work at the same time, the prices are usually very good too...tom

January 5, 2003, 09:09 PM
My only concern with that is I'm having a hard time convincing myself it's ok now to give them any of my money. For reasons that I won't go into any further in this thread. (I don't mean to get off on that tangent, IOW).

But you are right, that is an option, and I appreciate the suggestion (and the tidbit about the barrel possibilties). They could do it all, really.

January 5, 2003, 10:03 PM
trapshooter...yeah, I know what you mean, there was a thread about it recently, I've bought two new type smiths recently but got them both used. I don't really know at this point whether sending a gun to them is the right thing to do, I guess I lean toward saying I would, and then cuss myself later if this new ownership proves to be not so good....tom

January 8, 2003, 10:27 AM
You could talk to Clark Custom Guns ( They do complete rebuilds/refinishes/etc. on S&W and Ruger revolvers, and I've had several action jobs done there. Good workmanship. Also, if you want to get fancier, try Hamilton Bowen ( and see what he can do for you. Expensive, but probably the best workmanship in the business!

January 8, 2003, 11:13 AM has a pretty complete price list for the services you'r looking for. However, with pits, your model 28 doesn't sound like a candidate for a high polish re-blue.


January 8, 2003, 11:32 AM

Thanks for the input and ideas. The more I look at it, the more I tend to think that tomkatz may be right. Get this one in shooting shape (no biggie), and keep looking for a good 27.

While the pitting isn't going to keep it from being accurate, I think joehatley nailed it, it isn't a candidate for the 27 type blueing. (You have to stay realistic).

On the other hand, while a matte finish would be ok for a PD gun, maybe a hard chrome would mask pitting better, after some work to remove as much of it as is reasonable? Preacherman , I looked at the Clark website, and some others. Nice to know that Clark has a good rep with someone here.

The issue right now is a barrel. Disregarding the pitting for the moment, I'd like to put a 3 3/8 to 3.5 inch heavy barrel (full underlug) on it. Where in the heck do you find them that aren't intended for PPC guns? I checked the S&W website, and it looks like the barrels they have are not for the 28/27's. (I freely admit that I could be wrong, though).

I think I need to concentrate on getting it in 'shooting' shape first, then worry about appearance last. (Why bother if it won't fit my idea of what it ought to be?).

Thanks again for the advice already, and in advance for any barrel suggestions.

January 8, 2003, 11:41 AM
I had some slight end-shake on my 28. Sent it back to S&W and they fixed it and had to reblue the cyl. My guess is that they are the best source for what you need done to the gun.

Mike Irwin
January 8, 2003, 11:49 AM
Only problem is, and ignoring the obvious political problems, I don't think that S&W shortens barrels, and the 3" barrels from the Model 27s were likely remaindered MANY years ago.

January 8, 2003, 12:38 PM
yes, now that I think about it, the guy I know had a 3in barrel installed by S&W on a 4in. mdl 19 recently. He told me they have a supply of barrels but didn't say for which guns, sounds like a call to S&W is in order, see what they say...tom

January 8, 2003, 04:45 PM

I was already thinking the barrel may have to be custom work. I've got an idea I can check, to see if anyone would even bother with it. Like I said, I'm in no particular hurry.

Although, if Misery ever actually passes a CCW law, that could change. Then again, I'm not lacking in other solutions to that 'problem'.:D

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