Rossi M511 Stainless .22LR


November 20, 2006, 10:32 PM
Just found a couple of these in the safe. Very nice guns, well finished and very small. One has a tiny amount of end shake which seems typical of small revolvers of this type and the sights are all stainless -- rugged but almost invisible on a sunny day. They also seem to have fairly stiff trigger pulls, also probably typical in smallish .22s.

Anyone have one of these?

They're very nice guns. Can't find much about them on the Internet, though.

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November 21, 2006, 03:02 AM
Can't give you much info, but here goes. Obviously 22 lr. rimfire. Imported 1986 to 1990. Weighs 28 ounces New in box:$194, Excellent condition:$163, Good:$127 Should have a 6inch barrel. That is all I have. Others should be checking in on this and have more data.

November 21, 2006, 09:35 AM
I had bought one brand new before I was revolver saavy. Very nice looking gun. Before I even fired it, I took it to my Gunsmith for a trigger job (he's great with S&W's). He checked it out. The yoke had alot of play in it and he told me in no uncertain terms that it was not even worth spending the money for a trigger job. I took it back to my dealer to be sent back to the factory or service center for repair. As I was guessing would happen, it came back 2 mos. later without having been touched - though it was supposedly repaired. :cuss: I sold that one without ever touching off a round. I hope your's are better.

November 21, 2006, 12:22 PM
I've had 2 of 'em. First one got ripped off in a home invasion and I liked it so much I got another and paid too much (200) at a gun show for it. It is EXTREMELY accurate for a little kit gun. Yes, it has a little end shake, but it's normal in these little guns. There is very little wear with the caliber and it's not really a problem. Yes, the DA pull is pretty poor, but it makes for great practice. I figure if you can control that DA, my Taurus is not a problem. LOL! But, my SA pull, most important on a kit gun to be used in the field (this is not a self defense revolver) is crisp and light, EXCELLENT! And, this gun is more accurate than the one that got stolen. The old one would shoot about 2-2.5" with most ammo at 25 yards. I shot quite a few rabbits with it, nice field gun. But, this one I have now, with RWS Target ammo, shoots 1" at 25 yards! With federal bulk pack lightening it will shoot just under 2" at 25, simply amazing! I don't care how poor the DA trigger is, accuracy like this in single action is danged useful! I was planning to shock some of our local gun club members with it in a little .22 pistol shoot they put on one month, but it got rained out. Bummer, cause I would have gotten a big kick out of beating up on Ruger Mk 2s and Buckmarks and such with it. It's that accurate with the RWS stuff. It's plenty enough field accurate with the cheap stuff.

I take this little revolver every time I head to the range to shoot pistols. It's cheap practice and fun plinking with such an accurate little gun. As you say, the sights are really amazing even in bright sunlight considering the stainless construction. Take 'em out and do some shootin' off the bench for accuracy in SA mode and see for yourself. If you're a sucker for accuracy like I am, you'll like 'em.

BTW, it's a 4" kit gun, not a 6", or at least mine is. It's on the small frame and is a 6 shooter. The gun was marketed as the "M511 Sportsman" and that's an apt description of uses of the gun. It'd make a great tackle box gun or what I like it for, just plinking. I've used it afield, but usually carry a .357 with .38s or a .38 J frame type gun afield now days. It's still a good choice, though, and you can carry a lot more ammo to play with in .22LR.

November 21, 2006, 01:09 PM
The yoke play is definately there on one of the revolvers, but I've shot it and it's accurate. The b/c gap doesn't open excessively, so I'm not going to worry about it (though I could probably fix it with a clip-in washer). The gun has a 4-inch barrel, though I wish it had a 6-inch tube.

I don't think the gun is too overpriced at $200. I haven't seen any of them for sale and they should last forever. Those rubber grips are the same type that are on my guns.

If they were still in production, I'd guess they'd be going for well over $200.

November 21, 2006, 01:26 PM
If you figure out how to lessen the end play, PM me with the method. :D They make shims for the J frame, don't know if one would work. I did some measuring and figured a 2 thou. shim would do the trick on mine, not really anything to worry about, but it does sorta bug ya.

They come with a skimpy wood grip. I installed the Pachmayr Compac on mine. It makes a big difference in grip feel, nice, but is still pretty compact.

I'm still trying to figure out, you just "found" these in your safe? Wow, you gave Santa your safe combination?:confused:

November 21, 2006, 03:00 PM
Will do, though I don't know that it would make that much difference. If it were a .38 or greater, I'd probably sell it. The .22 is such a low power round that it's not likely to worsen. I think a trip to Home Depot would be a good place to start. Buy a handful of shims (open ended) and try a few. My father has a bunch and I'll try some.

I've shot my one gun some time ago and remember it was very accurate, more so than my even older Smith 63. The Rossis have ejector housings that add weight to the barrel and make the balance a bit better.

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