Lasermax Lasers - anyone have/used them?


Sean Dempsey
November 28, 2006, 12:29 PM
I am very interested in getting a lasermax for my XD(s), but I want to see if anyone here has used them or owns one.

For those who aren't familiar, they are a laser system that is built into the recoil spring:

which puts the lasers origin just below the barrel. It seems like a great idea, but without hearing some real-life testimonials, I can't take the gamble on the money.

For the record, I am not (yet) interested in any other laser systems. I don't want things hanging off my XD yet... plus, I have the XML light that comes with them so that takes the spot on the rail when I need it.

So, any lasermax users?

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November 28, 2006, 01:12 PM
See that little green rectangle in your schematic? That's the turn on/off switch. Many people find that sticking your trigger finger up to push that switch on is an un-natural movement. I had one in a Glock-26 & couldn't get used to it. It didn't help that the switch sometimes turned itself off during recoil - or that the blinking laser spot was hard to see. When I saw Crimson Trace lasergrips, I switched over & never looked back. Your mileage may vary.

Sean Dempsey
November 28, 2006, 01:18 PM
interesting. Is there a crimson trace for the XD's?

EDIT: nope! there isn't.

November 28, 2006, 02:07 PM
I've had a LaserMax on my Sig 229 for a year, and it functions flawlessly. On my model, the switch is a small button at the takedown lever pivot point. I don't know where the switch is on the XD --- but I'm pretty much going to have to get a LM for my XD-9SC.

Read the manual.
It's easy to install.
Read the manual.
Keep the lens clean with an alcohol swab (not dry).
Get the spare spring/battery cap kit.
Keep spare batteries on hand.
Read the manual.

Shoot regularly withOUT the LM engaged. Train ocassionally with it. Do NOT get into the habit of relying on it. It is reliable, but, imagine coming up, not finding a dot, and taking any time whatsoever trying to figure out what the problem is ...:scrutiny:

I think you'll find several things:
1) You flinch more than you thought you did.:uhoh:
2) Your flinch will be cured. :)
3) Your instinctive aim will improve, even when you don't engage the LM.
4) Your time-to-target will improve ridiculously with the LM engaged.
5) Your recoil recovery will improve.
6) You will never wonder why you didn't have a hard-chrome Kel-Tec instead. :D

Admittedly, it is an expensive add-on.
After a few trips to a range, you won't even complain about the $$$.

A few friends have tried it, and the only thing that isn't unanimous is the cost reaction. At a guess, I'd say not to worry about any cost reductions in the near future --- it's the only game like it in town, and the other prices haven't taken any nosedives.

On the bright side --- your $500 XD becomes a $850 XD. Heck, add tritiums (if your eyes are young enough :D ) and make it a $1000 gun!


November 28, 2006, 02:10 PM
I have one for my Glock 20. I like it. I'm a fence-sitter as to whether or not it is superior to the Crimson Trace system. It strikes me as just being a different answer to the problem, with a different set of pros and cons. Unlike the previous poster, mine did not shut off during recoil (and with a hot 10mm, no less) and I found the laser to be very easy to see. I think it is a good system.

Works well

Completely internal (use whatever grips you want), no doodads on the gun, free up your accessory rail.

You don't have to adopt a different grip to draw the gun and not illuminate the laser. Some people say this is no big deal, so YMMV. I find that when shooting Crimson Trace (limited experience, I will admit), that I ended up lighting the laser upon drawing and had to consciously shift my grip to shut it off. I didn't like that, but I'll freely admit that it is not huge deal, and would be less so with practice.

Not adjustable, so POI/POA will be close, but not exact. No headshots at 100 yds for you, unless you're lucky. ;)

You have to consciously turn on the laser (the flip side of the Pro listed above), and that bothers some people. I find it pretty easy, since the button is right where my finger rests alongside the frame. If I have so little time that I cannot flip on the laser, I probably don't have enough time to try to pick up the laser dot with my eyes. I should be shooting, not playing flip-a-switch or and/or find-a-dot. YMMV. I sum up the whole conscious/unconscious on/off thing like this: do you like chocolate or vanilla?

Turning off the laser involves the support hand (I suppose this is a negative, though not a big one).

Some people claim that the recoil spring unit is more fragile than the stock spring. I have had zero problems with mine, though I admit my round count is not exceptionally high with my G20.

If you like to tweak your springs, you're stuck with what Lasermax offers.


November 28, 2006, 02:41 PM
I got one in trade for a Glock 17 a while ago back.

While it was a fun toy to play with at home, I decided it had really no practical use for me.

For the cost, you could probably attend a class to make yourself a better shooter.

It's your money though, so do with it as you please.


November 28, 2006, 03:53 PM
An instructor gave an interesting demonstration --- with body and head shielded, and muzzle and laser pointed around a barricade. He put five shots on target, without exposing himself (at least, not where the gun/laser was). I'm inclined to think he has some good ideas ... he survived a few shootouts on the force.

The problem with the Trace is that you don't have a choice of grip, a major factor, to me; certainly more major than having a laser. His is a Crimson Trace, but it's a revolver, so no choice there.

If these things cost half what they do, I'd say it's a no-brainer. It also depends on how you shoot to begin with. It will not find the target for you.

It's just another edge, among edges.

November 28, 2006, 03:55 PM

I can see the advantage of having the laser on a short barreled revolver, but they just don't do much for me on a Duty size weapon.


November 28, 2006, 04:09 PM
Definitely more of an advantage on a smaller weapon. Still an advantage, 2", 3", 4" 5" ... I think the main question is whether you want to spend the money (the "training vs equipment " argument is an excellent one), and then --- they don't mention this on the "wrapper" --- take the time to actually practice with a separate method.

I've found that it is different. Instead of front-sight picture, I tend to look slightly over the top. It takes your focus from sight plane to target plane, but ready to snap back if your battery dies :eek: . I've also found that my rapid accuracy at greater distances is enhanced --- but not to the extent that I'd stop trying to equal it with Mk I Eyeball.

Another negative point, of course, is that it isn't tremendously useful in bright light.

November 28, 2006, 08:55 PM
I have to give the nod to Crimson Trace. No funky on/off switch, and I have never not seen the dot. And since it costs me less than half of what a LaserMax brainer.;)

And oh yeah, the best part is a CT IS adjustable.:)

November 28, 2006, 10:32 PM
My LM was bang on out of the box --- but I know that that's not always the case.

November 28, 2006, 11:50 PM
my dad has one on his glock 19, and that is the first handgun i go after when i am home on leave. they are alot of fun, and have many benifits i believe. one is that they don't add any bulk to the outside of the gun, and you can continue to use the same holsters you have been. they also strobe in a way, which makes picking it up that much easier, even in bright lighting conditions. i personally don't find fliping it on and off to be unnatural, it is pretty sweet and pretty highspeed to me. the only issue he had was he had to load his reloads alittle hotter, because the weight of the recoil spring of the lasermax is a little heavier, but that wa an easy fix. he uses 115gr loaded with titegroup, and powerpistol, and it orks great with no hic-ups of any kind. they are a little expensive, but i believe the benfits out way the price for sure.

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