30-06 AP loads for Garand


December 3, 2006, 11:32 PM
Was revising some hunting loads for both bolt guns and M1 today when I realized I really have no good recipes to load up all the 163gr AP slugs I have laying around. I loaded a small batch several years ago but was dissatisfied with overall accuracy (probably secondary to my poor/nonexistent sorting of the mixed slugs) Search function has yielded little.
Looking for any recipes particularly using either H4895 or Varget for use in M1 Garand.
Thanks in advance-


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Steve in PA
December 4, 2006, 12:46 AM
I use 47.0gr of IMR-4895 for 150gr FMJ and 46.5gr for 168gr FMJ out of my M1 with great accuracy.

December 5, 2006, 08:40 AM
The 163g AP has much more bearing surface than the 150g. Whith that and the extra weight of the bullet pressure should rise quite a bit. None of us want to blow an op rod and none of us want to throw out perfectly good AP rounds even if all they're ever used for is paper and tree stumps. I've read that IMR-4895 was the original powder used for the 163g but that powder's burn rate doesn't match modern IMR-4895. With all the very knowledgable people on this board somebody must have done this in the past. Come on guys pass on the info.:)

December 5, 2006, 10:40 AM
The burn rate difference between commercial IMR4895 and surplus IMR4895 is not enough that you would get in trouble with a 46.5 - 47.0gr load in your Garand. H4895 is a little faster, so use a little less, and Varget is a little slower, so you can use a little more. These load levels are predicated on using military brass. Use of Winchester and other commercial brass with a larger case capacity will result in lower pressure and velocities.


December 5, 2006, 08:34 PM
Thanks Don. I also found this old thread : http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=46982

December 6, 2006, 10:47 PM
Here is a link that might help: http://www.hodgdon.com/data/rifle/30-06.php
IMR also has a similar website. I use them and Alliant's web pages often when working up loads.

December 8, 2006, 12:22 AM
Did some test loads before I got a Garand. These were shot in a Remington model 742 Woodmaster 30-06. I've since shot my loads in my Garand with no problems. Don't have any accuracy data.
All loads were in RP 30-06 brass, RP 9 1/2 primers, with two different lots of surplus IMR 4895 powder. One lot was surplus pull-down and the other was with virgin never loaded surplus. My surplus lots varied quite a bit in burn rate with the pull-down being faster than the never loaded lot by nearly 100 fps.
163 gr. AP black tip-----46.5 grains of pulldown 4895----c.o.l 3.333" --2628fps
-----------------------46.5 gr virgin surplus 4895-------------------2530fps
-------------------------47 gr pulldown 4895-------------------------2662fps
I had a couple of boxes of Talon Manufacturing 163 AP remanufactured 30-06 and I tested the velocities and got 2659 fps average in my gun. All loads were seated to an overall length of 3.325" to about 3.333" and function fine in the Rem 742 and my Garand. With one lot of surplus IMR 4895 in LC69 brass, 44 grains gave almost 2400fps, 45 about 2480, 46 about 2530, and 47 grains gave about 2550 fps. This info just shows one thing and that is to work up loads using surplus powders as the burn rates do vary.
If you're interested in some loads for your bolt action 30-06's using IMR 4350 powder: DO NOT SHOOT IN your GARAND!!
--LC69 brass--RP 9 1/2 primer--55 grains of IMR4350---2575 fps
--RP brass----RP 9 1/2---------53 gr------------------2552
--RP brass----CCI 200----------53gr------------------2543
--Win brass---RP 9 1/2----------54 gr-----------------2596
--RP brass----RP 9 1/2-----------54gr-----------------2590
--RP brass----CCI 200------------54 gr----------------2564
--RP brass----RP 9 1/2------------55 gr---------------2635
--Rp brass----RP 9 1/2------------56 gr---------------2687fps
These were tested in a Rem 700 adl with 22" barrel at a loaded length of 3.320"-3.325" at a range temperature of 65 degrees.
USE ANY of the above DATA at your own risk. Start low and work up!!

December 11, 2006, 12:05 AM
Thanks for all the above responses!
Slugcatcher hit the nail on the head Re: folks with experience with these bullets and for the M1. I've been reloading for the M1 for years but have never gotten around to really playing with these AP slugs so really have little to no knowlege and am mindful of the longer bearing surfaces and potentially higher pressures. I'll try the 4895 data and see how they shoot.
Anyone use Varget with these particular bullets as I use that in most of my other ammo. We have wide temp swings out here and can go from 80+ in the summer to -5 winter :)

Anyone else please feel free to chip in-



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