PRK AR questions and some other queries...


December 8, 2006, 08:32 PM
I went to a local gun show and saw AR uppers for sale. I don't understand how you'd go about buying one at a gun show. Also, is it legal to buy those at all? I am interested in one but I will not buy one of the gimpy 10rd, fixed mag, POS's. Can someone enlighten me as to how I can legally aquire an ar style rifle? Also, I saw alot of guns for sale at this show, how are firearms transferred at these shows? P.S. I actually saw people walk out with firearms, maybe they brought them with them to the show?

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Beetle Bailey
December 9, 2006, 01:21 AM
An AR upper by itself is not legally considered a firearm; it's just a firearm part (albeit a big part). Therefore, it is legal to sell, just like a barrel, stock, etc. For an AR, only the lower receiver is considered the firearm (for legal purposes).

If you refuse to buy the FAB-10 or other welded lower receivers, and still want to buy an AR in California, you must buy an "off-list lower" (OLL). Then you must either fix a 10-round mag with either the Sporting Conversions or Prince50 kits, or build the rifle as a detachable magazine rifle with no evil features (i.e. no pistol grip, telescoping or thumbhole stock, flash-hider, etc.)

For more info, go to and search/ask about "off-list lowers" or "OLL". There are many dealers but I went with Wes at since he helped get the ball rolling and knows how to keep everything legal for you.

If you want to purchase a gun at a gunshow, here's how: First, agree on the price. Then if he has an FFL and a shop, you can usually start the paperwork right there at the show and ten days later, pick up the gun at the (hopefully local) shop. If he doesn't have an FFL or his shop is too far away, there are local dealers with a table who will handle the transfer for a fee. Do the paperwork at the transfer dealer's table and ten days later if you pass the background check you pick up your gun at the transfer dealer's shop.

There are a few ways to buy a gun at a gunshow in California and take it home with you that same day. If it is a blackpowder/muzzleloader type gun you can buy it and take it home, even if it's new. If it is a C&R long-gun (grandpa's 1903 Springfield, Uncle Bob's M1 carbine, etc.) and you are buying from a private party (i.e. not a FFL dealer) you can buy it and take possession immediately.

Some people bring guns with them to the show to try and sell, but can't find a buyer. Others bring a rifle with them so when they shop for accessories, like gun cases, slings, etc. , they will know right away if it fits their gun. If the guy is smart, he'll carry a sign that reads "Not for sale" unless he likes to have a ton of people asking him "how much?" ;)

December 9, 2006, 01:33 AM
Why not get a Kel-tec su16. I have one and like a lot of its features better than the ar. Accuracy isn't as good as match grade ar's, and isn't built to last as long, etc. It's only 5lbs., folds up and will fit in a back pack, stores 2 10round mag's in the stock (or 1-30), and can take ar mags. Oh and its cheaper ($600). I'm in no. cali too.

December 9, 2006, 12:28 PM
I shot an SU16 Keltec. Let me say that I was not impressed. Just wasn't what I would expect for that price. It reminded me of an all plastic mini 14.

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