Can someone give me an idea of what I was given?


December 15, 2006, 10:36 AM
Ok guys be gentle, I'm a new revolver guy here. But I sure promise to keep you busy answering questions. As I was given as a gift 6 revolvers from my father-inlaw, and I have a ton of questions. I was given a Dan Wesson S & W 44 mag. 6.6 barrel blued ( fired maybe 3 or 4 times), a S & W 357 mag long barrel blued with cooling fin (never fired), A Golden Anniverary Ohio State Troopers 50 year Special Addition 1933-1983 Ruger security six 357mag, longer barrel nickle finish (never fired in original wooden box. A model36 S & W 38 SPL chiefs special Blued (fired maybe once). A tiny older 32 S & W with a flip down trigger blued. A older Star 9mm nickle. I know very little about these guns. I was earlier into the Glocks for a few years sometime back and know nothing of these revolvers as far as price,quality,and if they are worthy collectables......Thanks in advance, Tom

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The Real Hawkeye
December 15, 2006, 10:40 AM
What you've been given there is a small collection of some nice revolvers. Welcome to the forum.

December 15, 2006, 10:55 AM
Maybe I'll keep my farther-inlaw then, and can the wife......:)

December 15, 2006, 02:42 PM
Sounds like an all-star cast, there. Definitely nice pieces...I'm sure most of us are jealous...I sure am!

December 15, 2006, 02:53 PM
Be really nice to your FIL. He gave you some mighty fine firearms.

You can probably find some information on some of the guns by going to and doing a search.

Getting an estimate on their value would be a wise thing to do, but parting with them would really be a shame at this point in your life.

December 15, 2006, 04:05 PM
SWEEET! Update your homeowners insurance policy, and get a good safe - that's a HECK of an investment you just got handed!

December 15, 2006, 05:37 PM
Probably best to keep the Security Six in an unfired condition as an investment. Probably worth big bukeroos down the line.

December 15, 2006, 06:09 PM
That's a heck of a gift. Too bad they are all very dangerous guns prone to exploding if even looked at. I will properly dispose of them for you at no charge!:D

W Turner
December 15, 2006, 06:47 PM
LIke everyone else has said here, congratulations on getting a nicely put together collection right off the bat.

To ID the SW revolvers, more description would be needed.

One place to look is behind the crane when the cylinder is opened. This is the relatively flat area just in front of the cylinder that is only visible when the cylinder is opened. It is just below the cut out for the ejector rod.

Id'ing the Star and Dan Wesson will be a little more challening, but I'm sure some here will be able to help you.


December 16, 2006, 12:15 AM
The Dan Wesson 44 is one of the best 44 mag revolvers ever made. They are strong, VERY VERY accurate and reliable. They are heavier than S&W 44's, but they don't shoot loose like S&W's are prone to do if they are fed a long diet of heavy loads. The weight also makes them more comfortable to shoot. Dan Wessons are the only revolvers that offer interchangable barrels. This takes a special tool which you can get from the factory, if you don't already have one with the revolver. CZ-USA bought the Dan Wesson company last year. They no longer make the 44mag, but the still offer its big brother, the 445 Supermag (a longer 44 caliber revolver which can also shoot the shorter 44mag.). Although they no longer make the 44mag revolvers, they still offer parts, service, and additional barrels.

I host the Dan Wesson Forum over at Graybeards Outdoors. For a load of information on Dan Wessons and some very knowledgable individuals, you may visit there anytime, or I will be glad to answer any questions you have in this thread if I am able.

Sounds like you recived a wonderful gift from someone who knew revolvers. Enjoy the gift.

Roll Tide

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