Percussion caps larger than #11


December 20, 2006, 02:00 PM
At the moment I have CCI #11 and Dynamit Nobel 1075 percussion caps.
The 1075 caps are a fraction, but very minimal, larger than the CCI #11 caps but both caps are too small. They sit high on the nipples and cause misfires.
I used the search option and have read about the existence #12 percussion caps.
Does anyone know who produces these and where to get them?

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December 20, 2006, 03:15 PM
I found some Italian-made caps that seem to be about a #9, and I've heard of #12s but have never seen them. Have you tried the Remington #11 caps? They seem to be made of a thinner material and tend to split down the sides when I push them too hard (in theory not a good thing) but I've never had a chainfire with them.

I've posted this before (from an old Colt Industries pamphlet), so #12s do exist, or did awhile back:
"Percussion caps are now made in sizes from nine to thirteen. Ten and eleven are the best numbers for the small and medium-sized arms, and twelve for the larger sizes, although, as different-sized nipples are sometimes met in specimens of the same model, no hard and fast rule can be given. It is better to have caps slightly too large than too small, as large caps can be pinched together at the bottom enough so they will stay on the nipples, but small ones must be driven down on the nipple by the blow of the hammer, and this process frequently cushions the blow to the extent of producing a misfire."

December 20, 2006, 08:25 PM
I used to purchase the old Remington number #11's whenever I could find them because they were oversized (like #12's maybe?) and would fit a large nipple that was on 1 of my rifles but I left original (I also had spares for it that fit standard #11's).
The old Remingtons are noticiably larger. This was the Remington product that was produced just before the "new, 40% hotter caps" that are currently in production (~10 years). They were a clear golden color inside instead of that solid green color, and the outside of the tin is white and Remington green, with a green tape wrapped around it to seal the tin. The paperboard cartons that they came in were orange and green I believe.
I think that these caps were so oversized that Remington caps became unpopular, and people had to buy Remington #10's to match everyone else's #11's.
I have a few tins for that one nipple that I scrounged up at gun shows, and I have quite a few tins of the old Remington #10's that I use regularly without any fitting problems on the #11 nipples of any other gun but one.
Somewhere, there are probably folks with cases of those older Remington "green & white" caps just sitting on a shelf waiting for someone who needs them. ;)
I did carefully sand down another similarly oversized nipple to fit "standard #11's", and it ended up fitting great, so that's always another option to try too.

December 21, 2006, 04:01 PM
Think the best option is make the current nipples fit regular #11 caps and avoid future problems in searching for fitting caps. Will give it my best shot.
Both, thanks for the answers!


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