357 caliber 158 grain winchester JHP. How do you like them?


Ben Shepherd
December 22, 2006, 12:58 PM
I was given A BUNCH:D of 158 grain winchester notched jacketed hollowpoints for Christmas. The thing is I've only ran XTPs or gold dots for jacketed slug use for this application.

So my questions are:

Have you found them to be as accurate as the hornady or speer slugs?

How fast can they go before they turn into a varmit bullet?

I've had bad results with thier rifle slugs, so I've never pursued them in pistol before.

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December 22, 2006, 01:18 PM
It depends on the application. If you're looking for a bullet for thick skinned game, then they might be too light in construction. They wouldn't be a good load for shooting big hogs, but are plenty accurate for general shooting and for small game. Winchester has been in the ammunition business for longer than any of us have been on this earth, and they make some good products. I think you'll like the bullet for general use.

Besides, why are you opening your presents early??

Hope this helps.


Ben Shepherd
December 22, 2006, 01:31 PM
They weren't wrapped.:D

That's exactly what I was thinking, excellent varmit/small game use.

I know they are of a weaker design than either the XTP or gold dot. Both of these hold together well clear to 1600, IME.

So you're saying with these winchester pills, around 1300, maybe 1400 ceiling speed wise? And with a tuned handload, I should be able to hold at least 2" at 25 yards if I do my part?

I'm gonna need another keg of 2400. I'll be getting roughly 500 rounds per pound if I drive them at 13-1400, unless I need a substantially different charge weight than the XTPs or gold dots take to drive them that fast.
This would be the bees knees!!:D

December 22, 2006, 03:14 PM
I've never run them through any of my carbines, so I don't know how they would hold up at 1,600 fps. They are the older core and cup design, but a good bullet none the less. I've seen that bullet after being recovered in an autopsy, and it mushroomed as designed and put the bad guy in the morgue, so I believe it to be a good one.

They should be a good bullet at around 1,300 to 1,400 fps. They're probably actually designed for 1,250 to 1,300 fps, so that would be right in the ballpark. You'll know better after some testing.

The velocity vs. charge weight should be pretty close to what you're getting with either the XTP's or the Gold Dots, though the Gold Dot is a heavily plated bullet and the XTP is a true jacketed bullet.

The bottom line is, any brand name bullet you get as a gift is a great bullet, and the giver is a keeper......... Sounds like you've done good on both counts.


December 24, 2006, 03:17 AM
Yes, Those are truly pistol bullets. Home Defense or small game would be the best for their use at the lower velocities stated in this thread. Shot into sand or gelatin, expansion is impressive.


December 24, 2006, 10:22 AM
Ben: That bullet in a lead HP was the standard FBI load for many years back when they were still carrying revolvers and I still load that bullet under a healthy dose of Unique for both my wife's Colt Cobra and my S&W Mdl 60. As far as I am concerned you can not beat a heavy slow bullet in a snubby, However YMMV.

December 24, 2006, 12:29 PM
Ben, I use the 158 gr Win JHP all the time. If your shooting from a strong frame revo, I recently started loading 14.8 gr of 2400 with a good solid crimp midway in the cannelure, with great results. Shoots 1-2" at 25 yds rested.

Ben Shepherd
December 26, 2006, 10:57 AM
Heavy load warning!

Bula- Wierd. That's the exact charge I use under a 158 gold dot. Holds under an inch@25 in all of my 357s if I do my part. But we better put in a note: The charge of 2400 that bula and myself are discussing is above current published maximums. Approach with caution. Use at your own risk.

As for a *strong framed* gun? I believe my redhawk has me covered.:D

Wasn't going to drive the winchester slug that hard though. I was thinking around 14 grains would be a perfect safe in any 357 load. That should put me around 1300 depending on exact gun used.

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