There's Still Time To Change Perceptions


January 9, 2007, 03:17 PM
This thread is somewhat of a carry over from the thread re: the Assault Weapons vs. Semi Auto Video thread:

I agree that the NRA could be much more effective at educating the public.
I am a member and will continue to be one for whatever it's worth.

My thought is that we as citizens may be able to coordinate an internet media campaign (You tube, Google video, Aol Video, etc) with the most effective media tools we can find.

The presentation of Assault Weapons vs. Semi Autos by Officer Pyle is one of the best and respectably presented defense of 2A videos I've seen. I think a great start would be for us to post any similar videos, articles, pictures, illustrations, or commentaries in one thread that we could then use to boost our own personal "Information Vaults" then coordinate the dissemination broadly to the public.

I can see this as being very effective if the material is clear, concise, and geared to the uneducated apathetic masses. In a sense, we need to bring this important message to a group of people whose votes put the decision makers in office. Unfortunately, the majority of these people don't know enough to know that they should care about the 2A or what it really means.

I would imagine that many of the "Liberal Democrats" whose philosophies were born in the 60s don't realize that the "Creeping Incrementalism" of socialism in our country combined with the misunderstanding and apathy for the 2A, may eventually lead to Kent State on a grand scale, as it has in every society that has prevented civilian ownership of firearms.

Unfortunately many of us, myself included, do not always put the best foot forward when confronting this issue with people. Add to this, the frequently spotlighted strange and scary "gun nut" who says many of the things we say yet has just done something stupid, or more often is edited in as a soundbyte by the Michael Moores of society to support their agenda, and it's no surprise that we see things as we do now.

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January 9, 2007, 03:46 PM

January 9, 2007, 04:24 PM
I was the first person to get a Pro-gun article on Digg:

The front page for over 24 hours at that! Shockingly I had some resistance:

But the folks at were very helpful. I had relatively little resistance there. (only 1 wacko) It has to be a coordinated effort if you want people to get on the front page of digg. Don't do it too often and remind people to check the comments. Otherwise comments like this:

get dug up and people are misinformed

If you want to spread RKBA material you have to be very aggressive. It has to be a coordinated effort.

Some good video sites that are a must:
yahoo video
You tube,
Google video,
Aol Video

Any user driven news service:
Stumble upon (a LOT bigger then you would think)
Daily Kos (heh it's legal to make your own diary there!)
I'm sure there are plenty others, I'll edit as I find them........

If you take away my contributions, a lot of these are completely devoid of NRA/pro RKBA material. Somebody at the NRA needs to get fired.

January 9, 2007, 04:26 PM
Blogs are helpful as well, also I recommend paltalk. We should start up a voice chat and discuss 2nd ammendment in the politics section. If anyones interested, give me a PM.

There are so many liberal rooms on paltalk, it would be nice to debate with people.

January 9, 2007, 05:33 PM
Blogs are helpful as well

Blogs are only good if people read it. Use them for note taking but don't expect much.

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