Caption this picture :-D


January 6, 2003, 11:55 AM
"Now, see here- that's the self destruct button there, press it and the bottom integrated magazine will discharge out of the gun at approx. 200fps- press this when the gun stops, or if the bad guy manages to get your gun out of your holster"

(Any more ideas? :evil: )

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January 6, 2003, 11:59 AM
"Well, no no no, ear protection is for wussies only- Cops like you don't need em anyway"

January 6, 2003, 12:03 PM
Don't point that thing at the photographer!!

But sir! Cameras steal souls!

Mike Irwin
January 6, 2003, 12:04 PM
Don't stand in front of the guy with the gun.

January 6, 2003, 12:09 PM
am I wrong or the damn finger is not off the trigger guard :fire: ?

Well, here in Italy EVERY movie or serial TV let you see the guy with his finger in the wrong place..

Have a good day, gentlemen

January 6, 2003, 12:10 PM
Here in the US- Cops, and movie stars are allowed to break the gun safety rule because apparently, they NEVER mess up :cuss: :banghead:

January 6, 2003, 12:14 PM
"STUN Spock! How many times do I have to tell you to set your phaser on STUN!:banghead: :D

Nathaniel Firethorn
January 6, 2003, 12:22 PM
"I were jus' gonna see how smart this heah smart-gun thang REALLY is..."

- pdmoderator

January 6, 2003, 12:25 PM
"Calm Down Kornchuk! Bobby was just kidding about eating the last cream-filled donut, I swear!"

January 6, 2003, 12:27 PM

January 6, 2003, 12:32 PM
Photography: The next EXtreme Sport

January 6, 2003, 12:51 PM
"Find the mistake in this pic"

I've also noted that in many many movies and TV shows, people run about with their finger on the trigger. I've only seen ONE instance of correct handling of a weapon, and that was from Seven of Nine (the Blonde Borg) on Star Trek: Voyager.

January 6, 2003, 01:05 PM
"this is the last thing the camera man saw"

January 6, 2003, 01:09 PM
Why photojournalists need to go to their gun club's media day.

January 6, 2003, 01:09 PM
Really odd, I've seen a lot of episodes but never noticed what she has in her hands..:D :D



Dan Shapiro
January 6, 2003, 01:19 PM
"No no no. Put this hand down and turn your gun sideways." :D

New gangsta trend significantly reduces inner city shooting fatalities (

January 6, 2003, 02:39 PM
Don't bring a camera to a gun fight.

January 6, 2003, 02:57 PM
You know darn well it's my turn. Gimme (grunt) the gun!

Good Shooting

Average Guy
January 6, 2003, 03:07 PM
"Just rest your gun on my hand here while I get that unsightly food out of your macho cop mustache."

Mal H
January 6, 2003, 03:14 PM
"Come on! It's my turn! It's my turn! Give it to me!
Alright, I'm warning you - I'm going to tell Daddy if you don't let me shoot it some!"

Oops, sorry Redlg155, I posted before I sort-of plagiarized your entry. :)

Master Blaster
January 6, 2003, 03:17 PM
Take your thumbs off the back of the slide, it moves when you fire the gun you know, and if you dont move your thumbs you will get a Boo BOO, and we are out of the piglet bandaids you like.:p

January 6, 2003, 04:29 PM
Dang it! I know there's a safety device here somewhere!


I think the battery in your pistol decoder ring is dead...


You use Nivea, don't you?

4v50 Gary
January 6, 2003, 04:30 PM
Easy on the trigger... Remember, your ex hired him to take the wedding photos...

January 6, 2003, 05:21 PM
Is his finger on or off the trigger? Seriously, I can't tell. And in this instance anyway, it is probably perfectly OK for the finger to be inside the guard...the gun is obviously pointed downrange, and the instructor is likely checking his hand position, and in order to check certain things like how much finger you're using, you kinda gotta show 'em, right?

The camera? We do live-fire exercises all the time with a remote camera downrange.

Now, that said:



Apple a Day
January 6, 2003, 05:56 PM
Easy, Earl, EASY! He was just kidding... that hat doesn't make you look like one of the Village People. Now point that gun back downrange.

January 6, 2003, 06:40 PM
OK< who keeps moving the daggone manakin!!

January 6, 2003, 06:46 PM
The cameraman? Yeah, he's my brother-in-law - moved in last month, hasn't had a real job in years.

Now concentrate on the front sight and squeeze real slow. :cool:

January 6, 2003, 06:48 PM
JIMMY, it's ok, he's not a real bad guy, he's just role playing...

Rebel Gunman HK
January 6, 2003, 07:18 PM
"Ok Dirty Harry..... just because hes wearing a gun dosent mean hes a bad guy. " says the instructor to the pig

January 6, 2003, 07:21 PM
Pig? :uhoh:

Uncle Ethan
January 6, 2003, 07:58 PM
If you 60 minutes types don't have more sense than to come to a gun range you get what you deserve.

Moe-Its bad form to use a weaver stance when shooting free range media types, just shoot the guy with the microphone first, then the camerman.

January 6, 2003, 08:07 PM
Sandawe, any way 7of9 holds anything is fine by me.:)


"It's not THAT heavy"

January 6, 2003, 08:16 PM
No, Earl, she's not one of the Dixie chicks, she's the photo babe.

I've only seen ONE instance of correct handling of a weapon, and that was from Seven of Nine (the Blonde Borg) on Star Trek: Voyager.

She is Very progun. Never noticed she ever carried anything in her hands.

ed dixon
January 6, 2003, 08:32 PM
"I'm so lonely..."

January 6, 2003, 08:36 PM
This interview is over!

Ed Brunner
January 6, 2003, 08:48 PM

Shootin' Buddy
January 6, 2003, 09:36 PM
No Bobby! This is a photo shoot. Understand me? Photo shoot.

Shootin' Buddy
January 6, 2003, 09:38 PM
or maybe:

I swear this is in fact how they got all those really cool shots in The Matrix.

January 6, 2003, 10:51 PM
Respect my authoritAH!!!

January 6, 2003, 11:01 PM
Back in the 50's there was an issue of MAD magazine that had a picture much like this, but with the shiney tip of a bullet coming toward you, taking up most of the foreground. In the bullet tip you could see the reflection of a terrified photog! The picture was captioned something like "Rare high speed photo of bullet in flight"

January 6, 2003, 11:51 PM
Ghostshooter, that was funny.

January 6, 2003, 11:58 PM
"I wanna hold your haaaa aaaand, I wanna hold your hand....."

January 7, 2003, 12:14 AM
"ya better shoot straight.."

The pic reminded me, a few months ago when a good buddy of mine from out of state visited our old town, we went to a local LE only semi-indoor outdoor practice range, once inside, I immediately noticed the taped up windows. I asked my long time buddy, why are the windows covered. His reply was, " most cops don't know how to shoot and they don't want folks like you, to see, how bad they're doing.":D

Monte Harrison
January 7, 2003, 09:33 AM
That gun must be really heavy if it takes two men to hold it up!

January 7, 2003, 10:04 AM
Daggumit! Skunk beat me to it!

And after too many unwanted pictures being taken the officer could be heard yelling to the photojournalist, "Run like you stole something!"

Dean Speir
January 7, 2003, 12:37 PM
I think that's Defensive Pistolcraft Instructor John Farnam, and that would make it a "posed photograph," and done safely! I know from experience that he wouldn't participate in anything else.

You're all free to have as much fun with it as you like, however.:p

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