Taiwanese M1 Garand ammo from Century?


January 24, 2007, 01:39 PM
I have a field grade Greek return M1 on the way from the CMP, will need some ammo. I looked on the Century website and see that they have ammo made in Taiwan in 1958, on M1 clips, for what comes to about 19 cents per round. I did a search to see if anyone has opinions on it, couldn't find much.
Has anyone used any of this? Yes, I know I should just get some LC or HXP from CMP, but on M1 clips the price seems right (but not if it's junk).
Thanks in advance for any info.

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January 24, 2007, 02:04 PM
I ordered some, but haven't received them yet. There are some positive comments at surplusrifles forum.

Just note that they're definitely corrosive.

January 24, 2007, 07:58 PM
This is the first I have heard of it. For me, I am not sure I would want to get corrosive ammo just for saving 1 or 2 cents a round. Depends on your idea of the worth of money and time cleaning I guess. But then I already have some non-corrosive Korean and Greek ammo so I am not in need. :)

Thanks for mentioning the site. I hadn't visited Century's site before. Pretty good prices.

Dr. Dickie
January 25, 2007, 07:12 AM
Ya might want to be careful of the ammo if you re-load. I got about 600 rounds of the Taiwan .30-'06 on M1 clips (from the 50s). It came in Korean war spam cans (I assumed corrosive). I did not get this from Century (so it may not be the same stuff at all).
I did not shoot it in my Garands (as the corrosive gets into the gas chamber), but ran it all through my 03s. I dutifully dropped each fired case into a container of water before I left the range, and rinsed them many times once I got home. I cleaned the brass, swagged the primer pocket, and sized the cases. All in preparation of a massive re-loading (my first for the .30-'06).
I started to re-load them and found out the dang primer pockets were odd sized. That is, on about 90% of them, the primer just fell out (I new the swagging was too easy, but this was my first time using it on military brass, so I thought nothing of it). On the other 10%, the primer would rattle around in there. So, it was worthless.
On the up side, it shot well, always went bang, and was more accurate than I was.

January 25, 2007, 04:54 PM
After some research I found other reports about the primer pocket problems on Taiwanese 30-06. Corrosive primers don't bother me too much as I have an old FN-49 and a Czech CZ52 I shoot (and clean) with corrosive ammo. Considering Century's shipping costs ($12.50 per order under $500, free after that) and the fact that they come with clips, I don't know where I can get M1 ammo anywhere near this cheap. I think I'll order some and see how it works.

February 12, 2007, 10:03 PM
I just got my order today, pulled apart half a dozen rounds to check primer pockets. Sure enough, they are oversized. It was in Garand clips in nice sealed cans but that nice boxer primed brass might as well be berdan primed because it's just scrap. That and the fact that it is corrosive means I won't be buying any more.

February 12, 2007, 10:14 PM
Photos of the shipment I received. Only 1 of the 3 boxes was marked, though.

I've checked with friends who served in the Taiwan Army. The year on the headstamp was in ROC Year, not AD. These were made in 1970, not 1959.





February 13, 2007, 01:03 AM
That's exactly the same stuff I got, headstamp and all. Have you shot any yet? I'm still waiting for my M1 from the CMP. I may have to shoot some through my model 700 target rifle. Kind of hate to run cheap ammo through a match grade barrel, but I can't see how it would damage it.

Dr. Dickie
February 13, 2007, 08:36 AM
That looks exactly like what I had (I was told it was 50s Korean stuff).
Like I said, it shot great, but could not be re-loaded. Hope your's is better.

February 13, 2007, 11:04 AM
Haven't shot the ammo yet because I don't own anything in .30-06. Yeah, I know it looks stupid, but what can I say? These ammo were made in my homeland.

I do plan to get a Garand and maybe a Springfield 1903 in the near future. Just waiting for IRS to send back my money ...

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