June 4, 2003, 07:52 PM
Ok...I'm not sure if all HESSE Arms products suck, but a CETME my dad bought that was manufactured by them sure does.

We finally went to the range today to test my new AR and his CETME that he bought in a private sale in a gunshow. We chambered a round and sent the first one downrange. Round fired just fine, but the empty casing was stuck in the chamber. I didn't think much of it and rechambered another round. Same problem. Failure to extract and eject. This time I decided to check the rifle and empty.

The following problems were noted.

1. Blown primer pocket. Primer was 3/4 way out.
2. Deeply engraved chamber flutes. Way to deep for normal.
3. Case neck expanded to .35 caliber.
4. Rifling has a burr at the end of each land where the chamber ends.

The ammo used was from a battle pack of Port Surplus. The ammo was no suspect because I used the other half in a FAL with ZERO problems.

My theory is that the burr at the end of the rifling temporarily stopped the bullet enough to seriously raise pressures. This combined with an oversized chamber cause the shell casing to "swage" into the chamber flutes, enough to prevent extraction. This overpressure also caused the primer pockets to uncrimp and pop out of position.

I could of course try to get these burrs out, but that wouldn't address the oversized chamber issue.

Anyway, I'm going to try to contact HESSE and see what they can do. I'm sure the original owner sold the rifle because he couldn't get it to work. I'll let them know and see if they will back up their product.

Good Shooting

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Dave R
June 4, 2003, 09:55 PM
Yikes. Glad it didn't turn out any worse.

Yeah, let us know what the outcome is. Hesse's reputation for standing behind their product is pretty poor, so it would be nice to know if that's not the case.

June 4, 2003, 10:20 PM
HESSE!?!?!?!!? CETME!?!?!?!?!!?!?



Those 2 names conjure up some of the worst thoughts in firearms.

June 5, 2003, 01:52 AM
Is Hesse even in business anymore?

If you get no satisfaction from Hesse (sounds like, "mess"), you might have Jayson from InvestmentGradeFirearms take a look at it and swap the barrel.

six 4 sure
June 5, 2003, 02:53 AM
Sorry to hear about your problems. Everything I've heard about Hesse seem to fall in the extremes. Either very good or very bad. It just depends on what day of the week "the drunken monkeys" built your rifle.:(

You might want to check out http://www.gunboards.com/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Headlines&BID=30&SID=1769195 for a possible fix.


Southern Raider
June 5, 2003, 07:16 AM
If Hesse was still in business he'd tell you to pound sand. The man had a wonderful reputation for customer service. :rolleyes:

Vulcan Arms is the new company probably formed to avoid lawsuits and warranty claims on Hesse products. :scrutiny:

Don Gwinn
June 5, 2003, 02:32 PM
I've never heard anything good about Hesse. Never. Not from ONE person who didn't work for the company. I looked into it last year when I was intrigued by the price of their single-shot .50 BMG. Based on what I learned, the very idea of putting my face next to anything manufactured by Hesse and designed to contain the pressure of a .50 BMG round sends shivers down my spine.

I only have one set of eyes, and I'm not going to risk them on a Hesse.

June 7, 2003, 12:43 AM
I wasn't aware Hesse made/sold a CETME? Seems like they make a receiver though, perhaps some assclown cobbled a parts kit together on one?

June 7, 2003, 12:55 AM
Yep, Hesse did rebuild CETME rifles on their recievers. How many were built, I have no idea.

I'm going to post a question over in the gunsmithing section on what possibilities I have on cleaning out the burrs in the rifling.

Good Shooting

June 7, 2003, 11:53 AM
Supposedly Hesse does a good job of refinishing/accessorizing some rifles. Its only when you actually get into manufacturing them that their quality goes off the deep end. But I'm just repeating what I've heard, no first hand experience with 'em.


June 7, 2003, 07:27 PM
Is CETME and HESSE the same or what is the connection?

I've always read bad stuff about Hesse and mixed on CETME.

I've been considering investing in a CETME I saw advertised in the NRA magazine a few weeks back before the new gun law comes in and drives the prices up?


June 7, 2003, 08:29 PM
Investment????? CETME?????? those 2 words don't mix either.

Every example I've seen at the dealer's has been some of the sorriest--crudest examples of a so-called firearm I've ever seen---and for the $350 he wanted for them---you can do A LOT better.

Don't worry about the price going up---there is never a big demand for junk.

Sure some CETME's might work----would I trust my life to one---NEVER!!!

Hesse is a quasi gun manufacturor and importer from what I've gathered-----with a very poor rep for mostly putting out junk.

June 7, 2003, 08:52 PM
As far as investment, you would consider one of these:


Or one of these:


These you could bet your life on as much as a similar vintage HK, but not the recent Century/Hesse ones.

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