Anyone watch The Shooting Gallery, Personal Defense, Guns & Ammo TV?


silent knight
February 17, 2007, 07:09 PM
Is it me or do they need to provide more information on some of the things that are discussed on some of their shows. The other week on Shooting gallery the discussion was about ammo.. they didn't mention or suggest the type of grain to use or what they were using.

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February 17, 2007, 07:43 PM
Personally the only show i REALLY like to watch is Shooting USA on Wed night.... i only watch Personal Defense TV to see what Massad Ayoob has to teach me.... Other than that i don't find any of the G&A tv shows to be much different from their magazine....

February 17, 2007, 09:03 PM
I watch all three, aren't DVRs great. I agree I think they could go into a little more detail and I wouldn't even mind some more of their personal opinions on the firearms, ammo, ect... that they are talking about.

February 17, 2007, 09:13 PM
I used to but they seem to have dissappeared from Saturday evening TV. Since I work second shift that was the only evening I could watch without having to set the VCR. Jim.

another okie
February 17, 2007, 10:35 PM
They're on in a block on Wednesday afternoon, which I tape so I can fast forward through the slow parts. (Cowboys and American Rifleman are in the same block of shows, pretty much all sponsored by Midway, whom I salute by buying more stuff from.)

I also wish that they would give ballistic information, such as bullet weight and fps. Mainly I wish they would tell the distances involved in the groups they are showing, though I suspect most are about 25 yards.

As far as the firearms, a few items such as barrel length, weight, and magazine capacity would be nice.

Other than Personal Defense TV, the shows seemed to be aimed at people with short attention spans who don't really know much about guns but enjoy watching them fired.

February 17, 2007, 10:47 PM
I usually avoid Personal Defense TV, Massad Ayoob has that whistle talking thing going on and it drives me nutz.

February 18, 2007, 07:45 AM
I have to admit I do watch "Shooting Gallery" but ONLY because the Tivo tapes it. The guy that runs that show seems to be trying a little hard to be macho for my taste. I was particularly turned off by the show where they were trying to teach you how to knife fight in 4 easy lessons :(

I really like Shooting USA but haven't been about to find it. Jim Scouten is about perfect for a gun show IMHO. (what channel is it on on DTV?)

G&A is really disappointing . .they say they're going to review a gun and then you get Jim Wilson saying: "I like to shoot this pistol" and then on to the next segment.

The two best shows in my opinion are Shooting USA and a series called "Guntec TV" put on by Midway. I really like Shooting USA when they had Rob Leatham on giving shooting lessons and homework assignments.

February 18, 2007, 08:02 AM
I like Wednesday night cause they show three different viewing blocks so you can watch it when ever you want or watch it again. I dislike watching the shooting events though. Like any sport, I'd rather do it then watch it.

February 18, 2007, 11:34 AM
I like all the shows and appreciate the Wed. night block. I hope it stays that way for awhile. These shows have a tendency to be bounced around the schedule.
They could be more in depth, but they are only half hour shows, and they have to put on lots of commercials for the makers of the guns they are reviewing.:rolleyes:
You should check out Micheal Bane's blog site. Sometimes it's more interesting then the show.

February 18, 2007, 02:27 PM
Yes all the time! Great shows!

they didn't mention or suggest the type of grain to use or what they were using.

I think they to keep it as simple as possible, theyre only half hour long shows and commercials take up most of that space. If the shows were an hour long each they would probably go into more detail. I have a DVR so I record them and often ff through a lot of the shows until I see something interesting. PDTV I tend to watch all they way through, I find that to be the most entertaining.

February 18, 2007, 04:34 PM
I too like the shows, great gun tv.

Guy B. Meredith
February 18, 2007, 05:05 PM
Another vote for Shooting USA. In addition to Scouten's style, Shooting USA also gets my vote for the most compact commercials.

I also watch parts of Cowboy, Shooting Gallery and Rifleman and some of the G&A things.

G&A is too much good ol' boys swapping stories, too many safety infractions and too many silly comments.

silent knight
February 18, 2007, 05:28 PM
There was another show i caught, this time it was on the VS instead the Outdoor chnl. It had something to do with that training facility/range in vegas.. i forgot the name of it.. it reminded me of shooting USA.

February 18, 2007, 06:13 PM
Wish G&A TV wouldn't waste a huge chunk of their limited airtime with those idiotic "torture tests". If you've got a perfectly good gun lying around and nothing better to do than try to destroy it, GIVE IT TO ME INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!:p

February 18, 2007, 06:20 PM
I love the torture test. It literally hurts my groin sometimes to watch.

Anything thats either product placement(new guns and gear) or something that teaches me is cool. All the cowboy and shooting events are boring. American Rifleman's new season is iffy.

February 18, 2007, 10:00 PM
Wish G&A TV wouldn't waste a huge chunk of their limited airtime with those idiotic "torture tests"I'm with you--There are only so many ways to mess up a gun before it gets really boring. It's always the same: "We mess it up, clean it off, put it in the vise, it goes BANG."

I want them to take a Winchester '73 and have it run over by a buffalo herd. But I think that might be a bit outside their budget.

February 18, 2007, 10:08 PM
I enjoy all three of these shows, especially personal defense TV. Ayoob is great, as is TiVo, because i never miss an episode, and I can watch an episode in 17 minutes by FFwding through all the commercials.

Also, the only thing I really don't like is the "torture testing". I don't know of many people who do that kinda stuff to their firearms, nor do I know anyone who goes to a gun shop to buy one of the firearms used in the torture tests based on info learned by these "tests". So therefore they are pointless, and accomplish nothing other than destroying perfectly good guns.

February 18, 2007, 10:15 PM
I spent Wednesday night watching all of those shows. I can't remember the last time I spent a whole evening watching TV. Yes, they could be better and are more fluff than substance but interesting nonetheless.

February 19, 2007, 12:58 AM
I did enjoy those shows until my Comcast carrier recently, without warning, made the Outdoor Channel off limits for my package. When I tune in, it tells me the number to call to subscribe. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Guess I'll have to call and see how much more $$ they want for me to see it again.

February 19, 2007, 03:23 AM
Those torture test things are a bit silly.

I also tend to turn into the incredible hulk when they call Webley revolvers and Lee Enfields guns on G&A.

They could also be a little more information and details and unfortantly quite a bit has more to do with pleasing the sponsors than real information.

I still watch them occasionally however and like the this old gun segment on one of the shows and a few other things

Dr. Dickie
February 19, 2007, 06:59 AM
I love Shooting USA, G&A is a bit hokey (IMO--I also think the torture test is silly), Shooting Gallery is okay (on Tivo you can skip the crap), I do find American Rifleman to be very interesting as they go into the history and such of unusual rifles. Personal defense TV has its highs and lows, I like Massad Ayoob (he offers some good tips) and the guy (his name escapes me) that give training tips at the end. Of course, I watch them all, what else is there (besides the History channel and Discovery).

February 19, 2007, 07:31 AM
I watch 'em all. Each has plusses and minuses, but I enjoy watching them. I really like the intro to American Rifleman.

February 19, 2007, 08:31 AM
I watch and enjoy most of what these shows give us. They may be alittle soft for some of the shooting/gun crowd but at least they show firearms in a positive light. I have to give Midway USA 2 thumbs up for sponsoring the block of programs. I have noticed in the credits that Mr Bane produces most of the shows, is it him that tells the camera man to pan left/right, right/left, in/out, move side to side, and tilt left/right. The goofy camera movements drives me nuts, it takes away from anything of importance. I guess I don't have add/adhd and pay attention without it. But for the most part they are pretty good for a 30min show. American Rifleman has really improved since it started, Mr Keefe use to be pretty stiff.

March 27, 2007, 11:16 PM
I'm glad the shows are on. The "skills drill" on Personal Defense TV is the best. The guy knows what he's talking about and how to teach it. Fast and thorough.

I guess if there was a bigger audience to support these shows, they'd be longer and better produced, and contain more detail.
So, in the end, it's the audience (or lack thereof) to blame for poor quality or lack of detail.

I'm frustrated with Personal Defense TV for a number of reasons;
- the cheesy, hard rock/metal soundtrack they put in (sometimes even while the actors are talking, making it hard to discern what they're saying). I mean, that music assumes we're all low-attention span, adrenaline junkie, "extreme", teenagers or something. I don't need fake metal music and a pumping beat in the background while I'm trying to listen to important (potentially life-saving) information. This is not a music video for my garage band.
- the host, Tom Gersham. Wow, is he bad. Sometimes he stammers like he's got nothing to say. Other times he's interrupting the guest to tell them what they were about to say (if he'd have kept his mouth shut). He doesn't come off comfortable, or natural, or competent. I have to listen AROUND him to get to the good info the guests have.
- the lack of detail. They make very generic, safe, broad-sweeping statements without any specifics, detail or evidence. They point to a table full of guns and say, "these are all great defense weapons, but some are better than others," and then they pull up a few for closer examination, without ever telling us WHY that one was better than another, or why the other ones were bad. As a matter of fact, they won't even mention the caliber, or a brand name, or a model. So I'm left wondering what the heck I was just shown. Similarly, this episode, they talked about the rifle (AR-15 carbine) as being a home defense gun that won't penetrate through walls as far as a 9mm pistol. So then he says, if we compare comparable loads, such as a low-grain hollow-point .223 round to a 9mm ball, the 9mm is gonna punch through more. How is a low-grain hollowpoint comparable to ball ammo?
Why wouldn't they compare ball ammo to ball ammo?
Or hollow to hollow?

If you're gonna cover in-home defense, why not actually demonstrate which round has the best combination of stopping power without overpenetration?

If you're gonna cover handgun models for carry, why not actually talk about failure rates and possible causes?

If you're gonna cover AR-15 carbines, why not cover the major manufacturers and what is good/bad about them?

Sorry for the rant, but the show is just too sterile.
At least it's a start in the right direction, I s'pose.

March 28, 2007, 10:48 AM
I would like to see reenactments of actual self defense situations, like "The Armed Citizen" stories from the NRA, and have Massad Ayoob comment on what went down. Something like this would be good for RTKABA because it would be getting out the stories the media wont and at the same time, teaching tactics.

Also, they should have a "Box of Truth" segment and, while they are at it, combine three half hour shows into one hour and a half show and save us some time watching intros.

I find the music distracting.

Dr. Dickie
March 28, 2007, 11:06 AM
If you're gonna cover in-home defense, why not actually demonstrate which round has the best combination of stopping power without overpenetration?

If you're gonna cover handgun models for carry, why not actually talk about failure rates and possible causes?

If you're gonna cover AR-15 carbines, why not cover the major manufacturers and what is good/bad about them?

I understand what you are saying, but you cannot really say what is the BEST combination of stopping power without overpenetration? Too many variables. You can ONLY say that for a specific situation. And once you do that, too many people (read that idiots--they do make-up a majority out there) would be ready to sue you for being the expert that told them what to do, when it did not work out for them.

As far going into major manufactures and what is good or bad. No way in the world they would do that. They are not "Consumer Reports," they depends on those manufactures to advertise. That is just the way it is.
Personally, I think they do a decent job You have to fill in the blanks, but they give you some info to think about, and like you said the skills and drills are good.

Oh, and the music, yeah lame.

News Shooter
March 28, 2007, 11:11 AM
than no gun shows at all

March 28, 2007, 11:39 AM

On another forum, I got accused of being 'too gay" and "not macho enough!" Seriously, thank you for this helps me more than you know. I just signed a new contract for 2008 with the Outdoor Channel for SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS, and I am planning changes in both shows.

Under my previous arrangement, I was in charge of content, but NOT the actually videoing and/or the editing...that situation has now changed. I now have complete control over the entire process. I have a series of changes planned — not the least of which is making the videography and editing more appropriate, making sure the music doesn't overpower the content, providing more point-of-view footage, and making sure that everyone involved with SG and COWBOYS understands that CONTENT IS KING!

Frankly, I saw some episodes of both SG and COWBOYS that did not meet my standards, and I simply will not have it. Thankfully, the new management of Outdoor Channel saw it my way.

If you haven't checked out my primary Internet site, DOWN RANGE TELEVISION (, please do. It is, for lack of better words, my "experimental" site. I realized that I simply could not provide the level of information that you guys want — and that I demand for myself — only on a broadcast platform. I have the largest audience ever for a shooting show, and I have to weave an often-complicated path between "too much" and "too little." Television even at the non-network levels is STUNNINGLY expensive, and every move you make is under a microscope.

My decision was to create a multimedia site that will ultimately augment the video product. Right now, the site's a beta version...we're hammering out the basic "syntax" of short-form Internet video, the inclusion of audio podcast-type products and plain old text material.

I've been funding DOWN RANGE's a little like hemmorraging money...but a few visionary companies will be coming on-board in a month or so, and that will help. My overall vision is the broadcast product backed up by multimedia on Internet, so you can go to the site for more specific information, places to learn more about the topics of each show, background information, etc.

I'm in talks with some pretty cool people on the next step, redefining multimedia for our market. I have a vision...whether I can implement it or not remains to be seen. It certainly has given me an intimate knowledge of antacids, acid reflux disease and stress-related illnesses! Still, the list of people who explained to me in painful detail that SG and COWBOYS would fail is long and star-studded, and — THANKS TO YOU GUYS — we proved them wrong. A similar group explained to me that there was no way I could establish DOWN RANGE in the face of huge, heavily funded competitors, yet after 6 weeks of operation we are the premier firearms video site on the web.

I used to do a talk called "Five Steps for Accomplishing the Impossible," based on my book, OVER THE EDGE. I get emails every month from people who have gone on to accomplish amazing things after reading OTE or hearing one of my talks, and those are the people who inspire me to keep slamming my head against various and sundry walls.

Thank you, again, for your input. I value it. And, yes, I believe The Michael Bane Blog can be more entertaining than the shows!

Michael B

March 28, 2007, 12:34 PM
Shooting Gallery is probably my favorite, but Shooting USA is usually pretty interesting. G&A rarely does it for me, American Rifleman seems to be a struggle for all the participants, somehow they all manage to look burned out. Sometimes Cowboys is dull beyond belief, other times it just looks like people dressing up and running around like some kind of armed costume party. Occasionally it works - the "Holy Terror" episode was enjoyable, as it focussed on personality, perhaps.

My only gripe is on my Dish Network DVR (the DVR of Satan himself - devourer of recorded shows, crasher of movies) most of the time the show contents are listed as "sports". No clue what's really in there.

I'd love to see some shows like "how to travel with a gun", "how to buy an SMG", that kind of oddball stuff.

March 28, 2007, 12:45 PM
I've had the pleasure of speaking with Michael about television production, the state of the shooting culture in the US, and how multimedia has the chance to get our point of view heard.

He's got a better grasp of the potential of television, and how shooting has changed in the last decade, than most other old guys with gray hair.

The cool part is that he's actually out there doing this stuff.

March 28, 2007, 02:03 PM
PDTV I've watched. Aside from the music, the show seems too short. I think an hour-long show would be able to get a lot more in-depth with things... but, if y'all have noticed, television is notorious for its shallow coverage in general - ever watch the news? I've never seen a debate on the news that went into any kind of depth. the objective seems to be: "Can I evade the issue while expressing my magnificent sex appeal through my million-dollar smile to make people think I've won this debate?" It's what all the presidential debates are, too. Television's covering such a short time span that there's not a lot of time to go over things in detail. An hour show could help mitigate things. Heck, that one scene with all the guns on a table could take up an hour's show, explaining how each weapon worked, felt recoil, best uses: "This ultralite snubby .357 has a lot of recoil, natural in a gun this size and weight. It is a great CC weapon due to the size and weight." Or something along those lines.
I'd like to see a show over a bunch of different methods of carry, too. Shoulder, IWB, OWB, ankle, etc.

One of the more recent torture tests I watched had 'em dropping a S&W sixgun in a tub of some kind of strong acid or base. The hammer spring (I think) ended up being dissolved by the stuff. The outside wasn't too bad, but certain insides were made of cheaper parts. Makes you wonder.

cra2 - would Tom be more palatable if he shaved his head and whispered like the Future Weapons guy? :p

March 28, 2007, 03:29 PM
I watch them all, but Guns and Ammo is by far the worst. They try to cram a ton of stories in each episode and don't cover anything in depth, and then they give WAY too much time to the rediculous torture tests. The rest always have at least something interesting and/or educational.

March 28, 2007, 04:22 PM
Would we all rather that the shows just go away? :mad:

Each of us does something poorly, or perhaps better said not at good as we would like. I'll admit there are segments on some of the mentioned shows that I won't necessarily watch, or will skip over, but don't dismiss them out of hand. Give the shows a fair chance, or they'll be replaced with Canadian Curling Championships or something similar.:barf: :barf: :barf:

Overall, I'd have to say SG is my top pick because MB has covered a variety of cool topic matter IMO. PD TV is right up there though. It's a different format than SG, and as previous posters noted, the Ayoob & Clint Smith sections are interesting. Shooting USA is also good for covering competitions of different types. The hosts of all 3 of these shows have come on THR at one time or another too.

Did we leave out American Rifleman? If you're into historic guns, definitely add this to the season pass list.

March 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
I watch their wednesday night lineup and I have a complaint!

Has anyone noticed how much they talk about steel target shooting? I mean, it's pretty ridiculous, for two reasons. First, they talk about it to the almost exclusion of any other form of shooting sport. Target shooting? Clay shooting? Simple plinking? No, sorry, all we have is guys running around in blue spandex shooting at steel targets in an obstacle course.

Secondly, do you KNOW anyone who has done these steel target shoots? I don't. Which makes me angry, because I like to target shoot, I WOULD like to shoot clay pigeons, and I know people who do both. But if I want to turn on American Shooter to learn more about target shooting or clay pigeon shooting, that's too bad because all they talk about is...people running around in blue spandex shooting at steel plates in an obstacle course.

It's hillarious. It's like having a TV show about gardening and home improvement, and ONLY doing shows about growing one type of plant that nobody grows or wants to grow.

Also they talk about Smith & Wesson too damn much. Every since the M&P pistol and carbine came out they talk about them every single week. Oh and also, those torture tests are stupid. I don't want to see two jerks breaking and ruining guns.

I am full of complaints.

Edit- Also did you know that Caldwell has Orange peel targets that let you see hits on and off the target because I've only seen that commercial eight trillion damn times.

March 28, 2007, 04:41 PM
PDTV is pretty ridiculous much of the time - the "knife tactics" show (said tactics apparently involved 'carry a gun and shoot the guy with the knife' - true enough but not terribly helpful) and the last one all about silenced and fully-automatic weapons.

Yeah, that silenced AR with subsonic ammo (turning it into a single-shot) is mighty relevant to 'personal defense'! It's fine if you want to show those things, but don't pretend they have anything to do with your stated aim - and if you drop that pretense they should be more fun.

March 28, 2007, 04:44 PM
Also they talk about Smith & Wesson too damn much.
Whichever show that is (I get them confused- one is all S&W, one is all Midway products, one is etc.), they're pretty up front about that, though - between the ads and the 'hosted at S&W Academy' and 'here's S&W instructor <x>.'

Sometimes it's hard to treat the shows as more than really good infomercials - but hey, with TiVO I can just skip over anything I don't care about.

March 28, 2007, 05:21 PM
I think it's just GUN TV going through a maturing faze. Trying to get a feel for what the viewer wants to see. A lot of the show(s) segments are pretty lame. But I'm just glad to see ANY coverage of guns on TV. Lots of room to improve, but I watch 'em all whenever I can

I really dislike the torture tests. There many be a bazillion guns out there. But I still hate to see perfectly nice guns ( many I'd really like to own ), being ruined. I'd rather see a weekly give-a-way of a gun, rather than a gun destroyed.


March 28, 2007, 09:41 PM
Thanks for posting Michael B.

Like many of us here I hit the record button on the DVR and take in a show when time allows. I love that The Outdoor Channel puts these shows on all in one night.

I think its safe to say everyone here (and probably most of your viewing audience) is a gadget freak. The core of our obsession is tinkering with our guns, when we're not actually shooting them. I took great interest in your show about the STI factory. I don't own one of their guns (yet), but the manufacturing process was fascinating. The show was plenty informative and moved right along. That is key to your new direction you speak of... lots of info... moving right along. Some of these gun shows (Guns & Ammo) put me to sleep faster than a Xanax. At the end of the day I'm shot and tired, your going to have to hold my interest like your STI Factory show. More gadget stuff. My other personal favorite shows are the competition shows... The Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup etc. It would be great to see a show/segment on local weekly IDPA matches from around the country. Also how about getting a look at these national competitors guns. Spend some time talking to them and what went into building their race guns/holster setups. You know how we all obsess over the details... lets have them.

Overall you do have one of the better shows. Keep up the good work.

March 28, 2007, 11:36 PM
I've seen the ads in G&A magazine and now after reading this thread I decided to record this weeks episodes on my Tivo. God I love Tivo:)

March 29, 2007, 01:53 AM
What I'd like to see more of on TV gun shows (in case anybody cares):

--clay sports and shotgunning in general
--target rifle shooting: silhouette, free rifle, etc.
--biathlon (in season)
--anything to do with rimfire rifles and pistols

March 29, 2007, 08:11 AM
For those that can;t find them there on the Outdoor Channel.
The all run on Wednesday nights call - MidwayUSA's WEDNESDAY NIGHT ON THE RANGE (handy enough.... huh?)

Wednesdays 7:00PM-2:00AM
Presented by MidwayUSA

6:00 PM: American Rifleman Television
6:30 PM: Personal Defense TV
7:00 PM: CBR - Championship Bull Riding
8:00 PM: MidwayUSA's Cowboys
8:30 PM: Shooting Gallery presented by Crimson Trace
9:00 PM: Shooting USA
9:30 PM: Guns & Ammo Classics
10:00 PM: American Rifleman Television
10:30 PM: Personal Defense TV
11:00 PM: CBR - Championship Bull Riding
12:00 AM: MidwayUSA's Cowboys
12:30 AM: Shooting Gallery presented by Crimson Trace
1:00 AM: Prospecting America
1:30 AM: Shooting USA

I love the programs. Sure there a little time stuffed, but all in all, it's programming I can really get in to.
I learn some, it brings me to other web sites for info. There our kind of people talking our language.


March 29, 2007, 05:05 PM
Hi there all. I'm new to the site and would like to say thanks to all of you for the kind words and not so kind words about Personal Defense TV. I work behind the scenes and aid in putting the show together. As a new show we take what you guys and others have to say (good and bad) and try to improve upon what we believe is an interesting and worthwhile subject. We really appreciate any feedback!! The number one complaint I hear about is the music. We will take steps for season 2 to make adjustments. Again...thanks for watching and thanks for your suggestions.

March 29, 2007, 06:19 PM
I would love to see more biathlon. The last winter olympics was most exciting, I was even cheering when that French dude won! :what:

And the womens biathlon, well there's not much I can add to that. :evil:

March 29, 2007, 06:52 PM
I absolutly hate the torture test.
The 2 morons on it need to go.
Jim Scoutin posts on and he will actually answer you.
I record all of them on DVR but somehow I never get the time to watch all of them.
Comcast makes you buy a package with a bunch of other crap just to get outdoortv. But I pay, it's worth the $4.99 a month.

March 29, 2007, 08:06 PM
Got my satelite box to auto-tune into Outdoor Channel for shoot 'em up Wednesday every week.

The Shooting Gallery episode with the modern Russian guns was the best.

Could never understand the G&A torture test segment dropping a S&W into muratic (hydrochloric) acid. What, exactly, was expected when the gun was put into it? Who couldn't figure out that the gun would eventually dissolve. And the end of the segment, 'put in a few new parts inside and it'll be good to go.' HAHAHAHA.

March 30, 2007, 09:46 AM
Personal Defense TV.....:cool:

I've even gotten the gf to pay attention to it.

March 30, 2007, 12:44 PM
Personal Defense TV is my favorite, Shooting Gallery is second. American Rifleman took a turn for the worse this season. They got some new graphics going that are supposed to look modern and cool I suppose, but they are distracting, taking away from the content of the show.

It is interesting that I too find fault with the twenty second Guns & Ammo segments on stuff I'm interested in. But this season on American Rifleman they have drawn out some subjects that really bored the heck out of me. I couldn't believe I actually hit the fast forward button a few times. I guess it proves you can't please everyone.

And I am the only one who is occasionally entertained by the torture tests. Some are silly, but most are just mindless fun. They are not supposed to be "realistic" tests, so if you don't get hung up on that it can be entertaining.

I have noticed however that some of the best gun writers and advocates do not seem comfortable in front of a camera no matter how long they are there. Their personalities don't translate well on TV.

I'd like to see Mas Ayoob and Clint Smith have their own shows. Their segments on PDTV are the most informative.

And I've gotten used to the music on PDTV! It was distracting at first, but it has grown on me...

March 30, 2007, 01:16 PM
I believe Michaels' interview with John Ross a few shows back was one of the best programs I've seen in a while, and would enjoy a part two with Mr. Ross.

March 30, 2007, 01:33 PM
I record them on DVR and watch them with my children, my son who is almost 5 and my daughter who is almost 2.

March 30, 2007, 02:27 PM
I watch them all, when my schedule allows. I figure a person can never have too much information. Granted some of it has to be taken with a grain of salt, but I can kinda tell when someone is peeing on my leg and trying to tell me it's raining. After all, what is on tv that is better than even a mediocre gun show? Still you can't beat theses forums for current information. ;)

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