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February 27, 2007, 12:04 PM
Hello again,

I can't let these Smith owners get away with a 686 club without us GP100 users having something as well! Feel free to answer some questions:

1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? I think the Hogue Grips are absolutely the best on the market for this gun. They completely cover the backstrap, whereas, the hogue grips for a 686 do not (Sorry for the jab Smitty owners!) It makes a difference with full power loads.

3) What loads do you use? I use a variety for plinking, with winchester 110, 125 being the most common. I also shoot Blazer .357 and Winchester 130 grain .38.

For woods carry I am ether carring Winchester 180 Partition Gold or corbon 200 HC.

4) Any modifications? I have none other than the Hogue grips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Nothing really, I am so pleased with mine. However, i would love to see another run of the Target Grey to match my SP101 2 incher. Maybe even an 8 inch version for hunting. I plan on the purchase of a 6 inch for hunting, but the 8 would be even better! The tigger seems to consistely get better with the new Ruger right out of the box.

6) Holster(s): I carry mine in a cheap but effective Uncle Mikes OWB (As if anything will really fit IWB!)

7) Speed Loader(s): HKS and Bianchi.

God Bless and have fun.


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February 27, 2007, 01:47 PM
>>>>1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

I don't have mine yet. But soon!!! A 4" SS in .357 (KGP-141)

>>>>2) What grips do you use?

I'm gonna start with the Hogue TAMERS.

>>>>3) What loads do you use?

I reload, so play/plink will probably be a I try to close in on a load/bullet that groups well, with moderate recoil. Velocity not too important to me for plinking/playing. Once I find an accurate plinking load, I'll also use that load for small game hunting. For HD/SD......I'll use one of the 125 grain JHP, hopefully at around 1400-1450 fps.

>>>>4) Any modifications?

I've been gathering info and advice from many enable myself to do an "action smoothing" job. Once that's done, and the gun has been dry and live fired a bunch, I'm gonna do careful Wolff trigger springs installation.
I've given a lot of thought to this "spring job".....since this Ruger will also be a HD/SD gun. So I think my criteria on the Wolff springs is that I must get ignition 100 times, from 100 attempts, using CCI primers, in temperature that's below 35 degrees F. If the Wolff spring's can't deliver that, then the original Ruger springs will be given the same test. If the Ruger springs can't pass the test, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do at that point!! Heh, heh.......have not thought that far ahead.

I'll also be experimenting with different colored paint on the front sight, if I deem the original black is lacking.

Any sharp edges on trigger will be "stoned" off.

Chambers will be polished...possibly lapped. Possibly I'll do the same to the forcing cone. I'll check the bore where the barrel screws into frame. If there is a constriction there, I'll manually lap it, at that spot. NOT fire-lap!!!

>>>>5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?

Well, I've never owned or even shot a GP100....but right now I'm daydreaming that my perfect GP100 .357 would have a 3" barrel, and adjustable sights.

FJ Lee

March 1, 2007, 01:08 AM
I would like to welcome all GP 100 owners to the "club" format. I'm not a member here (not yet, at least), but I wish this thread great success.

Kind regards,
-- Founder of the 642 Club
-- Member of the 336 Club

March 1, 2007, 02:03 AM

I think Club threads are great. easy way to compare notes, get advice and see what others think of guns you either have or might think of getting.

Special thanks to fiVe for starting the concept.

Long Live the Ruger GP 100 Club.

-- Member of the 642 Club
-- Founder of the 686 Club
-- Founder of the M1A Club

March 1, 2007, 05:57 AM
I have a GP100 6'' blued with rubber hogue grips and plan on getting it drilled and tapped for a scope soon. It was my first handgun and I love it.

March 1, 2007, 06:01 AM
I guess I will start the pictures. Here is my GP 100

March 1, 2007, 07:26 AM

I need a six inch.

My normal loads seem to involve lots of 2400 under a 158 grain jacketed bullet for now.

March 1, 2007, 09:44 AM
1) What do you own?
I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adjustable sights.

2) What grips do you use?
Factory grips, nothing changed here.

3) What loads do you use?
a. For defense purposes Federal 125 grain JHP.
b. For general-purpose or target-shooting 158 grain LSWC.
c. For woods-carry 140 grain Barnes XPB.

4) Any modifications?
a. I rounded the trigger edges myself with a dremel followed by about an hour of hand-filing. Much more user-friendly.
b. Meprolight adjustable night sights, which are very nice.
c. Wolff springs, one step down from factory and I have never experienced a single failure. If I ever do, factory springs will go back in but I'm not holding my breath.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?
Offer a factory bead-blasted finish and round the trigger edges more, like what you see on a Ruger Alaskan.

6) Holster?
Right now a cheap-ish Bianchi Accumold that works, but not great.

7) Speed Loader?
Bianchi Speed Strips here, I dont care much for the HKS, but if I were to use this for IDPA I would get some Safariland Comp II's.

March 1, 2007, 12:20 PM
Thanks gang,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a hi-viz type option for a GP100.
I may have overlooked it on their site, but I S&W, but no Ruger.

Second, if you have installed a Hi-viz or something like unto it, what has POA/POI issues been like for you?

Keep those cards and letters coming.

God Bless,


March 1, 2007, 12:54 PM
Before the Meprolight's, I had Williams Firesights on mine. (Fiber optic, 3 dot) They, like the stock sights, are considerably taller than the Meprolights. I like the low profile of the Meprolights.

As far as POA/POI they're both adjustable, so it can be changed.

My personal sight adjustment has the 158 LSWC shooting to the top on the front sight, and the 125 JHP "drilling the dot" of the front night sight. (both zeroed at 25 yards) I've never been a fan of 6 o'clock type holds with sights.

So for instance, if I'm shooting the 158's at a clay pigeon at 25 yards, half of the pigeon will be above my sights, and half obscured. If I'm using the 125's I end up centering the dot of the front sight in the middle of the pigeon.

March 1, 2007, 12:55 PM
I have a Millett flourescent orange front site that drops in and is MUCH easier to see than the stock front sight. I had no issues with POI, but I did have to do a little file-work to get the site to seat perfectly...

Here's a fiber-optic sight set:

March 1, 2007, 01:22 PM
1) What do you own: 6 inch Bbl in Blue

2) What grips do you use? Factory Standard

3) What loads do you use? 158gr Seller & Belloit FMJ for target use, Still undecided about HD or Hunting use.

4) Any modifications? HiVis front Ramp sight.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? add a High Visibility Front Sight.

6) Holster(s): None yet

7) Speed Loader(s): Two, HKS 586A

March 1, 2007, 02:17 PM
I have a 4" stainless, and I really like it. I replaced the stock hammer spring with a 10# Wolff, and it's still a 100% gun. That's my only change (does painting the front sight with bright fabric paint count?).

"Bianchi Speed Strips here, I dont care much for the HKS, but if I were to use this for IDPA I would get some Safariland Comp II's."

I tried the Comp II's for competition. They didn't work- the cartridge case edges would hang up on the charge holes. No problem with defense ammo, because the case edges don't protrude. An HKS works fine.


March 1, 2007, 06:11 PM
1. 4" blued
2. factory grips - tried the hogue grips , didn't like them
3. I've been trying different loads but I mostly use
the CCI blazers and Lellier & Ballot 158 gr. for the range and Remington 125 gr. jhp for defence
4. The only modification I made was to change the front sight . I got a red one from the Ruger catalog
5. I can't think of anything that I would want Ruger to do different
6. I have a Bianchi 3 slot holster . Not a bad holster but I might get a Galco or maybe a uncle mike
7. HKS speed loader and Bianchi speed strips

March 1, 2007, 07:24 PM
My GP-100 is the 4" Target Grey model and it's a favorite gun that has earned permanent status in my collection. The only modification I've done is switch to the smaller "Fixed Sight" grip with some fancy (Zebrawood) inserts.

The action came from the box very smooth and light and after a few thousand dry fires and about 5000 rounds fired it's only gotten smoother. My load of choice is 158gr hardcast with middle of the road doses of 2400 as the gun seems to group them pretty well at 25yds. Factory sights are fine to my eye so I haven't changed them although night sights of some variety may be in the future.

I carry it in a Bianchi "Black Widow" belt slide which is also what I use for my SP-101's.

I have plans of a blued 6" in the future.

March 2, 2007, 12:55 PM
Great gun tuff as nails. The trigger on mine is great right out of box no problems guess I got a good one. Glad to see some much needed Gp100 love.

March 2, 2007, 01:13 PM
461---Did you get the Taget grey special ordered through Lipseys/Davidsons?
I have only seen 1 GP 100 in TG ever. The one I saw was used and I had to make the choice btween the GP or the SP in TG. I wanted the SP more at the time and knew it would get more CCW use. I want to find the GP in TG again, but it has been at least a year since I have seen one.

I have a Red Label in TG, the Sp and the Mini (They don't claim it as TG, but it looks basically the same) I want to get the GP to match. Just my Obsessive-Compulsive nature coming out. (I'm pretty sure the diagnosis is correct since I am a Psychotherapist!)

Anyone ever tested any bear loads for the GP?

I carry the 200 grain Corbons in mine wihile in the woods. I am interested if anyone has any comaprative results on the following:

1) Federal 180 Cast Core
2) Buffalo Bore 180 CC
3) Speer 170 SP

Any others you might suggest? The Core bons I feel most at home with, but they can be a little unwieldy in rapid fire even in the GP100.

God Bless and let's keep this tread rolling!


March 2, 2007, 01:17 PM
4" Blue, stock except for a Wolf 9# main spring.
Wish it had a better front sight.

I enjoy shooting everything through it, but these days I use only my .38 reloads. I just started reloading and decided the GP-100 was the best gun in case I had a double-charge.

With the exception of a couple rounds, I put a 50-round box, double-action, through one ragged hole at 21 feet. Time to push the target back a bit further, I think.

March 2, 2007, 01:42 PM
1) What do you own: Stainless GP100, 4", adjustable sight.

2) What grips do you use? Checkered Rosewood Combat Grips from Eagle

3) What loads do you use? for plinking, i use bulk .38 reloads. For home defense, I use Gold Dots, and for backwoods carry I use Corbon 200grn HC.

4) Any modifications? Just the grips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? I would like a high visibility colored front sight, and a rounded trigger.

6) Holster(s): I've tried quite a few, and my favorite is the Galco Fletch. It distributes the weight well, and after an 8 hour shift wearing this gun that can mean quite a lot.

7) Speed Loader(s): I have two HKS speedloaders, but I don't really use them. I can reload faster with loose cartridges, so I carry my spares in a Simply Rugged ammo pouch.

now, for a picture and some history:

The GP100 was my first handgun purchased as an adult. I was fresh out of the service and looking to take up shooting again, and to have something for home defense. My dad suggested looking for a used Model 10, since there's a store a couple hours away that often gets big lots of them from law enforcement and security company trade-ins. I had already planned on getting a double action revolver in either .38 or .357, but I wasn't exactly sure on make or model.

I happened to stop by a local store, and this big shiny revolver caught my eye. It felt great in my hand, nice and heavy. I bought it then and there without haggling price. It's been true love ever since.

March 2, 2007, 02:12 PM
Just purchased mine today. Nice piece.
I will be upgrading the to a set of Wolf trigger/springs and also grips sometime next week.

March 2, 2007, 02:41 PM
Nice gun, and nice pic, SecondAmend. Enjoy.


March 2, 2007, 06:39 PM
Porter- The Target Grey model came through Lipsey's a sa special run. I was going to special order it but when I went into the gun shop to ask about ordering it the guy said "we got two in yesterday, take your pick". I looked them both over and took the one I felt was better and have wished several times since that I had the cash to buy both and that I had bought the SP-101version when it came out.

I'd add a photo but can't figure it out.

March 2, 2007, 07:29 PM
I have a 6" GP100, factory grips, Millet orange front sight, and Wolf springs. I shoot 158gr Cast SWC over 14.5gr 2400.

March 2, 2007, 08:14 PM
Mine is a 5" ss with Hogue grips and I shoot 357's loaded with 158 gr. swc. This is my favorite range gun. Comfortable, accurate and reliable.

March 3, 2007, 08:13 AM
I love this gun. It's a proven performer. I have 2,100 rounds through her, and yes, I keep her in this condition. That's how much I respect this piece :)

MY MODIFICATIONS (note: when using a Dremel on the internals, do NOT take off any metal! Only use a polishing wheel!)
- metal under hammer was uneven (slanted). Used Dremel tool sanding wheel and hard metal polisher to even it out.

- metal on top of hammer was uneven (slanted). Used Dremel tool sanding wheel and hard metal polisher to even it out.

- 'trigger job' polished trigger sear, hammer hook, and top & sides of main-spring strut (to reduce spring stacking) to a sheen, now very smooth single action, double action also very smooth. Cannot feel any trigger play in single action before trigger falls. Also smoothed/polished transfer bar, cylinder latch, paw, trigger plunger, to a highly polished sheen. Used Dremel tool, sandpaper, and ScotchBrite.

- smoothed/polished trigger assy latch plunger and frame contact for easier trigger assy removal. Used Dremel tool, sandpaper, and ScotchBrite.

- smoothed/polished entire frame, removed all machining marks and polished to mirror finish where appropriate.

- lightly sanded and polished sides of hammer and frame where it rubs (especially right side)

- replaced front black sight with factory red-insert sight (part RFS from Ruger)

- replaced hammer spring and trigger return spring using Wolff Springs (used stock number 17110 "Ruger GP100 RP Revolver Shooter's Pak"). The trigger return spring also acts on trigger assy removal latch. This pack contains 1 each 9, 10 and 12 pound reduced power hammer springs (factory is 14 pounds) and 1 each 8 and 10 pound trigger return springs (factory is 12 pounds), allowing adjustment for lighter and smoother hammer and trigger actions.

The 10 lb hammer spring was choosen to reduce double action hammer pull (factory is 14 lb), and 8 lb for the trigger return and easier trigger assy removal (factory is 12 lbs). Note: the lighter hammer spring also reduces the single-action pull due to less pressure on the sear.

NOTE ! : tried the 9 lb hammer spring but got one insufficient primer strike /no bang (out of 200 rounds), so moved to 10 lbs. The misfired cartridge was a PMC .357 target load. I have read of MANY people that also had misfires with 9 lbs, but 10 works great for them. Also, I have on occasions gone back to the factory 12lb hammer spring, as the lighter hammer springs acutually cause the single-action pull to be too LIGHT !

- forward part of crane was rubbing frame right under forcing cone, when cylinder was opened /closed. Removed slight metal from crane, but more from frame under cone. Now it has about .002 clearence, no rubbing, and is polished to a high sheen.

- to keep hammer spring retaining pin from ratteling in the grip, put a small piece of heat shrink tubing next to it

- the cylinder to forcing cone max clearence was .005, good (measured w/shims at Lone Star Guns), but min clearence was 0 (cylinder dragged on cone). Due to the end-play, sent back to Ruger Cust Service.

Took 3 1/2 wks to get back- no charge (Rugers have lifetime warrenty)
Invoice said replaced pawl and other internal parts, and was test-fired (dirty when returned, which is normal). They did not use shims (I called to be sure & they said they do not use them anyway) Probably stretched yoke. Cylinder stop replaced. Endplay OK, but see next memo..

- contoured the pawl (took metal off left side) so it does not over-shoot the extractor ring grooves, left just enough metal to keep the cylinder locked tight when trigger is held back. Was a result of Rugers 'service'.

Richard Simmons
March 3, 2007, 08:22 AM
I've got a first year GP100, 4" that, except for the turn line looks like it just left the factory. Wonderful revolver and sturdy as all get out.

March 4, 2007, 11:12 PM
Ok I'll play,

1) What do you own: 6 inch GP-100

2) Hogue Mono grips. Absolutely love them. While the factory grips are comfortable the Hogues give me a better grip and finger placement.

3) What loads do you use? Winchester .38 FMJ, Remington .357 125 JHP, Federal .357 158 JHP

4) Any modifications? Hogue grips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Maybe give it the trigger job and lighter springs that I needed to do to make this gun effective for me. Although it was a fun experience to do all of that stuff, so never mind.

6) Holster(s): Currently a cheap nylon uncle mikes. I am looking to move towards a crossdraw such as the Bianchi cyclone in the future.

7) Speed Loader(s): HKS

March 4, 2007, 11:20 PM
This was my first wheelgun...GP100 4" barrel, Stainless steel.
didn't change anything, but I want to get a set of hogue hardwood grips. IWB holster...forget the brand. It's not comfortable, don't usually carry this gun.
I shoot some pretty mild target loads mostly....7.5 grains of Universal with 125 grain berry's plated hp or fp's

HKS speedloader

March 5, 2007, 08:41 AM
Add my name to the roster, even if mine is a reimported gun from Canada. I have a 3" DAO with fixed sights. It is gently used, tight as a banksafe and very accurate. I plan to do a little triggerwork to ge the DA pull a little smoother, but thats about all I plan to do. Here is my newest addition to my sizeable Ruger revolver family.

March 5, 2007, 10:26 AM
Check out this picture from the archive 12/9/04

March 5, 2007, 10:31 AM
Just got this last week, and impressed so far. Have a slight chip in one of the inserts, so Ruger will get it back and should replace it. Since I had to leave town immediately, I haven't had a chance to fire it yet.
Traded in my Model 66 for it + cash: just could never get used to the way it felt in my hand. Ruger feels great right out of the box. Picture posted on this site is great- wonder how he did that?
I would like a little more (little) finger support not there with these shorter grips, so I may get the longer factory grip in Black Laminate. I think it will fit. There seems to be some confusion that Ruger could clear up immediately, if they listed the grips on the accessory page as fitting all models!
Beyond that, the Hogue's will certainly fit, but I'm just not a great fan of these.

By the way, can someone tell me how to join this club?

March 5, 2007, 11:01 AM
Nothing against S&W...if you want to shoot 38SPL most of the time. These Rugers are rugged and you can get a life time of shooting 357 with bending the frame. S&W's are the "Pretty Boy" toy, Ruger is the "in the trench and get it done" gun. I will admit, as far as 38spl S&W is about the best.

March 5, 2007, 12:07 PM

Consider yourself part of the club! I know of no dues or fees to post a picture or opinion of your favorite gun! :)

Thanks for sharing!

God Bless,


March 5, 2007, 12:57 PM
1) What do you own: KGP-141

2) Grips? Hogue Mono grips. I have the rubber one for field use and I have the Pau Ferro top finger groove only for carry. I am one of those who can't stand the factory grip.

3) What loads do you use? I almost never use .38Spl. I have settled on 158 gr Gold Dots for carry and Winchester 180gr PG for field work.

4) Any modifications? The trigger group and the hammer are mirror polished via Dremel on all mating surfaces. Mirror polished the trigger return spring guide hole. Wolff springs 10# main and 10# return. I have factory, Hi-Viz and Mepros sights for it. I rounded off the edges on the backside of the trigger. Finally, I sanded off the "safety billboard" and voided my warranty since I wasn't using it.:D

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently for the GP100?

A list:

Sell parts over the counter.
Make the ejector rod shape, and feel, more positive and less cheesy. The only part of Colt's and S&Ws I envy are the distant ends of their ejector rods. (Not the design of them by any means, just the knurled nob.)
Offer a premolten (dehorned) GP-100 for concealed carry (yeah that'll happen).
Smooth the "internal" surfaces of the ejector rod housing and the top strap.
Make the blue ones "blued" and not "painted."

6) Holster(s): Uncle Mike's nylon for the field, Haugen leather for the street.

7) Speed Loader: Bianchi Speed Strips for serious carry and reloading practice. HKS for field/range fun.

March 5, 2007, 02:30 PM
I have two 686's and a 586 and they are good looking guns, use them for show & tell more then anything else. But when it comes down to doing some good range time and IA drills (357 not 38's loads) I will use my GP. I just love the feel and balance and knowing that a steady diet of 357 is not going to tweak my frame. I'll post a pic as soon as I can. I'm new to this forum thing and I'm still learning how to do the fancy stuff.

Later Gents.
Guns - out:cool:

March 5, 2007, 08:56 PM
1) 6" GP-100,i bough it today used but looks
and feels new,very tight.

2) I'll be getting a pair of factory grips for
the fixed sights GP-100 as they fit my
hands better than aftermarket grip.

3) Reloads hotter than my 3" S&W 65-3
can handle.For factory loads i'll try the
Double tap 158gr GDHP's.

4) I plan to have the barrel cut back to 3
inches and do some polishing on the
action just to smooth it up a bit.

5) Ruger could make a ajustable sighted 3"
GP-100 and save me the trouble.

6) I have no ideal on what holster i'll use as
it's only a range gun until i get the barrel
cut back.

7) Again no ideal on the speedloaders,right
now i use a 2X2X2 pouch from galco for my
65-3' spare ammo.

March 6, 2007, 02:01 AM
Gave it to my daughter but this is what I HAD:

* 3", fixed rear sight, full hammer

* bead blasted

* smooth trigger(bought used so it may have had a trigger job)

* Orange sight paint on front

* 125 gr Federal HS for around he house, 158 gr LSWC for woods (got to look into those Buffalo Bore loads). Plus, I reload a lot of 158 gr .38 (WW231 or Unique) and 158 (ww296)

* Original grips work fine

Next year I plan to get another GP. The 3" was nice but a 4" would be OK too. Also thinking of getting the adjustable sights since I would use it mostly at the range and at home. I will probably get another SP101 as well for woods carry.

March 6, 2007, 02:34 AM
Blued 6 inch half-lug.

Got a good deal on 125 gr Hi-Shoks so I use those.

Factory grips

No holster or speedloaders.

Fun gun except that it will open up a cut in my trigger finger right about at the middle joint.

March 6, 2007, 02:35 AM
1 - Had a blued 4" full lug.
2 - I was using factory grips, but the Hogues are nice.
3 - I went with 158gr for practice, and never used much else and few .38 rounds.
4 - I had a Wolff spring kit, but the factory was fine.
5 - I'd like them to bring back the half lug. Other than that, I have no complaints. I'd like them to put together a GP100 five shot .44 Magnum or .44 special.
6 - Had a Bianchi OWB holster for it, but I didn't carry it much.
7 - Used Safariland Comp2 speedloaders.

It has a new owner now, and I hope its enjoying its new home.


March 6, 2007, 12:24 PM
I have had my 3 inch sinc 03 and it shoots fantastic. While I do armed security I carry 24 rounds of 125 grain semi jacketed ammo from Remington. Rems have been a real good ammo for me in .357 and .38 that I hardly ever reload. My Ruger GP 3 inch ss is also carried on and off duty and it conceals pretty well in a inpant Uncle Mikes holster. I only had to shoot at some gangbanger once and the perp is now 6 feet below the ground permantly resting in peace. He pulled a gun on me and fired first missing me by a long shot and I drew my GP and hit him between the eyes. Rich Ziemies,Omaha,Ne. P.S. The City prosecutor did not file charges against me and he is anti-gun as ever. He said it was a good shooting and well JUSTIFIED:D :D :) :)

March 6, 2007, 01:08 PM

Nice photo. I'm there with you on the GP100 in five shot 44 mag. Lets see what Ruger can do to invade Taurus tracker territory! Since they just made the Redhawk in a 4 inch variety, I think our hopes may be dashed for awhile. :fire:

God Bless,


March 6, 2007, 03:25 PM
No need to start a club for the GP100 or SP101. The owners of these best of class revolvers, are not in need of validating their choice of revolver. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Meaning the validation for owning the GP100 or SP101 is in the gun's performance. The validation others may seek will not be found on an internet gun forum with whoever cries loudest or whoever sells more is the winner and therefore the best.

I guess I am being antisocial here. Sorry to tread your thread.

Count me in the club if it makes ya feel better but, no club is needed for owning these best of class revolvers.

March 6, 2007, 04:28 PM
I finally got around to taking and hosting pictures! (

March 7, 2007, 01:59 PM
Wolff spring kit is all I have done to mine. It came with high visibility sights.

March 7, 2007, 04:17 PM
Old Wolf,

Which sights did yours come with?

God Bless,


March 7, 2007, 04:22 PM

I agree that the Rugers really need no validation, just hoping that we can keep the info, pics and posts rolling on these great guns. More of a user friendly club than a validation seeking club! I'm sure that if John Q. Public really takes a hard, long, unbiased look---Ruger will almost always come out on top!

I shot tons of my dad's Smitty's for years. Then I got my hands on a Ruger or two and that is all it took. Ruger will always be my #1.

God Bless,


March 7, 2007, 09:24 PM

March 7, 2007, 09:49 PM
A. My favorite model is the Stainless Steel 6" with short barrel shroud.

B. I use standard Ruger rubber grips, but put in custom grip panels. To me, the standard rubber Ruger grips are perfection--they fit my hands like a glove and do a wonderful job of absorbing recoil. I hate finger grooves, so its nice that Ruger doesn't use them.

What do I wish Ruger would do differently?

1. Remove the barrel graphiti, oops I mean "safety warning"
2. Improve quality control (3 of my 4 GPs had to go to a gunsmith because of improperly fit parts or poor machine work).
3. Bring back the 6" with short shroud version (this version IMO has perfect balance for my hands)
4. Introduce a production 5" version
5. Introduce a 5 shot .44 Special version (yes, I know Ruger will never do this, but one can always wish!)

Overall, the GP is my favorite medium frame revolver made. Improve points 1 and 2 (graphiti and quality control) and I would be very happy. I'd be super thrilled if points 3-5 were ever met.

March 8, 2007, 12:10 AM
current: stainless GP-100 w/ 6" barrel; 1996 vintage; all stock; Bianchi #5BHL hloster made for S&W N-frame .44 boomers (a bit big; tight enough to prevent the cylinder from spinning and the hammer cannot fully cock when thumb break snap is closed~got it for $25 clearance due to some staining on the leather which I darkened with CampDry spray and it hides the staining)

previous: 4" blued, 4" stainless, 4" beat up stainless DAO police trade-in, 3" stainless DAO

as you can see, I've had my share that I let go like a fool...not this time

March 8, 2007, 12:24 AM
1) Stainless 4" Bbl. Adjustable sights

2) Factory grips

3) Fiochi 158gr .38 spl FMJ, and WWB 130gr FMJ .38 spl

4) Front sight painted orange

5) Have Factory sights be fiber optic.

6) No holster

7) HKS

March 8, 2007, 01:41 AM
+1 on the 5-shot .44 version! except I think the GP100 could handle the .44 magnum. A 4", 5-shot, stainless steel, adjustable sight GP100 in .44 mag would be an absolute PERFECT woods gun.

March 8, 2007, 09:31 AM
I bought my GP used so I don't really know if these sights are available from Ruger or elsewhere?

March 8, 2007, 02:29 PM
Old Wolf,

Looks good, thanks for taking the time to post it. I'll look around for some. I have to get my camera and computer working in sync so I can post a few photos myself.

Thanks again and God Bless,


March 8, 2007, 02:41 PM
6", bead blasted finish w/ polished cylinder flutes. Hogue grips, Wolff springs, Millet front sight.

March 8, 2007, 03:42 PM
Hi! New to THR, and - of course - new to this thread. Am also new Ruger GP161 (blued) owner. Have several boxes of ammo ready to roll, but haven't had time off to get to the range yet. But, I have put several hundred rounds of Air Ammo (aka "dry firing") through and am impressed at the group size I am imagining on my bedroom wall. :D Trying to get the DA pull smoothed out - I understand this is one of the best ways to do it - USE IT!!!

I saw the post about hi vis sights. I looked at the Ruger website and guess what I found! you can buy either red metal or Hi Viz!!!

Any suggestions on an inexpensive, field-use (i.e. not conceal carry) left-hand holster? I found a couple of leather ones in the $100 plus range. Yikes!

Looking forward to range day...

Preacher Man

March 8, 2007, 04:20 PM
1> What do you own? I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2> What grips do you use? So far I still use the factory grips.

3> What loads do you use? My most common load these days seems to be 6.2gr W231 under a 158gr bullet. I do have a box of CCI Blazer ammo I'm going to try out on my next range trip.

4> Any modifications? Not by me, but the previous owner had a trigger job done, so as a result the trigger is very smooth. The single action trigger pull is almost none existant and the double action is a LOT lighter than stock. The gunsmith also did some "turnings" on the trigger and hammer. It's very attractive. The front site is orange and the rear (adjustable) site has a white outline around the notch.

5> What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Nothing.

6> Holster(s): I don't currently own a holster for my GP100.

7> Speed Loader(s): None yet, but I'm looking into it.

I just got this last night from a friend, I've wanted one of these ever since another friend of mine let me shoot his. I paid $350 cash. I am told it has only had about 500 rounds put through it.

March 8, 2007, 04:52 PM
I hope you enjoy your GP100 as much as I have mine. It's been with me almost 2 years now. Everything is still factory standard. I have never used a Smith equivalent, but they can't be any more accurate than the 6 in. GP, or at least my GP. It's nothing to put 6 through a hole about dime-size at 21 ft. The norm at 50 ft. is about a tennis ball size group and at 75 ft. it opens up to about softball size groups. I don't shoot it single-action very much as I have other single-action Rugers, but the double-action trigger is really smooth. It can shoot far better than I will ever be capable of firing it. It's favorite diet is 148gr BBWC over Win. 231, but I mostly use 158gr LSWC also over Win. 231. For the longer shots I prefer 158gr JHP over Alliant 2400. I may be wrong, but I think you have one of the best handguns ever produced.

March 8, 2007, 05:41 PM
I really need to borrow your gun for Coyote Hunting this weekend. :) Nice piece. Have you taken any whitetail with that smart looking beast? The more I ma on this thread, I am convinced I'm going to get a 6 incher and put a scope or a red-dot on it and have some fun!

The bead blast really makes it look nice!

Preacher Man---thanks for the info as well. I'll look up the Ruger tonight.

God Bless,


March 8, 2007, 09:38 PM
Preacher Man- if you just want a cheap, utilitarian holster, try the Uncle Mike's Sidekick in Size 2. Available for us left-folk, and costs almost nothing.


March 9, 2007, 06:11 AM
my gf's blued 4' GP100. only addition was the hiviz front sight

March 9, 2007, 07:06 AM
Chuck- Thanks for the info. Yeah - cheap & functional. I'm not planning on packing that often but when I go out into the woods, it's nice to have something on the hip to deter wild critters like feral squirrels :D . I'll check out Uncle Mike asap.

Preacher Man

March 9, 2007, 09:31 AM
When i got ccw i needed a more concealable gun so i foolishly traded my gp100 and was forever sorry to the point i went out a purchased another GP100 as i like it for my nightstand gun it is my most accurate gun i own!!


March 10, 2007, 03:58 AM
I'm new here and new to this thread/club. So,

1. 4" blued
2. factory grips
3. Win. 110 JHP SD/HD, Rem. UMC 158 SJHP, CCI Blazer Brass 158 JHP and Speer Gold Dots SD/HD (I don't remember their specifics)
4. No Modifications, I really like it the way it came from the factory
5. The front sight could be bright from the factory (paint's cheap)
6. DeSantis "Dual Hunter" holster (Tan Leather) Right hand/strong side, also can be worn Cross Draw, Triple K oiled leather double mag pouch
7. Speed loaders 2 HKS

It's my favorite revolver. In fact, I'm taking it to the range in the morning. I've gotta stop hanging out and go to bed.

the pistolero
March 10, 2007, 08:30 AM
Oooh, a GP-100 club. Sweet.

1) What do you own: Stainless 4", w/ factory sights

2) What grips do you use? Right now I just have the factory grips on them, but I've been looking at a couple sets of Hogues -- rubber, and cocobolo.

3) What loads do you use? Whatever I can find on the shelf at Walmart, which usually translates to WWB .38 or Remington 125-grain .357. The latter is quite fun.

4) Any modifications? Nope, right now she's bone stock, but eventually some new grips sound good.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? I'd love to see a Target Grey GP-100 as well.

6) Holster(s): I need to check some out, and speedloaders, too...

March 10, 2007, 10:55 AM
I just went to a gunshow yesterday and found a sweet holster for my GP100.

It's a Safariland model 28, black leather with black suede lining.

Not real fast, because of how high and angled it sits but it makes the GP100 absolutely disappear into my side. It's the best concealment holster that I've ever owned, and probably the best I've ever seen. Well made, as usual for Safariland stuff.

March 10, 2007, 11:43 PM
I own 3 Gp 100s, one is a blued 6inch barrel half lug, one is a stainless 4 inch barrel, and the other is a stainless 3 inch barrel. I use HKS speed loaders. I have holsters for all of them, from Safariland and Bianchi to Uncle Mike's and hand made leather ones. I generally shoot 158 gr. semi wadcutter hollow points, but I play around with different bullets of various weights using various powders. As I don't use any of these guns for CC, so I only own a a couple of 20 round boxes of PD rounds, not even sure what they are, 125 gr. I think. They are my "go to" guns, my favorite being the 6 in. half lug. All are accurate and dependable, and I wouldn't part with them for anything. Hogue Mono grips on all of them, basically because these guns are out in the field with me. Nothing wrong with the stock grips, but the Hogues are better angled and better suited for outdoor use, IMHO. Had nice custom Badger grips on a couple of them, but they were just too pretty for such a utlitarian type of a gun that the GP is. The only "pretty" guns I own are a couple Weatherby Mark V hunting rifles. I don't live in Texas, so I don't have a "BBQ" gun. My Kimbers are kinda pretty, though. Peace and God bless, Wolfsong.

March 11, 2007, 12:37 AM
I love this gun.....I dont have this gun......I need this gun.......I want to be a member someday.

March 13, 2007, 04:20 PM
Let's bump the club back to the front page.
Any one ever have trigger work done? or should I just keep dry firing to smooth it out?

March 13, 2007, 05:22 PM
This was my 1st ever firearm purchase and I couldn't be happier with it, my wife also likes to shoot it as much as I do.

1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch.
2) What grips do you use? Factory Grip
3) What loads do you use? I just hand loaded .38s for it.
4) Any modifications? None. Maybe in the future I'll get a brighter front sight and some different grip plates.
5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Nothing
6) Holster: None yet.
7) Speed Loader: HKS.

March 13, 2007, 09:56 PM
Any one ever have trigger work done? or should I just keep dry firing to smooth it out?

I've had action work done on two GP 100s.

The issue I ran into with one of my GP 100s is that the gunsmith put a light spring into the gun, and the spring was so light that the gun didn't fire when I tested it.

The other GP 100 I had action work on came out fine, and it was the same gunsmith that did both.

I have a feeling that he didn't test both after finishing the job.

My solution was to put a factory spring back into the GP that wouldn't fire--all the internal smoothing he did at least helped the FEEL of the pull.

March 14, 2007, 04:27 PM
I have kept dry firing and doing range work and I love the trigger pull on mine.
If you are planning on just having it for just a range gun a trigger job is a possibility.

If you plan to use it for social work or a nightstand gun...for legal issues...don't mess with it!

God Bless,


March 14, 2007, 05:03 PM
Stainless 6" GP-100 here. :) Fine revolver!

March 14, 2007, 05:56 PM
1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch.
2) What grips do you use? Houge
3) What loads do you use? mostly S&B .357 and .38 wad cutters
4) Any modifications? New grip
5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Lighter trigger
6) Holster: Uncle mikes
7) Speed Loader: gut with gun

One of the first guns I have ever bought. What a great firearm.

I have a cleaning question for the club.

What is the correct way to clean a revolver. I know that cleaning form the muzzle end is NO, NO, but how do you avoid this in a revolver.

Also I have some carbon build up at the cylinder end of the barrel, form firing .38. What is the best way to get rid of it?

P5 Guy
March 14, 2007, 09:48 PM
Four inch full underlug barrel stainless steel GP100 with fixed sites.
Houge rubber monogrip.
Hornday 158 XTP magnum of course.
Monogrip and black marker on the sites, reapplied as needed.
Black top strap and front night site.
Not for carry so no holster.
Speed loaders, but I'm going to find some strips.

March 14, 2007, 10:35 PM
My GP100 is a little over 2 years old and is still all factory. The trigger was pretty decent out of the box, but it has around 10,000 rounds through it now and it is really smooth. I have never fired a 686, but I can't imagine one being any smoother. Just keep dry firing and live firing and it will just keep getting better.:)

March 15, 2007, 10:18 AM
I picked up a used SS 3" GP-100 yesterday
for 325.00 to go with my 6" i bought on
saturday.Very tight with a real decent
trigger pull,it'll replace my 3" S&W 65-3 as
my carry gun if it shoots a good as it looks.

Working Man
March 15, 2007, 02:13 PM
Got 2 of em. A 6" and 4" with full underlug and adj sights, in stainless. No changes but swapped
the insert in the handle out for a black one in my 6". Not a CCW just a range gun so my holster
is a cheap fabric one.

Super accurate and I use the 4" to train new shooters.

I need to get a 3". Anyone know if they make a 5"?

March 17, 2007, 02:53 AM
gun: 4" stainless (target gray) w/ adj sights
grips: factory
ammo: a variety
mods: HiVis front sight, wolf springs, deburred hammer (for carry)
holster: custom shoulder rig, cheap IWB
speed loaders: HKS and speed strips

Anyone have the new Crimson Trace laser grips for this gun?

March 17, 2007, 09:35 PM
Used to have a 4", Blued, full lug, adj site.
Sold it in a moment of weakness.
Now have a 3", blued, full lug, fixed site.
Finally got a Pachmyer grip for it,
best $10 I've spent in a while.:cool:
Not gonna make the same mistake again.
This one is gonna stay with me for a while.

March 18, 2007, 08:43 AM
Ok, I'll play. Here's mine: 3" CAI import, DAO

March 18, 2007, 10:15 AM
Mine just turned 20 years old.

Blue .45
March 18, 2007, 09:43 PM
I've had both S&W and Ruger revolvers. I gave my smith to my niece and my blue GP to my brother. I replaced the blue GP with a 4" stainless fixed sight. I've always said, if I could only have one revolver, it would be a Ruger. For handling and durability, they are second to none.

March 22, 2007, 01:13 PM
We have some one asking about the GP, so thought I would bump this from page 3 for some info for him.



March 24, 2007, 08:56 PM
1) What do you own: I own a blue GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? I prefer the stock grip over the hogue, but soon I will add the Crimson Trace "laser" :o <mostly to add intimidation factor> There have been instances where I have drawn my weapon and there was an actual lag-time before they realized that yes I will actually perforate an armed suspect. I think the laser would assist the blockhead on a visual level.

3) What loads do you use? Range fire i'll use just about anything, but as a duty weapon I use Winchester Silvertips in .38 <requirment of the workplace>

4) Any modifications? I have none other than the Hogue grips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Front sight visibility dot.

6) Holster(s): Safariland lvl 3 high gloss

7) Speed Loader(s): Bianchi

Once I figure out the how to post a picture I'll slide one in here, but I am sure you know exactly what it looks like LoL

March 25, 2007, 03:24 PM
This club is a great idea! For one of the best (if not the best) .357s out there!

1) What do you own? I own a SS GP-100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Factory. For some reason they reduce just about all recoil for me compared to other 357s (6" King Cobra, 66, etc.)

3) What loads do you use? Federal JHP 158 and 125 gr.

4) Any modifications? None.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Perhaps factory night sights.

6) Holster(s): None.

7) Speed Loader(s): Bianchi

March 26, 2007, 02:37 PM
Working Man, yes, a distributor commissioned a run of 5"-barreled GP100s a few years ago. I only saw them in pics on websites. As for the questions: (1) I own a fully lugged 4" GP100 I bought in 1992, originally as a fun/utility gun but which became my duty sidearm for a while, and a 4" fixed sight version I bought in 2004. (2) I use factory grips on both; one reason I really like the GP100 is that the factory grips are just about perfect for my hands. (3) My usual carry load is the Federal 125-grain JHP, the classic manstopper; I don't need the M&S study to know it works. (4) The only modifications to my older GP are a lighter trigger return spring, and an as-yet untested Bowen rear sight. The newer GP is box-stock, and I have no plans to change anything. (5) I wish Ruger would make a 5" barrel a regular option. A .44 Special version would surely get my attention! (6) I regularly use a Safepacker from The Wilderness for off-body carry, and a now-discontinued nylon IWB from Eagle Industries. Other rarely used holsters include a crossdraw by Tucker and a 1920 from El Paso Saddlery. (7) I use Bianchi Speed Strips on a daily basis, and sometims HKS speedloaders, for their durability. Finally, I just placed another GP100 on layaway, with a 6" non-lugged barrel. Life is good. :)

March 27, 2007, 02:43 AM
5) I'd like to see Ruger make the 41 Special legitimate and punch those six holes out to .410.

March 30, 2007, 04:54 PM
Any hunting experiences with GP 100's ? I have a 6 in Bbl and am wondering if others have hunted with one.

April 1, 2007, 11:09 AM
Just joined! Picked up a KGPF331 yesterday lightly used.

April 1, 2007, 02:40 PM
1) What do you own: Stainless GP100, 6", adjustable sight.

2) What grips do you use? Factory, very comfy, no need to change

3) What loads do you use? for plinking.38's or cheap .357 Mag rounds usually Winchester. For hunting I use 180gr Federal CastCores or 180gr Partitions

4) Any modifications? True Glo fiber optic sights, worth every penny!!!!!

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Factory installed fiber optic sights

6) Holster? Bianchi, works well for me

7) Speed Loader? HKS

April 1, 2007, 07:12 PM
I almost got a new GP-100, stainless steel with 6" barrel, at the last gun show but I just wasn't willing to pay $450 at the time, even though I want that gun so bad.

Next time I'm not gonna overplay my hand.

What I have currently is a Security Six with 4" barrel. Ruger's answer to the S&W K-frame revolver.

April 1, 2007, 08:06 PM
I just got a black GP-100 with a 4" barrel and factory grips, but I'm hoping to change the grips it wood grips if not pachmayrs. Any suggestions on wood grips? And the hammer looks awfully "old west", is there any different style I can purchase to replace the factory hammer?

Thanks in advance!

In order:
1) What do you own: I own a black GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Factory Rubber, thought I plan on changing.

3) What loads do you use? Remington Golden Saber .357 Magnum 125gr. JHP

4) Any modifications? None yet, but I'd like to change the hammer if I can find a replacement.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Three dot sights, because that is what I'm used to.

6) Holster(s): Sounds bad, but it's brand spankin' new so I carry it Mexican for the time being. I'll have a new Galco leather holster once it arrives in the mail.

7) Speed Loader(s): Haven't ordered any yet.

April 1, 2007, 09:18 PM
Picked up two HKS speedloaders at the range today for $8 and ordered a set of Wolff springs... I'm too small for a shoulder rig to look decent with the 3", so I have to pick up a holster and I'm all set.

April 2, 2007, 01:34 PM
Any answers or suggestions for HMMurdock? Cmon guys..

April 2, 2007, 01:36 PM
What do you do if your GP100 shoots high at about 10 yards? We're talking about six inches high. Is this normal or is something up?

April 2, 2007, 03:45 PM
6" high at 10 yards is definitely not normal unless you have it set up that way. Do you have adjustable sights? Have you changed out the front blade for a new one? If so, it sounds like it's too short.

April 3, 2007, 09:47 AM
No, it's new. I haven't changed anything. The sights are adjustable but I haven't done anything with the front blade.

April 3, 2007, 04:14 PM
If it's new and has never been set, the rear sight more than likely just needs to be zeroed. If you want the point of impact lowered, you need to lower the rear sight. I think that would be turning the sight screw clockwise (screw on the top of the rear sight). Try it a couple of clicks and see if your groups come down. I had to adjust mine when I first bought it. It was pretty far off on windage (adjusted with the screw on the side of the rear sight, if you're pretty well centered, you won't need to change this screw), but the elevation was about right. I can't remember exactly the number of clicks it took me to get it right for my eyes, but I'm thinking about 6 or 8. After this simple adjustment you should have your groups lowered. Let me know how this works out.

April 3, 2007, 05:02 PM

I'll try that this weekend and let you know. Thanks for the advice.

April 3, 2007, 07:41 PM
Any answers or suggestions for HMMurdock? Cmon guys..

Can't comment on the wood grips, but I bought my Pachmyer
grip for $10 from a local shop. It was in the discount bin.
He had 4-5 more in there, as well as some for Dan Wesson's.

April 3, 2007, 08:21 PM
Believe me, I'm no expert at all on custom jobs for GP 100's, but most folks, including myself, prefer the factory grips. As far as I know Ruger doesn't make another kind, just variations in the colors of wooden inserts. The people I've heard from pertaining to changing grips usually go to some other kind of rubber grip like Hogue or Pacmayr to help with recoil. They usually say that the factory grip is too large or small for them, or they just don't like their appearance. However, there are many sources for wooden grips out there: Craig Spegel, Hogue, Ahrends, Eagle, Ajax, even Pachmayr makes wood grips. These are just some of the most prominent grip manufacturers. There are many others that do special custom grips. You can do a Google search using "wood revolver grips" and get many, many, more.

As far as the hammer goes, I've never heard of anyone doing anything except maybe bobbing a GP hammer for concealment purposes. There may be custom hammers, but I am ignorant of that fact. If there are common applications of custom hammer for GP's, someone will be along in a while to say so.

April 3, 2007, 08:53 PM
I don't own the GP, but I have it's daddy...Security Six. It's been a great gun.

April 3, 2007, 11:57 PM
In order:
1) What do you own: I own a Stainless steel four inch with adjustable sights and full under lug.

2) What grips do you use? Factory Rubber, i love them.

3) What loads do you use? Cheep stuff and soon my own reloads

4) Any modifications? Wilson fire-sights.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? more target gray?

6) Holster(s): Unfourtantly mine is only a range queen, but i got a nice gun rug!

7) Speed Loader(s): the regular hks or whatever, but i want TO try safairiland comp 2


April 4, 2007, 01:22 AM
1) 4 inch stainless GP100 with adjustable sights.

2) Factory grips.

3) Still looking for a good 158g LSWC @ 1100fps load. Please share if you have one!

4) Wilson springs, polishing.

5) Ruger should finish the machine work they started. I've polished down several sharp edges, two of which have drawn blood (the part of the trigger that is hidden until you pull it, and a corner on the hammer).

6) Desantis speed scabbard, nice.

7) Safariland Comp II and HKS speed loaders. The Safariland loaders rock!

April 8, 2007, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the info, guys!

I have since ordered Eagle Custom Wood Grips, rosewood finger groove grips, for my GP-100. I will try to post pics once they arrive.

I have had no success in finding new hammers, but I did find night sights at Brownells and a number of leather holsters at Sportsman's Guide.

Thanks again, and I'll try to post pics of the grips when I can!

April 11, 2007, 04:20 PM
How do you carry your Ruger, Shoulder rig? IWB? OWB? I'm looking for a good Hunting rig, something that will set the gun in the middle of my chest for easy quiet draws.

April 11, 2007, 05:45 PM
My GP, when I carry it (it's the 6", blued model), rides in a western rig that I bought for my 50th anniversary model Blackhawk. The Blackhawk has a 4 5/8" barrel, but the GP still fits pretty well. That is the easiest for me to draw from. I also have another leather holster made by Frontier. This holster was supposed to be for a 7 1/2" barrrel, so I had to cut it off and re-stitch the end closed with white cord. The reason I got this holster in the first place was because it can be attached or taken off of your belt without having to remove your belt. It has a flap that can be wrapped around the belt and snapped on/off without removing it. It's handy, but I still like the western rig the best for convenience of draw.

April 12, 2007, 10:33 PM
It must be said,

The Ruger GP-100 is one of the most beautiful guns ever made.

That is all there is to it.

April 12, 2007, 11:40 PM
I purchased my GP-100 in late January of this year.

What do you own?

A blued GP-100 with 6" bbl.

What grips do you use?

Factory Rubber+Rosewood, works great for me so far.

What loads do you use?

Fave factory load for practice is Magtech .357 158gr. SJSP; also reloads with .357 mag 158gr plated RN with 13 grains of Winchester 296. Working up hunting loads with Hornady 158gr XTP bullets with my brother as we speak.

Any modifications?

Millet white bar front sight from MidwayUSA.


$12.00 Bulldog holster, not for concealed carry obviously. Gun is for range/fun/whitetails/feral hogs (open season here in Hillsdale County, thanx Uncle Ted and all the rest who can't keep their hogs confined). Deer hunter last year killed a 420lb hog w/Mossberg 20ga. Hog had ear tag, looked like a real monster...but I digress. Never had wild hogs in MI before the last couple years, now they are found from OH/IN line all the way to Bay City.


HKS with nylon/cordura HKS speedloader carrier.

Home Defense Rounds?

125gr Cor Bon .357mag defense rounds.

April 12, 2007, 11:46 PM
Just to re-iterate...

Feral hogs in southern MI have charged and treed hunters on several occasions. BOLO (be on the lookout), southern MI hunters...feral hogs all over Hillsdale County. Calhoun and Jackson have them too. Blast away, you have the State's blessing, you just need a valid deer tag if I remember right, and you don't even have to waste your tag on a hog. Just be a licensed deer hunter, and you can smash a hog if he comes by. Your deer tag is left for deer, hog is dead. ;)



April 13, 2007, 12:37 PM
Here are my two GP100's. One 4-inch stainless with the adjustable sights and one 3-inch in blue, with the fixed sights. Although I have not yet fired these GP100's both of their trigger pulls feel very good. The stainless GP100 wears some Hogue woo grips and the Blue GP100 wears an Lett wood(duplicate)set of grips to the factory original rubber grips with wood inserts(No longer available). I think that the original rubber grips would be best for me, in terms of shooting comford(The proof will be in the pudding, though?)?:

April 13, 2007, 04:05 PM
They look exactly like my rubber ones. I love em!


April 13, 2007, 04:16 PM
1) A stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adjustable sights, and a blued 3 inch.

2) Factory grips.

3) 125 grain JHP & 158 grain LSWC.

4) No modifications.

5) I'd be happy as a pig in a sty if Ruger offered the GP100 in a 5-shot, 5" 45ACP or 45LC.

6) No. House and range guns.

7) HKS Speed Loaders.

April 13, 2007, 05:41 PM

You will get 1,000 "Atta Boys" from me, for pointing out the "Greatness" of the "Daddy" of the GP100-the "Security-Six"(Definately true!)! I have several of these wonderful guns! What you had said, also applies to the Service-Sixes and the Speed-Sixes!:eek: :D

P. Plainsman
April 13, 2007, 06:50 PM
1) What do you own?
"Target Gray" low glare stainless GP with the 4" barrel.

2) What grips do you use?
Hogue monogrip. Used to use Pachmayr Grippers, found them too loose; gun seemed to flop around in them. Much prefer the Hogue.

3) What loads do you use?
* Mild plinking -- 130 gr FMJ .38 Special from Federal American Eagle, Magtech, or Winchester.
* Magnum plinking/accuracy -- 125 gr Black Hills .357 Mag JHP.
* Defense -- 145 gr Winchester Silvertip JHP. Great round.

4) Any modifications?
I use a red-insert Ruger front sight blade (the same one that comes stock on the Super Redhawk). I recently acquired a Bowen Classic Arms rear sight and am going to install it soon.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?
Bring back the half-lug 6" variant! I'd like a 6" GP but would prefer to shave a few ounces off the full-lug model.

6) Holster?
* Open carry: Bianchi leather thumbsnap - a very "1970s cop" vibe. :) Secure, protective, slow.

* Concealed carry (only in winter, under a heavy coat) / training classes / IDPA (someday): Don Hume OWB slide holster. Very fast. Adequate retention.

7) Speed Loader?
Have a half-dozen HKS speedloaders and practice regularly with them.

It's a great revolver. As a shooter, I am perhaps at my best with my GP100 in my hands. Accurate, smooth, comfortable, tough, good sight picture -- fills me with confidence. I'd never sell it.

April 16, 2007, 03:07 PM
Ruger GP 100

1) What do you own:

I own a stainless GP100 SS in 4 inch with adj sights. I just bought it and I am still in the waiting period. Tuesday evening I will pick it up.

2) What grips do you use?


3) What loads do you use?

Nothing yet.

4) Any modifications?

I plan on replacing the front site.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?

Take the sharp edge off the trigger tip, while giving it the preinspection before buying I dry fired it and cut my finger and bled all over the counter. I looked at two others and they where all the same.

6) Holster(s):

Galco Pheonix

7) Speed Loader(s):

Not yet.


April 17, 2007, 04:03 PM
1. 4" stainless
2. Stock Grips
3. Millet Front Sight Oange
4. Remington Gold Saber 125 grain
5. Uncle Mikes Side Kick Holster
6. HKS speed loader and Bianchi Speed Strips

I would like to see a stock orange or high viz sight.

April 18, 2007, 03:28 AM
Finally found it,... a definite keeper. Got my hogue grips the other day, and can't wait to take it to the range!

April 20, 2007, 06:42 PM
If you really want to know what makes your GP100 tick, you need IBOK, which is "Iowegan's Book of Knowledge" for the GP100. This guy is a gunsmith and well-known author. The IBOK explains many details about the gun, including how to take it apart (includes schematic diagrams), which Wolff springs to install, what parts to polish (and how) in order to improve trigger pull, and how to put the whole thing back together again. I've followed his advice and now have a GP100 with a sweet trigger pull rivaling that of the best S&Ws. The IBOK is available FREE to members of the Ruger Forum. If you're not a member, that's no problem since joining doesn't cost you any more than joining THR. Go to . Once you're a member, send an e-mail to and request his IBOK for the GP100. You will receive an e-mail reply with the IBOK as an attached .pdf file. Believe me, it's worthwhile.

April 20, 2007, 07:23 PM
The prices on GP100s have really jumped here in my neck of the woods. I called around today and couldn't find a stainless new one for less than $499. However, I ran into a used stainless at my local shop today for $368 and picked it up.

I'm glad I did, the trigger on it's been worked out and is very smooth.

In order:
1) What do you own: I own a Stainless steel four inch with adjustable sights and full under lug.

2) What grips do you use? Factory Rubber.

3) What loads do you use? Remington Sabre 125 grain

4) Any modifications? none

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? nothing

6) Holster(s):Cabo LP holster. IWB, holds both my gp100 and my 686+ wonderfully!

7) Speed Loader(s): hks (I have some 7 shot ones for the 686+ also)

April 20, 2007, 10:10 PM
1) What do you own:
- 3" Stainless GP-100

2) What grips do you use?
- I have the Hogue grips, but prefer to keep the stock ones on it.

3) What loads do you use?
- Whatever is cheapest for plinking, usually whatever .38 is at Wal-Mart. For carry, Speer Gold Dot (126 gr.).

4) Any modifications?
- Wolff Springs on the hammer and trigger.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?
- I would like an option of polished stainless finish, and a scope mount to be available for the 3-incher.

6) Holster(s):
- Don Hume Double-Nine (OWB/Belt)
- Uncle Mike's (IWB)

7) Speed Loader(s):
- Speeeeeeeeed Striiiiiiiiiips (Bianchi)
- Safariland Comp II

Big Mike
April 22, 2007, 03:03 AM
I own a 3" Stainless, half-lug, small grip, fixed sight .357. I carry anything that is 125gr hollow point (varies). Mike

April 23, 2007, 02:09 PM
Since my previous post here, I added another GP100; 6" barrel without the full lug. Life is good. :) Photo by the dealer, Collectors Firearms.

Old John
April 23, 2007, 06:15 PM
I have a SS, 3" Gp100.
A couple SP101's & .45 LC Vaqueros too.

Factory grips. I like them.

WWB 110gr . HJHP's for plinking.
W. 145 gr. Silvertips, or Rem. 125 gr. Gold Sabres, for carry.

No modifications. Fine just as it is.

I carry it in a Galco High-ride open-top pancake, for CCW.
And in an Uncle Mikes' super belt slide, around the farm.

I would like to see a 5-shot .45 LC or a 5-shot .45acp.

I have a couple HKS speed-loaders, a couple Mag-fires, too.
But I mostly just carry a couple of Bianchi Speed-strips.
They lay flatter in a shirt pocket or whereever.

You can't beat Ruger Revolvers!
Have Fun.

April 23, 2007, 07:39 PM
This was my first revolver, and probably my favorite

I have a KGP-161 .357 6”

Factory grips.

I will try anything for ammo,
my reloads are normally 158 or 165 grains

For holster I use Uncle Mike’s Sidekick.

I use HKS speed-loaders.

I love the Ruger quality, very nice guns, I have the big brother
as well a SRH .44 Rem-Mag 9.5”

April 27, 2007, 07:11 PM
I'll play along too, as i just got mine tonight. it was a BARELY used Watershed Police trade/turn in.

In order:
1) What do you own: A SS 4 inch version with adjustable sights.

2) What grips do you use? It came with pachymeir signatures, but have ordered the facory rubber w/ wood inserts.

3) What loads do you use? Factory 125, 158, with some hand rolled 132 hard cast lead SWC that my Security Six 2 3/4" loves.

4) Any modifications? Will most likely change all the springs to Wolff
5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Offer Millet sights from the factory, and a bead blast finish as well as the satin factory
6) Holster(s): A Safariland level three duty holster, and a Uncle mikes owb nylon.
7) Speed Loader(s): HKS

May 2, 2007, 10:21 PM
Just took mine to the range the other day (6" blued). It still one-holes at 7 yds. and gives softball-size groups at 25 yds two-handed. It still is capable of shooting much better than I can. I love this weapon!

May 8, 2007, 04:06 PM
Have yet to shoot mine with the Factory sights reinstalled Kind of anxious.

May 9, 2007, 12:21 PM
What kind of sights were on your GP before?

May 9, 2007, 02:59 PM
I bought it used with a red dot scope already mounted. but it also had all the original sights in the box.
I just did not like the way the scope hindered aquiring a sight picture after the shot, so I put the factory rear sight and a Hi-Viz front bead on it.

May 9, 2007, 03:43 PM
I think I'm going to eventually get a factory red insert front sight for mine. I used to have a plastic red sight that my dealer gave me (he didn't charge me for it). I had to trim a little off the length as I kept shooting about 3 inches low at 50 ft. I used it for about 6 months and bumped it against the bench at the range and broke the thing. I sure do miss that red up front. The factory black steel sight is fine, it's just not as fast for me as that plastic red one. Let us know how your new setup works for you.

May 9, 2007, 07:42 PM
Someone wanted me to snap a pic of my 3" GP100 in my Fist #12 Basic holster, so I figured I'd throw it up here:

May 10, 2007, 12:23 AM
I owned a 6" GP100 for several years, excelent shooter....just a little to large for hiking and concealed carry.......I bought this 4" GP100 a couple of years ago.....smoothed the action and installed wolf springs and a HiViz front sight......Now this is an Excellent Shooter. (

May 10, 2007, 11:31 AM
I realize this isn't a club per se but quite a list of people responding to, or interested in the Humble but amazing GP 100, Thanks Porter for getting this thread started.
Richard Simmons
P. Plainsman
the pistolero
Big Mike
Working Man
P5 Guy
Old John

May 16, 2007, 12:44 PM
Wow sorry if posting people like this were a club ruined the thread for people. I see no one has posted since I did that I won't do it again.

May 16, 2007, 02:53 PM
Glad to help in any way I can. The thanks really need to go to Ruger for such a great product and to all of you for your knowledge and willingness to share/contribute! I have learned a lot a will continue to do so thanks to all of you.

God Bless,


May 17, 2007, 01:46 AM
1) What do you own: GP100 4" 357 (1991 vintage)

2) What grips do you use? Stock with nice looking black inserts.

3) What loads do you use? Buffalo Bore 158's and Speer GD 158. But I've shot every 38 & 357 brand and weight out of it.

4) Any modifications? An orange millet front sight.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? I'd like a couple more calibers... maybe a 10MM.

6) Holster: An Uncle Mikes Mirage OWB. Actually a very nice holster.

7) Speed Loader: HKS

At least 5,000 rounds through it.

May 17, 2007, 03:02 AM
Don't know how I missed this thread?
Good thing too because I am having trouble with my Ruger maybe someone can help?

1. GP100 4" Stainless (2006)
2. Stock grips
3. Remington 38sp 130gr & Blazer 357 158gr (still trying different ammo)
4. Orange front sight.
5. Soften up the edges of the frame and trigger.
6. No holster
7. No speed loader

About 200 rounds.

I wanted a reliable 357 revolver to keep as a house gun that anyone could pick up and use. (This is also my first wheel gun so I may be doing something wrong)

Unloaded the gun cycles fine; but loaded whether shooting double or single acion the pistol does not always advance to the next chamber completely and I get a lock up either at the trigger or at the hammer. I need to reach up with my thumb and manually turn the cylinder a bit to align the next chamber?

With the pistol empty I did what I think is a timing check and cycled to the next chamber and looked down the barrel with a flashlight and everything seems to line up? The gap between the cylinder and the frame is good. Loaded the space between the frame and the base of the round seems fine as well.

Between shots can rounds back out some and maybe drag not allowing the cylinder to turn freely?

Any ideas?
Sorry for the long post.

May 17, 2007, 11:30 AM
Doberguy, make sure to clean under the extractor star thoroughly. Be carful of having too much oil under the extractor star as it will collect dirt, powder, and other crud and prevent the star from closing.

May 17, 2007, 12:04 PM
Thanks jragsdale,
I am going to check out that area today and make sure it's really clean under there. It has been staying home lately when I go to the range because of the problems and how long it takes to clean compared to my semis.

I plan on going to the range today or tomorrow so I will see if that helps.


May 26, 2007, 11:41 AM
Just this week i received my first GP100 and so far it has far exceded
my expectations and im finding i have a preference for it over the 686.
A lot of people complain but i like the trigger much better too.
I know its heavier in DA but i find the extra weight stops me from double
tapping and its much more responsive for me. I also added a wide trigger shoe to increase the surface area making for a much easier pull.

#1 I have the 6 inch blued model GP161 (2006)

#2 Stock grips are all ive used so far and they are perfect for me.
They feel great even with 357 no punch in the hand like the S&W.

#3 Ive got several boxes of federal classic +P.38 semi wad cutters
.357 american eagle semi wad cutters

#4 Like mentioned above ive added a low profile trigger shoe.

#5 Im happy as is but more site inserts would be nice if included.

#6 Holsters none yet probably uncle mikes.

#7 HKS speed loaders.

So far this pistol has exceded all my expecations!

May 31, 2007, 12:15 AM
4" stainless for me. Fixed groove rear sights. My first handgun. Stock grips with and I have HKS and safariland.

June 24, 2007, 05:25 AM
Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to post this here. Please delete.

June 24, 2007, 06:00 PM
Well it's been raining here in this part of Texas for about 5 days now, so getting to the range for a report will be a while. In the interim here are some pics of Marc's work on the 3" GP-100 I posted earlier. I am chompin' at the bit to get her to the range.....

He removed the billboard and C.A.I. from this side and polished the ends of the pins where they come through the frame and crane.

I love the bead blast finish and notice how he rounded and polished the trigger

Here is a picture of the hammer polished

A view of the muzzle. The package includes recrowning for accuracy

You can really see the trigger work here, and the DA pull is smooth as glass.

June 24, 2007, 06:23 PM
wow, that's a beautiful ruger!

June 27, 2007, 04:33 AM
1) What do you own?

4" GP100 with adjustable sights in Target Grey finish:

2) What grips do you use?

Standard grips but I replaced the GP100 inserts with the black Super Redhawk inserts.

3) What loads do you use?

Corbon 110 gr. JHP .357 for home defense.

4) Any modifications?

Just the SRH inserts for now, I also plan on getting a different front sight.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?

Make more in the Target Grey finish! Also an 8-shot GP100 would be AWESOME :evil:

6) Holster(s):

Don't have one yet.

7) Speed Loader(s):

Not yet, will probably go with Safariland Comp 2 or 3.

June 27, 2007, 08:58 AM
I've owned 3 GP100s over the years including the current one:

#1 4 inch blued .38 Special with fixed sights

#2 Lett Hybrid grips. These are made of simulated ivory outer panels layered on dark hardwood. The dark wood is positioned where the two grip halves meet together. Each side has a circular Ruger emblem. Very nice grips.

#3 158 gr LSWCHP+P, either Federal or Georgia Arms. The fixed sights are regulated perfectly for these rounds.

#4 Just the grips so far, will probably send to Grant Cunningham for an action job at some point.

#5 I've heard the .38 Special models are no longer in production. If true, I think it's a mistake. I realize the .357 Magnums are great revolvers, but the .38 Special is still a viable cartridge and will really fit a lot of peoples' needs. The two I owned previously were both magnums and I liked them too.

#6 Don Hume paddle holster, which is fine for general use with a good belt. May look at other options in the future.

#7 HKS speed loaders.

June 27, 2007, 12:19 PM
oops, posted on wrong thread

June 27, 2007, 12:31 PM
Count me in!
I have a 3" fixed-sight version blued with XS Big-Dot night sight, factory grips, carried in an IWB rig from El Paso Saddlery, with Safariland Comp-II speedloaders in a DeSantis carrier.
Love it.

June 28, 2007, 10:35 AM

Long time revolver shooter but new to the forum. I love the GP100!

I have had, that I can remember, four GP's of various configurations and five security six's of various configurations. I currently have a 6" SS security six that someone sand blasted to a very low luster, almost target gray finish.

Whomever must have used 38 spl exclusively because it took me awhile to clean the crud out of the cylinders and lead out of the barrel. Now it shoots very well.

I always said to my wife, when asked about my continuous gun trading, "If I can't have one of each all the time, I'll have one of each, one at a time.":rolleyes:

Anyway keep up the good work and I be checking back with you guys.

I do seem to recall the sharp edges of the GP causing a wound to the trigger finger that required a dremal tool and polishing wheel.

Keep you powder dry,

June 28, 2007, 10:46 AM
357griz, my first GP100 would gnaw on my trigger finger with the right edge of the trigger, so I stoned the sharp edge. My second one did not do this to me. I have yet to shoot my third one. Welcome to THR! :)

July 1, 2007, 11:53 AM
I just joined the club! Haven't received it yet...probably next week.

1) What do you own: stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Factory but am considering the Hogue grips.

3) What loads do you use? Not sure yet...I handload so I will experiment.

4) Any modifications? Other than the Hogue grips, also considering the Millet high vis front sight and Wolff springs.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Don't know...never even fired a GP100.

6) Holster(s): Something for woods carry and possibly IPSC...recommendations?

7) Speed Loader(s): Not experience with these as I am mostly a auto-loader shooter.

July 26, 2007, 04:21 PM
Some how this thread got left to the way side I thought with all the GP100 questions and such I would revive it.

Black Adder LXX
July 27, 2007, 02:29 PM
I joined the club a few months ago and absolutely love my Ruger.

1) What do you own: stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Factory... if it ain't broke...

3) What loads do you use? So far just WWB and UMC 38 and 357

4) Any modifications? See answer to #2. Dry fire a little each time I take it out.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Smooth out the trigger a little.

6) Holster(s): Don't have one

7) Speed Loader(s): Have an HKS that doesn't fit right, but I like sliding the cartridges in one at a time anyway. Kinda like therapy.

BTW- this would stay on top if the title were Ruger GP100 club or some thinglike that...

July 28, 2007, 12:02 PM
1) What do you own? A SS 4 inch fixed sights.

2) What grips do you use? Stock.

3) What loads do you use? Factory 158 and 125.

4) Any modifications? None.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Maybe a .44 spl fixed sights, possible same in .44 mag.

6) Holsters? Don Hume JIT Slide, Uncle Mikes IWB or Uncle Mikes nylon hip holster.

7) Speed Loaders? HKS and speed strip.

Here she is with her little sister:

July 28, 2007, 04:59 PM
Got mine a couple of months ago, and really like it:

On another board, someone remarked that GP100s are 'a dime a dozen'. Ha! Not mine! :neener:

July 29, 2007, 08:55 AM
Stainless 6"
Adjustable Millet rear(outlined) and millet front white(factory sights were missing when I bought it, had a Tasco Accudot on it but removed)
Loads so far have just been UMC 357 and WWB 38 spl
Mods have been the millet front/rear sight and the hogue monogrip
Wouldn't change anything about it
A "Simply Rugged" OWB
HKS speedloaders

July 29, 2007, 09:24 AM
I love how a bead blasted finish looks on a GP-100. How much does that run?

August 11, 2007, 08:16 PM
Just picked this up today . I can't wait to shoot it . :D

Black Adder LXX
August 11, 2007, 09:55 PM
Porter Rockwell- is it possible to change the title of this thread to something with "GP 100" club in it? I bet it would stay on the front...

JP from Phoenix
August 11, 2007, 10:20 PM
My first gun got me in a club, sweet!

Lets see GP-100 4 inch stainless, stock everything might try some different grips just to see if it helps improve my shooting but i like how the stock ones look and feel maybe a trigger job

Ammo I'm a new shooter so I dont really know what is what, I shot winchester today and bought 4 boxes all different brands for my next trip. I heard the winchester stuff is dirty as opposed to other ammo

I really wouldnt change anything about it though my first gun and I think i made the best choice for what im willing to spend for a revolver brand new

I dont have any holsters just yet i just keep it in the box

August 12, 2007, 07:13 AM
1) What do you own?

Two stainless GP100 4" - 1 fixed and 1 adj. sight.

2) What grips do you use?

Stock "fixed sight" small grips..

3) What loads do you use?

After much experimentation settled on 158 grain RNFP bullet with 5.5 gr. HP-38. Shoots to point of aim at 25 yards.

4) Any modifications?

10 Lb. Wolff Hammer springs, all edges radiused (especially trigger!),
polished innards and general tidy-up of factory finish.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100?

Put a bit more time into the QC before they leave the factory.
Sell the parts to consumers!

6) Holster?

El Paso Saddlery "Street Combat"

7) Speed Loader?

Safariland Comp II - It is far easier to use than the HKS.

August 12, 2007, 07:24 AM
pictures, we need pictures Fallingblock!!!


August 12, 2007, 10:06 AM
Well, since this thread got a bump, I guess I should post.

1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Stockers are fine, but I may look for something in wood with finger grooves.

3) What loads do you use? I use a large variety of my own loads. Mostly favor jacketed bullets in medium to medium warm loadings. My GP seems to prefer the heavier bullets (140 gr to 158 gr). Unique, Titegroup and Universal are the most used powders. H110 is my magnum powder.

Hunting, fishing SD, HD camping, plinking, target shooting, you name it,I love loading for the GP as one can work up different loads for different purposes indefinitely, which is something I enjoy doing.

4) Any modifications? None.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Can't think of anything.

6) Holster(s): I have always carried it in an old leather Hunter holster I bought 35 years ago.

7) Speed Loader(s): Bianchi Speed Strips.

I didn't post a pic as it is just a "plain jane" and it is currently sitting on my work bench in need of a cleaning. :D

Rover 'n Rugers
August 12, 2007, 11:37 AM
Info on mine:

1) 4" adjustable sighted

2) Hogue Kingwood grips without the grooves

3) for practice 125 gr swc handloads, elsewise 125 JHP's

4) action job, trigger contoured and polished, chambers chamfered for speedloader use, jeweled hammer, Bowen rear sight, Millett orange front sight, 9 lb Wolff mainspring and 8 pound return spring.

5) Would like to see a 5 shot .44 special, 6 shot 10mm (Clements does a conversion for $450 last I knew), 4" adj. sight with partical underlug and less meaty frame as one the fixed sight versions, 3" adj. sighted model (Ruger made some for a PD once)

6) Tauris High Ride with thumb snap for field carry.

7) have both HKS and Safariland, prefer the Safariland. Also have a Bianchi strip.

August 12, 2007, 12:14 PM
The GP100 is a near future addition for me. I own it's big brother the SuperRedhawk and the basic design is, with out a doubt, ingenious. The GP100 may very well be Ruger's best gun. When accuracy,strength,reliablity and looks are concidered it really is amazing.The amazing thing is that Ruger was able to design such a fantastic weapon without being just a double action handgun company.They have thier fingers in virtually everything that goes bang! The single action guys are going to say that the Blackhawks are thier main thrust and I won't argue the point. But they know good engineering regardless of type weapon.

August 12, 2007, 12:14 PM
Here's my 3" GP100 with new Butler Creek grips below its big brother, my 4" Redhawk with Pachmayr Presentation grips.

August 12, 2007, 04:49 PM
How Can I ask Fallingblock for pics, when I haven't posted mine.
Allow me to show off the brothers Ruger.
Here's the GP, wearing a new set of Millet fronts and rears.

And his older Brother, Security Six. 2 3/4" barrel, trigger job, Hogues, and a Millet front

August 13, 2007, 12:29 AM
Golly, m14nut, I'm one of these old geezers who can barely figure out how to work a digital camera - let alone post a photo here.:o

Those Rugers of yours are sure nice.

Both my GP-100's have bobbed hammers, I forgot to mention that. :)

The Speed-Six is also a fine revolver.

I did have two of them years ago, but traded them away.:(

August 15, 2007, 07:33 PM
I got my new grips , and Meprolight night sights in the mail today . Sweet ! :D

August 15, 2007, 08:21 PM
Clutch, love the looks of those grips. Where'd ya get'um?

August 15, 2007, 08:26 PM
Thanks , I got them from Hogue .

August 15, 2007, 09:01 PM
Thanks. Got a birthday coming up next month............ummmmm:cool:

August 15, 2007, 09:45 PM
Interesting thread - I'll toss my hat in - however I own both smith and rugers. However, my first two revolvers were rugers.

1) What do you own: I own both a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights and a 4" stainless GP100 with bobbed hammer and combat sights. The GP100 with the bobbed hammer was the first handgun, other than a 22 that I purchased. I waited until late in life (upper 40s) to get a pistol. That gun had been a police issue somewhere in Canada. It's strange to own a Ruger that has an import mark - when they came back into the US, they were stamped.

2) What grips do you use? I use the one with adjustable sights in IDPA. That gun has the Uncle Mike's rubber grips. The other has the stock Ruger grips.

3) What loads do you use? For target, I load my own .38 Specials to IDPA power factors. I've used 158gr Berry and Bear Creek bullets. Currently I'm using a 170gr molly coated bullet.

For the woods, I started using the Fusion bullets from Federal.

4) Any modifications? The one with adjustable sights got a trigger job - it's real smooth! The other is stock

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? I like the interchangable front sight on the one with adjustable sights. Can't think of anything I'd really want different.

6) Holster(s): For competition I have a Safariland 560 adjustable holster and a Ready Tactical holster. For the woods, I have an uncle mikes nylon holster.

7) Speed Loader(s): HKS, Safariland comp II and Safariland comp IIIs. The comp IIIs for competition - to big for the woods. Started with the HKS, now I'm more comfortable with the release on the Safariland speedloaders.

I'm impressed with some of the photos - some mighty nice looking grips on some of those guns!

August 25, 2007, 06:49 PM
My new Ruger:

1. GP100 3 inch barrel in .357 mag.
2. Custom Badger Grips (cut down/customized again to fit my small hands)
These are the smallest a grip can go on a GP100.
3. Loadings: Hot...anything hot. My carry is 125 grain Corbon DPX.
4. Modifications: Weigand Combat Hybra port, complete #11 action tuning, barrel crowned, cylinder throats chamfered, trigger polished and recontoured, hammer bobbed, dehorned for carry, cylinder endshake eliminated, all springs replaced, pins and plungers polished, entire revolver Bead-blasted, barrel was slab-sided and recontoured, and fitted with moon clips.
5. Holsters: FIST OWB pancake holster ordered, El Passo IWB holster ordered.
6. Moon Clips fitted for the fastest reload possible.

What can I say? Christmas has come early!

August 26, 2007, 09:30 PM
Wow, DawgFvr! Sweet! Did Badger or Gemini do the customizing of the grips?

August 26, 2007, 09:44 PM
4" SS GP100, HKS speedloaders. Desantic speed scabbord. Buffalo bore 180 grains to feed it or handloads :)

August 26, 2007, 11:14 PM
Rexster: Marc from Gemini did the customization of the custom Badger grips. He, like I, has very small hands and he cut them down/buffed them up to fit himself. They fit me like a glove. This particular revolver will grace his web page soon as an example of a GP100 custom "barrel slab side" project. Of course I am honored. This is a new revolver for me...I am taking it out tomorrow for its first Range trial.

August 27, 2007, 01:23 PM
Thanks! My hands are weird; big palms but small fingers, and your grips really caught my eye. I already have SP101 snubbies customized by Jack Weigand; perhaps it's time to get Gemini to customize a GP100 for me.

September 14, 2007, 09:45 PM
Just got one Wednesday.

Wasn't really in the market but figured for $200 I couldn't turn it down. It's marked .38 Special but I can't find any on the internet that are .38 Special only.

September 29, 2007, 07:59 PM
Here are the two DAO 4" SS GP100's I have. Picked one up at a gunshow and the other off of Gunbroker (actually, I didn't expect to win the auction. I bid low and was the only bidder). They are imports from Canada, probably police issue.

The one at the gunshow needed an endshake bearing (thank you Brownells) and the one off the auction had Pachmeyr grips that I replaced with SP101 style grips from Numrich. Both of them are nice and tight and have about 0.006" cylinder gap. I put in lighter springs but didn't like it; the trigger pull was still baby smooth, but seemed too light. There were lots of scratches and nicks, but it's amazing what you can do with some 600 grit sandpaper and scotchbrite.

Heck, even my Quaker girlfriend liked them.

September 29, 2007, 08:36 PM
don't have a picture; do have a GP100
Would like to be part of CLUB GP100
Tinkered with mine; will tinker some more


September 29, 2007, 08:48 PM
1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? Hogue Tamers and the factory grips. Looking for a set of wood, most likely something from Jim Badger.

3) What loads do you use? WWB 38 special for range. I have Winchester LEO 38+p+ for home defense.

4) Any modifications? Wolff trigger and mainspring. Red Ramp Front Sight added.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Offer wood grips from the factory. Offer High Polish SS.

6) Holster(s): None at this point.

7) Speed Loader(s): None at this point.

September 29, 2007, 11:14 PM
New to the club:

1) 4", Blued, Non-Full Lug GP100

2) Stock smaller "fixed sight" grips with the rosewood inserts.

3) No modifications, but considering having it converted to DAO and I definitely want to swap front sights to something with at least some color.

4) Ammo is currently Monarch Brand 158-grain Semi-Jacketed HPs. I just picked these up to shoot the gun (I get them at a discount), and since I had a couple of cylinder fulls left over, I loaded the gun.

5) Speed Loader, right now only a Bianchi Speed Strip, but soon Safariland Comp-IIs.

6) Leather, got a Rafter S holster on order now, OWB, black cowhide, with burgundy sharkskin mouthband and a matching belt. Currently, it's riding in a Rafter S IWB, natural cowhide with almond ostrich mouthband and sweat guard.

7) Ruger could offer some different sight options from the factory, so I wouldn't have to hunt up aftermarket sights. Also some sight support for fixed sight guns would rock.


September 30, 2007, 12:45 AM
1 - 4" blued, fixed sight, full lug -- around 16 years old - good for endless more years.
2 - replaced large grip with fixed sight small grip for CCW
3 - replaced front sight with Ruger plastic colored sight (red), which eventually broke and flew over my shoulder from recoil failure. Put steel sight back, added red paint. Also dehorned (gently) hammer spur for CCW
4 - usually around 1000 rounds WWB .38 Spl to each 50 rounds .357 of various makes and weights.
5 - 2 HKS speedloaders for range work, numerous Bianchi speed strips for on the street.
6 - Kramer cowhide IWB (2 - work and dress!) for both GP 100 & SP 101, depending on the need at the time.
7 - The sights could be better type and quality, but when push comes to shove, point and shoot will most likely be the order of day (never, I hope!!)

I couldn't ask for a more reliable, accurate and durable revolver. The GP 100 is my primary carry, the SP 101 for more discrete needs, the NAA Black Widow when really deep concealment is mandatory.
I really enjoy reading and seeing each of the posters "love of an excellent weapon".

September 30, 2007, 12:47 AM
1 - should read adjustable sight, rather than fixed.

September 30, 2007, 12:59 PM
I got my new GP100 about a month ago. I love it! I owed a Super Blackhawk 20 or so years ago, but have been a fan of the semi-auto pistol for a long time. I bought a Taurus 455 Tracker a year or so ago & liked shooting it. One of my friends let me shoot his GP100's & I had to get one for my own. It's a 6" S/S model.

October 2, 2007, 07:54 PM
I am convinced that the GP100 is the most durable and reliable medium frame DA revolver, ever. In over a year and a half of scanning different gun forums, I've seen dozens of threads related to S and W and Colt cylinders going out of time. The owners didn't seem phased and actually expected their guns to go out of time eventually. I was planning on buying a 686, but decided to go with a Ruger. I was convinced that the 686p was the best .357 mag on the market. After a year of visiting gun forums and talking to gunsmiths, I am still looking for any mention of a GP100 going out of time. This actually what caused me to eventually buy a GP100 over a 686p. I'm sure that GP100s probably can go out of time, but it is a rare event.

I also think that my stock DA trigger is as smooth as any of factory new DA revolvers that are on the market today. The spring is heavy, but I prefer that because my GP100 is a home defense gun, not a competition gun.

This is the one gun that I would never dream of selling. You could offer me a NIB colt python and I would not accept the trade if it meant that I couldn't get another GP100.

I really try to stick to the lead-free ammo, so I don't really shoot any crazy loads out of it. The "green" ammo reduces lead exposure, but it also makes cleaning easier.

When I need a woods carry gun, I'll pick up a 4" Ruger Redhawk in .44mag.

I love the gun with ruger licensed hogue grips. Not a big fan of the factory grips.

October 2, 2007, 10:56 PM
Just an FYI:
About a year ago on another site the sales manager of Corbin Ammunition was commenting on their experience with a couple of test guns they were retiring from testing service.

One of the guns was a 4" Ruger GP100. He estimated it had substantially more than 400,000 rounds (yes, four hundred thousand rounds) through it and it would still group better than 3" at 25yds and functioned reliably. He said to his knowledge it had not had any service or parts replacement.

If accurate, this makes the GP100 at least one of the guns several generations of heavy volume shooters could enjoy. I know I like mine!

October 3, 2007, 12:53 PM
How'd I miss this thread?

1) What do you own? Stainless 4 inch with adjustable sights.

2) What grips? Since the pic below was taken, I swapped the factory grip for one from a fixed-sight model. It is slightly smaller and uses the same grip inserts as the SP101. Love the smaller size despite the fact that I have large hands.

3) What loads do you use? Whatever I have to hand.

4) No modifications other than swapping the grip.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Do a run on the GP100 frame, 4" barrel with full underlug, and five-shot cylinder in .44 mag. The .4" Redhawk is just too butt ugly for my taste.

6) Holster is a Bianchi, I believe. Don't remember.

7) Speed Loader(s): HKS.

Shown below with its SP101 little brother:

October 3, 2007, 03:12 PM
I forgot to say what I would change about the GP100.

The one thing that I would change is the barrel lengths.

Canada has some pretty crazy restrictions on handgun barrel lengths. Any hand gun with a barrel less than 105 mm (4.13") is illegal up there. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is what it is. I wish that Ruger would make the 4" barrel model long enough so that it would be legal in Canada. Canadians are restricted to 10 round magazines, so I think that the a 4.14" GP100 would sell very well up in Canada.

I am passionate about the barrel length issue because my wife is Canadian. There is an outside chance that we may retire up there (ether in Alberta or BC), so I really want a 4.14" inch GP100. My wife would be pretty pissed off when she hears the reason that we can't retire to Canada is because the Canadian government wouldn't allow me to keep my 4" GP100. I guess that I could always buy a 6" barrel and have it cut down so that my current gun's barrel length would be legal, but it would be great if Ruger just changed the darn barrel length so that more people could enjoy the GP100 in a mid-sized barrel.

Gary A
October 3, 2007, 11:01 PM
A couple of years ago Ruger had a limited run of 5 inch GPs which were very nice if you could find one for sale somewhere. Otherwise, Blackhawk, stainless, .357, 4.68 inch barrel.

October 4, 2007, 06:59 AM
1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? I think the Hogue Grips are absolutely the best on the market for this gun. They completely cover the backstrap, whereas, the hogue grips for a 686 do not (Sorry for the jab Smitty owners!) It makes a difference with full power loads.

3) What loads do you use? I use a variety for plinking, with winchester 110, 125 being the most common. I also shoot Blazer .357 and Winchester 130 grain .38.

For woods carry I am ether carring Winchester 180 Partition Gold or corbon 200 HC.

4) Any modifications? I have none other than the Hogue grips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Nothing really, I am so pleased with mine. However, i would love to see another run of the Target Grey to match my SP101 2 incher. Maybe even an 8 inch version for hunting. I plan on the purchase of a 6 inch for hunting, but the 8 would be even better! The tigger seems to consistely get better with the new Ruger right out of the box.

6) Holster(s): I carry mine in a cheap but effective Uncle Mikes OWB (As if anything will really fit IWB!)

7) Speed Loader(s): HKS and Bianchi.

1) 3" GP100 with Fixed Sights

2) Stock right now, but will be switching to Badger stocks on the little bugger

3) I haven't shot it yet, but I plan to use my usual 357 Mag Self Defense Load, Remington 125 Grain SJHP ("Full House Load")

4) Going to Marc Morganti at Gemini Customs for Action Work and Porting

5) Nothing Much, except allow sale of parts to customers/gunsmiths for customization

6) I'm ordering a Matt Del Fatti IWB for it

7) HKS Speedloaders and Speed Strips loaded with 38 Special so I have "ammo commonality" between the GP100 and my BUG, I carry two guns Off-Duty


October 5, 2007, 08:38 PM
Finally purchased my GP-100 4" stainless today

1) What do you own: GP100 - 4" ss with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? factory grips

3) What loads do you use? Handload 38's and handload 357's.

4) Any modifications? Wolff trigger and mainspring.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Better assortment of wood grips

6) Holster(s): N/A

7) Speed Loader(s): N/A

October 7, 2007, 01:07 AM
1) What do you own: GP100 - 6in SS full lug

2) What grips do you use? Hogue

3) What loads do you use? FED AE 38's and CCI 357's, FED 125 JHP for HD

4) Any modifications? Wilson Combat 10# hammer, 10# trigger.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Nothing really, but if I were picky, ejector rod is kinda cheesy, and hammer and trigger rounded. A 5" would be awesome.

6) Holster(s): N/A

7) Speed Loader(s): N/A (

October 7, 2007, 11:01 AM
Here's my GP100 6" SS with the rest of the family.

October 7, 2007, 06:22 PM
Beautiful GP-100 you have there ;)...Love the grips :D!!! Mind telling me what kind they are :confused:? Thanks and safe shooting.


Gary A
October 7, 2007, 06:23 PM
A 5" would be awesome.
There was a (limited?) run of 5" GP100s a couple of years ago (3 or 4?). They were very nice. Maybe you'll find one on the used market.

October 10, 2007, 02:56 PM
note to self -

corndogg, you too will one day join the ranks of happy ruger gp100 owners. especially with your:

ruger gp100 in 6" stainless steel, full lug
bead blasted finish
wolff trigger springs
hogue rosewood laminate top finger groove only grips
either brownells or meprolight or trijicon night sights (not sure yet, still researching)

cant wait.

October 10, 2007, 07:39 PM
Hey Magnum, They are Staghorn inserts. I have seen the for sale on a couple of different sites.

Tubby Rower
October 11, 2007, 09:03 AM
I'll be getting a Gp100 very soon. I was curious how many of the owners here had the different length barrels and whether the majority had blued or SS. So I went back through the thread and this is what I came up with (some people didn't mention whether or not they were blued or SS so the numbers won't add up)

3" - 16
4" - 62
5" - 1
6" - 25

blued - 21
SS - 65
"target grey" - 4

so it looks like the 4" SS version is the most popular. My question is when I get mine, is there that much of a difference in the 6" barrel and the 4" barrel?

October 11, 2007, 09:19 AM
I have one.

Gary A
October 11, 2007, 09:45 AM
My question is when I get mine, is there that much of a difference in the 6" barrel and the 4" barrel?

Tubby Rower - I just traded a full lug 6 inch as part of a deal on a couple of single-action revolvers. I kept a 1/2 lug 6 inch (now only available on the used market). My take is that the full lug 6 inch is a bit muzzle-heavy in the hand but it hangs on target very well and mine was very accurate. The 1/2 lug 6 inch and the 4 inch full lug are closer in weight and feel very similar to me. The 6 inch 1/2 lug is much more muzzle light than the 6 inch full lug. I don't shoot the 1/2 lug 6 inch quite as well but that's partly less rounds downrange with it. The 4 inch is much "handier", IMO, but the six inch gives you somewhat more velocity, more power, and less muzzle blast. Depends on your planned use. For home defense, I would give the nod to the 4 for its handiness, but the 6 inch would serve admirably and with a bit less blast. The 6 inch will wring more out of heavy +P .38 loads also. I usally keep my 1/2 lug six inch loaded at home with 158 +P .38 semi-wadcutter hollow points but on occasion, Winchester 145 grain Silvertips.

October 11, 2007, 01:16 PM
I have all of the above in SP101s and GP100s. I like this design alot.

To answer the question in difference between 6" vs 4". You will notice the difference if you carry the gun. The 6" do NOT conceal well. Th 4" shoot accurately out to 50 yrds (practice practice practice). For me if you are going to have only one (for now :) ) then get a 4" SS model.

I love the look of the blued guns but, if only one it would be a SS 4" model.

Tubby Rower
October 11, 2007, 02:43 PM
thanks guys... I was pretty intent on getting the 6" model, but I'll only likely get one (I don't think that my wife would tolerate 2). I probably won't carry as it's not legal to carry in alcohol-serving restaurants and church, and those are really the only two places that I normally go. Although taking it on a hike in the mountains would be useful if we run across a bear or something. Anyway, I might get the CCW permit, but not use it. So I'll consider the 4" model for a few days before deciding.

November 7, 2007, 02:10 AM
i'm a new owner as of today.

4" blued, adjustable sights, factory grips. i've been eyeing the ivory inserts but i'm more than likely going to pickup the hogues...depending on how i like the factory grips.

haven't fired it yet but i have a box of 130gr .38 and 142gr .357 both are fmj. still undecided but i'm seeing a consistent response about the speer gold dots.

no modifications yet, i'd like some sights for better night visibility and some better grips.

no speedloaders. i was going to purchase some when i picked this jewel up, but i totally forgot.

i'm also not well enough versed in revolvers to request anything differently from ruger. haven't even shot the damn thing yet :(

November 8, 2007, 02:31 AM
1) Owned a blued GP100 4".

2) Had factory grips on it with some Ruger factory inserts.

3) Shot almost exclusively 158gr out of it.

4) I had a Wolff spring kit in it for awhile, but changed it back to stock.

5) I'd like to see them bring back the 6" half lug.

6) Had an OWB Bianchi leather holster for it.

7) Had Safariland Comp2 speedloaders.

The GP100 was the first centerfire handgun I ever fired (, and I was hooked after one cylinder. :D

jm (

Black Adder LXX
November 8, 2007, 07:07 AM
thanks guys... I was pretty intent on getting the 6" model, but I'll only likely get one (I don't think that my wife would tolerate 2). I probably won't carry as it's not legal to carry in alcohol-serving restaurants and church, and those are really the only two places that I normally go. Although taking it on a hike in the mountains would be useful if we run across a bear or something. Anyway, I might get the CCW permit, but not use it. So I'll consider the 4" model for a few days before deciding.

Before I decided on the 4", I looked over the 6" as well. I just didn't like all the extra weight on the front end. I got the 4" and it's my favorite gun. well... one of my favorites...

November 11, 2007, 06:40 PM
I have a 4" RCMP resale that has been refitted with SA hammer; it is better than I am.

November 11, 2007, 09:23 PM
I have a 6" SS that i have owned for at least 15 years. I used it in the falling plate matches at the old Ft. Worth Rifle & Pistol Club. I got 2nd place in the club championships in 1992. I used to have several trophies that i won with this gun. I have no idea how many rounds i have fired but probably 3000 or more.

The only changes i have made were to polish the internals and remove 1 or 2 coils off the main spring. One other mod was to thin the front sight and paint an orange backside. The blade had to much lateral coverage. Thinning it made it easier to shoot at long range.

I sold my friends blued 4" for him at the Dallas gun show for $275.00. Thats all i could get. I kick myself in the butt for not buying it every time i think about it.

Stephen A. Camp
November 11, 2007, 10:00 PM
Hello. Count me in as a fan of the GP100. I have but one and it has been a top performer now for several thousand handloaded magnums as well as factory ammunition.
This GP100 is stock as it came from the factory. I guess this one is an exception to the "rule" I keep hearing about: poor trigger pulls. Its action was very nice when it I purchased it but it has smoothed up very nicely and is good as any of the S&W revolvers I own (and really like) and better than some! Mine seems to have had the sights regulated for 158-gr. full-power loads though I cannot find any meaningful difference out to about 25 yards when using handloads or factory full-power loads using bullets weighing down to about 140 grains.


Tubby Rower
November 13, 2007, 10:49 AM
Well I took delivery of my new 4" SS GP100 last night. I'll likely have a chance to actually fire it over Thanksgiving weekend. I dry fired it a few times last night and it seems stiffer than the used ones that I have handled. Anyhoo, I'm excited about it.

One other thing, the knurled part of the hammer seemed extremely sharp to me so I'll probably get a piece of sandpaper to it to knock down those sharp points in the knurling.

November 13, 2007, 12:21 PM
I dry fired it a few times last night and it seems stiffer than the used ones that I have handled.Par for the course. It needs to be dry fired a couple of thousand times ... and shot a lot ... and it will loosen and smooth up considerably. Like a fine wine, gets better with age! Welcome aboard!

November 13, 2007, 01:19 PM
Congratulations to the 2-3 people here that just purchased their first GP100. You're gonna love 'em!

The gentlemen at the ruger forum informed me that 320 grit paper will break the sharp edges then followed-up with 600 grit to blend it back to Ruger's finish.

Even finer sandpaper if you are looking to polish to a high shine.

Tubby Rower
November 13, 2007, 01:30 PM
Thanks for the advice. I wasn't looking for answers, but I'm glad that you gave them :D

November 17, 2007, 02:34 PM
I bought a new GP100 Stainless 4 inch a couple of weeks ago. IT is a great looking revolver and the trigger pull is very good. The only bad thing is that sometimes when I push in the ejection rod, the ejector sticks open. It catches a little on the return. I was hoping just working it would smooth it out but it isn't.

I don't want to send this thing back to Ruger. What a hassle.


November 17, 2007, 03:03 PM
Have you tried cleaning/oiling the ejector rod? My GP had a similar issue where the ejector rod didn't feel smooth pushing out, but after a scrub with solvent and a little coat of oil it works fine.

November 18, 2007, 04:45 PM
Great gun
6in SS full lug ( Bought used 400$ )
Tried ruger orange insert front sight, did not care for it
Millett white ramp front sight, like that one alot
Wollff springs
Hogue Wrap around grips
Currently having the play and awful gritty return fixed at a local gunsmith but shot quite well as it was
Considering the CT LG344 laser

Shoot mostly .38 reloads, usually Magtech SPSJ 125 or 148 pushed by IMR700X
Carry in Uncle Mikes holster
Use HK, Safariland comp one and comp 2 speedloaders, like the Comp 2 best

Would like to get one with the 1/2 lug on it
Would like to have one with a 5' blued
Would love to have a 5 in Black GP100 with a removable underlug picatinny rail ( Cant afford the S&W 327TRR )

December 6, 2007, 04:11 PM
Sign me up as a new member:

1) What do you own: GP100 - 4" ss with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? factory grips

3) What loads do you use? factory, hopefully start loading sometime.

4) Any modifications? stock as a rock.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? i'd pay $25-$50 more for some trigger work

6) Holster(s): odd shoulder/belt rig that it seems to fit in, was given to me before i had a gun to put in it.

7) Speed Loader(s): nope.

pics soon.........

this is my second gun, first DA. hoping to learn some stuff from it.

December 10, 2007, 04:43 PM
1) What do you own: GP100 - 6" ss with adj sights.

2) What grips do you use? factory grips but considering Hogue, my mother has a Hogue on her SP-101 and loves it.

3) What loads do you use? factory, will start reloading again in a couple of weeks. 148gr. SWC 38 spc for the indoor range, 158gr. JHP 357 for field carry.

4) Any modifications? Polished trigger mechanism contact surfaces to a mirror finish with dremel cotton buffing wheel and the red polishing compound that came with it. The trigger is soooo smooth! Why wait for 1000 rounds for the trigger to break in.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Target Grey! I like my barrels long but I almost bought the Lipsey 4" because of the Target Grey.

6) Holster(s): Idaho Leather Model 77 plain and sewn w/surplus army wide web belt, very comfortable.

7) Speed Loader(s): no but curious about them

December 13, 2007, 08:09 PM
too late to edit, but i got an uncle mikes holster, a speedloader, cleaning supplies, and some more ammo.

I'm ready to do some shooting this weekend! hopefully she'll break in a little and get smoother. and hopefully i'll be rining a gong at 100 yds. i'm really excited and i really cant wait.

Lucky Strike
January 12, 2008, 01:14 PM
New Member of the club here! Just got mine earlier this week. Got it used from a guy on rugerforum. First revolver! Will give her a test run tomorrow!

1) What do you own: I own a stainless GP100 in 4 inch with XS Big Dot night sights.

2) What grips do you use? Stock

3) What loads do you use? Nothing yet...haven't shot it yet

4) Any modifications? XS Big Dot sights.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Make the target grey finish a standard option. I think it looks great and would have chosen it over stainless if I could have found one.

6) Holster(s): None

7) Speed Loader(s): Mine came with one but I'm not sure what brand it is

January 12, 2008, 01:19 PM
That XS sight is interesting! I have thought about putting one on one of my sixguns. Let us know how it shoots for you. :)

January 12, 2008, 09:48 PM
I really like the GP100. I don't know why, but I shoot it better than a 686. It's probably because I'm so used to the GP, but I like the longer trigger pull.

There are a couple of things I think they could do to improve the gun.
1. Spend more time dehorning it. Particularly the trigger. It needs a better, wider, bevel.
2. Replace the hammer with a more "S&W" style. It's too square. Need's more of a beaver tail like geometry.
3. Tighten up the ejector rod. It's a little too wobbly on some specimens and tends to "stick" a bit if not pushed in a straight line.
4. Offer it with wood grips that are the same exact shape as the factory rubber ones.

Dollar An Hour
January 12, 2008, 09:53 PM
I own a 3" SS GP100 and love it. Gotta love no silly internal lock on the Rugers. ;)

Like Mr. Camp's the trigger was surprisingly nice out of the box and only gets better.

January 12, 2008, 10:30 PM
GP100 4 inch SS Only had it one day!
El Paso Tortilla holster
Still trying different ammo

January 13, 2008, 02:46 PM
Bought this in December. I like the weight the 6" full lug barrel gives when shooting magnum rounds.

January 13, 2008, 10:02 PM
3" fixed sights stainless with factory grips. No modifications. Perfect size.

4" adjustable sights stainless steel just purchased yesterday. Replaced the factory grips with Hogue. Been looking for this one for a long time.

April 8, 2008, 09:06 AM
Just yesterday, I got my first GP100. It looks like a black 1952 Buick Roadmaster.

1) What do you own: blued GP100 in 4 inch full underlug with fixed sights.

2) What grips do you use? Factory, they fit my hand beautifully while dryfiring, I'll take it to the range today.

3) What loads do you use? Just starting to see what it likes. I'm a reloader, so I'll do a lot of experimenting. Today I'll be taking some Winchester Silvertip +P .38 specials that I have.

4) Any modifications? None yet, I'll see how it works for me "stock." Possibly set it up for moonclips.

5) What would you like Ruger to do differently to a GP100? Offer factory parts.

6) Holster(s): I'll start with a Don Hume J.I.T. that I'm ordering. I've got one for my Model 10 and a small one for my Beretta Bobcat. The Humes seem to work well for me.

7) Speed Loader(s): For now, HKS in a Gould and Goodrich double holder.

I'll be using this for IDPA after a few range sessions. So far, after breaking it down to clean and lube, and quite a bit of dryfiring, it's a very good gun. The trigger is not bad out of the box and should get better. After a few months, it will be time to re-evaluate and think about a trigger job.

April 8, 2008, 01:59 PM
Lets keep the GP100 thread alive!
I can not be a member yet, but hopefully this weekend. I am taking my mother to a gun show in northern VA this weekend. She is looking for a 3" .357. I am hoping she will like the GP100 and if she does, we will both buy one with consecutive serial numbers. Hopefully I can post pictures of our new guns Monday!

April 8, 2008, 05:04 PM
Ruger GP-100 in stainless steel with a 6" barrel.


April 8, 2008, 06:35 PM
I'm pretty ticked off at my GP100. It has less than 1000 rnds through it and i bought it new. About every cylinder, atleast every other, the gun will be impossible to cock. No amount of force will pull the hammer back, pulling the trigger as hard as you want will not make it fire. Just nudging the cylinder will free it up and it will function correctly. This is very upsetting for a factory new gun to not function correctly, especially to have a revolver jam. The gun is very clean and this happens no matter what ammo its shooting. It needs to go back, just havnt had time to arrange it.

The second reason i'm upset is when i shot it yesterday i couldnt hit the broad side of a barn from inside. I'm assuming this is operator error and bad ammo, but i'd like if it would just go where i point it.

4" stainless, 4 months old, been broke since day 1.

April 9, 2008, 10:28 AM
Thats no fun. It sucks to have a lemon but it can happen in anything you buy...

April 10, 2008, 04:37 PM
i know, it sucks to be that guy.

April 10, 2008, 07:45 PM
Seancass, sorry to hear of your troubles.

Just added a 3" GP to the collection. Unfortunately, it has sat in the safe for a couple of months now as work schedule has kept me from the range. But now that the weather has broken, I hope to get out soon!

April 10, 2008, 10:06 PM
6 Inch full underlug. Shoot all types of ammo. Stock now, great trigger out of box. Would like to put a millet front sight on it but otherwise happy as is.

April 13, 2008, 12:11 AM
I bought one on Friday. I will update with pics and details soon!!!

April 13, 2008, 07:14 AM
I'm pretty ticked off at my GP100. It has less than 1000 rnds through it and i bought it new. About every cylinder, atleast every other, the gun will be impossible to cock. No amount of force will pull the hammer back, pulling the trigger as hard as you want will not make it fire. Just nudging the cylinder will free it up and it will function correctly. This is very upsetting for a factory new gun to not function correctly, especially to have a revolver jam. The gun is very clean and this happens no matter what ammo its shooting. It needs to go back, just havnt had time to arrange it.

The second reason i'm upset is when i shot it yesterday i couldnt hit the broad side of a barn from inside. I'm assuming this is operator error and bad ammo, but i'd like if it would just go where i point it.

4" stainless, 4 months old, been broke since day 1.

Did you contact ruger on this?

sounds like it could be a few things bad....
1. headspace
2. forcing cone
3. high primers [????]

Are you shooting your reloads?

...but for whatever reason it's happening, DO NOT shoot it until you return it to Ruger!!!!!!:what:

At only 4 months of ownership, if you bought it new, they'll fix it and most likely pay the freight both ways. If you bought it used, I bet they fix it gratis, but you send it.
I sent a Security six out for a tune up when I bought it used, paid to ship it, and they cleaned it, replaced springs and a new front sight free of charge.:cool:

Call them.

April 13, 2008, 06:51 PM
arflattop---beautiful gun, and nice photo set up!!!

i always wanted a gp-100 with a full lug 6'' bbl.

btw, where you at in kentucky?

MUST HAVE 6'' GP100...

April 14, 2008, 02:19 AM
Mine had the same problem as Seancass's. I have a GP100 SS 6". On my fourth shot the cylinder would not rotate when pulling on the hammer or trigger. I was pretty pissed myself. The front of the cylinder was rubbing on 3 out of the 6 chambers. You could see where it was rubbing against the barrel. It dry fired cold great but when it heated up it would jam up. I had to rotate the barrel by hand to make it move. It's been in the shop for nearly 8 weeks. I received a call last week saying if it passes the firing test it will be shipped this week. Looking forward to getting it back!!!!! Other than that it's a very nice gun.

April 14, 2008, 08:25 PM
what is about the average for a gp-100 cylinder gap?

anybody have gp-100 with too wide cylinder gaps?

just curious

April 16, 2008, 08:26 PM
If you are not familiar with the IBOK, you may find this useful - send an email to deleted for a copy - it will autorespond with a copy. Very good info for a GP100 owner.

Iowegan’s Book of Knowledge for the Ruger GP-100

April 17, 2008, 03:37 PM

Thanks for the link, I'm downloading it now. Yes, very good info.

April 23, 2008, 11:53 PM
I am getting mine on Saturday. 6" blue barrel. I got to handle it last weekend. The strange thing is, it looks like it already has the hogue grips on it. Any one else experience this? I am not sure how I feel about this, I kinda liked the wood.

April 24, 2008, 12:27 AM
the new ones are coming from the factory with the Hougue grips.

April 24, 2008, 12:35 AM
I got my 4" SS model a couple of months ago. All stock. Love it. It's my hiking gun. I'm shooting 158 gr loads through it - I like the Boom! And I also like the look and feel of the stock grips.

April 24, 2008, 10:18 PM
GP100 4" - great gun and the trigger's pretty damned good right out of the box ...


April 25, 2008, 02:53 AM
Here's mine -


Blue .45
April 25, 2008, 11:35 PM
I can't remember if I posted in this thread before, but I have a 4", fixed sight stainless. If I ever have to be limited to one handgun, this is the one I'll keep.

Down South
May 18, 2008, 09:23 AM
I just bought the SS 6" full lug GP 100 Friday. The trigger is OK but it is more than 4 lb trigger pull. My gauge maxes out at 4 lbs. I ordered a Wolf Spring kit last night. Once the springs kit arrives I'll do a trigger job on it. Hopefully I can get the trigger pull down to 2 lb.

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