I gave in and bought a 9000s


March 7, 2007, 09:52 PM
I picked up a Beretta 9000s a few days ago, more or less on a whim. I'm on a 9mm kick lately. This model was on sale at a local gun store for around $350. I've heard mixed reviews of the 9000s but thought it would at least make a good tool box/knock around gun. I had a chance to shoot it today and was a bit surprised at how mild the recoil feels. It does have a long and somewhat difficult DA trigger pull, but not much worse than a revolver in DA. Single action is pretty smooth. The funky safety/decocker takes a bit of getting used to but is nothing too perplexing. I fed about 200 rounds through it before having a couple of FTEs. I can safely say the FTEs were due to the gun becoming dirty and the fact that I was using aluminum-cased Blazers which seem to hang up in tight and or/dirty chambers. All in all a nice purchase for the price and purpose. My one and only complaint is the spent shells that launch almost straight back and land on my head. I imagine this will go away after the recoil spring relaxes a bit.

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Mal H
March 7, 2007, 10:29 PM
Assuming you don't want to sell your pistol, I'll move this to the semiauto forum.

March 7, 2007, 10:48 PM
Assuming you don't want to sell your pistol, I'll move this to the semiauto forum.

Yikes! Sorry about that. Wasn't paying attention :eek:

March 8, 2007, 07:24 AM
I was going to purchase one but the slide was so diffucult to work i said forget about it.
You got to show pics.

March 8, 2007, 11:55 AM
After looking at one of these pistols at the local gun shop for months I finally picked one up. The only issue that I had with the gun was too heavy DA and SA triggers. I read here about snipping some coils off of the hammer spring so I decided to give the pistol a try. I paid $349, and the one that replaced it on the shelf was another $40 more expensive.

In one post the guy snipped five coils off the spring and was happy with that. I started with one coil and worked my way upwards and ended up at about 3.5 coils. I know that snipping coils isn't tha A Plan, but I checked with Wolff Springs and other sources and no one had a lighter spring that would work, or any spring for the 9000, for that matter. As a backup, for $6 including shipping, I ordered a fresh stock hammer spring from Beretta (great customer service, BTW). Beretta doesn't offer a lighter spring. Many have noted the unduly heavy hammer springs with some Berettas, the 9000 included.

With 3.5 coils removed the single action trigger is downright nice, and the double action is much more than acceptable. Another coil might be nice, but I understand that the gun will loosen up with use so I don't want to go too far. I haven't shot the gun yet, and normally wouldn't have done the spring trim without having shot the gun first. I have verified that the firing pin is hitting the primer with good force by the mark left in fresh snap caps. If the gun has issues with the lighter spring I will go back to the stock spring, shoot it some more to see how much the spring will lighten up, and if not adequately I will sell the gun. The trigger right out of the box to me is not acceptable, not nearly so. I can't imagine that it will loosen up enough with use to be acceptable. Luckily changing the hammer spring is a simple job of removing a pin that holds in the lanyard/spring cup.

The manual safety is very stiff and is most easily operated by operating both sides of the frame at once, but this is not practical. I've read that the safety does loosen up with use and that some lubricant can help.

Racking the slide is more difficult with this gun than others. The top slide profile is very low as the polymer frame wraps up around the rails on the slide leaving little to grab onto. With practice this is less of an issue.

I hope to shoot the gun this weekend. If the trigger works out and the safety loosens up, everything I have heard about the gun indicates to me that this could be a fun one to shoot.

BTW, when I ordered the spare hammer spring I asked the tech whether the gun was still in production in any way, shape or form. The answer is "no", the gun is no longer made no matter which catalog it appears in. He also assured me that Beretta has far more than enough parts to service this gun for a long, long time.

Finally, as the gun only comes with one of the two mags with the extendable pinky grip extender, it's up to you to buy more. Right now these Beretta factory floorplates can be had at ebay stores and spare mags can be had at CDNN. Also, higher capacity 9mm 92F mags will fit with the use of a grip adapter, another Beretta factory part available at ebay stores seller dallastactical or dallastacticalsupplies.com (same with the floorplate). A 92 mag alone will not fit without a shim to one side which is part of the grip adapter. The gun is quite nice to hold with the 92 mag and adapter. The contours of the grip even continue through the adapter so it doesn't look like an aftermarket part.

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