Sigma accuracy question


March 20, 2007, 03:45 PM
What is the best group that you were able to achieve with a Sigma (caliber irrelevant) and at what distance?

The reason I ask this is that I (a shooter with a strong preference for revolvers) bought a new SW9VE and thought that the heavy Sigma trigger pull would be a non-issue. The best group (15 shots) I was able to get was 3" at 10 yards. I've had the gun since Saturday and put 200 rounds down-range before I could get it to group this well. My first 100 rounds looked like a 12-gauge shooting 00-buck loads. I took my S&W Model 10 to use as a "control" gun and got a 12 shot, 2 3/4" group at that same range with absolutely no effort. I've been shooting for over 30 years and I just can't figure it out. Is it me or the gun?

Thank you, in advance.

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Steve C
March 20, 2007, 04:22 PM
This article claims 3" at 25 yds from a rest.

March 20, 2007, 05:07 PM
The only Sigma I shot was a .40 with a real heavy trigger that shot about like you said. I think it had more to do with the trigger than the pistol. I would guess that if you could learn to manage the trigger, it would probably shoot OK.

Just my 2 cents worth.

March 20, 2007, 07:38 PM
Steve C: I saw that article. Got it saved to my PC. I noticed that his trigger weighed in at 9 pounds. My stock trigger weighed 11 3/4#, sometimes over 12#.

I did read about a trigger spring modification on the S&W forum, but didn't like the idea of completely removing springs. I instead clipped one coil off of the mainspring and the resultant trigger pull is now 10.5 pounds. The same as my revolvers.

GCW5: In addition to the above, I think the trigger break is a major component of my issue. The Sigma has a "snap" when it releases, whereas my model 10 almost "rolls-off" in comparison. I can see that no matter how steady I try to hold the sights on target, when the Sigma trigger break, I get a bit of a jiggle. I've been dry-firing the snot out of this thing and it never stays as solid as with the revolver.

Maybe I should just accept what I already know; I just shoot revolvers better than autos. I went through a heavy Glock phase 15 years ago. I was an Armorer and all that. One day I saw a nice, well-worn S&W Model 64 for less than $200. I figured I'd get it for a "car gun" and not risk loosing one of my Glocks. Long story short, after shooting it at the range, I was amazed how well I shot it. Better groups than with my Glocks. Sold all my autos and picked up revolvers instead.

I even used revolvers when shooting in my clubs Bullseye League. Got a lot of funny looks from all but the old timers, but I showed them that I could still be competetive. Subsequently, I earned the respect of all and stayed with the league for a number of years.

I really only bought the Sigma for the 2 free magazine offer that S&W is offering currently. The way I look at it, giving me 2 free mags ($40 each at the S&W website) is like getting the gun for 1/3 off. I play with it for a little bit more and see if there is any improvement in accuracy. If not, I can still dump it and pick up another wheelgun.

O.K.. I rambled about enough, thank you both for you rapid responses.

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