First detail strip of G23 = easy!


March 25, 2007, 01:56 AM
I am on my second Glock (G23) and finally got around to detail stripping the receiver. First I got the goodies: armorers tool (3/32" punch), Complete Glock reference Guide (; tiny screwdriver, cleaning patches, shop rag; Glock cleaning rod, Tetra Gun lubricant, Dremel tool with polisher, and the Glock rubber mat. :)

Although I have shot thousands of rounds through my previous G21 and current g23, I just never had any reason to do more than field strip, clean and lube. But this time I anted to do it just for learning, inspect all the parts, and maybe install a NY #1 (8#) trigger spring.

I have detailed stripped my 1911 a few times and also my FEG HP9 (Hi-Power clone) so I wasn't really looking forward to another detail strip. So many pins and springs to take out, maybe lose, and figure out how to replace.

First, the Reference book is very good. Be sure to read all of the book. For instance in one place it gives less than complete instructions on magazine base plate removal (p 196?), but in an earlier section (p. 32) it does a superb job. Lots of pictures, and the section about the receiver disassembly is excellent.

The G23 stripped in about two minutes, maximum. Three pins easily punch out. The slide stop comes out, the locking block comes out and then the trigger and trigger housing unit come out. I stripped the trigger assembly and polished per instructions for a trigger job. Easily install the NY trigger spring. wipe everything down with Tetra Gun and wipe dry. Reassemble in a few minutes and oil in the five points indicated and all done!

This is about as easy as it can be made. Plus, so many of the parts interchange across the 9mm/.40/.357 frames. And the parts are pretty cheap compared to most 1911 parts. I am definitely buying more Glocks.

If you have not detailed your Glock yet, then get the few tools and the complete reference guide and enjoy getting to know your Glock better. I gained even more appreciation of my Glock after seeing how simple it is put together. Oh yes, the book has a chapter on the publisher's own torture test of a Glock 23. wow!

You old hands with a Glock already know this stuff. But any others that are new to the Glock, or like me shoot it for years and just clean it; time to dig deeper!

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March 25, 2007, 12:35 PM
Yep, a Glock definitely strips easier than a 1911. Almost too easy, isn't it.

March 25, 2007, 04:17 PM
That's one of the reasons why I really like my Glocks.:)

+1 on the "The Complete Glock Reference Guide" book by PTOOMA Productions. I find this book very handy and informitive on everything Glock. It has great pictures/illistrations/instructions on complete frame and slide dissembly and re-assembly. Here's a link at LWD's website (not sure who else sells it) if anyone is looking at buying it:

March 25, 2007, 06:18 PM
From what I see so far in the Guide, it looks like the slide disassembly is about the same amount of pieces and work as a 1911, that is not much to it. it appears that the frame is where the big difference lies.

The 1911 and many other pistol designs like th Hi-Power, etc. have numerous pins of various sizes and little bitty springs everywhere. I had pre-ordered a complete set of springs and pins (which came to about $20-$30, and just a few pieces) just in case I lost one of the little rascals.

But the disassembly of the frame went real smooth, all of the ieces are pretty good size. I think the trigger spring is about the smallest item and it is fairly large compared to 1911 safety lever plunger spring. And bets of all, nothing is set up to go SPROING! and fly across the bench and under who knows where.

I guess instead of buying more and more parts I'll just have buy more Glocks. In theory I would like to limit the number of calibers and cartridges I have ot stock on reload for, but reality I would really like a G20/29, G21/30 in addition to another G23 and possibly a G27.

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