Cabela's black powder cartridge .45lc


June 11, 2003, 07:34 PM
So,the last time I posted this question,I got 2 opposite
answers. when I asked whether it can take modern factory loadsNot smokeless powder loads it can't
so I guess I should have asked what kind of modern factory loads
cause Mike said no! while but dfarriswheel saidIf this is the gun you asked about, it will handle all standard modern .45 LC ammo .45LC a good defense round? would it handle critters
found in North California?...Real sorry for asking question again,if you read first post you'll understand it's a confusing answer for some one who does not know anything about these kind of guns
I've allways been pro gun rights,now I am learning the shooting
guns part.
I'm a good shot,and an armed guard,I have one post where it would be ok to carry this gun(tourist related) it looks a little more
friendly then my .40caliber glock

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June 11, 2003, 10:17 PM
.45 Colt can be an excellent stopper, even in the lower standard pressure level rounds. The factory ammo referred to is the standard pressure such as the Cowboy loads, or the 200 gr .45Colt Blazer. The 200 gr Blazer is what I use for home defence in my Winchester Trapper. On paper, the .45 Colt Blazer is a bit better than your .40S&W w/180 gr, and just a tad under the 165 gr. .40 S&W

here's a link w/the figures:

+P, also referred to as Ruger/Thompson Center only loads are not standard pressure, and aren't safe to use in any of the original Colt SAA or any of the SAA clones.

So to answer, yes, modern smokeless factory ammo is ok to use if you stick with the standard pressure stuff. And yes, the .45 Colt still has plenty of stopping power. The .45 Colt round is pretty much what the .45acp round replaced when the military went to a semi auto.

June 12, 2003, 02:31 AM
how did you guess I was using 180grn for my G22?:cool:

Tommy Gunn
June 12, 2003, 02:38 AM
The Cabella's gun is fine for Cowboy Action shooting, but I would get a real Colt SAA or the Ruger Blackhawk for a defensive gun. You can get a used Ruger Blackhawk for about the same cost as the Millenium revolver from Cabella's.

Blackpowder? The original load of 255gr lead bullet over 40gr blackpowder is a powerful load. It was designed for the Cavalry who needed a gun that could drop a horse as well as a man as they were expected to fight against enemy cavalry.

Todays brass will only take 35gr of blackpowder, but that is still going to be a mighty strong load.

Now beware of smokeless powder Cowboy Action loads, those are very light target shooting loads to recuce recoil and thus reduce time on the clock for a competitive edge. Mousefart loads designed for the gamers really, they DO NOT duplicate the full BP loads.

Mike Weber
June 23, 2003, 05:50 AM
Check out my post in your other thread regarding this cartridge. Standard factory loads for this round are very capable of being a manstopper without having to carry the full house smokeless loads designed for the Ruger and TC guns. The mousephart gamer loads mentioned in another post are just that designed for reduced recoil and speed. Many of them contain so much filler and are such low velocity that you can actually see the bullet on its way to the target. I would not be in the least afraid to use my full house BP loads of standard factory smokeless loads in my Remington clones for self defense purposes. When I am out in the boonies I carry one of my Ruger Blackhawks loaded with some heavy Ruger/TC only loads. I don't believe that these are really needed for self defense against human predators but there are some large dangerous animals in my area and these loads are mainly intended for the purpose of stopping large bears, or mountain lions.

Mike Irwin
June 24, 2003, 12:48 PM
Note that I changed my answer!

I thought you were asking about one that was sold as being SPECIFICALLY for black powder, and so marked.

June 29, 2003, 12:07 AM
I doubt anyone on this board will tell you that the 45 Colt cartridge is ineffective against human adversaries, there are plenty of graves in numerous "boot hills" that would stand testimony to this fact, however, I would advise some second thought before electing to use it as a duty arm. If your employer that you mentioned above allows you to carry a gun at all the last thought I would have is what people thought of the way your gun looks. Carry the glock if you can, while it's true a well placed bullet from the 45 Colt will stop any fight, I think you would be overall in a much better defensive situation with a modern firearm design like the glock. Also, I'm not totally sure that walking around on guard with a pistol that looks like something Wyatt Earp would have carried would do much for your image in the eyes of a jury if you ever had to actually use the thing.

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