.410 Buckshot Shells?


June 12, 2003, 08:51 AM
Has anyone used the .410 buckshot shells? I think they have three buckshot loaded in a straight line.
It seems to me that these would be an interesting HD load.

A double .410 would give you six .40 or .41 diamter projectiles on target with two shots If the shells would work through a .410 pump you could have nine, 15 or more balls ready to go, depending the magazine capacity of the pump.

That makes the .410 sound a bit more capable IMO.

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June 12, 2003, 09:17 AM
Yep,.. hell I'll pattern anything, people used to raze me about my affairs with pattern boards.:p

Its been 10 yrs ago, I hope they improved them, couldn't go anywhere but up IME.

I tried from a model 42, various single shots, O/U and SxS's. The best pattern was from an old, I mean old H&R Topper kept in a barn for 25 yrs. From 15 yds ONE pellet hit the edge if covered by a 9 " pie plate. From 10 yds ...little more inside. I got all 3 to hit the plate ...5 yds.

These were expensive, stinky, and I have no idea whom made them. Did not shoot POA/POI. Trust me I knew from testing what these guns would do.

Mr. Murphy must have reallly tainted all the loads I tried, I even bought different lot #'s from a different store.

Now, IMO/IME, 2 1/2" or 3" .410's loaded with #4's did really well if penetration taken in consideration. #6 's from either length , definitley had denser patterns--regardless of platform or choke.

Testing kept to a max of 15 yds. Inthe real world ,7 yds is what I was testing for.

I never missed a pattern board before from 21 yds...I did that day with a SXS...tried the other bbl...same deal. :o

Pattern your gun and report back, I doubt they'll work, go with 4 or 6's and slugs are fun from the little fellers.

and they say you can't miss with a shotgun....

June 12, 2003, 09:49 PM
They were probably made by Eley

They weren't intended to be shot from long guns, kinda funny to me you wasted your time and all that paper patterning them.

These were intended to be shot in .45 Colt/.410 derringers. At arms length, they are devastating...trust me...;)

Semper Fi, Sgt

June 12, 2003, 10:16 PM
They weren't intended to be shot from long guns, kinda funny to me you wasted your time and all that paper patterning them.

Original Testing WAS with 45 Colt/.410 . Very devastating indeed.

I /we also made our own reloads with some #3 and #4 Buck For use in said handguns.

Many said that Brister was wasting time, a fool, a laughing stock on his moving target experiments and published results. He laughed all the way to the bank. His works are still referred to.

In all due respect, I tested from long guns for a reason. One can read forums/magazines about the latest greatest gun/ammo/load.
Until one actually tests for themselves in their gun they don't know squat. I learned a lot from my pattern testing/load testing shooting armour, car doors, windshields, side windows in vehicles, walls, ceilings, flooring material ...and the like. Shotgun, rifle and handgun loads. I don't carry until I test for me--period.

I KNOW what my loads will and will not do. If In my testing ONE life was spared from the data I learned It was worth it to dispell a myth. I laugh at myself...I take this stuff damn serious.

Sgt, I appreciate what you do in terms of service, thank you. You and I are on the same page. I do not recommend this load in a shotgun-period! I also lose patience when money, time and resources are wasted into the latest wannabe craze. that crap will get one killed. Screw the tactical crap, and Iwantacoolgunvirus--buy what is proven, and learn to use the damn thing.

-Ok I vented, not in any way upset with Sgt, heck, I'd bet money he agrees.

June 13, 2003, 01:27 AM
Ok I vented, not in any way upset with Sgt, heck, I'd bet money he agrees.
Hey, where kin I get some of those awesome .410 thingies to shoot out of my ole 12 ga?

June 13, 2003, 12:08 PM

No offense taken and you certainly have a right to test any ammo, any way you choose.....I was just commenting on their intended purpose, which you obviously already understood.;)

The .410, is an experts weapon on moving aerial targets. Even the lowly 28 gauge offers superior performance in this regard, due to the shot column being shorter and wider. I have participated in several friendly .410 Trap competitions and anyone who can consistantly break targets with one, is a heck of a lot better shotgunner than I am. :D

Patterning is crucial for several reasons and I'm sure I don't need to explain them to you, but I just never considered using buckshot in a .410 shotgun as a self defense load. In the little derringers, they are really nice at arms length, but even the 45 colt is an arms length cartridge in a derringer. If I have the option of carrying a long arm for protection, or hunting anything big enough to require buckshot, I'll stick with at least a 20 gauge and more likely a 12 gauge.

Heck I don't even own the derringer anymore....********** decided some years back, that they qualified as sawed off shotguns and made their mere possession a felony :rolleyes:

Thanks for the polite reply.

Semper Fi, Sgt

June 13, 2003, 02:35 PM
Derringers defined as sawed off shotguns? Oh wait-you did say **********...some people that make decisions just ain't wired right.:p

A bunch of folks started spouting off about the buckshot being the Holy Grail for the .410. You know the type, they don't shoot, but arm chair Q'back real well.

We had a bunch of new guys join the club and for the most part a good group 'cept a few had some real misconceptions-about everthing. I mean the guy that took all the trophies was doing it all wrong and the current Senior World Champion --well he's an old fogie.

I was testing some new buckshot loads for an LEO friend to see what they would do in his new issue pump gun. Being undercover and working with the feebs , he was using a shotty so with the 'white collar" types it appeard to be just a bird gun. Sidearm, was an engraved 1911, had to play the part with high rollers.

Anyway since i was pattern testing one of the better shooters brought his contender pistol to see what/how .410's patterned , fun deal to squirrel hunt with a pistol. and being as he had money he bought the derringer you mentioned as novelty. Then everybody got into the act of testing .410's. New powders were tested, # 8.5 size shot...I mean things really were rung out.

When a guy runs a straight in the little feller, he's 'done good'.

Then since we had just had a bunch of kids out to shoot sponsored by Duck Unlimited, all the 410's were around we let the real little kids shoots stationary clays. Everybody won something, even a 4 yr old got a trophy. We just never told the kids we had more fun than they did.;)

So we proved and dispelled some myths about 410's. Yes the pattern is the same as a 12 bore--dang sure not as dense, and taking a clay one can see the 'holes' in the pattern. Do the same with a 28 bore <click, light bulb on> oh that's why the 28 does what it does.

Yes I missed a whole pattern board with a load of buckshot with a sxs--I still don't know where the pellets went. After the laughter I had some others 'miss also'. even the guy whom beat me a 398/400 (yep 410 2 misses) I just ran a 392/400 (410 kicked my butt, my only misses), missed the pattern board.

We then attempted to shoot skeet with the 410 pistol stocked contender. Had to shoot singles, I made it to station 4-dropped the low bird. Stupid yes, Funner as hell tho':D

The old boy got rid of the the derringer, Just a novelty to him with his money. The newbies started to figure either -we truly were crazy or knew somethng about pattern/load testing. Stopped the arm chair stuff and started listening to gun fit, how to mount the gun, hold points , stance...danged old basics...beats out the hardware evertime...he he he :D

June 13, 2003, 06:00 PM
I have never tried the .410 buckshot which is the reason I asked about them.

A few years ago I bought a pack of three or six (can't recall) for a friend who had a Savage .410/.22 Magnum.
He looked interested when I handed them over but I never heard if he tried them or not.

Lots of interesting reports about them here though.

Cooter Brown
June 13, 2003, 06:43 PM
They give very interesting results in .45-70 rifles.

June 13, 2003, 11:19 PM
I patterned 25 rounds of new Win 000 buck .410 in M-6 scout rifle and out to 15 yards they stayed under a foot. Velocity at 10 feet was 1080fps! So tell me if that would be good in the scout rifle for defense uses? I did this 2 weeks ago.:cool:

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