QuickClot and The Shooter. - "Brown Powder"


April 6, 2007, 12:03 AM
Newbie222 asked about the "brown powder" that Mark Wahlberg puts on his wound in teh movie.

It's called "Quick Clot" and may have another name.

It's relatively new. But it works great. It dries out the water in the blood I believe, thus promoting quick almost instant clotting of the wound so you don't bleed out.

I know their using it in Iraq right now.

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April 6, 2007, 01:54 AM
QuikClot spelled exactly like that is the trade mark name. The chemical it's self is called something else. It's been around for soem time in medical sponges and dressings. It's a life saver in today's military.
I googled it a while ago for a project.

April 6, 2007, 01:59 AM
Doctors are fun to make fun of, but thank God for them.

Gelfoam is nice if you have an oozer, but any significant bleeding just pushes the stuff off the site, both by saturating the stuff as well as preventing it binding down to fibrous tissue. On the plus side, they finally stopped selling it in one big jar (how do I keep this sterile again?) and put it in the little individual packets. It is very nice for slow bleeders when you don't want to spend 30 minutes applying direct pressure just to have the tiny clot come right off when you move your finger or gauze sponge.

There really is no substitute for direct mechanical pressure, either by hand if it's superficial enough or by hemostat, bulldog clamp, edge of adson-brown forceps, etc. closing the lumen always stops blood flow, at least until the frickin' aorta or carotid starts shredding. Vena Cava's suck even worse, since they are so thin walled in comparison. Most of the chemicals and powders are nice to have when you get low-flow bleeding or large sections of abrasion but beyond that, pbbbtt. In addition, some of them can be toxic if you pour it into a fast flowing vessel.

The only one that I know of that was worth a damn was one that Focal Corp was working on several years ago that was a light activated polymer. Spread it on, beam it with UV light, and it worked like magic. The beauty was that anything that didn't get hit with the light simply stayed liquid and was broken down in the kidnays so you got a topical patch that didn't blow out the buried vascular bed.

Reminds me of a classmate who asked one of those bonehead questions that any of could have but were ever so glad that we'd not. When we were taught about leaving knives and other buried objects in and had the "pull it out if it's fixed but the patient needs to be moved" she asked if you could remove it and then stuff some sort of rod or what-have you into the wound to plug the hole. Got the fishy-eyed stare before the reply "what makes you think it will go down the same hole in the organ and not just make a new one?".

Glad it wasn't me. Besides, the old surgeon addage is "All bleeding stops eventually".


April 6, 2007, 02:57 AM
Kotex and Tampax are also excellent field-expedient solutions.

With Quikclot, etc., I'd worry possibly about something hitting the bloodstream, and then causing a CVA...

Then again, if it's bad enough...

April 6, 2007, 03:54 AM
im not even sure how but I have a package of quickclot that was sent to my by the MFR as a sample. I must have clicked a link for it somewhere.
its in my first aid kit hoping I never need it.

April 6, 2007, 04:22 AM
According to my sources, it's a last resort in lieu of being able to apply pressure. Drop it in casually on a wound that could be treated with actual pressure, and not only do the docs have to treat a GSW, they also get the pleasure of going through a chemical burn to get to it.

April 6, 2007, 05:57 AM
Hmm....Sounds like styptic powder, which has been around for many years. (Also used to be available as a styptic pencil, for shaving cuts).

I've kept some around for years (mostly for my dogs), although I guess I better replace it as I can't find it in the "First Aid Drawer"......Available at any drugstore.....

April 6, 2007, 06:15 AM
If I am not mistaked QuickClot now comes in a new form packet instead of power and a lower temperature of reaction. Supposedly significantly better but I have no firem data


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