Should I buy this Makarov?


April 12, 2007, 03:19 PM
I am not really up on Makarov knowedge, but I saw one today that caught my eye. Can the experts clue me in as to whether it may be a good buy or not. It is a Makarov in perfect condition. I'd say new, but who knows, it does look new. On the front grip strap (under the the trigger) is a stamp with Ernst Thaelman. BU4xxx serial number, holster, second mag, and lanyard. I think it had a 63 date stamp. The trigger was butter smooth in both DA and SA and surprisingly light...I'd guess 8 and 4 pounds.

The shop owner was asking $350. I tried for $300, but he wouldn't come down. Is $350 an OK price? Should I pass?

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April 12, 2007, 03:28 PM
350 is way too high. 300 is way too high.

Rev. DeadCorpse
April 12, 2007, 03:35 PM
PA63's are going for about $200 or less.

April 12, 2007, 03:42 PM
The one I looked at is very close to this one on GB

April 12, 2007, 03:42 PM
If its new looking, EG makarovs are priced at that range nowadays.

April 12, 2007, 04:08 PM
From what you described, it sounds like an East German Makarov. These are going for that price nowadays. The East German Mak is the best variation. I have one, and would snap it up if I were you... You will not be disappointed.

April 12, 2007, 04:34 PM
$300-350 is not high for an EG Makarov. I find the Makarovs to be solid pistols and selling at bargain basement prices.

Harry Paget Flashman
April 12, 2007, 05:09 PM
I just recently bought an EG Makarov FTF with a THR-er for $395. That included 3 mags and 200rds of ammo. I thought it was a bargain. $350 sounds decent.

April 12, 2007, 05:26 PM
Harry Paget Flashman,
I just read the "for sale" thread you bought your Mak on. Have you shot the gun yet? The one you bought looks to be very close to what I'm looking at...maybe a year off in dates. Maybe $350 is an OK price. Seemed high when I first saw it, but the more I read, (the internet is a wonder thing), the more I think it was in line, if on the higher side. If I were to rate the gun I'd say 98% on all but the grips.., which look a bit worn.

lee n. field
April 12, 2007, 05:40 PM
If you want a shooter, a Bulgarian surplus Mak is the best deal.

PA63's are going for about $200 or less.

But they aren't Makarovs.

April 12, 2007, 06:11 PM
$300 for an East German Makarov seems about right to me from what I've seen around here.

Bulgarians go cheaper, as well they should. I'd spend the extra money for an East German Makarov (and they're CCR eligible, unlike the Bularians).

April 12, 2007, 07:12 PM
A PA63 shoots the same ammo as a Makarov, but it's not a a Makarov.

April 12, 2007, 07:25 PM
$350.00 is not too high for a EG Mak in really, really good condition. I have a 62 EG Mak that I paid about that for. It has the Ernst Thaelman stamp as well. You don't get any better than the EG for quality, fit and finish. It came with a red star grip, two mags, holster and rod. I bought a new original black EG grip and a Peirce grip both. I like the Peirce grip for shooting, which it's wearing in the pics.

April 12, 2007, 07:30 PM
Marshall - I see drowning creek there on your map. Not sure I'd want to take a swim there! Same with visiting Monkey Island. I hope you are using that map to plan your escape!

April 12, 2007, 07:58 PM
A fair price for an East German Mak. Those are getting hard to find. My advice, buy it. ;)

April 12, 2007, 08:01 PM
East German Maks can't be found for under $300. I've seen people try to sell them for as high as low $400s. If it's in pristine condition, $350 sounds about right, with two mags.

Right now I'm waiting on an EG Mak that I got with five magazines for $350 shipped. About seven years ago, I bought my first EG Mak for under $200. Nowadays, you wouldn't be able to get a Bulgie for that. I really regret selling that one.:banghead:

April 13, 2007, 07:46 AM
Marshall - I see drowning creek there on your map. Not sure I'd want to take a swim there! Same with visiting Monkey Island. I hope you are using that map to plan your escape!

:D Actually, if I could afford to retire there someday, I would. Great fishing, boating and resort lake. But very expensive lake to live on.

Harry Paget Flashman
April 13, 2007, 02:34 PM
usp9. No, I haven't shot it yet. I have shot my Russian and Bulgarian Mak's and expect the EG to be as good or better. It is the best looking of the three I have.

April 16, 2007, 01:13 PM
After reading the posts and studying some other sites, I came to the conclusion this particular gun was a good buy. When I saw that had these for sale at the same $350 price, how could I resist. The gun I bought is almost flawless. It has a small amount of wear on the front edge of the slide and a tiny scratch on the right side. The barrel finish, bore, breechface, extracter, ejecter and magazines all look unused. here's a pic. Thanks for the education and advise.

April 16, 2007, 02:07 PM
Great purchase - That gun will give you years of trouble-free fun. :D

April 16, 2007, 09:58 PM
I own three EG Maks and a Bulgie Mak, the EGs have a better fit and finish but they do not perform any better than my Bulgie. The photo is of my four Maks with the Bulgie on top. Regards, Richard:D

April 26, 2007, 12:03 AM
Congrats USP9, that gun is in great shape, you got a good deal. These guns used to be cheap but are getting expensive and will only go up in price like all the good surplus. Don't be afraid to shoot it. I have a 63 E. German Mak and am looking for a good russian military one. The gun you bought is different from those cheap maks (which also rock!) that everyone was talking about. The E. German ones are the slickest you will find, amazing trigger on them.

April 26, 2007, 12:08 AM
I think you did well as the Mak appears to be the equal of mine and I doubt I would sell mine for less. Regards, Richard:D

My stock EG Makarov:

April 26, 2007, 01:38 AM
I sold two EG Makarovs two weeks ago for $310 each.
I'm down to three EG's now. :( :(

April 26, 2007, 08:41 AM
Took the new Mak to the range. It is a good shooter, but had a couple light strikes on SA. DA restrike fired the rounds. The grips are a bit slick, so I bought some rubber Pierce grips. Haven't shot with them yet. Here's the glamour pic of the Mak wearing it's new Pierce clothes.

April 26, 2007, 11:16 PM
Nice lookin Makarov. +1

Angus Podgorney
April 27, 2007, 10:23 AM
You will like the Pearce grips. They make a big difference for shooting. You might need to clean out the FP channel if it's gunky. That's a beautiful E.G. Mak! Enjoy.

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