SS109 62gr load...please


April 14, 2007, 11:00 PM
I have still not been able to find a load, or good starting point for these bullets. One of my co-workers, we are both Navy, came back from Iraq this weekend and he wants to go shooting so I want to get these loaded for him to play with ASAP. I have the following components.


CCI small rifle magnum primers..they worked really well with the W748 for me, I assume they will do the same for the BL-C(2) since they are both ball powders.

Several different headstamp cases.

I would prefer to use one of the first two powders because those are the ones I have primers for. If anyone has a load, or a good starting point PLEASE let me know. OAL would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you.

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April 15, 2007, 01:27 AM
I use 26grns of WCC844 in my M855's (26.1 max) with CCI Magnum primers. Last batch was in virgin Guat cases. According to the can, that is the powder used by Uncle in the ammo and is identical to H-335.

Win748 and BL-C(2) are very, very similar and I'd feel fine using either with the H-335 data as, if anything, they are slightly slower so the 26grns max. should be safe.

As always, please start low and work up to the 26grns and watch for pressure problems. I think you will be fine.

Oh, OAL on mine range from 2.250 to 2.260. I try to center the cannelure on the mouth. The green tipped pulls don't shoot quite as well as the IMI SS109's, but both shoot pretty good out of the Varminter.

April 15, 2007, 09:32 AM
Like anything search the Hodgdon web site they have new reloading data page!
I would say that 748 would be the choice for bulk reloading! Varget does not measure that well!

April 15, 2007, 09:56 AM
I would use the BLC2. My Speer manual lists a 62 grain bullet similar to the SS109 with a starting load of 21.5 grains and a Max load of 23.5 using CCI magnum primers. If you have the magnum primers, I suggest working up 10 loads at each powder weight starting at the bottom and going half grain increments to the max load. Run out to the range and test. Then load up a large batch of what shoots the best for you.

My Lee manual lists Win 748 with a starting load of 25.1 and Maxing out at 25.5. Doesn't mention primers, so I'd go with standard primers.

That should have you covered. I wouldn't suggest loading a big batch at one load and going to shoot. Nothing worse than shooting a rifle you know is accurate with loads that don't give good groups because they don't match and having a ton of the crappy loads to get rid of on top of it.



April 15, 2007, 11:57 AM
I was assuming that you are loading 5.56 ammo which is a bit hotter than SAAMI spec .223. Never exceed published data they say.

Lyman 47th shows 26grns max with both BL-C(2) and H-335 under a 63grn PSP. So, although the 26grn loads run fine in my Bushie, you might be pushing it if you have a tight .223 chamber. Be careful as always!

Edit: I tried to include data from Hodgons site but it only showed the empty fields. They showed max as 25.5 or so. Again, work up and be safe.

April 15, 2007, 04:03 PM
I'm loading 223 for my RRA AR15 which is marked 5.56 on the lower so I assume I am ok with a fairly hot load but you give up some brass life with that. The bullets are only going through paper. So I don't need the bullet to go fast enough to punch steel because I don't have steel to shoot at. If I were wanting to shoot steel, is there steel plates at Lowe's I can buy? recommendations? Anyway, the way I developed my 52 grain load was with w748, CCI small rifle magnum primers and I started at the min load and went up in .2 increments. Nobody had told me that .2 does not usually make a difference in rifle loads. I ended up with my accuracy load at 27.4 grains which gave me a dime sized group at 50 yards. I'm wanting to send these 62 grain bullets out to 100 yards. My complete load book, those little plastic ring bound $8 books that are for each caliber and they only list one 62 grain FMJBT and give the following:

62gr FMJ-BT
OAL 2.255
Min 23.0
Max 25.0

62gr FMJ-BT
OAL 2.255
Min 23.5
Max 25.5

Both of those are listed with the CCI small rifle magnum primers. Is there a preferred powder choice between those two? I think what I might do is load 10 each of the following:

23.0, 23.2, 23.4, 23.6, 23.8, 24, 24.2, 24.4, 24.6, 24.8

23.5, 23.7, 23.9, 24.1, 24.3, 24.5, 24.7, 24.9, 25.1, 25.3

Checking for pressure along the way. I noticed that with the ball and the magnum primers I did not need to go to max loads so we will see. That will still leave me with 800 of the new SS109s and 1,100 of the pulled SS109s. Once I find an accuracy load with the new ones I will load the pulled ones and compare accuracy. As long as I get silver dollar size at 100 yards with the pulled bullets, the max distance at my range, I am happy. Does this sound like a safe and reasonable approach? My friend called this morning and we can't go until next weekend anyway so I have plenty of time to load these up. I wish I could do them on my Lee Pro 1000 but I know with that super fine powder I would have it all over my bench since HP 38 goes all over the place. I need a new one of the red plastic container. I bought the press new and the powder holder was broken and taped to the screws on the side so I cannot tighten it down to keep the powder from going anywhere. If anyone has an extra lying around that they might be willing to sell or trade please let me know. Wow, sorry for the 500 word essay, thanks for reading through it and providing input.


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