Gun Control Reaps Another Bitter Harvest


April 19, 2007, 12:19 AM
Dateline: April 19th, 2007 Washington Township NJ
Contact: Robert Kreisler, President

On behalf of the New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense, and all Americans, we grieve for the souls and families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

Many believe that now is not the time to discuss the failings of "gun control". We disagree. Now is the perfect time, when the fatal failure of the system is staring us in the face.

Americans are increasingly becoming conditioned to believe that our safety is someone else's responsibility. Call 911, find a dark closet to hide in, cover your head and pray that the first person opening the door and finding you there isn't the criminal.

On any given day, there are approximately 75 firearms in the campus lockup checked in by lawful owners, as mandated by Virginia Tech policy. One year ago, a bill was presented in the Virginia legislature to compel the university to allow those licensed owners to carry their sidearms with them to deal with just such a crime. Even one of those guns carried by a student or faculty would have ended this, or at least significantly minimized the carnage.

Those legislators who defeated this bill must be held to account today. They are the ones who insist that police are our protection. We challenge them to explain to the public where the police were this week, and how this result is better than allowing legally licensed gun owners whose firearms were in lockup to be ready to thwart evil.

This is just one more example of what we call the "Sarah Brady Success Story." Anti-gun elements in our nation have been pursuing their failed philosophy for over 40 years. Handgun Control Incorporated refuses to admit that despite four decades – two generations – of failed policy, that gun control is having the exact opposite effect they hope. Yet they will waste no time in the months to come insisting that we need yet more of the same failed policy.

We didn't learn our lesson at Columbine or Lancaster. Japan didn't learn its lesson at Osaka. Russia didn't learn it at Beslan. Germany didn’t learn it at Erfurt. Australia didn’t learn it at Port Arthur. Xerox didn't learn it at Meridien. The list goes on and on. With one exception. Israel learned the lesson firsthand when the PLO targeted primary schools. Their civilians – parents and teachers alike – patrolled the hallways with their sidearms on a voluntary basis, and the attacks stopped.

Americans have been systematically deceived by a slanted press and political movement on a mission. There is an inverse relationship between gun control and its intended result. If one is in an automobile skidding out of control, you turn away from the skid, not into it, to regain control. Likewise, we must, as a nation, turn away from gun control.

Firearms legislation needs to be normalized. Average citizens need to be ready to work in tandem with law enforcement to confront evil and stop it immediately. We need to understand that firearms will never disappear. They are not new technology. Mankind will never lose the recipe for gunpowder, and humans have been sending a projectile through a tube for over 500 years.

Gun control is job security for criminals and a death sentence for Americans.

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April 19, 2007, 09:55 AM
There is something in there that caught my eye.

Does anyone have details about the "average of 75 firearms per day in the campus lockup"?

Did VT have a requirement that CCW holders check their weapons with the campus police? Or was this a holding place for weapons owned by dorm residents that would have included hunting rifles and shotguns? I know that during my short stays in the barracks in the Army that I had to check my weapons into the arms room, was this the same thing, or did permit holders daily check in their handguns?

April 19, 2007, 11:00 AM
BLACKSBURG -- Seventy-five guns sit in a weapons storage facility at the Virginia Tech police station. The guns are secured inside storage compartments in a locked room slightly larger than a walk-in closet. University policy requires students and employees, other than police, to check their guns there. If they want to take them off campus, they have to sign them out, and a university police officer must retrieve them. Regardless of whatever permits they may have, those students and employees are not allowed to possess guns on campus.

April 19, 2007, 02:57 PM
This is just one more example of what we call the "Sarah Brady Success Story."

I love this line, as you can see.

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