Legacy Puma 92 .454 Casull..First Impressions


April 19, 2007, 08:46 PM
Well I went by the gun shop and picked up my new Legacy Puma 92 in .454 Casull today, so I thought I would give a few first impressions. I took pics, but all I had was my cell phone and they turned out crappy so I didn't post them. I'll try to borrow the daughters didgital camera and post a few later. I opted for the blued version with the hi-viz sights. I don't care that much for stainless firearms.

Overall I'm very pleased. There were machine marks visible on the sides of the bolt when the action is open, but when closed is is a well fit rifle. The action is tight but slick with no side to side play in the lever. It also has a short throw on the lever which make it quick to operate. I haven't felt any hangups in working the action at all. but bear in mind that I have only worked it empty so time will tell. The trigger is probably the nicest of any lever gun I've ever owned (including 2 Marlins and a Win 94) and has virtually no creep. It breaks cleanly at a guestimated 3.5 pounds or so, but I don't have a trigger scale. Surprisingly light for a rifle made in a time when they pack a lawyer in every box.

The wood is stained a deep chocolate brown which accents nicely with the blue steel. In fact it is nearly as dark as the blueing. It has a pretty nice grain and I'm wondering already what it would look like with an oiled finish, but I'll probably leave it alone for now. As it comes on the rifle the wood is very ulitiltarian and looks very much like it belongs in a saddle rig. A no nonsense approach but it seems to work.

The rifle itself is light and quick to the shoulder. It should make a good fast handling brush gun. The big reason I chose the .454 is that it has an intregral recoil pad which adds a bit to the length of pull. I'm a pretty tall guy and the other models without the pad were just too short for me. With the pad it seems to fit me fine.

Frankly, the jury's still out on the hi-viz sights. Don't get me wrong, they are very visible. I'm sitting here now in pretty low light and can see them plainly. I'm just not sure that the dovetail/set screw attachment arrangement is going to lock them down very well. That coupled with the fact that they are about 2.5 inches long from the attachment point to the actual rear sight leads me to believe that they will be easy to knock off adjustment even taking it out of a soft case. There again, time will tell. I didn't measure the dovetail but it looks pretty standard and the sights could probably be replaced easily. I also haven't tried tightening the set screw which may be the root cause anyway. I'll keep you posted.

The weather here has been crappy lately but it's supposed to be nice this weekend so I plan to go to the range on saturday (well lets put it this way, I'm going to the range on saturday if I have to jog there carrying all my gear with Rosie O'Donnell sitting on my shoulders while beating me about the face and neck with Sarah Brady trying to stop me) I'll try to write a range report afterward. Thank for your time.

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April 21, 2007, 08:59 PM
Well, I promised a range report on the Puma .454 and I had a chance to try it out today so here goes.

I had forgotten that there was a rifle match at my range today, so unfortunately I had to fire it on the outdoor pistol range which has a max of 40 yds. Still enough to try it out and make sure it was on paper.

I didn't sand-bag the rest. Instead I chose just to use a pistol bench as a steady rest while shooting. I purchased some Federal Premium 260gr ammo equiped with a Barnes expander, so that was what I was using today.

Bear in mind that this was my first foray in firing a rifle without a scope in probably 20 years, so don't be too harsh. My first five shots were just over an inch which I was pretty pleased with. I'm sure that they will tighten up with practice or a scope (The lever action purists are probably marching on my house with pitchforks and torches as we speak chanting "he said the S word!"). It still proved accurate enough that I would not hesitate to hunt with it in my area as most shots are 100yds or less.

Recoil was a bit stout, but not unmanageable. It has about the same recoil as my 45-70 GG, but it is different. The 45-70 has a slower push, but the .454 is a much sharper smack. You can feel the fact that the cartridge is operating at much higher pressures. All in all not bad though.

So far I'm pleased with my purchase and look forward to experimenting with some reloads. I would recommend looking at this one if you are interested in a powerful, handy rifle capable of taking most anything you would would want to hunt.

April 21, 2007, 09:23 PM
Sounds like an interesting rifle

It has about the same recoil as my 45-70 GG,

Then how in the world do people fire .454C from a handgun?

I can't believe you had the patience to wait until two days after you got out of it. I am fortunate that my backyard is my range so I can test immediatly, as soon as I get home and get my safety gear.

I assume this is a straight stocked rifle? I don't really like them, but I would like a pistol gripped Marlin with an action based on the 336 cause I like its styling and round bolt better.

April 21, 2007, 09:41 PM
It does have a straight stock as it is a repro of the Winchester 92. To be honest, I've always wanted an FA .454 revolver, but I think I'll put that one one the back burner. I bought this rifle to be able to play with the Casull and It'll do for now. There are those who fire 45-70 from handguns, though.

I used to be able to walk out the back door and shoot all day, but those days are long gone. I don't think the neighbors would like it much if I did that now. Especially since the county sheriff lives on the lot behind me.

April 21, 2007, 09:42 PM
Then how in the world do people fire .454C from a handgun?

It can be done:D By your line of reasoning how do people shoot a 45-70 revolver? Heavy doses of fast handgun powder behind a moderately heavy projectile makes for some nasty recoil especially given the additional velocity of a rifle barrel. You want nasty recoil try a 500S&W handi rifle, PHEW! one of these bruisers makes a 45/70 feel like a 30-30

Mike U.
April 21, 2007, 09:53 PM
I've been looking forward to someone's review of one of these rifles. I appreciate you doing this as I'm considering getting one.

Here's a pic of what to expect if you scope it. This is a Winchester 150, so let the purists balk: :eek: :D

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