A Victory In PA.


April 24, 2007, 11:36 PM
As the gun owners in PA know, there was a Bill ( House Bill 760) that was going to not only hamper our rights to own guns but add a $10 tax to each gun per year. This is a copy of the letter sent to me by Representative Sam Rohrer. He is a friend to gun owners and should be supported next election.
Dear Friend,

Thank you for your rapid response on House Bill 760. This historic response of more than 12,000 individuals who replied to my website petition is instrumental in bringing a halt to any consideration of this legislation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives before it ever gets started.

The swiftness and volume of responses that came in to my office has gotten the attention of the national press, as I was interviewed by the Associated Press on this matter last week. I was also called upon to participate in an NRA Radio Program on this issue on Friday, April 20th.

The provisions of House Bill 760 are, in my opinion, unconstitutional, impractical and simply outrageous. Without question, a requirement to register all firearms with the State Police, to submit to fingerprinting, to provide full home address and social security number or be guilty of a summary offense as House Bill 760 would require, is an example of the clear violation of the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. For any member to sponsor, cosponsor or support legislation that clearly infringes upon constitutionally identified and guaranteed rights raises a serious question as to whether this action violates the oath that Members took to defend and protect the citizen’s rights as guaranteed in the Constitutions of the United States and of Pennsylvania.

House Bill 760 would not only impose a violation of our constitutional rights through invasive government requirements, it would also tax our right to own firearms through a $10.00 tax to be levied every year on each firearm.

On Wednesday, April 18, 2007, Representative Caltagirone, who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. In reference to the House Bill 760 moving out of Judiciary Committee, Representative Caltagirone said, “It’s not going anywhere.” His decision has much to do with the responses from each and every one of you.

However, we must remain vigilant. This issue, while addressed for the moment, is sure to be brought up again in other legislation. Although we may have won the immediate battle, the war continues. I may need to call upon you in the future should other such egregious legislation be introduced. I will make every attempt to keep you updated on other attacks on our Second Amendment rights that may come before the legislature.

I want you to know that I will continue to work to protect your rights. Thank you for working with me on this front.

Representative Sam Rohrer

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April 25, 2007, 02:02 PM

April 25, 2007, 06:03 PM
That is the way the law is here in Hawaii already, except for the $10 tax.

Step one: Drive to Police Station during normal business hours - apply for "Permit to Acquire" (along with serial number of weapon if a handgun and Affidavit of Certified Firearms Education Course completion), fingerprinting ($24) for first time users, criminal background check, along with checking with your doctor and the state hospital to see if you are crazy.

Step two: Drive to Police Station during normal business hours 14 to 21 days later to pick up permit. Miss the window of opportunity and return to step one. Permit good for ten days and one transaction for handguns, one year multiple transactions for long guns.

Step three: Purchase weapon

Step four: Drive to Police Station during normal business hours and submit weapon for "inspection" within five days after purchase.

You have now passed GO. You may not collect $200.

Step five: you now own your weapon. You may keep it in your home or office only. You may transport, in locked container in trunk, only between your home or office, and firing range, gun shop, hunting, gun class or show. Concealed carry permit may be issued by Chief of Police (in reality never). Ammunition is considered the same as a firearm subject to the same restrictions.

Before you move to paradise check out this link:


April 25, 2007, 07:58 PM
Bump.. As a PA resident, my voice was also heard (But I am only one).. But with enough of the ones.. we make a large group that is heard!

Good to read!

April 25, 2007, 07:59 PM
Somebody may have cost us some "fence sitters"...

Pro-Gun Protesters Says Anti-Gun Pa. Rep. Should Be 'Hung'


by KYW's Tony Romeo

Just eight says after the worst mass shooting in American history, hundreds of people descended on Pennsylvania’s capitol to rally and lobby lawmakers in favor of gun ownership rights.

Larry Pratt, executive director of a group called “Gun Owners of America,” told dozens of gun rights advocates that it’s an issue fundamental to democracy:

“What you’re really looking at when you look at gun control is a coup d’etat.”

Lawmakers at the Tuesday rally outlined a number of bills designed to protect gun owners’ rights, but a gun control bill proposed by state representative Angel Cruz (D-Phila.) that would require annual gun registration continues to be the focal point of their ire.

At one point, several demonstrators attending the rally unfurled a banner saying that Cruz should be “hung from the tree of liberty.”

Cruz says he’s surprised that his bill has raised such a ruckus:

“They don’t understand Philadelphia, and I don’t understand the whole entire state of Pennsylvania. We live in two different worlds.”

Cruz says gun owners in some parts of the state “don’t hunt human beings” as they do in Philadelphia and other places.

Among those in attendance at Tuesday's rally was state senator Robert Regola, a freshman Republican from Westmoreland County who is facing criminal charges that he improperly stored a handgun used by a teenage neighbor to commit suicide and then lied about it at a coroner’s hearing.

Regola was asked if his presence sent the wrong message:

“You know, like I said before, I believe in the right to bear arms. That’s my values and I’ll never go away from my values.”

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