Need Some Long Guns


April 25, 2007, 01:51 PM
I have a healthy collection of Handguns, I've made a pledge to myself that I will not purchase another handgun until I purchase at least one long gun.

I'm set on a Remington 870 Home Defense 12ga for my shotty

Now to the rifle.

On the 2A forum I've gotten some good advice. I'm just looking for a little more detail here.

My Purpose for the rifle: I don't hunt so this is a defensive rifle for me. I'll shoot it for fun, but I need something I can rely on in a SHTF scenario like Katrina. I'm in CALIFORNIA (hint) so Earthquake is most likely the scenario.

The calibers suggested and most interesting to me are .308 and 30-06.

1) I'd like to know what are the real differences between these two?

Rifle: I like the Remington 700 bolt action and the Springfield Armory M1A Scout/squad.

2) Of these two which would you choose for my stated purpose?

3) Any great CALIFORNIA friendly rifles/calibers I've left out?


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Nomad, 2nd
April 25, 2007, 02:06 PM
In Kali I'd go:
M1A (I like the scout)

Or M1 depending on $

For defense... you don't want a bolt gun.

April 25, 2007, 02:32 PM
M1 or SKS for Kali

April 25, 2007, 03:38 PM
Just wondering what rifle you would recommend for HD for anyone not in CA ;)

April 25, 2007, 04:24 PM
Personally I would go for a SAKO TRG 42 I like keeeping BG's as far away as possible...

April 25, 2007, 05:16 PM
what about an ar15? are they banned in California?

April 25, 2007, 05:49 PM
M1 Carbine, USGI or new Kahr / Auto Ordnance.

Off list lower AR build in .223 / 5.56.

Both are California legal as long as you know the laws and stay away from hi cap mags. .308 and .30-06 are too much for home defense and even in some SHTF situation, it's doubtful you can make a case for a long range shot.


April 26, 2007, 12:22 PM
As much as I liked the M-16 in the Army, I'm in the market for a bit larger caliber. It would be more versatile.

I'm hearing some argument for the M1 Garand over the M1As. What would make one better than the other?

April 26, 2007, 12:36 PM
I have both and just added a CA legally configured AR-15. I first got the M1A if you like the scout then get it I prefer the full size Loaded model. I also have a Remington 700 CDL in 30-06. Great hunting sniping rifle. depending on budget...basics would be long medium & short range. A mini-14 or AR-15 model 4, I have both, the M1A style, and the hunting rifle should give you a nicly rounded collection. I like the 7.62/.308 round and the 5.62/223 round, teh 30-06 can kill almost all game in Northern America.

April 26, 2007, 12:59 PM
I have thought long about this years ago. I don't know why, since there is no chance I will ever move back to Cali...anyway, I came to the conclusion I would likely get two different guns;

A large bore lever action, (maybe in pistol caliber, maybe 45/70, maybe a 7MM BAR). Then I would get really nice iron sights for it, and also throw a picatinny rail on it. This would be used for LER scopes and/or red dots sights. This gun would be a light, handy knock about kind of gun. Carry anywhere, carry all day since it's light. Quick to action. This would be a pretty cheap gun too, at least compared to some of the other options. And since Cali is going to limit the number of rounds I want something with plenty of whump to it.

Second choice for a rifle would probably be an M1A, Std. Likely with an Ultimak rail thrown on it, just because.

April 26, 2007, 09:10 PM
It really depends on what you're going to be doing with it.

If you're just starting out and you want to learn the fundementals of shooting a rifle, get a .22 bolt action (CZ maybe) or a semi-auto (maybe a Ruger 10/22 with a bull barrel), top it with a good scope (I.O.R.), get lots of rounds (several thousand, preferably of good quality), lots of targets and buy a years range membership and practice the fundementals until you think you're good to go.

If you see some hunting and target shooting in your future, I'd get a Remington 700 LTR-P or a Savage 110 in .308 Win. I'd invest in some quality target and hunting ammo and I'd get really good with it. Maybe I'd get a reloader and learn to make my own loads and improve my groups even further. I'd buy a complete spare bolt, all the springs that go into it, a bore sight kit, a spotting scope, some binoculars, a range finder and all the other toys I need and top it with a Leopold or a Schmidt and Bender scope secured by the best scope mount and rings I could find (A.R.M.S. maybe). Then I'd keep practicing at varying ranges, in varying stances and in varying conditions until I could hit any deer sized animal or a decent sized target at up to 600 yards range 19 times out of 20 attempts if it stayed still for longer than 4-5 seconds.

If I wanted a cheap centerfire semi-auto to do some high power, possibly some rapid fire plinking with, I'd get an SKS. I'd buy a couple thousand rounds before ammo prices go even higher, I'd get plenty of stripper clips, a complete spare parts set (don't panic, this only costs $56 at Tapco), the tools to work on it and a manual that tells me how to work on it. Then I'd get a good supply of bowling pins/impact plates/golf balls and other reactive targets and then I'd have alot of fun, but still save some of the ammo for later.

If I was more interested in historic rifles I'd get a M1 Garand and keep it in 30-06 and get alot of ammo from the CMP because it's available now for cheap, I'd get plenty of en-bloc clips because it's a single shot without them and at the very least I'd get a spare firing pin, extractor, ejector, all the springs and pins and all the tools to work on it with a manual telling me how to work on it and then maybe I'd enter a high power competition or two.

If I was more interested in a battle rifle for a little of each of these areas of shooting, I'd get an M1A. You could hunt with it if you used a blind, I wouldn't want to carry it as far though. You could use it to plink with some just the same way you'd shoot the Rem 700 with (rapid fire plinking's out for the time being ammo prices being what they are, but that may change eventually if prices on ammo ever drop). Plus it is a rifle with some history that would also be good for a match. I'd also try and get some extra parts, tools and a manual for it, at least ten or eleven mags (preferably high caps with one or two five or ten round mags to keep the Kali congressmen happy), a decent sling and maybe a scope and some of the other devices for the Rem 700 list. Once I fitted it out the way I wanted, I'd practice about the same way I would with the Rem 700 or the Savage 110.

But really, it just depends on what you want to do with it.

April 26, 2007, 10:37 PM
I agree with the SKS recommendation, especially since you say you want to shoot if for fun. 7.62x39 isn't as cheap as it used to be, but it is still SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than 308 or 30-06. That translates to a lot more range time.

Also, a semi-auto will serve you much better than a bolt action in most SHTF situations. It is pretty easy to imagine a riot or something like that where you would want to lay down a lot of fire close by quickly; this is the semi-auto's strong point. Accuracy is the bolt-action's strong point, however I have a hard time imagining a SHTF situation where you need to snipe someone.

Beetle Bailey
April 27, 2007, 02:15 AM
If I had to chose between a Remington 700 and a M1A scout for SHTF, it's an easy choice: M1A scout. Its advantages are: semi-auto, higher capacity, and magazine fed.

Although it is kinda crude, an SKS is actually a very good choice for this purpose. Very simple, durable, and reliable.

April 27, 2007, 02:44 AM
not being up on the cali laws, I don't know if you can even have an assault rifle looking rifle there. you could go and get a remmy 740, 742, etc., old school , but semi auto in many diff cals. Also , stores here, in Texas, like Academy sell a 10 round mag for some of these models. what about a ruger ranch rifle in 762.39? this would be good with 10 round mags. Certainly a home defense caliber. If you can have semis with no pistol grips, or vertical grips, how about a Saiga in 308 or 762.39? I luuuuuvvvvv these, and have a couple myself.though it would be small cal, how about a nice ruger 10/22 with some 25 round mags? Legal there, or not? If we can only talk about bolties, and very much not assault rifle looking, how about a good ol British Enfield, with it's detach 10 round mag, in 303 cal? very fast slick actions on those boys.

April 27, 2007, 03:25 AM
I bought a remington 700 ADL back in the's accuracy is awesome but being a bolt action, it's not my go to gun for home defense....
I also have a rem 870 8 shot riot gun.....well balanced, smooth action, awesome short range firepower and intimidation factor. The 870 and/or
a good semi-auto rifle would be good for home defense in a civil chaos event.
I think an m1 carbine would be excellent and they aren't classified as assault rifles except for the m1a1 carbine which is classified as an assault rifle because it has a pistol grip and a folding stock, either feature by itself makes a rifle an assault rifle. California gun laws are so stupid. But that's what happens when you have Democrats in charge of the state.

It is my understanding that in the PROC if you get a gun defined as an "assault rifle" you are an instant felon even if you never take it out of the box and have no criminal or mental health record. Read all about it at......

April 27, 2007, 12:41 PM
Great info guys. It's going to go down like this: First the Rem 870 Home defense gun, and very soon after or at the same time A M1A or M1, haven't fully made up my mind yet. Soon after that a Ruger 10/22 and THEN a Remington 700.

Funny, when I started this it was going to be 1 shotgun and 1 rifle.

April 27, 2007, 03:52 PM
[My Purpose for the rifle: I don't hunt so this is a defensive rifle for me]

Simplest, cheapest, and the most effective out to 100yards, would be to add a 12ga RS (rifled) barrel w/rifle sights to the M870.
Keep OO buckshot, up the pipe, as an alley cleaner - with saboted slugs in the rest of the mag - sight it in, and [I]PRACTICE ! !

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