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April 26, 2007, 11:34 AM
I know most everyone knows about this, but for those shooters that are just coming on board...

Gun writers Jim Zumbo (Outdoor Life, G&A, and more) Bill McRae (outdoor author), and Thomas McIntyre (Field & Stream and more) have yet again added to the attack on our second amendment rights, by stating their opinions on AR and AK rifles.

In a nutshell if you haven't read or responded to what Jim Zumbo, as well as Bill McRae and Thomas McIntyre have stated, and whether or not the AR semi auto's appeal to you as a shooter- I have listed below their statements and instructions for easy email response to the email list of some of their current industry sponsors. If you wish to respond (and WE NEED you to!!), please help fight back:

****Jim Zumbo at Outdoor Life:


Assault Rifles For Hunters?

As I write this, I'm hunting coyotes in southeastern Wyoming with Eddie Stevenson, PR Manager for Remington Arms, Greg Dennison, who is senior research engineer for Remington, and several writers. We're testing Remington's brand new .17 cal Spitfire bullet on coyotes.

I must be living in a vacuum. The guides on our hunt tell me that the use of AR and AK rifles have a rapidly growing following among hunters, especially prairie dog hunters. I had no clue. Only once in my life have I ever seen anyone using one of these firearms.

I call them "assault" rifles, which may upset some people. Excuse me, maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I'll go so far as to call them "terrorist" rifles. They tell me that some companies are producing assault rifles that are "tackdrivers."

Sorry, folks, in my humble opinion, these things have no place in hunting. We don't need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them, which is an obvious concern. I've always been comfortable with the statement that hunters don't use assault rifles. We've always been proud of our "sporting firearms."

This really has me concerned. As hunters, we don't need the image of walking around the woods carrying one of these weapons. To most of the public, an assault rifle is a terrifying thing. Let's divorce ourselves from them. I say game departments should ban them from the prairies and woods.

February 16, 2007 in Hunting

****(post from an industry gun writer David M. Fortier 2-18-07)

As most of you would guess, there is a lot of activity inside the industry right now, despite it being a Sunday.

Another writer Bill McRae has stepped up supporting Zumbo and agreeing with his feelings on banning assault weapons.

Here is a email forwarded to me

On Sunday, February 18, 2007, at 01:17 PM, Bill McRae wrote:

Shirley and Friends
I agree wholeheartedly with Jim on this and I don't give a damn who does or does not like it. Furthermore, I applaud Jim for having
had the courage to say what he said.
Bill McRae

----- Original Message -----
From: Shirley Steffen
To: Karin Levine ; Lamar Underwood ; Bill McRae ; Bob Pilgrim - Taubert ; Ian McMurchy ; John Fasano ; John Phillips ; John Plaster ; Ted Nugent ; Wiley Clapp ; Walt Rauch ; Wayne Van Zwoll ; Lamar Underwood
Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 9:27 AM
Subject: Fwd: Zumbo on 'terrorist rifles' in the hunting fields

He's not alone either, I had Thomas McIntyre get in my face once on a hunt with Swarovski. He was as rabid as an anti-gun piece of sh*t, and felt they should be banned. Bryce Townsley was there and Bryce and I both gave him hell

So Bill McRae and Thomas McIntyre are both pieces of sh*t you should be aware of.

David M. Fortier
****Email list so far.

All you have to do to reply is write your email letter, then select, copy, and paste all these emails as one into your send address bar and they will all get sent at once.

hans@ himtnjerky.com
ashley.rosenfeld@ time4.com
gregory.baradat@ remington.com
amanda.gastelum@ time4.com
bryan.brunson@ time4.com

Here's a copy of my letter. Feel free to use what you wish:

Dear shooting sports industry companies and corporations,

I would like to notify those of you who support and/or sponsor Jim Zumbo, as well as Bill McRae and Thomas McIntyre- that I will be boycotting your products, and actively promoting your business dealings with these individuals via the internet to every single gun owner, forum, and club I can find to seek out to spread the word.

The AR-15 is the M1 Garand of my generation and also a fine hunting and bench rest shooting rifle and I will not sit by and let these so called second amendment supporting phonies do further damage to our right to keep and bear arms in this great country of ours, by spewing their statements and beliefs amongst your product advertising.

With all sincerity,


Outdoor Writer Bill McRae's CORRECT contact info is:

40 Sherman Lane
P.O. Box 160
Choteau, MT 59422-0160
(406) 466-5596

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Jorg Nysgerrig
April 26, 2007, 11:53 AM
Uh, didn't Zumbo come around already? What's the point of this again?

April 26, 2007, 11:57 AM

Don't you know?!

Zumbo must be punished for all the rest of eternity.


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