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April 27, 2007, 09:36 AM
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Here's a letter I've sent out to friends, coworkers, associates and anyone else I can think of here in TN that may be accepting of the idea that we as citizens should be able to defend ourselves and that the State should let out a little more run on the leash.

There are 3 bills making their way through the TN Legislature. HB 132, BN 1285 and HB 2148.

HB 1285 would prevent the State or City from confiscating or suspending legal sale of firearms and ammunition during an emergency like occurred in New Orleans during Katrina. While the Governor claims he’d never do such a thing and complains that the bill would restrict his authority in an emergency (of the thing he claims he’d never do anyway) HB1285 would guarantee our right to protect ourselves while the authorities struggled with the crisis.

HB 132 and 2148 expand those areas Tennessee citizens with Carry Permits would be allowed to legally carry their firearms. Currently we’re blocked from carrying them in parks/public lands and government buildings. Considering the money we spend and the time we take and the courses we pay for to be granted permission by the state to have the means to defend ourselves outside our homes and businesses I can’t see a problem with giving us a little more lead on the leash. Please note that states that don’t have the limitations and restrictions on citizens’ rights to carry don’t see any increase in crime and that states with carry permits see a hugely lower crime and accidental shooting rate than for those folks without carry permits in the same state. We’re much safer with our guns than the folks that don’t have permits that would ignore the laws so why not grant us these rights?

Here is a list of the legislators that are the first hurdle to get these bills to a vote by the legislature. If you, and all your friends, contact them in support of the bills they may remember who they work for and why they’re there in the first place.

House Judiciary Committee Members:

Representative Rob Briley (D-52), Chair: (615) 741-2184;

Representative Kent Colman (D-49), Vice-Chair: (615) 741-6829;

Representative Janis Sontany (D-53), (615) 741-6861;

Representative Eddie Bass (D-65), (615) 741-1864;

Representative Frank Buck (D-40), (615) 741-3817;

Representative Tom DuBois (R-64), (615) 741-7444;

Representative Henry Fincher (D-42), (615) 741-1875;

Representative Jon Lundberg (R-1), (615) 741-7623;

Representative Judd Matheny (R-47), (615) 741-7448;

Representative Eric Watson (R-22), (615) 741-7799;

Here’s a short letter intended to influence our elected representatives.

Representative XYZ,

As an independent voter, I'm writing to ask you to support House Bill 132, House Bill 1285 and House Bill 2184.

Individuals who have undergone the state mandated training and background checks required for a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit are model citizens who by the very act of following the state requirements have proven themselves worthy of all our trust.

Furthermore, HB 1285 would prevent the occurrence in Tennessee of the amazing betrayal experienced by the citizens of New Orleans by their government during Hurricane Katrina when they were forcibly denied the means of protecting their property and their safety in a time of chaos.

Please do not betray the trust of the people of Tennessee by failing to wholeheartedly support HB 132 and HB 2184 and HB 1285.

Thank you.

Why “independent voter”? Because undeclared or independent voter often are the swing votes in getting legislators elected. Also, the legislators expect members of their own party to support them at election time and members of the opposition party to not support them so they may not pay the same amount of attention to the letter.

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April 27, 2007, 09:46 AM
rule #2, hso,

never point your delete button at any threads you are not willing to destroy :neener:

maybe we should take this as a sign we're supposed to send letters to all these guys AGAIN

April 27, 2007, 11:03 AM
Ohhhh, I think that we can modify the thing when it hit's the committee and send it out again to the legislature as a whole (hole?:D ) so they're primed for the bills to hit.

Change "independent" to "small contributor to your campaign" since they're all looking to get elected and contributors are more valuable than swing voters.

I do think that SomeKid is correct that the Gov won't try to obviously stand in the way of these since there were a lot of calls and email howling 'bout his wanting to oppose 1285.

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