SIG 556 Range Report PART III - For A Few SIGs More


April 28, 2007, 06:21 PM
The following is the third in a series of range reports that center around my build up of a SIG 556 rifle. This report will center on the addition of back up iron sights as well as the first shots with some better quality ammunition.

The previous range reports can be found here.

Since the last range report I have made two changes to the gun.
1-I have added a GG&G A2 BUIS and a Samson flip up front sight.
2-I have added a YHM 1/2 inch riser in order to co-witness with the Aimpoint.

The rifle as she looks now.

Before I begin with the accuracy testing I want to discuss the three new pieces of steel, namely the irons and the riser.

All three are very high qulity solid pieces and went on with no problems. There was no loosening of screws, no issues what so ever. The Samson front sight is pretty much the only game in town but it looks good and works well so it is not some cheap quick to market piece of garbage. It is a quality piece.

Zeroing the irons was exactly like zeroing any A2 sights on an AR15, which I believe to one of the easier sights to work with.

Todays shooting was done in roughly 75 degree weather, overcast, slight wind moving laterally. The targets used were Dirty Bird Splattering Targest from Bass Pro (Cheaper then shoot and see's by quite a bit). The ammo consisted of 60 rounds of Remington 55 grain $5.99 a box cheap stuff, 20 rounds of Federal Ballistic Tip 55 grain good stuff and 20 rounds of Remington 55 Grain AccuTip good stuff. These can be seen below.

After sighting in the sights and then the aimpoint I was able to get the following results. Please understand that my rest is a small nylon carry bag stuffed with rags and I am not a great marksman with irons or non magnified optics. Also understand this SIG was built for shooting at 50 yards or less and to be more CQB oriented than match accurate. All targets below were shot at 100 yards. There were no failures of any kind. The gun runs FMJ, polymer tipped, and HP without missing a beat. The Aimpoint is a very fast and very well made optic that does NOT wash out in the sun.

100 yards, cheap Remington $5.99 55 grain iron sights. About 2.5 inches CTC.

100 yards, cheap Remington $5.99 55 grain iron sights. About 2 inches CTC.

100 yards Federal 55 grain good stuff Aimpoint. About 1/2 inch in the bull and a tad under an inch for the other group.

100 yards Federal 55 grain good stuff Aimpoint. About 1 inch for the right group and about 1.5 inches for the group above the bull.

100 yards Remington 55 grain Accupoint good stuff. 5 shot group is about an 1 inch with the flyer and about .75 inches for the 4 shots together. Other group is about .75 inches CTC.

Well there you have it sports fans. Next ammo to try is some heavy 69+ grain stuff and move from there. I will probably order some Black Hills match stuff. For my purposes though the practical accuracy is way more then I need and the gun will be a blast to just go out and plink with, while being just a bit different then the other guys AR.

I have said before and I will say again it is easier to shoot an AR15 well. I love the SIG but for pure accuracy it seems a high end AR15 is a better way to go.

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April 28, 2007, 07:21 PM
Thanks for the continued range reports! I've had my eye on this gun, as SIG has a reputation for reliability.

It looks like the gun is what I'm looking for. Chambered in .223, semi-auto, accurate enough for home defense, and looks great and different from all the AR's out there.


April 28, 2007, 07:50 PM
Nice write up, thanks for the updates. I'm interested in the cleaning part of this. How dirty is it after a Sig556 range session? even better if you can compare to a comparable AR15 session. Does the pistol driven system make it cleaner? Do you also feel more confident of its reliability due to this cleanness?

April 29, 2007, 02:54 PM
The bolt does stay cleaner then with DI but I am of the mindset that a moderately cared for AR15/DI system will be just as reliable as you need. The SIG does have an adjustable gas system which is a plus for a heavily fowled weapon but like everything there are trade offs. Ops rods mean more moving parts/vibration and less inherent accuracy. DI might get dirtier but are easier to shoot accurately.

So yes the bolt stays cleaner. No I don't think that is a big deal. If you ever find yourself in a desert you better keep any weapon clean because that kind of sand and crap can put any rifle down including AKs, Garands, M16s etc.

April 29, 2007, 09:25 PM
Good stuff, man. Thanks for the update.

May 5, 2007, 09:05 PM
i got a chance to put my hands on a sig556 yesterday. i liked it. not enough to buy one, but i definitely liked it.

i also got a chance to put my hands on a FN FS2000 again, and i like it a lot better. it's growing on me. i'll probably have ot get one.

May 18, 2007, 07:21 AM
I've got 500+ rounds through my SIG 556 now; Chris writes an excellent series of reviews; my experience has been the same

This is a 2 MOA rifle with the AIMPOINT; I might do a tad better with a true scope due to my eyesight; all in all a good package and certainly a winner in the non-precision shooting category

Note however I am also a fan of piston guns; my mainstays are DS ARMS SA 58s so I am accustomed to the heavier weapons; the SIG is "muzzle heavy" the result of the piston above the barrel

As much as I like it, I would only recommend the SIG at a price ~$1200; if you pay much more I would say the relative value of the weapon drops and you'd be better off with a Bushie or RRA and a few extra do-dads

May 18, 2007, 07:25 AM
Seeing the fun you are having with your Sig 556 makes me jealous. I have one on order from my local gun shop (it was actually ordered for me at Orlando SHOT show) and we keep getting the "it'll be there in a week to 10 days" from Sig. :banghead: :fire: :cuss:

May 18, 2007, 11:55 AM
Zen, I feel your pain.

Sig set up some deal where everytime you ordered a bunch of pistols, they put you in line for another rifle. I put a rifle on order every time I restocked. Since Orlando, I believe I'm up to like 10 or 12 of the things, and I still haven't gotten my first one yet.

I sell a lot of Sigs. :)

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