Dallas Gun Show Revolver Finds...


Stephen A. Camp
April 28, 2007, 09:16 PM
Hello. Found a couple of nice revolvers at decent prices today at a gun
show in Dallas.

The first is an S&W Model 64-2 w/2" bbl. This .38 Special revolver was in as NIB as I've seen NOT to actually be NIB. The lady who handled the sale didn't know if it was or not. IF it is used, it is but slight. Timing is perfect and the action is much smoother than expected; it did come with the old blue S&W cardboard box, cleaning gear, and instructions.

This Model 65-5 .357 Magnum is a police trade-in. I was able to pick through several and chose this one after the seller was kind enough to remove the tie, allowing me to try the action. Timing is perfect and the action is smooth, though not so smooth as the Model 64. It had been shot some, but no end play, no warped or bent ejector rod and the yoke-to-frame fit is nice with no large gap. It came with a fairly large set of Pachmayr grips on it which I replaced with the more compact Pachmayr's.

I have not yet had time to shoot them, but plan to ASAP. Internally both were clean and with no buggered up screw heads. The side plate on the Model 64 is exceptionally tight; frankly I do not think it's been off the gun since the factory assembled it.

My range times usually finds me with some sort of automatic, normally a 9mm Browning or a .45 ACP/.38 Super on the 1911 platform, but of late I've really been trying to pick up older S&W revolvers while they can be found.

Assuming that these two perform satisfactorily, they've found a permanent home so there's two more out of circulation. If you are interested in these types of handguns, I'd be getting while the getting's good so to speak. Twenty years ago, these would be "ho-hum-too-vanilla-and-can-always-get" sort of revolvers. Sadly, I fear that those days are closing fast.


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Brian Williams
April 28, 2007, 11:37 PM
That 65 looks great, it would have a set of magnas and a T grip.
Nice finds.

bill larry
April 29, 2007, 01:16 AM
Its really hard to beat a K-Frame snub. Very nice find on the 64.

April 29, 2007, 01:27 AM
I've been looking for a M64 like that one for almost 2 years now. That M65 looks like it's in great shape too. Either would make me happy if I found them in a show. A double like that would make me down right exhilarated. I would say you did very well.... :)

April 29, 2007, 10:12 AM
Was that 65 one of the Bachman Pawn police trade-ins? I looked through them but wasn't really looking for a revolver yesterday. If it's the same place, you found a diamond among some rough ones.

Would have jumped on that 64 if I'd seen it, though - I get frustrated with the amount of junk on display (and the families blocking the aisles) and miss some good stuff.

Stephen A. Camp
April 29, 2007, 10:25 AM
Hello. Yes, the Model 65 was purchased from Bachman. I was there early and got to pick through the guns.


April 29, 2007, 02:10 PM
Yes I like the 65 too. Nice find.

Stephen A. Camp
April 29, 2007, 11:41 PM
Hello. I didn't have too much time but did manage to shoot the Model 64-2 snub.

All firing was done in double-action, standing and with a two-hand hold at 10, 12 and 15 yards. For some shooting at 45 to 50 yards, I did fire the revolver single-action.

This group was fired in slow-fire with the ammo being used and the distance on the target.

The lighter bullet 130-gr. Winchester JFP struck a bit lower but windage remained satisfactory. It was also fired DA in slow-fire.

Ditto on this target. An interesting thing is that I noted no difference in felt recoil from the Model 64 between this and the standard pressure LRN in the same 158-gr. weight. Such is not the case (for me) when shooting these loads through my considerably lighter Model 642.

At 12 yards, I practiced some "failure to stop" drills using both hands on the revolver and firing double-action as quickly as I could obtain a "flash" sight picture. I didn't have a timer but estimate probably a bit less than a second per shot starting from a low-ready position. Ammunition used was Remington's 158-gr. LSWCHP +P.

At 15 yards, I fired DA using a two-hand hold in slow-fire. Most shots grouped nicely but I did have some I blew. The Model 64 was doing its part; I just wasn't doing mine.

I also shot a few falling plates at about 12 yards and shot at approximately 45 to 50 yards using bits of debris on the firing range berm as targets. On these, I fired the revolver in single-action. Some hits were made but misses were not extreme; they were close.

The revolver was fired a total of 256 shots with varied .38 Special factory ammo I had at hand. There were absolutely no problems. Primer hits were plenty good and extraction an ease; no sticking cases.

I rather enjoy this thing despite its size and weight for being "only a 38". For a snub, I find it exceptionally easy to shoot and expect that it will be shot quite a bit in coming years. If you happen to like snubs in .38 Special and get a chance at one of these, you might give it serious consideration.

This snub was bought for a couple of reasons. One, I happen to enjoy shooting revolvers as well as semiautos and I do find the snub .38 to be a viable "serious gun" with appropriate loads. I was more than a little tickled to find that the POA = POI with the Remington 158-gr. LSWCHP +P. After a bit more shooting with this little gun, I'll be ready to trust it and when that day comes, it will likely be loaded with the LSWCHP +P for "serious" purposes should one present itself... but mainly I find it a heck of a lot of fun.


April 30, 2007, 12:14 AM
Thank you for the extensive range report and photos. You sure did find a keeper in that M64.... Good for you!

Stephen A. Camp
April 30, 2007, 12:16 AM
Hello and thanks.

(Now if the Model 65 will just do as well...)


Jim March
April 30, 2007, 01:10 AM
That 64 is sweet but...dang, is that a short ejector rod or what?

Stephen A. Camp
May 2, 2007, 05:25 PM
Hello. Yesterday I was able to shoot the Model 65 a bit but not a lot. I fired only at 15 yards and only with two 357 Magnum loads: S&B 158-gr. JFP and Corbon's mid-power 125-gr. DPX. I will have to do more shooting to be sure, but it appears that at 15 yards, my revolver hits approximately 1 1/2 to 2" high with the S&B and dead-on (POA = POI) with the DPX. Hopefully, I can get out with a bit wider variety of ammunition and some handloads and do a meaningful evaluation, but so far, so good.

With this load, this Model 65 hit the 2" bullseye with a dead-on hold. With the heavier 158-gr from S&B, it would require a 6 O' Clock hold. Both seemed to group in the 2" range fired DA, standing and using a two-hand hold.

No problems cropped up and it appears that the revolver will probably be satisfactory, but I only shot 50 rnds of the S&B and 12 rounds of the DPX.


May 2, 2007, 05:59 PM
I bought a new 2" 10-11 9/03 - made 1/03 - from a familiar TX-based 'closeout' dealer. That was the best $280 (+ $10 s/h) I ever spent on a new S&W! Of course, the new 6" 66-6 I got the same day - for $350 - was argueably better. It did come with the IL, while that snubby 10 didn't. I ordered the same, although now slated as 'export', wood service boots as your 2" 64 sports from S&W Accessories - great 'dated' look & feel. Of course, your 2" 64 is just the SS version of what I have. Mine is also +P rated, and hits coincident POA/POI at 12-15yd with those Remi R38S12 158gr +P LHPSWC.

The real fun comes at 100yd... sure, no barrel means low velocity and quite a drop (5-6 FEET with some ammo!), not to mention a short sight radius. Still, I still have 'good days', when my shaking is controllable - and, handheld and DA, I can ping a 12"-16" steel plate at 100yd - 2-3 times out of 6. Gotta find that drop first. It was always fun when I was a part-time RO at a public range to ping that plate, especially when the wannabe fall deer hunters couldn't hit it with a scoped hunting rifle from a bench. I was reminded of Bob Munden's aside on an 'Impossible Shot' on Shooting USA - after hitting a balloon at 300yd, I think... looking down he said "Of course, you don't know how big that bucket of bullts is!". Seriously, I predict that the 2" 64 will astound you!

Now, my results with a police trade-in 3" 65 ('88 vintage) weren't so great - it hit low at 12-15yd with those same Remi LHPSWC +P's, dictating the removal of some front sight was required. I elected to leave it alone and sell it, as the 10 had a better trigger, despite the MIM parts! Of course, I immediately regretted the sale...

I found a LNIB 3" 65 - actually a last model, with IL, 65LS - with a slick spot or two at wear areas on it's flat finish, but hardly a hint of a turn line. Nice grips, of course, but the 'LadySmith' is prominent. Still, they are no more... and, the marked $410 + s/t isn't 'terrible'. Decisions!

Congrats on the purchases!


May 3, 2007, 06:09 PM
I'm curious if you've had much experience with the J-frames (especially the 642), and if so, how you'd compare shooting one to shooting the 64 snub (action, recoil, accuracy, etc.)?

Stephen A. Camp
May 3, 2007, 06:14 PM
Hello. I carry a Model 642 daily. As I've heard younger folks say, "It's da bomb" for such. Mechanical accuracy in either revolver is going to be much, much better than what I can wring out of them but in practical terms, I find the larger and easier-to-hold Model 64 considerably more pleasant to shoot. Because of its extra weight, felt recoil is greatly reduced. I can get smallish groups from the ligher and smaller J-frame but I have to work harder than from the heavier K.


Ala Dan
May 4, 2007, 05:49 AM
Great finds there my friend, and as always great shooting and a very excellent
range report.

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