New to the forum - with questions!


May 6, 2007, 11:48 PM
Greetings to all! I'm new to the forum and joined as i recently discovered gun collecting. A bit of history to put this into perspective:

For years, i was happy to plink away with my .22 WMR killing water bottles and soda cans with great joy. I recently wanted something different, so a couple months ago i responded to an ad for a $75 rifle at Big 5 Sporting Goods. I wound up buying a Mosin Nagant 91/30 (it comes with a bayonet!), and found ammo locally at 300 rounds for $30. Definitely my price range (7.62 is cheaper than my .22!). What a cool gun!

Well, i new almost nothing about rifles, but fell in love with the old Mosin and soon learned that there was a whole world of military firearms waiting to be explored.

Moving right along, i just got my firearms C&R license (sending out my letters and copies tomorrow) and Iím ready to hit the market. So now I have questions about buying over the Internet and hope someone can give me some advice borne from experience.

I already know one has to do some good research and know what youíre looking for and what the market prices should be. ButÖ

1. How do you find out if a supplier has a good reputation? Is there a way to check on this? Would it be appropriate to ask in this forum? What part of the forum would I ask this?

2. Whatís this about $10-$20 for ďhand picked?Ē Many suppliers offer this. If some guy reaches into a crate of Mausers and pulls one out, well, itís hand picked. If thereís only one left, itís also hand picked. Does anyone have experience with this ďfeature?Ē Is it worth it?

3. Iím looking for shooters, not collector items. Do suppliers have any responsibility to sell arms that are safe to shoot (assuming, of course, that you use them properly)?

Iíll certainly have more questions later, but itís a start. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Nomad, 2nd
May 7, 2007, 12:20 AM
1. Yes. AIM, and J&G have been good to me. Century has not reciently... but they are THE importer so you'll have to work with them. Classic arms fell on it's face.

2. I do not consider it worth it. (Except POSSABLY rarely.) Not worth if you want a shooter.

3. They should have something like 'PARTS GUN' or 'U FIX EM' or 'WALLHANGER'
etc for nonsafe guns. That said... you are responsable, inspect them yourself...

May 7, 2007, 12:33 AM
Congrats on the Mosin, and on your C&R. Also, welcome to the board! I can't speak to how great certain dealers are, but I have bought ammo from Aim Surplus a few times and been very happy with them.
Also, it is my understanding that "hand selected" means that they will pull X guns out of the crate at random and then give you the best one out of that group. I believe X would be between 5 and 10 as I I have seen it advertised as "Add $10 for best out of 5 hand-picked." As far as the condition of the guns goes, there are different grades to describe their condition, "Shooter Grade", "Rack Grade", "Field Grade", etc. I am not up to speed on what each of those means, but perhaps someone will come along that knows better than I.
You referred to Mosin ammo as "7.62". Usually when I hear someone call a round "7.62", they are in the military and they are abbreviating "7.62 NATO", which is 7.62x51 (AKA .308). Your Mosin shoots 7.62x54R (R=rimmed), which is not the same. There are at least four common 7.62 chamberings that I know of, watch out for that.
Welcome to the wonderful world of THR, and milsurps.

May 7, 2007, 02:48 AM
Well, i am aware of the different flavors of 7.62. I just meant to show that i can buy 7.62x54R for 10 cents a round and .22WMR for 14 cent a round.

That's just not right!

On the other hand, you can shoot .22WMR all day long. After 50 rounds of 7.62x54R, my shoulder was sore for two days.

May 7, 2007, 03:08 AM
Nomad, 2nd,
When you say
Classic arms fell on it's face.

Care to explain? Their site looks good and the prices seem reasonable... is there something a beginner should know about them?

May 7, 2007, 03:12 AM
Welcome. Noticing your intro to milsurp is a Mosin.....


May 7, 2007, 03:37 AM
Congratulations on your "new" Mosin and C&R. Be aware that many vendors like MidwayUSA, Brownells, and Graf & Sons (among many others) offer "dealer" pricing to people with C&Rs. Very nice when buying gobs of ammo, reloading supplies, or other stuff.

Some things to be aware of:

1. Most military surplus 7.62x54R ammunition is corrosively primed. While not a major issue if you clean it promptly, it's something to keep in mind. You can use a common cleaning agent like Break-Free CLP or Hoppes #9 that will neutralize the corrosive agents in the residue (I prefer this, as it's easier, though you do use that little bit more cleaner, so it's slightly more expensive) or you can use soapy water or windex. I like the CLP route, personally. Buy the stuff online in bulk and you can save some cash.

2. You can get headspace gauges from many sources, usually online vendors. They can be very valuable for military surplus firearms with unknown (possibly dangerous) headspacing. Get a go, no-go, and field gauge to thoroughly test this. On guns with adjustable headspace, like many belt-fed machineguns and semi-auto "machineguns" (there's a bunch of semi-auto Browning 1919s out there, for example), this is extremely critical. For bolt-action guns, it's less so, but I'd do it not-wounded-from-an-case-rupture status is more important than $20 or however much the gauges cost.

3. AIM Surplus has a good reputation and has treated me quite well. So has Midway, Grafs, and Brownells though only the former two sell ammo.

May 7, 2007, 10:36 AM
Mosins are good starter guns, and with very little work, they can be accurate enough for the old pie plate @ 200. Some are better than others, though.

As for your questions, you pretty much already got the answers I'd give. If you're new to rifles, do yourself a favor and take the guns you buy to a smith to be checked out. Once you're comfortable with the terminology and have seen good vs. bad, and gain some confidence, then your own set of tools is very handy.

Welcome to THR!

May 7, 2007, 11:53 AM

May 7, 2007, 12:30 PM
Welcome to the forums.

I cant answer your questions, but I do have a love affair with 1911's! Get one! ;)

May 7, 2007, 12:42 PM
Hail and Welcome,
1st Yep J&G and Aim are Reputable, also look into Southern Ohio Gun with a C&R you should be able to see prices unlike us lowly consumers. (Thats a stab at SOG not C&Rs or Dealers)
2nd Hand Picked Shman Picked.
3rd Caveat Emptor with mil-surp always have them checked out prior to shooting them.

Nomad, 2nd
May 7, 2007, 01:08 PM

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