The S&W 25-13MG Advice


Old 112
May 11, 2007, 12:23 AM
I have a chance to pickup a used 25-13MG LNIB. Timing, lockup, and trigger are perfect. It appears to be only factory fired. The store is asking $500. I am seeking some knowledge about this critter, and some opinions. Old 112

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May 11, 2007, 05:38 AM
I prefer SS - and have both a 625-6 & -7 Mountain Guns in .45 Colt. The blued is pretty, but I can look at a blued gun and it'll develop 'character' - scratches and wear. The two 25MG's I've seen didn't have the same quality blue job as my Heritage 24 did - they seemed more black, similar to the new TR 21 & 22 finishes. Personally, I am partial to SS - but if the finish looks good to you on the blued 25-13MG, grab it - that's a very fair price for a LNIB version.

Last August's issue of Guns and Ammo highlighted a similar MG the author had stripped, then Ni/bead-blasted by S&W's Performance Center - and added a red ramp front and white outline rear sight in place of the black/black sights of the typical MG. When I had to replace my 629MG last year, I opted for a standard 4" 629, as it comes with, among other things, the rr & w/o sights. Such a choice isn't possible in .45 Colt, of course, these days - we have to accept what is available.

I now have had two MG's, a 7.5" .454/.45 Colt Super Redhawk, and a 5.5" SS .45 Redhawk. The Rugers wouldn't group as well at 25yd as the MG's! Of course, the MG's are more 'pointable', too - that MG design, with the tapered tube/partial lug, really points well. Recoil - even with a bit more oomph than standard .45 Colt SAAMI loads, is fine with the Ahrends cocobolo square conversion stocks, which I believe the 25MG came with. My original S&W, the 625-7 in the picture, sports them, while my 'newer' acquisition, the older -6 version with hammer mounted fp and forged parts, sports S&W crimson ironwood Dymondwood Combats. Good luck!


May 11, 2007, 05:50 AM
I'd offer $500 OTD for it, and if it didn't go, would negotiate much, but that's me. Seems to be a good shooting gun, but I don't know much about the quality of S&W .45 revolvers of late. I know of many horror stories from earlier production where cylinder mouths could be as large as .458 or .459 inch. Those guns probably aren't going to be worth much at all without some help from a smith and a new cylinder.

The Model 25 can probably shoot many 250-265 grain rounds at 1000fps without a problem, but I'd bet that going much beyond that would tend to beat the gun up. The pointability that Stainz speaks of was recently reiterated to me with the Model 28, the "Mountain Gun" that came before the Mountain Gun.

Side note: Stainz, how do you feel about the round grips on that lower MG in your pic? I have a set in Camo and it feels a lot like gripping and shooting a banana. Finger grooves are not a good fit for me, either. Just curious if it's just me. Edit: I see now that yours are custom Combat grips, and mine are (I think) Hogues, but mine look almost similar.

May 11, 2007, 06:07 AM
I think the exit bores on a 25-13 will be fine - that is the latest variant and it was the much earlier version that was oversized.

What's wrong with gripping a banana, other than they are kind of a 'one-shot'? I like the grip - some days - other days, it's time for the Ahrends. There is no accounting for grip taste... I like the Ruger version of the 'bird's head grip' - I even fitted a QPR BHG frame to my .44 SBH!

.45 Colt MG's are great 'shooters' - and my idea of a true 'woods/packin pistol'.


May 11, 2007, 10:32 AM
I had one and really liked it, but the blued finish turned me off for a "mountain gun". I'd likely pick one up again for a good price in stainless. I paid $475 for mine in similar condition to the one you're looking at. I traded it for a SIG 220R in like new condition several months later.


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