Thought I was going to get harrassed or arrested by the cops at Wal-mart today


May 15, 2007, 01:31 AM
So I go into walmart in Jeffersonville, PA and inquire about their $10.97 boxes of CCI blazer brass 45 ACP ammo. I was interested in ordering 60 boxes of the 45 and 40 boxes of the 40s&w as the prices seem to be sky rocketing and I wanted to stock up for a few months. Well I am told by the guy behind the counter that there is a limit for ammo purchases and I cant order that much at one time. I politely asked if this was a state limit or walmart corporate limit (knowing full well there is no state limit in PA...yet) The gentleman behind the counter says that he isnt sure, and looks VERY worried that I wanted that much ammo. I explain that ammo prices are rising and I wanted to stock up to try to ease his mind a bit. He calls his manager and asks me to wait right there, his manager asked to see him. I wait...and wait...and wait some more...about 7 minutes later I see 3 police officers walking very briskly through the store right towards me. I am already thinking how much of a pain in the ass this could turn out to be when they stop about 15 feet short of me. It turns out that they had responded to a woman who called 911 because someone threatened to break her leg if she didnt move her cart :scrutiny: and she was pressing charges. I almost forget why I am there while watching the circus act that ensues until the walmart employee finally comes back and states that he can order the ammo for me, but the purchase will have to get cleared by the manager and he cannot guarantee me that walmart will actually let me purchase all the ammo once it comes in. He suggests I call the corporate office to see what their actual limit on ammo purchases in the state of PA is before I order

Although I was entertained by the two women and 3 cops and the sob stories that went back and forth, I think this experience has finally convinced me that it may be time to start reloading....:uhoh:

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May 15, 2007, 01:35 AM
Yea.. all Wal-Marts seem to be different.

At the Wal-Mart I go to, the clerk will go in the back and get you a case of WWB if you want :)

May 15, 2007, 01:38 AM
Stormy, just be glad that it wasn't the day after Thanksgiving.

You'd need body armor.

May 15, 2007, 01:38 AM
Strange about your Wal-Mart, mine is very good about large purchases. All the regular employees in Sporting Goods are very helpful and pretty well informed about guns and hunting. I know at least two of the three are shooters. Oh, and they are all ladies!

May 15, 2007, 01:40 AM
Heh I know that feeling where you sweat it, even though you haven't done anything wrong! You should have said "Hey officers, some lady won't move her cart, so I'm trying to get some ammo to solve the problem." LOL just kidding.

I can't imagine what if they did confront you, it would be about, other than harassing you.

You can't blame employees though, putting them at ease is about all you can do. With everything that's always in the news, you know the employee is thinking "I don't want to be the guy that sold a wacko ammo for his spree" ... ;)

Evil Monkey
May 15, 2007, 01:52 AM
How about you don't go to Wal-Marx anymore. Spend your money at gun shops.

May 15, 2007, 02:02 AM
How about you don't go to Wal-Marx anymore. Spend your money at gun shops.

I usually order in bulk from Natchez, but my local shop doesnt give discounts anymore on orders by the case and I just cant afford 17 or 18 dollars a box of ammo. If it means I have to sell my soul to the devil so I can shoot more...I would probably do it. Natchez has raised the price to 12.00 a box plus shipping, last month it was 9.49 a box. when ammo goes up $2.50 in 20 days, I worry and start to look at other options, even if its wal-mart.

Evil Monkey
May 15, 2007, 02:45 AM
I just refuse to buy from such places because of potential rude treatment. I hate that crap. I'm not going to stand there while Mr. Goodie 2-shoe son of a gun tries to make a terrorist out of me.

At a gun shop or gun show, I can relax and buy whatever the hell I want without some bigot getting smart.

May 15, 2007, 02:56 AM
Actually, as much as I do like to bash wal-mart, this guy was really nice. He was also either misinformed or following a BS store policy, but he was very nice about it and very friendly, but obviously worried for his job and quite worried that someone would need so much ammunition. I am certainly not defending him or wal-mart, but I would be lying if I said he was rude.

May 15, 2007, 03:46 AM

Have you ever considered getting a multi-stage reloading press? I'm sure you can make .45 ACP ammo for half that with one. It'd save you the hassle of dealing with sheeple who assume you are a madman.

May 15, 2007, 04:12 AM
I hadnt considered a press of any kind until today, I know have a few threads in the handloading forum and I am strongly considering one. If I invest the 1200 or so dollars I was going to spend on ammo, I could have a nice reloading setup it seems...

May 15, 2007, 04:26 AM
They are all different, I have bought cases of .223 from one and they same store different employee wouldnt sell me handgun ammo.

May 15, 2007, 04:26 AM
With a decent press it really wouldn't take you long to make a few boxes of ammo. Plenty of people on here reload the .45 ACP and they're more than willing to help.

Be sure to pick a powder that will safely fill up the case so you don't have to worry about double charges.

May 15, 2007, 04:30 AM
1200 will get you a great progressive into the Dillon top of the line with many goodies. I've read good things about Hornady LnL models and really like their LnL die holders for setup time changes. I haven't made that plunge yet, but I can definitely tell you they are worth the timesavings having spent an hour or so changing calibers on my inadequate RCBS piggyback.

Spend the money on your basic good progressive press, get some supplies, then crank em out.

And yes, Wal Mart is always good entertainment.

El Tejon
May 15, 2007, 07:34 AM
I purchase .22s by the case at Wal-Mart.:scrutiny:

May 15, 2007, 07:43 AM
Sounds to me like the clerk and his boss were just involved in CYA when confronted with something they didn't know how to handle. Probably never sold more than three or four boxes of ammo to any one person before.

May 15, 2007, 08:52 AM
My local Wal-Mart doesnt even sell ammunition anymore.

May 15, 2007, 08:54 AM
Fair question if you're the clerk and don't know--as long as he was approaching it from the standpoint of championing your desire for ammo.

I used to tell my people to sell the carpet off the floor is the client wanted it.

May 15, 2007, 09:28 AM
I got my C&R FFL, so now I get discounted ammo delivered to my door:neener:
Man I loathe Wal-Mart, nothing like sub-par goods, hoards of people and employees who look like they'd rather die than be there (not that I blame them).

May 15, 2007, 09:38 AM
You might have just asked how many you could buy at once, got those, then come back a few minutes later and done it again, repeat as needed until you had enough. Lots of hassle, though, and no telling if that would have set them off.
I don't go into WalMart. They're shutting down American small businesses and increasing our trade deficit with China.

High Planes Drifter
May 15, 2007, 09:49 AM
I hate going to Wal Mart; I'll only go as a last resort. herons' right on, they put the mom & pops out of business wherever they pop up.

May 15, 2007, 10:04 AM
If I invest the 1200 or so dollars I was going to spend on ammo, I could have a nice reloading setup it seems... If you are spending that kind of money on ammo you should seriously consider reloading.

You'll not only end up with better ammo, but you'll learn a lot about it as well. Check and see if you have a reloading shop in your area and then go talk to the guys running it. They might even know of an NRA instructor or another reloader around there that could help you get started.

May 15, 2007, 10:20 AM
For $1,200 you can get everything you need to start cranking out your own. If you already have empty cartridges saved up you're already ahead of the game. If not, check with a local gun range or watch e-bay. You should be able to get .45 brass in 1000+ lots for no more than 4-5 cents each delivered, and .40 for even less.

Before you buy equipment and supplies, look into getting your C&R FFL. Many of the online retailers such as Midway offer significant discounts for C&R holders.

Caveat: If you've never reloaded, find someone local to meet with and learn from. To show you how and help you get started. Progressives aren't the easiest thing to learn on, and reloading is serious stuff. Check out the reloading pages here at THR. Lots of people happy to help you get started and guide you along.

May 15, 2007, 10:41 AM
At the Wal Marts around me (suburban MD), the people working the firearms counters have never had any idea what I was talking about when I asked for ammo, and I had to pay for it at that counter.

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted the first time I bought ammo at the Wal Mart in Morgantown, WV. I asked the guy for the box of winchester 9mm (which, around here causes the person to put their hand on a random box of ammo while I say "to the left, now down, nope, the one above that"). To my surprise, his response was "full metal jacket or hollowpoint?" :eek: I hesitated for a minute, because I was taken completely off guard and told him which ones I wanted. He then handed it to me (around here, they ask to see your ID and can never seem to figure out where the birth date is) and started to walk away. I asked if I needed to pay for it at that counter and his response was "you can if you want, but you don't have to." I was even more surprised when the teenage girl at the register at the front of the store rang up my 250 rounds of ammo as if it were no big deal.

May 15, 2007, 10:55 AM
60 boxes? that's 3000 rounds... start reloading.
40 boxes? that's 2000 rounds... start reloading!

You were staring a $1000 invoice in the face there. Why in God's name not start reloading? You said that's a few months supply, I'd practice with lead.

Alright, check this out...
The equipment to reload pistol cartridges is about $250 for a good basic start up set with a scale and a 4 hole turret press. You can go cheaper (or more expensive) With a turret press you can crank out a few hundred rounds per hour... has brass for cheap as snot, and you can find lead for 5 cents a round... so, if you figure in that a primer is 2 cents, lead is 5 cents and powder is at most 3 cents, then you're talking about 10 cents per round.... versus the 22 cents or so that you were about to pay for that blazer brass.

ok, so at 22 cents a piece versus 10 cents, you save 12 cents per round. At 12 cents per round, how long does it take to pay for your $250 reloading supply? The arithmetic looks like this... (250 / .12) = 2083 or so rounds.

You were about to buy 5000 rounds... so, it would have paid for itself twice. If you shoot that much, be sure to keep the brass and sell it to me.

May 15, 2007, 11:02 AM
The only thing I've had the Xmart people say to me is "hrmmm, I'd guess you're over 21". :)

M2 Carbine
May 15, 2007, 11:06 AM
I hardly ever buy ammo at Wal Mart but about the time the ammo prices started to rise I bought all the WWB 9mm they had, for $4.38/50.

I offered to leave them a couple boxes for the shelf but they said go ahead and take it all.:)

The price on their new order was $7.88/50. I don't know what it is now, about $12 I guess.

+1 on the reload your own.
I just loaded 1,500+ 38 Special for $2.00/50 and I'm completing another 1,500 40 S&W for about $2.75/50. Then I'll probably load 3-5 thousand 45ACP at a cost of about $$3.00/50.
(actually lower since I was recently given a keg of powder that will load about 7,000+ rounds:) )

Even on my old, somewhat slow Dillon press I load over 350 pistol rounds per hour, at a cost that's less than half the cost of factory ammo.

About the original subject.
I stand my ground when a store tries to pull that type of stuff.
I wanted to buy ALL the 22LR CCI ammo a K Mart store had on sale. The manager told he wouldn't sell it to me. I went outside and called the Better Business Bureau. They said thay have to sell me what I want unless there's published limits.
I was going to leave the store some ammo but since they had tried to jerk me around I told them I'll take it all.:D

May 15, 2007, 11:07 AM
Wow never had problems like that at the Wal Mart around here. I just tell them what I want and they go right to it.

So lets hear more about the ladies and the cart :)

May 15, 2007, 11:27 AM
I called mine up recently to ask about buying cases. They told me to call them in advance and they'd be happy to order however much I need.

May 15, 2007, 11:35 AM
the biggest problem I've ever experienced buying ammunition at Wal-Mart is finding the "associate" with the magic key who can help me.

"Does anybody work here?" (echo....echo...echo...)

May 15, 2007, 11:37 AM
It must be spring...

Becasue we all know that Mom and Pop stores hired people for a Billion dollars an hour, offered benefits to all and offered the lowest prices possible.....

And no other companies at all buy chinese made goods. None, nope, they all buy american made goods. Why, I went into a JC Penneys the other day and everything was made with US Flags and handspun ktten fur.

The employees at my local Wally world seem happy and content and you can barely see the lobotomy scars. Seriously, Wal-Mart does not chain them to their cash registers. There are help wanted signs all over the place at Mom and Pop stores looking for help. I wonder why the Wal-Mart zombies stay there.... Hmmm, must be some reason.... can't quite put my finger on it.... something about "Best altern... alternat....." hmmm, it is escaping me.

Honestly, we really need to have mandatory econ classes in school.

I buy ammo and other things from Wal-mart. I buy guns and accessories from people on the web and from local gun shops. I will never buy anything from the Gun/Pawn shop here in longmont as I don't relish the thought of being bent over their counters. So, I will buy from whomever gives me the best value for my cash. That may not be the best price, BTW. The most utils for my buck is where I will shop.

For ammo, I dont care where it comes from, it is a commodity. I will buy it in bulk and at the cheap. for guns, and accessories, I will shop my local stores as I want the service, want to be able to handle and fondle and that is worth a few buckages to me.

May 15, 2007, 11:57 AM
"Honestly, we really need to have mandatory econ classes in school."
I don't see how that changes things in your local economy. If wal-mart is such a horrible place to work, folks will leave and go to the ma and pa places.

maybe it's the whole job stability, 401k match thing that keeps folks at walmart. Maybe they are bound by the rules and are required to tell a manager before they sell off a hundred boxes of ammo to one guy. Makes sense to me.

If I went to walmart and asked for 100 boxes of anything, I'd imagine some fella would have to mention it to a manager. A kid in a blue smock isn't going to have the rights that a manager does, or at least they shouldn't.

I'm working on my MBA now, my undergrad work was in MIS. I am honestly considering a second job at walmart when they get the one near my home built...and I'd like to think I have a pretty good grasp of economic theory.

May 15, 2007, 11:59 AM
Walmart is not your local midwayusa. Having worked in retail, it's more important for them to have items on the shelf than not make a sale. Since some people habitually hoard ammo, playstations and etc. They've had to make a policy so one guy can't come in once a month during their delivery dates and buy all the ammo/playstations. You lose customers when you are constantly out of stock. It's better to force people to share.

May 15, 2007, 12:03 PM
Time to start reloading. If you use that much ammo you would pay for the press in a year or two AND you would have ammo that is more consistent and tuned for your needs.

May 15, 2007, 12:04 PM
I know some stores won't sell large quantities of anything to just one person, not just ammo. Milk, soda, whatever. If you ask to clear the shelf they say "no" because they want to be able to sell to anyone that comes in and not just one person.

Personally I think that is equally or maybe even more stupid as if just one person is buying they are for sure getting the money instead of the inventory sitting there waiting for other people to come by.

Working Man
May 15, 2007, 12:36 PM
Personally I think that is equally or maybe even more stupid as if just one person is buying they are for sure getting the money instead of the inventory sitting there waiting for other people to come by.

It goes to having repeat customers. If when a person goes into a certain store
and most of what they want is gone (even if just that day) they will go else ware to get it.
The next store down the street might have what they need and that person is more likely
to return there the next time they are needing something.

Jorg Nysgerrig
May 15, 2007, 12:38 PM
I know some stores won't sell large quantities of anything to just one person, not just ammo. Milk, soda, whatever. If you ask to clear the shelf they say "no" because they want to be able to sell to anyone that comes in and not just one person.

Personally I think that is equally or maybe even more stupid as if just one person is buying they are for sure getting the money instead of the inventory sitting there waiting for other people to come by.

No, it isn't equally or maybe even more stupid. Here's why. Let's take your milk example.

Supermeglomart sells milk for $2 a gallon, which is a mere nickel over wholesale and a quarter less than Megagrocerymart sells it for. Joe Dealshopper comes in and buys all 10 gallons of milk on the shelf and leaves. Supermeglomart obviously has made all they wanted off that milk, because if they wanted more, they would have increased the price, right? No sir. Supermeglomart has found through customer research that 8 of out of 10 grocery shoppers will go to the shop with the lowest price on milk, assuming the milk is in stock. They have also learned that 9 out of 10 people who buy milk buy other things while they are at the store. So, Supermeglomart makes a mere nickel off milk because it knows that when Susie Breadwinner comes in for milk, she's also buying 2 boxes cereal (25 cents profit per box), 3 pounds of hamburger (45 cents profit), and a tasteful shade of red lipstick. (
$1.87 profit.) Bringing her total purchase to $2.87 profit. Repeat this 5 more times and it's clear that even with 4 gallons of milk on the shelf, Supermeglomart has made 22 times as much profit.

However, if Supermeglomart is regularly out of milk, Susie goes off to Megagrocerymart to buy all her groceries since she is so busy with soccer, dance lessons, and sporting clays that she doesn't have time to make two stops to see if Supermeglomart has it in stock.

Sage of Seattle
May 15, 2007, 12:39 PM
everything was made with US Flags and handspun kitten fur.

While I disagree somewhat with your position on Wal*Mart, Dravur, I'm laughing too hard to actually form coherent sentences...

May 15, 2007, 12:49 PM
How about you don't go to Wal-Marx anymore

O MY G*D ........................:barf:

That makes ZERO sense , zip , nada .

May 15, 2007, 12:49 PM
The last time I shopped for ammunition at a WalMart, the worker had to ask me what a 12 gauge shell was. :confused:

At Dunhams, I can purchase all the ammunition I can carry, and that their employees can carry. They are simply happy to have the sales. :D When I walk in, they smile and say, "Here's our best customer!"

What a difference!

May 15, 2007, 01:27 PM
I am conflicted concerning shopping at Wal-Mart. Still, I made some ammo purchases from them recently; basically clearing the shelves a few times of Blazer Brass .45. Never had any problems.

Sniper X
May 15, 2007, 01:34 PM
Speaking of sheepish stores didn;t Michael (idiot lyer) Moore get KMart to stop selling handgun ammo?

May 15, 2007, 01:42 PM
actually...another point about walmart and ammo.
Walmart has federal 12 ga slugs for $2.67 for a box of 5. They must be alotted only 1 box on the shelf, because I've bought about four boxes, one each week, since I got my remington 870.

They're the cheapest, but me buying their single box completely wipes out their stock. The guy at the sporting goods counter told me "We DO NOT have any ammo in the back, all ammunition is kept under this counter and locked." That may or may not apply to the shotgun ammo, but if I worked there I'd take more than one box out to the shelf if it were me. Just makes sense to put as much on the shelf as is possible.

Also, if you look up next time you're at a retailer, you'll see that they usually overstock a lot of items. Walmart's policy on ammo is to keep it locked up though. For some reason, however, shotgun ammo is exempt from this policy...that I just don't get.

May 15, 2007, 01:55 PM
Wal-mart rarely hires a knowledgeable gun person to run the counter. Here in CO it is different. I know 2 wal-mart counter monkeys who know a TON about guns and they work there part time for extra balogna money.

Here is the other shoe. If you go into Electronics, Captain Pimpleface cannot answer my questions on the pixel resolution of a flat panel monitor.

In the bra department, the woman cannot fit me for a bra. Ok, cheap shot, I am a guy.

But you see the problem. If you are a firearms expert, you do not work for Wal-Mart. No slam on Wal-mart, but if you have real skills in bra fitting, electronics or handguns, you work somewhere else. Wal-mart is great for young people to get the skills so they can move on with life. If your goal is to be a cashier, then Wal-mart has your job.

Also, I admire that Wal-mart hires older folks to be greeters, etc. They provide employment to people who simply have no other choice and that is commendable. These people may not be employable otherwise. And yes, I know that Wal-mart is blasted for "Not paying a living wage" etc. There is a clearing price point for every job and they pay competitiive just like everyone else.

May 15, 2007, 02:11 PM
Wal-Mart uses a JIT computerized Inventory system. This means that based on prior sales and trends, they keep a quantity on hand to meet the demands. When this quantity drops below a certain level, the system automatically orders more and the automagic processing system finds the prioduct at the local warehouse and sends it to shipping, the magic trucks come rolling by with an exact shipment designed for that store.

It's like the Oompah Loompahs work for Wal-Mart. The warehouses work the same way, having X number of days worth of product on the floor and a direct batline into all thier producers. The producers are sitting on a mound of their product just waiting for that call from Wal-mart so they can take the vacation in Hawaii.

It does seem odd that their reorder level for slugs is 1 box. Especially in the light of, they keep selling said box. It should be popping red flags all over that the inventory level should be raised.

Also, on sale items, alot of stores will limit the number to allow multiple people to get the "Good" deal and to make the most people happy. Alot of stores do this.

May 16, 2007, 01:39 PM
After reading through "yet another Wal*Mart thread" I figured I might as well actually do something.

So I called them -- see report here ( -- and my follow-up letter will say essentially the same thing.

I want gun counters in superstores. I don't care if all they sell is .22 rifles.

I want firearms in stores to be commonplace and unremarkable.

I invite all of you to call and write to their corporate phone bank (800-WAL-MART, that's 800-925-6278) and tell them you want them to either bring back the guns or expand what they carry.

I'm sure if the call/letter count is only a few or a dozen they'll blow it off.

I wonder what hundreds of calls and letters would do?

Yes, I understand the place is in the hands of soulless MBAs.

Give them a reason to rethink their position.

May 16, 2007, 02:00 PM
I shop at walmart because I cant afford to order in bulk, and midway RIPS ME A NEW ONE on shipping. they routinely have the best prices on anything I want, until I look at the shipping costs. The cheapest price my local gunstore has on .40 S&W is 13.99 for Remington UMC (50 pack) I can get a 100 pack of WWB for 19.95. Same thing from midway (WWB) is 37 bucks.

Wal-mart has my dollar for now.

(Anyone have any lee carbide dies for .40 they need to get rid of? :D )


May 16, 2007, 02:09 PM
this experience has finally convinced me that it may be time to start reloading...

Do it and don't look back.

May 16, 2007, 04:43 PM
$1K for ammo?!

Here's what one thousand will buy you:

A Dillon XL650, complete with case feeder and all four shellplates;
About three or four complete caliber conversion kits of your choice;
Spare tool heads and stands to set the conversions up in;
A good quality scale;
A kinetic bullet puller and:
A good case tumbler with walnut and corn cob media.

Add to that about two or three good reloading references and you're ready to go. I would also probably spring for a good used single stage press (if you shoot magnum length cartridges but not that often, this will come in handy) to help you get into the swing of things.

You will get all kinds of advice on dies, but I have never gone wrong with good old Lee dies. Most of my dies are Lee; I don't have to worry about a small based sizer for .223 and .30-06, the Lee dies do an excellent job there. And, for ANY ammunition loaded for semiautomatic rifles, the Lee Factory Crimp Die is an ABSOLUTE necessity.

As for case life, I have roughly 3000 pieces of .45 ACP brass. I have been loading the SAME brass now for over ten years! I routinely toss cases if they crack or split--other than that, I have had ZERO problems. Get good cases to start with--Starline makes the best new cases, IMHO--also, brass cases seem to last longer than nickeled ones.

One thing any reloader worth their salt will tell you: Avoid AMERC marked brass like the plague. The only good AMERC case is an AMERC case crushed and put in the scrap pile.

One other thing, reloading is addictive. Once you turn out a bunch of bright, shiny, look-like-new reloads, you probably will buy very little store brought ammo again.

May 16, 2007, 05:35 PM
Just a question for you other folks who live around Wal-Marts that still sell ammo; do they keep ALL ammo behind locked cabnets? I'm just wondering, because the only ammo they keep locked up is pistol at the Wal-Mart here.

On the stocking up part...I wish I knew who around here keeps buying up all the 200 rnd boxes of .223 varmint before I can get some...:mad: I work at this Wal-Mart on my days off (Military) and I see when they get a shipment in, but I always seem to be too late to get day they have 10 or so boxes of the value pack .223 and the next its all gone.

May 16, 2007, 05:41 PM
The store near me has a bunch of Jamaican guys running the sporting goods counter.

Prior to it discontinuing all ammo sales a few months ago, whenever I'd ask for as much as 4 boxes (HOLY MOLY!!!!! WOWEE!!! THAT'S A TON OF AMMO! :rolleyes: ), I'd be asked, "Mon, whych you waunt that mush ammow mon?" to which I'd be left wondering, "What the heck did he just say? Was that English?"

River Wraith
May 16, 2007, 05:55 PM
I usually just buy ammo at gun stores. It's a little more expensive, but it supports them and I don't have to worry about stupid employees.

May 16, 2007, 06:03 PM
"How about you don't go to Wal-Marx anymore. Spend your money at gun shops."

What if you live in a place with no gun stores? Sault Ste Marie, MI has a Wal Mart, Dunhams, and Leitz Sport Center. Those are my choices for buying ammo, and considering that the sport center sells quads, motorcycles, snow mobiles, kayaks, skis, snow shoes and guns, how much shelf space is devoted to ammo? The only "gun store" in a 50 mile radius sells used guns and no ammo. Whoever posted here that he wanted big box stores to sell guns was absolutely right.

May 16, 2007, 06:20 PM
Just a question for you other folks who live around Wal-Marts that still sell ammo; do they keep ALL ammo behind locked cabnets? I'm just wondering, because the only ammo they keep locked up is pistol at the Wal-Mart here.
IIRC, the shotgun shells and .22 ammo are out on the shelf. Anyway, the 550 bulk packs of .22 are always out on the shelf - that's all that I ever buy at walmart.

May 16, 2007, 06:23 PM
What they have in the store depends a great deal on who is running the section, and how much they sell. I am fortunate that the WalMart closest to me has a "gun guy" running the sporting goods, a collector and shooter himself. He always has plenty in stock, unless something happens and they short him on shipment.

I was in there a couple of days ago, getting my usual 9mm WWB and asked about .45 since I didn't see any at all. He said it didn't arrive with the rest of the shipment, so he had increased his order to 20,000 rounds and he would have plenty next week. I asked about 9mm quantities and he told me he generally gets 25,000 rounds of the 9mm at a time and always likes to have at least 2,000 rounds in stock. He sells me whole cases, but the manager won't let him discount it any more. They usually have a good assortment in the case and the rest is kept in the back.

I don't know about your store but I think if I asked him to stock ammo they didn't have he would probably start ordering it. He will order any shotgun or rifle, the WalMart website lists everything that is available, which is a much bigger selection that what they normally stock in any of the stores.

They just remodeled and took out the two round gun cases and put in a long case on the wall. Apparently guns and ammo move pretty quickly in that store, so they are going to stay.

May 16, 2007, 06:30 PM
At the stores here, the only thing NOT locked up, or at least behind and underneath the counter, are shotgun shells.

Anything that has a slug in a brass/steel/aluminum case is under lock & key or under the counter.

And they've started carrying Blazer Brass in .40 S&W and .45 ACP, priced so that 2x50 costs less than WWB 1x100.

Guys, we want Wally World to keep carrying guns & ammo.

Call and write. It's not hard.

They don't come out here and read the boards.

We have to go to them.

May 16, 2007, 07:45 PM is really.....

Write in "None of the above"

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