Ruger 77 vs Ruger No. 1


30-06 lover
May 22, 2007, 12:34 PM
I have been looking for a rifle for a VERY long time and just can't decide which to get. I have saved and have about 1,500 to spend, but this has taken me a long time to get, so when I get a rifle, I want to make sure it is one I really like and that will last me for years to come. The rifle I am looking for is going to be for hunting. I like to go to the range and shoot, but I don't need a sub rifle. If I can get my gun to consistantly group 2-2.5 inches, that will be fine. I have looked at the Rem 700, and I just can bring myself to like it for hunting. I looked at the Weatherby Vangaurd and don't like the way it feels. I looked at the Tikka, and it is only okay for me and hard to find where I live. I was at the store ready to buy a Savage, but the accutrigger is just not for me (I wear gloves when I hunt), and the bolt is really hard to strip to clean I hear.

So here is my question..what do you all think of the rifles Ruger makes? I have heard that their rifles are inaccurate, but my definition is a little different than a bench shooters. Will a 77 or No. 1 be accurate enough for deer hunting out to 300 yards? (That is overestamated of my usual 150-200) Of the two what would you all get for deer and black bear hunting out to 300-325 yards MAX. The 77 is apealing to me because it is a repeater and I am going after bears, the bolt is one piece, it has CRF, I can lock the bolt shut, and I can get an aftermarket trigger for it. The No. 1 has a longer barrel, I don't have to worry about repeater malfunction, single shots have always been apealing to me, and the gun has a sexy look to it. Thanks!!!!

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May 22, 2007, 12:41 PM
IMHO Ruger makes a good Rifle. Triggers can be made better, acuracy should be great for a hunting gun.

Stump Water
May 22, 2007, 01:06 PM
Ruger makes fine rifles.

I have a 77 in 300 Win. Mag., a 77V in .22-250, and a #1V in .25/06.

All three will shoot minute-of-groundhog out to 400 yds. as long as the nut on the trigger is tight.

Provided the smith knows what he's doing, the factory triggers can be made excellent.

If there's a bear in your future go with the 77. "Repeater malfunction" won't be a problem.

May 22, 2007, 01:17 PM
I had a Ruger #1 that I took deer/elk hunting when I lived in Montana. I found a couple of things that made it not a good rifle for packing around.

The shotgun style tang safety would have a tendency to go from "safe" to "fire" if it got bumped around an snagged on clothing when I was carrying it with the sling. Also, it was a little heavy for packing around. I did shoot a couple mule deer with it, but ended up selling it so I could buy a Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle. And luckily on the mule deer, I hit them with the first shot, but it would have been hard to get a second one off.

Now, if I were stand hunting, like they do down here in Texas, the #1 would be fine.

May 22, 2007, 01:21 PM
Have you looked at Kimber's rifle offerings?

May 22, 2007, 02:28 PM
Of all the "factory" bolt-actions available, I've always favored the 77. It's rugged, accurate, reasonably priced and has "classic" lines. I've only owned one Number One (a varmint barreled .220 Swift) but it is, hands down, the most accurate rifle I've ever shot. The 77 vs the No. 1 is sort of an apples/oranges proposition though, imo. If you want/need more than one round, the 77 is obviously your only choice of the two. If you know all you'll ever need is one shot, a No. 1 with its inherently shorter length (barrel size being equal), simplicity of operation and classic good looks becomes a viable candidate.
Like so many other choices between two good firearms, you can hardly go wrong with either (I'll resist the urge to suggest buying both of them- oops, I just did! :) ).

May 22, 2007, 04:26 PM
I have both. One is an old bolt gun with the tang safety. (I think the newer ones come with a 3-position safety like the Win M70's.) It is a 30-06 and is WELL within your accuracy criteria. A good choice indeed.

I also have a #1 in 45-70. I love that gun! A real thumper, accurate and quite fast on shot #2.

You can't go wrong with either. Good luck.

May 22, 2007, 05:24 PM
Both are excellent rifles that will easily shoot sub m.o.a. with just a little work. The only negatives I could think of for the No. 1 would be weight, and Single Shot action although it could be argued that you should not need more than one shot if you make it count and are using the correct caliber still a repeating action does offer some security if you believe you would have the nerve to stand down a charging bear. With a little work you should be able to pick up one of each for the $1500 you have already saved. Then you will need to start working on a scope for both rifles.

Il Duca
May 22, 2007, 05:25 PM
Take a look at the CZ line up. They, IMHO, are one of the best quality rifles out there in the sub-$1000 range, though you can go over that with one. It even comes from the factory with a set trigger, no need for an aftermarket. They are available in calibers more than enough for bear and they usually come with very nice looking stocks. Be sure not to blow your wad on the rifle alone, you'll need nice glass to top whatever you get off.

May 22, 2007, 05:49 PM
77s are good hunting guns with bad triggers. The "Hawkeye" model has a new trigger that I have read is pretty good; I have not fired one myself.

Thought about a CZ 550?

May 22, 2007, 06:56 PM
I have a Ruger M77 VLE in .308 that can shoot sub-MOA, actually shot a 3-round group @ 300yards with a 2.71 inch grouping (bipod, prone, match ammo)

the bolt is nice and smooth and the trigger crisp. I liked mine because it already came with Ruger rings so I didn't need to buy a separate set.

May 22, 2007, 07:01 PM
Either one is plenty good for hunting accuracy. I am surprised the Ruger haters haven't shown up to offer anything and everything as long as it isn't a Ruger.

I haven't shot a CZ, but I must say, the bolt on the couple I handled felt very nice, and they had nice stocks.

30-06 lover
May 23, 2007, 02:03 AM
Thank you all for your replies. I am seriously looking at a Hawkeye blued/wood version. I have few more questions...I have been searching Rugers all over online, and it seems that the new Hawkeye trigger is altogether different and that if I want to replace it, I will have to wait for someone to make it as the MKII trigger is not compatable. Is there truth to that? I have not looked at bolt disassembly. Is it hard to do? I don't need to strip every little spring, just strip it down enough to clean, dry, and lightly oil after each hunting season. I have also read that the rings that Ruger provide are not good quality and that I should buy new rings from a different manufacter. True of false? Again thank you all for the advise and help.

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