M&p 340


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December 5, 2007, 04:16 AM
What he explained about the ring in the cylinder requires me to humiliate myself somewhat...IMO, sir, you didn't humiliate yourself, but just the opposite:
you demonstrated your integrity by admitting that you were mistaken.

People who can't do that humiliate themselves.

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December 5, 2007, 04:31 PM
Sorry if I'm over-posting lately, but had to say: to reward my M&P340 for NOT being a POS, I ordered the S&W branded Crimson Trace grips today :D (the compact ones that cover the backstrap - analogous to CT405). Unfortunately they are back-ordered... :( They are 259+tax+ship = about 285.

Smith also sells the CT305 model, which looks awsome, as it extends lower so you can get your pinkie on the grip, but I passed due to my affinity for pocket-carry.

I'm sure I'll bore everyone with another range report once I get them installed in a couple weeks. Maybe my hand will have healed by then... :p (I'm 1/2 joking, but it is still a little sore - daggone pencil pushier)


December 9, 2007, 07:23 AM
Can we use BreakFree CLP to clean the MP340s? I just officially joined the club and want to clean the pistol; however, I am double-checking as to CLP being safely used on the finish. I use CLP and Rem Oil to clean my 637 and my 642. So, is it safe?

Dollar An Hour
December 9, 2007, 01:09 PM
Ordered a 340 M&P! Looking forward to owning what seems like the ultimate carry revolver. ;)

BTW - will any holsters that fit my 442 also work for the 340?

December 9, 2007, 08:47 PM
gtmtnbiker and Dollar an Hour.

442, 642, 340, all the J frame Centennials 1 7/8 including those with a hammer will accomodate the same holster unless there were a strap you planned to use for the hammered version(s). Even then the holster portion is the same.

I recently started using the Breakfree CLP in the cylinders and barrels of both my autoloaders and revolvers. Prior to that I was using the Outers Tri-Care that came with my cleaning kits. The Outers worked fine. The Break Free seems to be the same in terms of aggression. Follow the directions. As mentioned earlier when I called and asked S&W Customer Service what to use on the DLC they said Hoppes Elite. Hoppes Elite has no ammonia.
Keep any of these cleaners off the Crimson Trace Laser lens. It apparently can be cleaned off but will change the nature of the beam while on the lens, I suspect due to diffusion (scattering) of the photons.

December 9, 2007, 09:49 PM
Well, I'm going to see how the CLP works and as for the laser, I don't use them. I really like the Trijicon night sights on the MP340!

December 11, 2007, 06:56 PM
Everybody seems concerned about damaging the finish on the M&P340. Are they turning out to be fragile? I thought they were supposed to have a very durable finish.

December 11, 2007, 07:04 PM
The finish on my M&P340 is more "durable" than any bluing or parkerized finish that I have had on other firearms. In fact, I think it is possibly even more scratch-resistant than the SS finish on my 640.

But I didn't know that when I bought it. I think most people have general impressions about lightweights based on the history of aluminum-framed firearms. There's a lot more of those sold, I am sure, than the scandium-framed ones. Since I recently bought a used 442 as well, I can now say a SC firearm is a different firearm. Period.

and, DAdams, I am STILL trying to get all the something or other (Gun Scrubber? Elite foaming Bore Gel?) off the CT lens on the 340--it's a PITA. However, the latest scrub brightened the diffusion somewhat, and made it more distinct--the pattern now looks like something we'd see on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Jim H.

Dollar An Hour
December 11, 2007, 09:31 PM
I'm guessing most of you carry the 340 M&P in a pocket holster - which I plan to do quite a bit in my Kramer.

BUT - has anybody found a really nice IWB or OWB holster for the 340 they highly recommend? Seems to me that either IWB or OWB are easier to get to, should you really need the weapon, than pocket carry IMO.

What about the Barami Hip Grip?

December 11, 2007, 09:51 PM
DLC coating was addressed by myself a number of pages ago....Post 60 to be exact, a fine piece of research consuming some number of hours to compile. ;) Really.

Here is a recap.

"Diamond-like carbon or DLC is an amorphous hard carbon. Since the early 1970s, DLCs have been produced for a variety of practical uses. In particular, the "Diamond-Like" term was coined simply to describe its very high indentation hardness, which is between that of cBN and the soft facets of natural diamond and is very dependant on the synthesis technique used to form it. DLC has no other properties which make it appear like natural diamond, CVD diamond or PCD other than this high hardness and excellent scratch resistance compared with "ordinary" hard materials. DLCs can only be produced in thin film form and even sub-micron DLCs have a brown colouration. A consequence of their amorphous structure and the deposition process used is that DLC layers can contain large amounts (up to atomic 40%) of hydrogen."

It's some pretty tough stuff, but it is still a coating albeit chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

I have the same coating on my Kahr PM9, they call it Diamond Black, Ion Bond etc.
I have yet produced a scratch on either yet other than the "swing scratch" created by the cylinder assembly on the 340.

Stop babying these things. Shootem, cleanem, carryem. :D

jfh, were you in on the lens cleaning thread on the 642 thread. I thought someone came up with a method to do it or had contacted CT or some such?

December 12, 2007, 09:46 AM
DAdams: re CT lens cleaning-- I was in on that--but I may have missed some special advice, if somebody came up with a good way to clean the lens.

Whatever is on there may be dried globs or etches on the lens, I can't tell. I've cleaned it several times, and only the last time did it seem to brighten up. Cleaning tools have been the CT-supplied 'wiper' and the gun cleaning cotton-tipped applicators on wooden sticks. I've tried no particular solutions except for Gun Scrubber on the cotton applicator.

I know the original 642 discussion included a link into the CT forums, where they basically just said to "stay at it"--is there anything else to know?

Jim H.

December 12, 2007, 10:22 AM
OK, it was the right morning to tackle this lens diffusion problem, and stay at it until I either solved it or requested an RMA.

I solved it: I found that the problem can be refined as cleaning agent residue 'drying' on the lens. I've lost the technical terminology for this--but we have all watched Windex "evaporate" off a piece of glass. It is the residue left behind on the lens that apparently causes the fuzzy / gaussian / intergalactic images.

I tackled this using a comprehensive approach--e.g., cotton-tipped wood applicators, the CT-supplied swabs, Windex, and Gun Scrubber. It was at about the third attempt--that I flipped on the laser after keeping a windex-wet cotton tip in there for a minute, then removed it--that I watched the pattern change as the Windex evaporated when I activated the laser.

The correct procedure seems to be to

1. Clean the lens with a wet swab, then,
2. Wipe the lens with a dry swab to remove cleaning residue.

Repeating this a few times got the projected beam back to about 90+%--little diffusion, much brighter, and generally focused (not quite as good as new, but much better than before.)

Repeat wiping with a dry swab to improve the beam.

Well, that's one less hassle to deal with.

Jim H.

Dollar An Hour
December 12, 2007, 09:58 PM
Took delivery today of my new 340 M&P. To my surprise it does not fit my Kramer pocket holster for my 442, but I figured out why. I think it's the full underlug barrel, as the Kramer is so detailed in its fit, there is an indent under the barrel of the 442, that makes the 340 a force fit.

I can jam it into the holster, but that defeats the purpose of easy in, easy out.

I'm planning to order a DeSantis as I'm happy with my P32 DeSantis pocket holster.

Trigger is heavier than my 442, but that gun has 600 rounds through it and has been smoothed out internally. I plan to have a gunsmith clean up the 340 too.

December 15, 2007, 11:04 AM
My 340 shipped finally. Hope to have it in my hands by next wednesday. Going to try to look for some holsters today. Dont have much selection locally, will probably end up having to order without trying one out, as usual.

December 15, 2007, 11:16 AM
This is the best pocket holster I've found, been carrying it everday for over 2 years with a 340 in it. He makes it for you and ships fast. under $ 20.00
Mika's Pocket Holsters


Dollar An Hour
December 15, 2007, 11:30 AM
Just ordered a Mika yesterday - he's swamped! Looking at 4 week lead time.

Oh, ordered a Hogue Monogrip as well. Those little Bantams installed at the factory don't really cause me to want to try a .357 of any sort. :)

December 15, 2007, 01:59 PM

With those HM shooting .357 SGD short barrel you wil think you are shooting
.22 Mag. :evil::what::eek: Well they do make a big difference, since you are not dealing with the bare metal of the grip, much more padding and lots to hold on to, which allows your hand to control the torque allowing target acquisition and muzzle flip to be quicker and less.

December 15, 2007, 05:22 PM
I think the HMs extend down quite a bit further (room for your pinkie, right?), and may impede CCW depending on carry method (I pocket my 340).

I'm planning to get the Smith compact laser grip (same as Crimson Trace LG-405). They don't extend down any further, but still cover the back of the frame, and have an "air channel" along the back to pad the meat of your hand against the recoil.

Does anyone know of a non-laser grip that has this compromise - still compact with respect to the bottom of the grip, but extra padding behind the frame?

December 17, 2007, 10:47 PM
Greetings all. I am new to this forum. I have spent the last several years of my gun life on other forums posting mainly about semi autos. I have many of them all shapes and sizes. Of late I have been introduced to the world of revolvers by one of your members, (jfh). I am in fact very near coming over to your side by buying an MP340 with CT grips. Indeed I was so near that I was at the dealer tonight money in hand to place my order. What stopped me is that I noticed that the J frame was actually larger than the Kahr pm40 that I presently carry. I have hard time envisioning stuffing a MP340 into a pocket holster and then into a front pocket of a typical pair of jeans and then trying to move normally. The grip is just so large compared to compact autos.
Am I missing something here or is the answer that you all feel that other snubby benefits out way the concealability handicap?

December 17, 2007, 11:23 PM
Borrow jfh's and carry it around a few days! :D

I don't have much of an answer other than I find it no trouble at all to conceal and comfortably carry in a Nemesis pocket holster, in jeans, khakis, or suit pants. Though you can tell there's something in my pocket, IMHO it prints less like a "gun" than the square printing of an autoloader.

If the grips seem large, make sure you have the LG-405 grips on it, as they make an LG-305 that extends down below the bottom of the frame - better control at the expense of concealability. The LG-405 is still compact on the bottom, but does add some backstrap material. I think they also make one that is as small as the stock Hogue Bantams with no padding. For me the backstrap padding without the extension was the ideal compromise (LG-405). Also, if you care about the little things, if it doesn't have "factory" CT grips, you can buy them direct from Smith and they have the S&W logo, instead of the CTC logo ($259). Same grips though - I think they have equivalents to the 305 and 405..

If, however, I found a .40 caliber autoloader that I would trust 100%, I could shoot as well, and carried as easily, I don't think I would have bought the snub. If you have that relationship with your PM40, I don't blame you for having second thoughts.

Good luck with whatever you decide...

December 18, 2007, 10:03 AM
Tuckerp229's revolver reservations: It's neat to see a new gunny friend showing up on THR--we met at our local club pistol range last fall, on one of those days I was frantically running my "replica load" chrono tests--and we've talked guns once a week since.

At any rate, I thought I'd address the issues he raises here as well.

1. That size / grip issue, or revolvers vs. SAs discussion: Although I own and shoot several semi-autos (and have even intermittently carried them--as small as a Springfield Armory P9 / .40), when I got going with carry again this year, I went directly to a revolver and didn't consider a semiauto. My reasoning was that I wanted a simpler handgun to carry--point and go bang, so to speak, and I didn't want to distract my thinking at a critical time with even semi-conscious thoughts of semi-auto issues.

2. The same simplicity factor applied to DAO selection--I wanted something that could be shot from a (jacket) pocket if needed.

So, to me, the form-factor issues were secondary--the simplicity of operation and shooting for this kind of firearm (i.e., a carry handgun) overrrode all else.

As for pocket carry--well, that really depends on the features of the pants. I've now found a brand of "work jeans" whose pockets are routinely big enough to facilitate pocket carry. See Duluth Trading Company's website.

The final factor in this selection has simply been acclimation--even though my personal threat levels are extremely low because of my lifestyle, I've made a point of simply carrying whenever I am dressed to get used to it. That, combined with a decent pocket holster (Mika) and the roomy pants pockets, and I now feel totally comfortable with it. I've even gotten used to finding my house keys in "the other (front) pocket," although I've carried them in my stronghand front pocket for about fifty years.

Now, one of these days, we've going to show off our respective reloading benches to each other....but that's another story.

Jim H.

December 18, 2007, 12:57 PM
You can make yourself become accustomed to most things. After 3 years of CCW I find myself reaching into my gym shorts right pocket and finding the Mika containing my M&P 340. These shorts are tied at the waist with a drawstring. I have become so comfortable with pocket carry that even in these shorts that I wear around the house I forget the weapon is there. I too have learned to carry my keys after about 50 years in the other pocket. Three years ago when I started carrying any firearm felt bulky and heavy, but now it's all part of being awake and dressed. It's when I reach into a pocket and the weapon is not there that I become nervous.

December 18, 2007, 07:24 PM
Well, I went out and "done it". I ordered the MP340 with the CT grips. It may be in this Friday but more probably next week. Now I'll answer my own question about ease of carry and conceal. What the heck, if I hate it I can always tempt one of you all with it. ;) I wish publicly blame JFH for having converted me to the idea of the MP340.

Just to show the level of my sickness, while waiting for the order paperwork I noticed a slightly used SW 625 with a five inch barrel that looked real tempting. After all the posts on this forum extolling the glories of the moon clip reloading and the ease of shooting the .45 ACP not to mention being wowed by the JM shooting videos, I am very nearly ready to dive into this one as well.

December 18, 2007, 07:36 PM
Good going, Tuckerp229!

Now, about that 625--I'll bet I know where it's for sale--and if I still had some money left right now, I'd steal it out from under you--

Jim H.

December 18, 2007, 08:28 PM
Congratulations, Tucker, you won't regret it... Don't buy anything else yet, let the 340 be the lone "new gun on the block" for at least a couple days! :p

What CT grips are on it, do you know? There are three available:

LG105: tiny as stock Hogue Bantams
LG305: big as Hogue Monogrips - extend backwards AND down from the frame
LG405: in between - padding on the back, but no extension below

I can't tell from the S&W web picture what they are if you got the actual CT model from Smith - either 305s or 405s. :confused:

I think the 305s would far and away be the most comfortable, but I ordered the S&W equivalent of the 405s. I'd love to hear a range report, as my S&W lasers are on backorder for a few more weeks :cuss:

Happy shooting - FranklyTodd

December 18, 2007, 09:02 PM
Thanks all for the encouragement.
I'm afraid I didn't know enough to ask which CT are coming on it. I didn't know one could specify. I simply ordered the factory MP340 with CT grips. I presume they have the SW logo and thought the 405's came standard.

I'll update with a range report after the first pass at he range. Most probably JFH will have to brave the cold to go with me ..... :cool:

December 18, 2007, 09:43 PM
AFAIK, S&W sells only the 405 / boot grip version.

As for the cold--well, see you shoot your own new M&P 340 would be worthwhile, I think.

Jim H.

December 19, 2007, 12:01 AM
Its a deal. We can hit the coffee shop afterwards.

Silver Wings
December 19, 2007, 12:58 AM
I just wanted to that everyone that contributed to this thread. I learned a lot about the M&P 340 and just picked mine up yesterday. I love the size and weight of the gun, BUT the trigger has a 9lb 6oz pull!:eek: Man is it hard to pull the trigger! I'll dry fire it until I can get to the range. Hopefully after a few hundred rounds the trigger will soften up a bit.

I've been lurking around here for 2 years and just registered tonight to thank all of you for the great info.

Silver Wings

December 19, 2007, 09:32 PM
TuckerP229 and Silverwings.

TP229 I have a PM9 and can't say that I have carried it a day since I got a 642 and a 340. The only auto the makes pocket carry for me these days is a Seecamp .380.

When one hears the words "pocket carry" it conjures up images of a seemingly simple and straightforward approach.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth. I suspect it blends more potential variables than any other form of carry. There is no "right" or "wrong" way. It's a personal journey. Holsters, grips, pocket shape, type and depth are the primary variables. Seasonality may allow a jacket or even a bout with OWB carry.

A couple of my favorite holsters (inexpensive ones) are the Mika roundcut (a square cut is available just to further confound) and the DeSantis Nemesis. (TP if you have the DeSantis for your PM40 you will be amazed at how well your 340 will fit in it). Seasonal changes may dictate different carry strategies as you move from slacks to shorts. Where you may be able to use those longer grip CT 305s and Hogue Monogrips in the winter, you will probably go back to the Bantam or 405s during the summer. Have fun and experiment. I have the CT 405s back on after a love affair with the monogrips, but the exposure proved to be too much. I'm going to get a set of Bantams one of these days and try them out. In the meantime I reinstalled the CT 405s. The CT needs adjusting, the last time out I forgot to bring the wrench. :banghead:

Then there all those ammunition choices to try out. Oh what fun.
Anything you need to know about ammo ask JFH, he is our in-house resident expert when it comes to the snubs .38 through .357 including commercial and home brewed roundage.

I think you will come to find the M&P340 one of the most versatile handguns you will ever own. A great blending of a time tested form factor incorporating the latest in metals and materials technology. The 2 inch Centennial format can be very challenging. Remember the intent. Not a range gun, but an effective means of personal defense for close in work. Although it is amazing how lucky, er I mean good one can be on any given day at 8 yards.

Don't forget when you are taking grips on and off. There is a lanyard pin in the butt of the grip. Don't loose it.

JFH, no photos from me on my loading setup yet. I saw it (Hornady LnL) in the box and now it's on the bench in TN, and I am in FL. My son ordered some .45 and .223 plates. I might get a chance to work on things this spring, but then again it will be time to get the boat out. More like next fall.


December 20, 2007, 02:02 AM

Excellent image.
Good composition, placement,
enhancement, saturation, framing, etc.

A very respectful opinion here.

If I was a movie maker,
I'd replace that 642 w/
a 442 in that image.

It's about the color balance.

(And my 442,
like my 642 and mod 65 (http://thehighroad.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=69216&d=1197845338),
would wear a set of full Hogues,
but that's not important in this issue ...)

December 20, 2007, 08:45 PM
Thanks for the insight DAdams. I'm counting the hours hoping for a bit of luck in shipping to bring the gun to my dealer tomorrow instead of after Christmas.

December 21, 2007, 01:26 AM
I ordered one which recently came in.

Price: I did well from the looks of things.
Holsters/carry methods: will carry appendix, pocket, and ankle as needed.
Range Reports: shoots like an airweight with .38+p.
Likes and Dislikes: the lock.

December 21, 2007, 03:36 PM
So, I went to the gun shop to pick up my spanky new MP340CT. After fondling it for several minutes it wound up back in the hands of the SW rep'...........
For a trigger/ action job. He is a retired SW rep' and quite well known for performing magic on Smith and Wesson actions.
So I won't know how this shoots until this Monday. The pain I love but hate...

Still can't keep my hands off the 625. Now someone started a new thread a self defense and moon clips. I don't think I'm going to escape.

December 21, 2007, 03:52 PM
Hi everyone,
I've been enjoying my M&P 340 for a few months now, carry it all the time in a Don Hume H715-M S.O.O.T. Waistband Snap On, shirt untucked.
I can't figure out which cleaner, if any, has ammonia in it. None of the cleaners I use state their makeup. I have the Hoppes Elite stuff but I also have Shooters Choice, Hoppes Bench Rest 9 & Semi-Auto 9 and G96.
Would someone please enlighten me!

Dollar An Hour
December 21, 2007, 08:39 PM
Just got the Monogrips installed and a trigger job done - HUGE improvement over stock trigger - factory springs are still there, but it is amazing what a 'smith can do with polishing and de-burring of internals.

Trigger dropped from 12+lbs out of the box (off the scale of the Lyman gauge) to 9 lbs and much smoother.

Move over 442, there's a new EDC in town! :)

December 21, 2007, 11:36 PM
Trigger dropped from 12+lbs out of the box (off the scale of the Lyman gauge) to 9 lbs and much smoother.

That's quite a weight loss...25%. I must say I am surprised that with the factory springs intact that a fluff, buff and smoothing job would make that much difference.
Kind of like going to Dr. 90210 without going on a diet.

Now I just need to find someone I would trust cracking open the 340. Another 2000 rounds and a good hosing I may get the same results.

jfh do you have a strain gauge? With all the rounds through yours what's your poundage these days?


You going to do a little work on the lock to "fix it"?


What does your 340 makeover consist of? Can you get us a reading on the trigger pull weight upon completion?

December 22, 2007, 12:09 AM
Action jobs on my guns:

1. DAdams, My trigger gauge is lighter--to 6 or 8 lbs, I think--I bought it when I was sorting out semiautos.

2. When my gunsmith did the trigger jobs on the 340 and 640, the guns were essentially new in box. When I had tried to measure the 640, it was off the top with my gauge--and when the 'smith tested it, it was over ten lbs--I think that's where his gauge stopped.

He replaced NO springs; didn't want ignition problems. After he did the job, it was much smoother, but still with the 'bumps,' so to speak, and it still checked out at just over 9 lbs. So, Dollar An Hour's report sounds about right to me.

The 640 now has about 4500-5000 rounds. It is MUCH smoother--and the pull has dropped a bit, but I am sure it is still over 8 lbs. Next time I go up to the 'smiths we'll check it again. I have noted that the used primer hits are noticably lighter than those from the 340, but ignition is totally reliable.

The 340, even after being smoothed initially, felt 'bumpier'--which I take to be the result of the lightweight gun in my then-little-conditioned hand. It too checked out at 9+ lbs after the work It has about 800 rounds shot through it now--and is definitely smoother, but with little perceived drop in pull.

Generally, both guns are getting shot with my 357-lite load--AA#5, 140LTC bullet, which replicates the Speer 38+P 135-gr. PD round. The 640 just feels wonderful; it's fully broken in, so to speak. The 340 I still group slightly bigger with, but I can do sustained rapid fire through 3 cylinders' full now. It still gets gummy on the ejector rod after as little as 60 reload rounds, resulting in cylinder binding and hard trigger pull. The 640 doesn't get dirty until at least 250 rounds with the same reload rounds.

The CT-405 grips on the 340 will again need to be replaced--the recoil pocket is slowly separating again along the left edge, starting at the lower left corner. I have no squawks about that wear--but I will be curious to see how long the 4th set lasts, now that I am gripping better with a well-conditioned hand.

For the record--the first set went about 75 rounds before tearing out; the second started tearing after ten rounds, and these have lasted about 700 rounds--the separating started after perhaps 600 rounds. Nobody else has reported this on the 'net, so I suspect it really my own peculiar problem with the way my hand grips the 340. The CT-305 grip on the 640 still looks / feels like new.

Couldn't be happier with either gun. At about the 1000-round mark or so--sometime this winter--I think I will send the 340 in for a checkup, and we'll see what S&W says. My impression right is that the lifetime of the scandium frame must be similar to the steel guns, maybe better. The finish still looks like new.

Jim H.

December 22, 2007, 12:40 AM
The CT-405 grips on the 340 will again need to be replaced--the recoil pocket is slowly separating again along the left edge, starting at the lower left corner.

I've got these on order from Smith (the one with their logo). This alarms me! Are your replacements under warranty? I can't imagine paying for 4 sets of CT grips!!! :what:


December 22, 2007, 12:46 AM
FranklyTodd: Yes, all replacements have been under warranty. The second set was even sent in at CT's request, after I alerted them about the problem (which I saw as probably a faulty die for the grip molding process).

I even posted a query in this thread, or in the original 642 thread, to see if anyone else had seen this, and no one else has spoken up. So, I think it is my own unique issue with the grips, and I am perfectly satified with them for the obvious (laser) reasons.

CT provides a 3-year warranty on their brand; I don't know what S&W will do after one year--but I wouldn't worry about it. If this is a design flaw in the mold, I'll bet CT has it fixed long before my warranty is up. The benefit of the shorter boot grip for carry and the recoil pocket for lightweight shooting more than offsets the tearing problem I have had, IMO.

Jim H.

December 22, 2007, 11:49 AM
At the risk of ridicule, and giving ammo to the knuckleheads that criticize ultralight magnums without ever having shot one, I think I might have hurt myself... :o

I posted a range report from first time out with the 340, probably 3 weeks ago - I won't rehash it (post 238), but I shot a bunch of .38s & +Ps, and a handful of full load magums - 3 to be exact (factory Hogue Bantams). http://www.thehighroad.org/showpost.php?p=3944723&postcount=238

Not much pain at the time, but my hand ached a little for several days (after the numbness wore off!). Well, yesterday I went and shot 100rds through my Glock 27 (checking out a new trigger spring). G27 has a snappy recoil itself (subcompact .40cal), but has never bothered me (or my hand) at all. NO shooting of the 340 yesterday.

Today my hand is very sore and tingling. :( It feels just like the day after the 340, but maybe even a little bit worse. I doubt anything could be broken, but maybe a bone bruise? I have no idea - I don't need a doctor or anything, but rather some ice, a few weeks off from shooting, and for my LG-405 backstrap-padded grips to come off backorder!! :p

As a side note, after shooting my G27 again, my M&P340 has cemented itself as my primary carry - I love it!! I will have to acknowledge, though, than an indiscriminate use of full-load .357s might lead to some problems for folks! This is not in any way a criticism of the gun or the genre (ultralight magnums), but just wanted to share to maybe help others avoid the same result...

BTW, this won't affect my decision of what to carry in the gun, I still want to try the Speer SB .357s after I heal, but can't find them... Sold out everywhere locally and online...

December 22, 2007, 07:41 PM
I have a decision to make and it involves my concerns vs my employer's policy mandating that I leave it "as is." If it were "just" up to me, I'd fix it.

December 22, 2007, 08:23 PM
Well I did it. Boy did I "did it". My gunsmith called. He finished the action job on my MP340 today two days early. I picked up the gun and dashed to the range. Unfortunately I met the gunsmith at the gun store which gave me just enough wait time to be overcome by the 625. I paid the gunsmith and again the gunshop owner, (for the 625) and dashed helter skelter to the range. Not enough ammo, not the right ammo and not enough moon clips. Happen to also have along a .44 magnum and a .454 casual as well.
I must say that the 340 perks a guy up with those 158 grainers and the Ranger 180's. Boy howdy that gun barks!
The weather didn't co-operate either. Full on temp drop up here in the northland made the outing much shorter.
I learned I have some testing to do to find the right load for practice and then for carry. I need to read up on the CT grips... not even close from the factory.
I did answer my carry question though. The gun has been in my front pocket all afternoon and evening and you guys were right, it just plain disappears.
The 625 was a dream for the 6 rounds I shot. I have some reading to do and equipment to buy before I bring it to the range again.

Question, does Hoppes have the dreaded ammonia in it? The label was no help.

December 23, 2007, 04:27 PM
Has anyone magnaported their M&P 340?

December 28, 2007, 07:08 PM
I have been reading all the good posts for a long time finally joined. I have been cleaning my 340 M&P for the past 6 months with G96 with no problem. Anyone have a problem with G96 ?

December 28, 2007, 10:09 PM
Happy New Year. Some Closing and final thoughts for the year.

Hope you all are enjoying the M&P 340.

I would just like to put this revolver/pistol (and like many) into perspective.
I just got into handguns in late 2006. I think I bought six this year and have my eye on a couple more for 2008. I have been a long gun rifle and shotgun shooter for years.

The good news.

If someone said you can only have one handgun, what would it be?? I would probably pick the M&P 340, due to low maintenance, shoot anything in the .38-.357 and easy to conceal.

Do I like my S&W 686 no dash with the 3 inch barrel, OMG yes. Is my Kahr PM 9 working out ok? Yes, I carry it too.

What do I carry most?? Seecamp .380, seven rounds of SGD 95 gr, one backer mag.
What do I carry second most? 340 with 135 gr SGD for short barrel and a Bianchi Speed Strip with 4 rounds.

What's in my truck? BERSA Thunder .380 with 10 rounds of Golden Sabre 102 gr. with a couple of backer mags.

What's next? Something in a .40 or .45. I have nothing that begins with a four. H&K P2000SK .40 most likely.

So add the 340 to our toolbox, enjoy, it is an awesome J Frame Centennial.

I just put another 50 rounds through mine this weekend. It cleaned up fine and I used a combo of CLP Breakfree, Hoppes Elite, and some Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner. Guess what? The finish is still intact!! :eek: Not a bit of the finish came off on the cleaning rag.

It's nice to know the reliable level round count is getting up there. Thanks JFH.

You guys are getting to the point that I would like to have a easier trigger, although J Frames in general got me working out my grip and wrists, so I don't know if I really need it. I am a crusher now!! This came from exercise and working out.

My factory supplied 405 are at around 100 rounds (had the Hogue Monogrips on for a few hundred rounds) and hanging in there.
I did finally crap them up so they look like the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a drag. I am going back to read the cleaning thread. :D:rolleyes: Pain in the ass.

Here is my thought on the CT grips and shooting in general> I am at the point after shooting regularly for a year that if I can't hit what I am aiming at even in pitch dark w/o CTs, W/O night sites, it is time to hang it up. I can now point and shoot revolvers, SA, and have spent enough time practicing that I am now where I wanted to be. It took a little over a year to get here with professional training, and countless hours at the range. I probably spent over 5K in guns, ammo, training etc this year, but this was a goal I set for myself in 2007 and mission accomplished.

Happy New Year. I'm headed for the Florida Keys for a week and New Years Eve.


December 29, 2007, 07:07 PM
With regards to the Crimson Trace grips...

I stick a small piece of duct tape over the lens before I clean my 642. The lens is recessed so it does not get any sticky on it, nor does it get any cleaning fluids on it :D

Streamer 71
December 30, 2007, 10:18 PM
Gee wizz what a great thread. I have looked and looked for tid bits about the M&P 340 and happened to stumble across this, Very nice. I have yet to shoot my 340 M&P and I cant wait to take it for a ride, it can't be that bad. I bought a Don Hume clip on at a gun show this weekend to get by and also use untill my Kramer pocket holster arrives. I've never pocket carried before so we'll see how it goes. I wanted something small for a grab and go for quick store trips and such instead of strapping on the .45. This has been a very interesting read. Thanks Robert

January 1, 2008, 10:50 PM
Awesome thread. VERY informative. I purchased my new M&P340CT yesterday. I went 2 weeks ago to buy it, and was talked into an XD45 compact by the devil dude that sits on my left shoulder. The angel was off looking at the Evil Black Rifles so I gave in to the devil. Well, after 2 weeks of regreting not getting the M&340 I went back. This gun store gave me exactly what I paid for my XD in trade towards the M&P. I came out okay. So I am now going to order a Mika pocket holster, and go to my local leather store to find the OWB holster I want. Right now it has 125gr+p magtech guardian gold series 38 spcl. in it. I am waiting until my normal round, the Corbon DPX in 357 is restocked at the store. I am carrying it in a cheap nylon iwb right now until I get my mika and the IWB and OWB of my preference. Probably go with a high noon IWB tuckable and a bianchi black widow OWB. I have fired one round through it (t midnight last night) and cant wait to get tom my land locally and snap off a few. I went ahead and got the CT model, and it was $838 before taxes. I have been carrying concealed for about 5 years now, and this is my first revolver. I have carried pretty much everything from full size full weight 1911 to the Kel-Tec P3AT. I must say that this is the perfect combination of firepower, weight, and stopping power (well, shot placement is stopping power, but a good 357 mag DPX round will go a long way). I have read this entire thread start to finish, and must commend each and every person that has posted here. Thank you all for your contribution. So without further wait, here are my pics:

January 5, 2008, 11:09 AM
I finally got to the range yesterday with my little beast again. I think I've found the perfect practice round for my weapon. Very light charge of Win231 with a 158g JSP bullet from Zero Bullets in .357 cases. The first 5 aimed slow shots at a B-27 target (North Carolina Justice Dept standard) set at 7 yds. went into the red center. That was scary enough, but the next 5 point shot (not aimed) at the same distance were all inside the first 2 inner rings. Next the target was moved to 30 ft. and all 10 were in the center with a spread of about 4 inches. Then 10 shots at 50 ft. were all inside about a 6 inch circle. The crowning came when I moved the target to the rear of the range (75 ft.) and the next 10 shots very slowly aimed were all inside a 12" diameter circle, except for one flyer which was about 20 inches low. I used up the rest of the rounds I had up close and personal with very good results. Seeing as how all these shots were off-hand, I think that kinda seals the deal on this round for just playing around.

I had been using 148g wadcutters and doing pretty well, but I kept reading that .38sp and .357mag had their teeth cut on 158g LSWC, so I opted for the 158g JSP loads to keep leading to a minimum. By the way, after over 100 test rounds so far, the cylinder is yet to start binding.

The last shot for the day was a full power .357 in the center of the head at 7 yds. There sure was a lot of difference on the shooting end of the weapon with that one.

I'll load them back up and see if I get some of the same results next time.

I still carry the FBI load as I'm not ready yet to carry full house .357 rounds in a very light weapon, but I'm working on it.

January 5, 2008, 07:28 PM
That is some very impressive shooting. Iv'e never tried anything out that far. I'll have to give 50 feet some time. Truly excellent performance.

I finally got to the range yesterday with my little beast again. I think I've found the perfect practice round for my weapon. Very light charge of Win231 with a 158g JSP bullet from Zero Bullets in .357 cases.

I am assuming you loaded that round yourself? Any idea of the speed?

Great pics TSquare. Thanks for sharing.

January 5, 2008, 10:29 PM
I did load those myself, but I have no chronograph. I would have to guess below 800 fps, though. They are pretty slow, but not so slow as my practice recipe for .45 acp. It's so slow that my son can pull the trigger and I can just about see the bullet all the way to the target if I stand in the next stall.

I shoot so frequently that I really prefer very light loads to keep the punishment down. It's easy to burn up 200-300 rounds in a short while with loads so light, but I do love pulling that trigger!

Just for fun the other day I put a round in the white area around the target at 7 yds and played "hit the original hole". All 5 rounds ended up in a pretty tight circle about 1.5 inches in diameter. I usually play that game with my 6" GP100 and try to make one ragged hole, but the more I work with the snub, the closer the rounds cluster. I have not been able to tighten the circle as much using the 148g BBWC's, but that 158g JSP is amazing with this weapon.

As you know, there has been a lot of discussion lately in the 642 Club about point shooting. I have been trying some of that procedure, but I find it difficult not to look at the sights. There's still a lot of practice I'll have to do to get that procedure correct. When things go south in real life I guess you won't have time to aim, so it seems that's the right way to go.

January 5, 2008, 10:31 PM
I noticed earlier in this thread some had mentioned the Columbia Landers pants. I looked at them and liked the concept but they were made of a rather thin material. I just found and bought these covert Kahki pants They beat the "Landers" by Columbia by a mile. These are well made for long wear using extra heavy weave material in the pants and the pockets. The pockets are "way" generous pockets and the MP just flat out disappears as did a PM40, Colt 1903 pocket pistol and a bunch of other guns.
The inside covert pockets zip shut and are completely out of site the the front pocket opening. There are two mag pockets sewn in the covert pocket as well. These are a great value. I found them for sale for $39.95 at Streichers in Golden Valley MN which apparently has other locations and warehouses in other states. Here is their info and a link to the manufacturer for more info.

Appears in the Categories:

* Gunsmiths
* Police Equipment & Supplies

10911 Highway 55, Minneapolis, MN 55441

(763) 546-1155

manufacturers link, http://www.511tactical.com/index.asp?dept=83&number=74269

January 6, 2008, 12:31 AM
Brassman, Have you had any trigger work done to your revolver, or are these range reports with the factory stock trigger?

January 6, 2008, 08:22 AM
It's the factory trigger. I stage the trigger on every shot except the point shooting. I got into the habit of staging after watching Jerry Miculek on American Shooter several years ago. He said to be as precise as possible with a shot one should use the second pad of your forefinger and use the trigger guard as a guide to squeeze the trigger almost to the break point, then realign the sights and follow through until the trigger breaks. The end of your forefinger actually touches and slides along the edge of the guard. When you get used to a weapon you can squeeze right up to the break point by listening and feeling if the weapon is new. After a few thousand shots the little bumps that you feel along the squeeze go away with wear like on my GP100. It probably has 10,000 live rounds through it and 10,000 dry fires. That's the way I perform every shot except for the point shooting. That trigger pull is just that, a trigger pull and fairly quick. That's why I need a lot of work on point shooting. I'm so accustomed to staging that a real pull feels strange to me.

January 6, 2008, 11:03 AM
I just bought a new M&P 340 with CT last weekend, took it out of the box at the range put nine rounds through it befor the hammer would not fall on the tenth. Now the firing pin does not come out at all. For a 900.00 dollar weapon bought for personal backup I am not pleased. :fire:

January 6, 2008, 11:22 AM
Thanks Brassman. Actually, what you describe is exactly what I have been doing in dry fire. I have yet to get it to the range, but I dry fire at least 50 times a day, mainly to get accustomed to the strong pull, I am coming over from Glocks and XD type weapons. I too noticed if I place my finger just right it stops on the guard and I can pull the rest very easily and keep my laser to a minimum as far as movement. I am gaining confidence in this gun daily. I was a little worried at first, giving up round count and switching to a 2" bbl revolver in DAO, but I feel completely comfortable carrying it now, especially since I hardly notice it since its so light.

Streamer 71
January 6, 2008, 05:31 PM
Wow what a gun,First time shooting my 340 M&P. This is a very accurate little pistol. I feed it 50 rds. of 130 gr. winchester 38 spl. jacketed rounds. Went for 10 rds. of federal 357 130 gr. hydra shocks and it wasn't all that bad just a little bugger on the trigger finger. I think I will opt for a set of bigger grips. Robert

January 6, 2008, 08:56 PM
Welcome to The High Road and the M&P 340 thread.

I just bought a new M&P 340 with CT last weekend, took it out of the box at the range put nine rounds through it befor the hammer would not fall on the tenth. Now the firing pin does not come out at all. For a 900.00 dollar weapon bought for personal backup I am not pleased.

I agree with your displeasure and can commiserate entirely. I have a couple new handgun stories that would :fire: a new owner up also.

One was a brand new S&W 642-2 that I purchased as a back-up for a brand new bottom feeder that was in the shop.....:cuss::cuss::cuss: Unfortunately these things happen....to all manufacturers, including Mercedes and BMW.

Call S&W customer service. They will ask a few questions and issue a roundtrip authorization for repair. If you purchased through a local dealer, they will probably help you out by shipping it out and bringing it back.
You will likely have it back in good working order in under 2 weeks.
Also check with your dealer, they may have their own policy on a new pistol.

Is this your first S&W? If you have not dealt with their customer service before, I think you will find it first rate.

January 6, 2008, 09:57 PM
Thanks for the lead on the trousers. I am definitely going to look further into these, purchase a pair and give them a try.
The Lander was the only thing I have found so far that fit the bill for pocket carry that didn't look too "tacky" aka taktikal, with that overt para military look that just won't fly in an office environment with the exception perhaps of casual Friday.
I also liked the Lander for its light weight. I spend most of my life in the southeastern US and from June through October it is just plain flat out HOT. :fire: Light is good.

Thanks again and maybe you could share your find with the folks on the 642 thread if you don't mind?

January 6, 2008, 10:19 PM

Yes, I mailed it to the repair smith here in Texas yesterday, so far its been a smooth transaction. No its not the first S&W, I owned the 38 Airweight and upgraded to the 357 for the wife to use. I fell in love with the M&P and had to have it, just worries me with her using it as a concealed carry that it might break again god forbid if she ever had to pull it out.

January 7, 2008, 03:19 PM
You sent it to an authorized S&W smith in TX?
I thought they all went back to the Mother Ship in MA.

My J Frame 642-2 had to go back after 70 rounds. It has been fine since and I have put a few hundred (lost count) through it since then.
There is no reason it should not be 100% upon its return. Let us know how you make out and how your wife likes it. It is rather strout in the recoil department. A set of CT 305/405s might be in order and some Buffalo Bore Standard pressure 158 gr, SWC (FBI load) non plus P.

January 10, 2008, 06:37 PM
Yes, I sent it to L.S.G. Manufacturing in Comanche, TX. They were the ones listed by S&W. Just got it back in the mail today, he said he had to replace the hand and trigger.

January 10, 2008, 09:29 PM
Hope the replacement parts put you back in business and you have many hours and rounds of shooting pleasure. ;)

Don't forget pictures and a range report or two.

January 10, 2008, 11:33 PM
GDSB 38+P 'replica reloads' / cylinder binding update.

Spent a fair amount of time shooting different guns and ammo today. (As an aside, my Kel-Tec P3AT now functions 100% with a new mag catch and the Kel-Tec finger extension--so it is now an official BUG.) To the topic at hand, however:

As some of you know, both Brassman and I (and others?) have reported cylinder binding when shooting reloads in our 340s. It was enough of a problem to have significantly increasing trigger weight in as little as 50 rounds--and actual tie-up in 60 or 70 rounds. The solution is simple--keep the gun clean, and that means pulling the cylinder to clean the ejector shaft, etc., etc., and lubing sparingly.

Today I ran the latest variant of my 38+P 'replica reloads'--this is the Speer 38+P / AA#5 recipe, tweaked to provide the same subjective recoil with a 140LTC bullet and translated into a 357 Magnum case.

I shot fifty rounds today and found NO particular binding when done, nor some time later when the gun had cooled. This suggests to me that this 'replica reload' recipe variant offers more complete combustion, and possibly fouls the cylinder / crane / rod much less that the standard 38+P AA#5 recipe.

M&P 340 reloading background info: As you may recall, the GDSB 38+P 135-gr load runs about 860-880, maybe 900 from a nominal 2" barrel. Many of us consider it to be an optimum round for the lightweight j-frames. AA#5 powder in the reload recipe is the powder that feels most like the factory load--"full," but not "quick."

This 357 Magnum reloader's translation does about the same--and, more importantly, feels the same as the 38+P factory round. The difference is, of course, is that the factory round typically costs between $100.00 ($20.00 / 20) in the retail box down to about $.52 ($26.00 / 50) in the LE box--and these reloads run about twelve cents each ($6.00 for 50). That figure includes a 1.5-cent per round amortization for the cost of new Starline brass, BTW.

Reloading data is available that ought to take this load (in the 357 case) right on up to the Speer 357 Magnum 135-gr GDSB factory round. Those ballistics are about 970-1000 fps from a 2" barrel. The point is, one can build intermediate loads to acclimate one to the noticably higher recoil of the 357 factory round. Lots of practice at low cost is available.

Speer recipes for the 357 factory load are also available, and ArchAngelCD reports that the recipe most like the 357 factory round is Power Pistol. I would concur--and while I can definitely shoot the 357 factory round repeatably now and reload, it's a stout recoil in a lightweight--I'm not even sure I'd carry it unless I shot a replica load 50 or 100 times a month to stay used to the experience.

So, all you M&P 340 owners, get going on reloading. You can set up a decent inexpensive bench complete from tumbler and cleaning media through to a caliper and cartridge boxes using a Lee Classic Cast Turret package for about $300.00. 1000 bullets, 1000 primers, 200 new Starline Cases, and two pounds of powder will run you about another $125.00--and at the end, you'll still have the 200 cases to reuse, and about 3/4 pound of powder for the next go round.

Figure it is 1000 rounds for $425.00 for the reloads--and you'll be on your way to spending more money to save more....

Jim H.

January 11, 2008, 01:00 AM
Hey Jim,

I have been building your repli- loads tonight. I hope to give them a try this weekend if the weather holds out. I'll give you a call to see you you are up for a trip to the range.

January 11, 2008, 08:50 AM
And the really nice thing about a revolver and reloading for it, is that you don't have to chase your brass down. It's still in the weapon when you're done! I hate chasing brass or using an on-weapon brass catcher for bottom feeders.:cuss: So if you start out with 200 pieces of brass, you'll still have them until they start to deteriorate and you begin throwing them away.

January 11, 2008, 10:10 AM
I think that new 357 is great to look at. But if those pics are accurate, I would not use it for self defense, as it would appear to be next to impossible to see after the first round of 357, and if you are using +p's in it, why spend all that money? My Taurus titanium is rated for +p's, and it dosen't kick up all that smoke and fire. But that gun is pretty

January 11, 2008, 10:33 AM
Which pictures are you referring to, gym?

As for spending all that money--well, I am now sold on scandium-alloy lightweights. If S&W made a Sc442--or, I hope, a 6-shot package in 327 Federal, I will be the first in line to get one.

After the first run works the bugs out.

As for the smoke and fire--well that is strictly a function of the ammunition components. The cartridges that do that will do it in your Taurus titanium as well.

Jim H.

January 11, 2008, 12:22 PM
Thanks for the report and update on the loads. That is encouraging (non fouling) and that is the information that is keeping me going and looking forward to loading. What a price saving.
As I mentioned I bought a LnL Progressive a month or so ago, primarily to get the 2000 free bullets. My son shoots .45 so I let him get those, otherwise they would all be .38. The things we do....
Anyway I won't have a chance to get down to business loading for awhile but I am looking forward to it and will no doubt be in touch for your counsel instead of reading these threads again. :D
I need to get the Speer book, is there one in particular I should reference?

gym-Do you have a M&P 340?
Which photos? You wouldn't be trolling us would you? :uhoh:

SC/S 386
.357 7 rounds

I like my 340 so well if I were a wealthy man I would run out and get one of these.
Too bad they didn't use the sighting system from the M&P 340 instead of that set-up.


January 11, 2008, 08:30 PM
I was at the range today, and as I was leaving i looked around the the display cases and saw a 340 pd used for $450.00. I asked the guy behind the counter why so cheap,he said "The guy who brought it today, fired full load .357's thru it and had had enough!" (half a box) he took the loss and and brought a 9mm glock,with the 340 as a trade in. So since i been shooting at this place forever he let me try it out. So with just .38+p's i enjoyed it alot. so out with the cc and home it went. Now I need a new set of grips and a pocket holster,and I'll be in like Flint. right place at the right time. He showed me the paperwork from the guy who had it first just show me that he did just buy it today. great guys at this range.

January 11, 2008, 09:21 PM
Great find and good catch. The lightest of the light. They do prove to be just too much for many folks. Get a Mika roundcut pocket holster for sure. You might try also a DeSantis Nemesis, I have both and prefer the Mika, it is much faster due to the liberal cut.

You might want to try out some Crimson Trace laser grips too.
I have a couple sets of the smaller ones and in a month or two I am going to try a set of 405s just to satisfy my curiosity.

135 gr Speer Gold Dot Plus P for short barrels is a popular PD round.

See jfh's ammo reports. He has tested most all the worthy rounds deserving consideration.

Post a picture when you have an opportunity.

January 11, 2008, 10:10 PM
I just today received my Smith & Wesson branded grips. They have versions that duplicate the LG-405 (padded back but not extended) and I think the LG-305 (extended so you have a place for the pinkie - I'm sure it would be comfortable, but harder to conceal).

Here's the link to the 305 equivalents. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=13073&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=46305&training=

Here's the link to the 405s (the ones I bought): http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=54005&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=46305&training=

I think you got a great deal! I got LEO discount and mine was $605!

January 11, 2008, 11:03 PM
Bought a 340 TALO version (SS cyl, polished) when they first appeared because I didn't want to be concerned about cyl finish and cleaning, etc. as I am with my 386Ti. It was intended to replace my Kahr PM9, which even after 3 trips to Kahr has an occasional FTF.

The 340 (shoots ok, haven't had any problems in maybe 50-75 rds), but I have seen several posts in forums where the 340 frame or bbl has failed, including one where the bbl actually went downrange!

Also, Gunwriter John Bane posted an incident with his 329 where the lock activated during firing, and I have seen others on the 329 as well, but not on the 340. The lock thing bothers me...

So, my question is whether any of you 340 owners have seen, heard of, or experienced any such failures?

I have 640's, 642's, 60's and have never had any type of malfunction, even with some that have seen many thousands of rounds.

Your thoughts/comments will be most welcome...thanks!

January 12, 2008, 01:12 AM
Thanks alot DA and Franky! range trip to Ft.Dix scheduled. have to stretch the long guns a little .So i'll take the 340 and run a couple of boxes thru it.
thanks again and keep 'em in the Black!

January 12, 2008, 11:52 AM
Hey guys, there are photos that someone included in thier post, a link, that's why I made the comment. I am on my way to the suncoast gun show, and will let you guys know what they are going for there, later

Super J
January 12, 2008, 10:50 PM
My first post. This is a great thread and I am subscribing.

I have been keeping my eye on the 340PD and now I am a little torn betweeen the M&P 340 and 340PD version.

Ahhh, the tough decisions!!

January 13, 2008, 12:31 AM
M&P 340 is a result of fine tuning the 340PD, although they are a couple of ounces lighter, due to the cylinder material the weight continues to work to the shooters benefit (recoil energy absorption) and long term durability of the cylinder if you don't mind the extra couple of ounces.

M&P is the J frames greatest hits. The best of so to speak. S&W got it right with the M&P after experimenting for years. Stainless cylinder, standard big dot night sights, DLC coating, unlimited .357 grain size. Go handle them both, check out the sights. Let us know what you decide.

January 13, 2008, 12:35 AM
I saw 4, 340's at the show, 3 were asking in the 8-850 range which I told them that they were nuts, One guy I knew had one for 625, I almost took it, but the prices are coming down, and buds has the pd's for 630, and the centinals for $540.00, what is the difference, is it the just the cylinder, if so the centenial is a better deal. After speaking to many dealers,and one expert , on who owns 23 S&W revolvers, he talked me out of the gun, mainly because of the weight, I have a titanium 38, and the kick on that gun weghing 12 ounces, has to throw your second shot off too far to recover for multiple accurate shot placment, unless you really practice with that weapon a lot. I may change my mind if I cut a deal on one, and have the option of putting 2 rounds of 357 in for my last 2 shots, but for now I will wait, smoke em if you got em.

Super J
January 13, 2008, 04:45 AM
Thanks for the analysis. I am leaning heavily toward the m&p 340 now.

I was at the last gun show in Ft Laud about 2-3 months ago and I was quoted almost $900 with CT.

I am probably going to head back to the gunshow tomorrow.

Opinions as to what price to definitely jump and purchase the gunt??? What would be the $ that I should reasonably expect to pay for the m&p 340with and without CT?

January 13, 2008, 05:23 AM
TADAMSAlter ego?


January 13, 2008, 10:00 AM
Another difference you get with the stainless (vs. titanium) cylinder is no ammo restriction. Somebody with a PD can tell you the exact limitations, but I think you can't shoot ammo that is too light in the titanium cylinder of the PD. If you already know the ammo you intend to shoot and it fits, I guess the PD's fine. I personally have been experimenting all over the place ammo-wise with the M&P, and also figure if it has no restriction on .357 loads, it must be structurally stronger... It does add 1.3oz, which is actually quite a bit when you are down to 12oz for the PD, it's over 10%... :rolleyes:

As for price, I paid $605 for the gun, then $259 for the S&W branded CT grips. I think I did pretty good, so anything around $625 for the gun or $850 for CT equipped would be excellent for new. If you are holding out for a steal, you might be able to find a used one much cheaper. Many do buy this model not realizing what a 12-13oz .357 is like. :eek:

Gym, I'm glad you figured out the gun wasn't for you before you bought, but you are kind of spinning your wheels in this thread, as I think this is primarily an M&P owners thread, and we love 'em! Of course you are welcome to your opinion that the M&P is no good, I just question your choice of audience... :p

January 13, 2008, 10:07 AM
This is just my opinion, but if you can get an M&P 340 for $625, and you want one, you should bite down on it. I got mine for $595 about 6 months ago and that's the lowest price I've seen anywhere since then. My wife still carries my 642 and likes it, but the sights, weight reduction, the factory Hogue Bantam grips, and the finish are worth the extra money for the M&P 340. If I could have just one carry weapon this would be it by a long shot.;)

January 13, 2008, 10:15 AM
"...This is just my opinion, but if you can get an M&P 340 for $625, and you want one, you should bite down on it."

I couldn't agree more, Brassman. (BTW, are you still practicing with those wimpy softball reloads? It's time to step up and use those Speer recipes....) :neener:

The only observation I would throw into your assessment is that I would also be satisfied with a Scandium-framed / "premium" 38+P package.

Jim H.

January 13, 2008, 10:43 AM
The minimum is 125 Gr. on the PD because of the under 12 oz. weight of package not because the cylinder is titanium. There is another issue they do not mention NO LEAD BULLETS. The lead bullets and light bullets both pull out of the shell case fouling on the frame and preventing the cylinder from turning. I had chipping issues with my PD (158 Gr. FMJ) on the front of the cylinder and returned it three tries gave up had them put the M&P stainless steel black cylinder on it.

January 13, 2008, 11:08 AM
"...There is another issue they do not mention NO LEAD BULLETS...."

If you read through this topic, Tifosi, I think you'll find we've been discussing this. I think my latest comments are about one page back.

Both Brassman and I have experienced fouling / cylinder binding with our lead reloads. I will point out, however, that the problem doesn't necessarily appear to be lead fouling alone: I recently shot some 'replica reloads' I build in 357 cases, not 38 Special--and that particular combination of components yielded little-to-NO fouling.

At this point I don't know if it's because of the cartridge case selection (the less-fouling-with-357-cases-phenomena) or what the variable is. I think it's because this recipe--which is a 357 'translation' of a Speer 38+P 135-gr GDSB recipe that uses a 140-gr. LTC to replicate the factory round--burns much cleaner than the standard 38+P load.

Whatever the reason is, I can report that after fifty rounds, there was little fouling, period; my M&P 340 cylinder spins quite freely (if not as free as when freshly cleaned). That's a far cry from days when my other recipes have actually bound up the trigger after about seventy rounds and after the gun has cooled off completely.

Jim H.

January 13, 2008, 11:32 AM

I wasn't talking about you but S&W and cartridge growth not lead fouling or binding. The bullet is pulling itself out of the case. If you had read my post the word fouling was used to indicate the actual physical contact of the bullet on the frame of the pistol, thus preventing the cylinder from turning.

January 13, 2008, 12:13 PM
No I wasn't knocking the gun at all, I would still consider purchasing one, and I just PM'd J, if he's going to the show, to tell him where the vendor with the lowest price was. Another interesting thing I saw at the show, was a $35.00 cleaning system, that uses a little gizmo that fires a cylindrical foam wad, through the weapon, using compressed air "like a pellet gun co2" cartridge, I let him clean my 38. Very nice, it has a piece that resembles a bore light, that you load the various sizes into, with the cleaning solution applied, the foam expands due to the 10,000 lbs of preassure, and spirals out leaving it cleaner than clean. you follow it uo with another wad, with a tiny drop of oil, and you are done. I almost bought one, but you still have to clean the rest of the gun, the old fashioned way. May help the guys who are having cleaning problems with thw cleaning, They also have a spray for the rest of the gun. I like TRI-FLO, but they don't make the stuff any more, been using "Break Free", cleaner and lubricant but that TriFlow was the best, it put a teflon kind of coating on the gun and made it easier to clean, curious to hear what others use, other than the Hopps stuff?

January 13, 2008, 12:31 PM
Tifosi: I took no offense to your comments; I (think I) tend to write in a rather pedantic style, so perhaps that is what you keyed in on in my comments about your post.

Having said that, I did misread your statement; I've not seen 'fouling' used that way in reloading discussions. At any rate--I've had NO trouble with bullet jump with my lead bullets, save for the very first Speer (swaged) 158-gr LSWC-HP loads I did. FWIW, I use a Lee 4-die setup, seating the bullet and crimping separately. That setup allows me to simply dial in the amount of crimp I want / need, and I run a firm crimp. ("Firm" is here defined as five or more but less than ten 'sharp wraps' with an intertial hammer to remove the bullet.)

So, it seems to me there are no particular issues about shooting lead bullets in lightweights, other than the typical issues for reloading.

I check my 5th round periodically, but in the last several hundred 'production rounds' I've done off the Load-Master with this bullet (Mastercastbullets 140LTC-358, BHIN appr. 16) in both 38 and 357 cases have shown no change in LOA.

Jim H.

January 13, 2008, 01:13 PM
I am contemplating 340 MP mainly for its XS sight. I have Kahr MK9 with Big Dot XS and I think there is nothing better out there for a defensive firearm.
Most likely I would only be using +P ammunition and here is a question to all of you who removed the grips from 340 MP.
Does it have two studs tha all previous Centennials have to center and hold wood grips in place ?
I have quite a few J frame wood grips I liked and used while carrying my old Model 38 Bodyguard. They were perfect for concealed carry and if I buy a 357or a +p revolver I would like to use these.
I also have an option of getting any of the airweight models with the pinned front sight and replacing it with XS. Small problem is that the 340 MP has a larger rear sight channel that none of the previous models have specifically to accommodate the front XS picture.

Thanks for the answer.

January 13, 2008, 01:23 PM
My CT laser grips on my M&P340 does have two screws. I have not removed them yet to see if the frame has two studs, but it appears to just have one in the frame.

January 13, 2008, 02:51 PM
That is strange. Where is the second screw? All the photos I have seen of the CT 405 show only one screw on the left side. That, being besides the point, I would appreciate the answer from any of you who actually have removed the grips.
Thanks a lot

January 13, 2008, 03:17 PM
One stud on the frame; two screws through the left side. Just put my LG-405 CT grips on two days ago.

Side note: shot it this morning w/laser (first time w/laser). Wow! Love it. Grip isn't quite as comfortable to hold, as it's thinner than stock and partially hard plastic instead of rubber - actually conceals maybe a little better though, even with the laser bump. The backstrap padding helped a bit with recoil, I think, though today was mostly 38spl practice and laser play - recoil was light, so not sure how much the padding will help with heavier loads...

January 13, 2008, 04:28 PM
Is the stud on the left or on the right side?

January 13, 2008, 05:29 PM
Ok, maybe I misunderstood your question. There is one stud that goes clear through and sticks out from both sides of the frame, down toward the bottom. If you call that two studs, I'm sorry for the confusion. I thought you meant two studs on each side to keep the grip from rotating.

January 13, 2008, 06:54 PM
Thanks. That is exactly what I wanted to know. These would keep the regular grips from rotating - one on each side of the frame (in this case one that sticks through both sides.)

Super J
January 14, 2008, 03:04 AM
I missed the show so I will have to make the next one...(Miami I think but I am not sure). Thanks for the tips as to who to look for at the show.

As for the gizmo cleaning system. I first saw it out at the west palm gun show and I was very skeptical. The salesman was very pleasant and I promised to bring in one of my dirty guns to really test it out. The following show was in Ft Lauderdale and I brought along my dirty gun and it worked like a charm. I purchased the cleaning system with about 3 different caliber adapters along with some militec from him. The cleaning system works like a champ and I love it.

Brassman & Franklytodd
Thanks for the pricing analysis as it is very helpful. I can get the 340pd shipped for $699 so now I need to get the same info from the store as to what the m&p340 is going to be as well.

Thanks everyone!

Super J
January 18, 2008, 03:06 AM
Ok. I'm back. I am once again going to try to make it to the next gun show...this one being this weekend in Miami. I have never been to one at this location, but hopefully it will be a full house.

I am going to take along my TAO1 NSN ACOG scope to use as a partial trade if all goes well.

I'll keep you all posted.

Dollar An Hour
January 19, 2008, 08:33 PM
Tried my new M&P 340 today, and I love it! Fired 110 rounds of .38+P SBGD 135gr loads. Recoil with Monogrips is less painful than my 15oz 442 with factory grips and the same load. :eek: That surprised me a bit. Muzzle rise is negligible, and recoil is sharp but the grips help immensely.

Rapid fire 5 rounds are kept on a pie plate at 10 yards no problem.

POI was about 2" right of POA at 10 yards. Since this is such a close range weapon, I think that's a non-issue.

Needless to say, will likely sell the 442 now. :)

Doug S
January 19, 2008, 10:12 PM
I "accidently" bought a S&W M&P 340 today at a gunshow. Seriously, I was looking for a Ruger SP101, but happened upon the 340. I really knew nothing about this model, but liked the weight, and night sight. After reading this thread, I have to say, I'm excited about my purchase. I will take it to the range tomorrow. I'm glad it doesn't have any ammo restrictions. Paid $630 for it (before tax and transfer fees). I do have one question. I like Eezox as a cleaner, rust preventative. It doesn't have a listing of ingredients. Anyone know if it would be okay to use Eezox and regular Hoppes #9 to clean after my range session tomorrow. Thanks for any feedback.

January 23, 2008, 12:25 PM
Doug S Congrads on you purchase. I too recently purchased a 340 and love it. I am not familar with Eezox, but the S&W book does not recommened any cleaners that contain ammonia, which the old Hoppes #9 does. I myself has moved to the Hoppies Elite, which I am told is safe. Good Luck

January 27, 2008, 01:33 PM
Hi, planning to buy a 340 this afternoon, already own 642. The reason for the purchase is the weight of the 340. I never plan on shooting led rounds, and it will be mostly a carry weapon, shot as a last resort, with either 38's+ p or a 125 gr 357 round.
For all those reasons does anyone have a reason I'm not seeing for purchasing the 340PD before a M & P 340. The PD is about $100 more here around the boynton/delray area.
Thanks and be safe

January 27, 2008, 01:49 PM
I had my heart set on a 340PD when I purchased the M&P 340. My favorite gunstore didn't have any PD's in stock at the time. The guy behind the counter showed me the M&P and said the PD would be approximately 2 ounces lighter, but he also said I really should consider the weapon he had put in my hands. He said the weight was more, but could absorb recoil better and he also said the trigger on the piece he had just handed me was ideal for me. He knew that I love to stage the trigger on every shot I perform. I took it and have never looked back. It is in my pocket everyday, everywhere, except on school grounds where I teach. You can't go wrong with the M&P 340, especially since you already own the 642. My wife took mine for her carry piece, so that's the reason I was looking for something else. She loves the 642 and I love the M&P 340!:)

January 27, 2008, 10:28 PM
Scrrem and Florida1098.

340PD and M&P340. You really need to go handle both. Ideally shoot both but it is not likely there is an M&P 340 in the rental fleet. I haven't seen one at any of the ranges I frequent.
I am surprised how many 340PDs there are at ranges though.

The sights alone on the MP sold me. The 2 oz decrease from the 642 was a plus. Stainless steel cylinder is a REAL big deal as most of the problems I have read about were cylinder issues with the PDs. I also haven't run into any crimp jump with the 2 ounce heavier MP with the .357 loads that is apparently prevalent with the PD in the lighter .357 loads.

I like the looks of the DLC coating and the logo execution on the MP better too.

$100 could go towards a nice set of CT grips. :D

Dollar an Hour-
Hogue Monogrips are just the greatest. They are prompting me to seriously consider a set of CT 305s. Laser with a full grip.

Welcome and that's a very good price on the M&P340. I called S&W months ago and they recommend Hoppes Elite, no ammonia products. I have also been using CLP with no noticeable deleterious effects to the finish. The Eezox is recommended by Larry Seecamp as a prefered product on the Seecamp line.
Google Eezox. You will find details on the product and as long as there is no ammonia you should be fine.

CLP and Eezox were the corrosion protection winners in this interesting test.

I am not so sure that the DLC coating wouldn't stand up to the ammonia. I think the ammonia deal is more relevant to the clear coats on the 642 and perhaps the blue/black on a 442. The DLC is tough stuff, but I'm not going to experiment.

Don't forget. Price of admission is 340 pics. Post em up when you have a chance.

January 28, 2008, 02:32 AM
...planning to buy a 340 this afternoon, already own 642.My version of that statement is similar, but different.

Already own a 642, planning to buy an M&P 340 (http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&productId=53911&tabselected=tech&isFirearm=Y&parent_category_rn=) ... someday.

If I had disposable cash, I'd already own one.

Unfortunately, rent and truck repair have priority right now.

Still, it's on the list.


Mine will wear a set of full Hogue Monogrips, however ...
just in case the .357 rnds are hot ...


January 28, 2008, 05:51 AM
I have shot the M & P 340 and the 642. both seemed very similiar, I guess becaus of the similiar weight. never shot the PD. The reason for thr PD would be the light weight, 3 oz's is a significant amount when you carry. The PD also has the green night ft sight (do not know the name or brand).
Again, don't plan on shooting anything but Speers of Corbon 135-158 grains JHP, 38 or 357 so bullet reastriction is not a factor. Just can't justify the MP for the 1/1.5 oz difference than the 642. Weight will be is my deciding factor. I've had centennials since I started as an LEO in NY about 25 yrs ago now. Would and have bet my life on them, the idea of a 12 oz one here in the south just seems the next step,

January 28, 2008, 09:15 AM
– S&W Manual of Modern-style Revolvers

This does not apply to the M&P 340 as the cylinder is SS.

January 28, 2008, 02:20 PM
I understand that, I posted in two previous notes I have no intention of using them (bullets under 125 gr) I have not made a final decision yet, but why not buy the lightest possible, if it is only strictly carry. I have also always heard titanium is stronger (actually a stronger combination of steel). If you like a steel cylinder, why not just buy a 642 and save the extra money?
The looks and emblem are meaningless to me this is strictly a life saving tool, nothing more. Does anyone have actual documentation or knowledge (firsthand) of a ti cylender exploding. Is there a thread I can read,?
It's funny, when I had to buy my first snub from the NYPD equiptment section, it was 1982 and I think it cost $89. When I retired and traded it in the dealer offered me $25 due to the fact there were 4000 other cops retiring that month in NYC. I think I just left it in my locker with my model 10 and never even went back to my precinct to retrieve them, also left all my trade center rememberences and dirty soiled uniform I wore there the first three days straight. Wish I had them now. Rambling aside, never thought a 5 shot snub would cost in the $900 range. That's why I think I will just buy this last one and be done with it.
Sorry about the bad spelling in the previous post Iwas finishing up a night shift, and I think it was about 5AM

January 28, 2008, 02:31 PM
Just a quick note, I am sure most of you know of this site, but if it interests anyone there is an interesting blog in the middle about the 340


January 28, 2008, 03:09 PM

I think you will be very happy with your 340PD. No offense, but you seem, just a bit, to be trying to justify an already-made decision to the thread contributors here.

Both models of 340 are terrific. You will not find many on this M&P thread that are going to encourage you to spend $100 for 1.3oz. in weight savings, and some concern about the durability of the ti cylinder. That's not because we are right, but by the thread's subject, we BOUGHT THE M&P! Some might have considered both and picked the M&P, some may not have. Either way you seem to want us to agree your choice is better than ours. Not likely to happen - but so what?? Neither is better, they are (a little) different - you've compared, and seem to have chosen the PD - sounds good to me!

I have an M&P with S&W branded lasers that I'm thrilled with (and simply had never even held a PD at the time of purchase). Having said that, if I had bought a PD instead, I have NO DOUBT I'd be equally thrilled. Just go for it already!!

January 28, 2008, 06:13 PM
There are posts and threads in S&W Forum that also describe the problem with cleaning the PD cylinder. Titanium is very tough but it is also very porous and with time acquires deposits that are impossible to clean and remove. Stainless with DLC or even without (in 340 SS) is much easier to clean.
Florida 1098 made up his mind and that is OK too but when you consider all pluses and minuses the only thing going for the PD is a lesser weight - and only by a couple of ounces. Everything else speaks in favor of M&P.

January 28, 2008, 06:59 PM
Again, I truly appreciate all responses, just trying to make an informed buy, I unfortunately, probably like most here, know what happens when you go to trade a firearm into a gunstore for something else. Usually a huge loss. On the same note I don't want to end up with a collection. As i get a little older, the motto "The less I have The more I gain" becomes more logical.
I think the best thing to do is take a few days and truly decide what my needs and want are. My current service weapon is a glock 23, and my wifes is a glock 19. she also has her original NYPD S&w 38 4 inch in the house, (she was smart enough not to leave it). That being said this 340 search might be something I just need to stop thinking about for a while. Hope all stay safe.

January 29, 2008, 12:23 AM
Put 150 or so rounds through mine today. No regrets.

January 29, 2008, 03:20 AM
On the same note I don't want to end up with a collection.
As i get a little older, the motto "The less I have The more I gain" becomes more logical.Sig line material right there.

I've held to that line for the 2.5 years
that I've been walking these halls,
seeking gun education, and finding it.

I've cycled from a shotgun (870P) dominated kit with 9mm (K9)
to .30-30 (336A) with a .357 mag carbine (1894C) and revolver (65),
.38 snub (642) plus a fine lever .22 LR (39A).

That's it.
For now, that's enough.

Someday, I'll add an M&P x4x
(to match the .357 mag/.38 spl combo of the 1894C).

I'll likely upgrade the 65 to a 3" 686
(... .357 mag/.38 spl combo ...).

Might add a .45/70 (1895)
and perhaps a SxS (http://www.stoegerindustries.com/firearms/coach.tpl) in 20 ga.

But that's it.

If I know those tools well,
then my needs are met.
I need nothing else.

Less is sometimes more,
especially when I practice
more with each tool.

The less I have,
the more I gain.

January 29, 2008, 08:21 AM
I think you will find the 340PD to your liking. Lightweight and for carry the lighter the better IMO, BUT, that is a diminishing return asset ie. weight vs felt recoil. Nuff said on that topic.
mecenas makes some good points on the cylinder but if you don't shoot it more that a few cylinders weekly to stay sharp you will probably never see the phenom. Perhaps in this thread, maybe not though I read where there are those who are sending their PD in to S&W for a SS cylinder. Go figure.

Here is the deal maker for me:


This sighting system, XS Tritium in the gutter is dead nuts on. There is absolutely no ambiguity. Doesn't compare to a blade, might be close on a light pipe, but the fibre is not night site (no light) capable. That's why after the ability to point shoot, night sights and lasers are the unfair advantage and cover all the bases.

This photo is a bit misleading in reality its better.... To be accurate the barrel would be tilted slightly forward (no gutter would be visible) to a perfect cradling and when the revolver is at arms length the dot does a better job of almost filling the gutter. This was the best I could do as a one handed photographer jockeying revolver and camera to grab a quick pic.

The giant atom on the side doesn't really bother me...;)

The simple life is a good life. Things don't define the man....the man and the good he does defines the man. DAdams.

January 29, 2008, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the excellent link to Randy's blog. Randy has a fine collection of handguns to be sure. I am really liking that 386 Sc/S. Interesting that S&W could have used the titanium cylinder to lighten this model up just a bit and elected not to and went with stainless. Unfortunately they didn't carry the XS and gutter through on it. Guess that would have taken the classic look away.

This being the the the M&P 340 site I am going to post this giving Randy full credit. I hope he doesn't mind. This is his synopsis and up page are the more detailed tests.

"Concealed Carry Favorite
The Smith & Wesson M&P 340CT revolver has been my personal choice for concealed carry and this bias probably influenced my rating since it scored the highest of those reviewed. The straight lines of a semi-auto pistol seem to produce a square imprint in my pocket telegraphing that a handgun is inside. The rounded contour of the revolver along with the slight bulge provided by the cylinder does not give the same telltale imprint. The M&P 340 CT provides me with confidence that it is acceptably concealed in my pocket and has the power necessary to provide protection to myself and my family."

Review by Randy Ferris


Streamer 71
January 29, 2008, 06:44 PM

January 29, 2008, 07:08 PM
He said if I liked it keep it and pay him and if not give it away.
Nice holster for the price but I learned I dont care for pocket carry.Wow.

I continue to be impressed by Robert Mika. (Not to mention that I own one of his pocket holsters for an x42,
even though it has been pressed into a different use than what it was designed for, it's still great.)

Just imagine if most businesses were willing to do things that way. What a different world ...

January 29, 2008, 08:00 PM
You have PM.

January 30, 2008, 11:03 AM
W model 340 PD

As any reader of this blog knows, my favorite concealed carry piece is my Smith & Wesson model 340 PD which is a scandium framed 12 ounce revolver with a 1 7/8 inch barrel. Well, curiosity finally took hold and I decided to try some .357 Magnum rounds. The target below was fired at 21 feet with three rounds of 140 grain CorBon jacketed hollowpoint ammunition.

Now, you may be asking why I only fired three rounds. I would like to tell you that I was being thrifty to due the high cost of a 20 round box of CorBons. However, three rounds were really all I could take. I was impressed with the accuracy however. Maybe I should load the make the CorBon the first and last load separated by three +P cartridges

January 30, 2008, 11:04 AM
the above is from
Randy's Range Report & Handgun Reviews
This Blog is dedicated to the preservation of all shooting sports and our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. All information contained herein represents my experience in shooting the firearms mentioned in the range reports. This Range Report Blog does not advocate handling or carrying firearms in any manner which is unsafe or

January 30, 2008, 11:33 AM
Funny how only seleected entries make their way into this thread. If it is biased for the 340 mp then at least say so, don't make it seem as this is constructive review. A 646 can also shoot any weight bullet, but who wants to carry it around as a ccw. the criteria for ccw shuld be weight concealability reliability. A ccw is a specialty weapon, as such, before I purchase, I was trying to obtain fact, not selected review, to each their own, I really can't get an informed decision here, lets let this conversation end with this post.

January 30, 2008, 11:59 AM
I was trying to obtain fact, not selected review, to each their own, I really can't get an informed decision here, lets let this conversation end with this post.

C'mon, lighten up. All the facts you need are on Smith's site and the previous 14 pages of this thread. These forums (and Randy what's-his-name's blog) are almost ALL opinion. DA's post was a direct cut and paste from that blog - I verified it.

Don't whine that the "M&P 340 Owners Thread" is biased toward the M&P 340. You said in an earlier post something about getting older, but you sound childish. The facts are all out there - go buy something, or don't, but I agree, you should let this drop!

I wouldn't be so annoyed, except this is (was) such a great thread I had it set to e-mail me with every new post. With this latest 3-post re-hash of some stupid blog, and a complaint, you are cluttering this thread (and my e-mail) unnecessarily!

Go buy one or the other, shoot it, and THEN come back and share... deal?

January 30, 2008, 03:43 PM
Mr. Dadams, please check out the 327 PD w/ Titanium cylinder. Again just that selective replies.

February 10, 2008, 10:42 PM
This thread was designed specifically for the sharing of information on the M&P 340 (360) revolvers as they are relatively new and have unique characteristics that set them apart from any previous S&W.

Thanks to all of you who have made valued, meaningful, intelligent contributions and please continue to do so.

February 11, 2008, 03:17 AM

Takes a lickin',
keeps on tickin'.

So, these M&P 340's.

I've read a lot of good things about them.

What do you like most about your M&P 340?

(No debate necessary;
merely seeking opinion
based in experience.)


February 11, 2008, 07:54 AM
Not necessarily in this order, since the sum of the parts make the whole.

5) S&W Warranty and shipping policy/turnaround.
4) Round variety .38-.357.
3) DLC finish.
2) XS nite sight with appropriately sized trench/gutter.
1) 13.3 ounces.

Nem- Here's hoping you may join us one day and become a 340 Head.

I was at the range (CCA) in TN last week. We were putting two new members of our collection through their paces.
1) Ruger 10/22 that's getting a Hogue Overgrip Stock and B&L Scope.
2) KT P32.
Both got a hundred rounds downrange w/o a flaw.

In between reloads on the 10/22 I ran a couple cylinders of Wally World Remington UMC 130 GR 38 Special I had in the bag down at 7 yards. With the light recoil and CT grips all the rounds were 9-B. It took awhile but the CT 405s are working for me again. I miss the Hogue Monogrips but the CT carry better and I don't mind the laser assist.

Stopped at Gander Mountain and got (again) their last box of .357 SGDFSB 135 gr.

February 11, 2008, 08:05 AM
5) S&W Warranty and shipping policy/turnaround.
4) Round variety .38-.357.
3) DLC finish.
2) XS nite sight with appropriately sized trench/gutter.
1) 13.3 ounces.

+++1. I would add at a more generic level - for me it is the effortless pocket carry & hammerless draw combined with impressive +P/.357 stopping power and S&W revolver reliability.

The biggest negative: the M&P340 is too good, I can't justify buying the Sig or HK I'm craving, because I know I will still choose to carry the M&P! I can't afford a high-end safe queen!

February 11, 2008, 10:06 AM
The biggest negative: the M&P340 is too good, I can't justify buying the Sig or HK I'm craving, because I know I will still choose to carry the M&P! I can't afford a high-end safe queen!

Well put and so true. I was considering a (nother) compact auto recently, not so much for pocket carry (those bases are covered), but just for the OWB heck of it.
I narrowed it down to a Walther P99c, (considered HK, SIG, S&W etc) and I just couldn't bring myself to spend $450-650 on something that would just lie around looking and acting cool being a house guardian. Too expensive for the truck and I seldom OWB.

I just took the dog for a walk and guess what went in the pocket? MP340/Mika Roundcut.

February 11, 2008, 10:37 PM
another lured to the M&P 340 my brother held mine and has now ordered his own.

February 12, 2008, 04:13 AM
Nem- Here's hoping you may join us one day and become a 340 Head. High on my list, bro.

February 12, 2008, 04:41 AM
3) DLC finish.Can we discuss that a bit more?

I'd like to learn more about DLC.

Searching that acronym,
I find a few pages from Kahr and Democratic Leadership Council.
(Somehow, I don't think it relates to the later.)

...the sum of the parts make the whole. I'll differ slightly with you on that, my friend.

The adage is actually that
the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Intuitively, I think that's the case with this one.

February 12, 2008, 07:46 AM
The adage is actually that
the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Intuitively, I think that's the case with this one.

Indeed you have captured the phraseology that I intended but screwed up. :D

I researched the DLC coating that is purportedly used on both the M&P340 and the Kahr PM9. I suspect there are other handguns that use the "type", included in the (process purveyors) literature you will see a reference to knives (Kershaw) coated with the same.

See my post 60. That was couple hours of research at the time. As one drills down into the coatings, it is not only the material but process, including chemical vapor deposition and post treatment which provides a thin yet durable coating. Albeit not the most attractive finish for a handgun I'll admit.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)

DIAMONEX DLC is the ultimate performance coating, offering a wear-resistant chemical barrier for metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic, deposited normally at temperatures below 150°C.


Wear and abrasion resistance
Low Friction
High Hardness
Anti-reflective Coating
Corrosion Resistance
Gas Barrier
Conformal Coating

Who does the parts for the M&P 340? I don't know.


Apparently there are 7 forms for the coating.

Ion Bond is a different story apparently. You as the scientist can scipher this for we lay persons perhaps?

Then there is a Trynite (trade name) used on some rifles and shotguns produced by Remington.

(singing) Oh that old black magic,,,, that old black magic.

February 12, 2008, 05:21 PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond-like_carbonVery interesting article.
I have only scanned it briefly so far,
but am keeping it open in my browser for a read later.

Thanks, DA.

February 13, 2008, 05:36 AM
As reported here (http://www.thehighroad.org/showpost.php?p=4188115&postcount=57) by a guy that
I know as a person of integrity.
(Owns K-frames;
K ambassador to x42 club.)

Still, just double checking.

Can anyone verify this?

February 13, 2008, 11:56 AM
DIAMONEX DLC is the ultimate performance coating, offering a wear-resistant chemical barrier for metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic, deposited normally at temperatures below 150°C.

I just purchased a 340 M&P. Upon inspecting it a few days later, I found a small spot within the flutes of the cylinder that it looks like the DLC did not take because I could see the stainless steel below. Has anyone else run into this on their 340's? Returning my gun to S&W today.

February 13, 2008, 03:36 PM
I have a mark like that but I don't think it was S&W supplied. I probably "dinged" mine. I read in one of the coating descriptions that some of these coatings have a low adhesion on steel. Stainless steel? I don't know.

My cylinder has the one ding, is showing cylinder wear in the form of a polished coloration change from going in and out of the holster. The turn line is becoming more pronounced the more I shoot it. There is also the drag line that will develop from opening and closing the cylinder on the frame from the cylinder shaft tip.

My plan with this revolver from the onset was to use it. It goes in a range bag, in my pocket (not intentionally with my keys, but it has happened so there is a metal on metal encounter), in my backpack, in and out of the holster(s), on range tables, shot by others, and one thing it is not is a safe queen.

It is developing character (flaws) though.


My 642 in the bedside stand....it looks like it just came out of the box. ;) and my 686, that too I am trying to keep damage minimized.

Lockless in Seattle, imagine that. If that is indeed true it is a masterstroke on the part of S&W. Maybe all the whining finally hit home. Maybe those that had reported locks 'sieze' were true and not really alien abuctions after all.

Dollar An Hour
February 13, 2008, 03:41 PM
Nem - I think he's referring to the M&P semiauto pistol line.

February 13, 2008, 03:52 PM
Nem - I think he's referring to the M&P semiauto pistol line.

Probably so. The locks are optional on the M&P semi autos. But a feller can dream can't he?
An announcement like that might get the stock moving in the right direction.
Let us know if you learn different.

Marvin KNox
February 13, 2008, 05:12 PM
I hope I did this right. I just clicked on "reply" on the last post. Tell me if I did it wrong.

I'm getting a 340MP with CT405's on it. I've got a pocket holster. I've got questions about IWB holsters. I'm considering Kydex because of thinness but I'm still open.. I'm thinking appendix, although I haven't narrowed it down yet. I wear a suit, so I'd like the IWB "tuckable". I'd also like it to just snap on since I have to take the jacket off occasionally.

My questions are many and general:
Do I go for the deep carry with the cylinder below the belt (not going to likely be drawing for extreme speed - although I realize that one never knows).

Who makes a tuckable holster for a Snubbie?

Or do I go for a high ride and tuckable?

I could go behind the hip, but my flexability is somewhat lacking. Is that the most concealable though?

What about cross carry and tuckable?

Should the cylinder be behind the belt rather than over or under the belt. Wouldn't that make it rather thick with a cylinder.

Any and all comments and suggestions and pictures and brands etc. etc. welcome. The more the better. I want to do this right since a good holster isn't cheap. I can carry pocket for a while, although I'd rather not with just my Sunday go to meeting suit on and I'm "on stage" occasionally.

Maybe I'm getting the wrong gun - although this is what I really really want.A small Kahr PM9 would be flatter (I hate to curse on a 340MP thread).

The 340 is what I'd really like since I've always wanted a snubbie. Besides, it seems that a revolver would be better to "dry" practice with the laser at home compared to an auto.

Any and all help - please!


February 13, 2008, 08:26 PM
Welcome, Marv.

If you want absolute invisibility, check out http://www.smartcarry.com

I bought one for my Glock 26, but it also fits the 340 perfectly, and it's simply invisible in any kind of clothes. Draw speed takes practice, but isn't any worse than a tuckable IWB. I've also read about people getting the SmartCarry, then wearing it at 4 o'clock - I haven't tried that, as wearing at 12 o'clock is perfect for me.

If you want to see some cool video demonstrations, check out YouTube, and search for SmartCarry, or Passive101 (the screen name of the demonstrator). That's what convinced me to try it. I pocket carry the M&P340 with a Nemesis the most, but the SmartCarry gets plenty of use too, with both the G26 and the 340..


February 14, 2008, 09:24 AM

Welcome indeed Marvin. Wish I could help you out on the holsters. I almost exclusively pocket carry, but I understand your need as you described it.
Something to consider. Go to your local gun store and see what they have in stock, sometimes they will let you try them out depending on the way they are packaged. I purchased a couple inexpensive one to experiment with. One is an Uncle Mikes IWB style and the other is a generic ballistic nylon job that can be worn in IWB or OWB. These were both under $20 each and it allowed some experimentation relative to positioning.

As you indicated there are a huge number of styles, materials, and colors.
Many are very expensive and works of art.

I recall seeing the snap on the belt type in a recent Blackhawk Outdoors catalog CQC Detachable slide holster.
They also have an interesting carbon fiber SERPA designed specifically for the J Frame. There is a photo of a X42 with Crimson Trace 305s (the larger set).

You might also check out on their site the Blackhawk CQC Leather Speed Classic.

I have heard of people with boxes of holsters, so obviously there is not a one size fits all solution.

I think you will really like the M&P 340. Please let us know what you get as a holster(s).

February 14, 2008, 10:09 AM
Thanks to all with the feedback on this thred.It was invaluable in making my decision for this gun. I bought a XD 45 Compact a few weeks ago and love it but its still a bit big to carry.I am in florida and its challenging here to carry with the great weather all the time and really never jacket weather.I decided to keep the XD 45 for the bedroom and rigged it with integrated sping laser and x3 ops light.I think its the perfect bedroom gun. As for the M&P 340 I am excited , it will be here tomorrow and looking forward to picking it up. I have some Mag-safe ammo on the way too and a few speedloaders.I have also gotten a few holster options that arrived , the smartsafe looks the best for every day carry. Thanks again all for all of the awsome info.I will be checking in often.

February 14, 2008, 10:20 AM
Welcome stripenow!!

Let me be the first to offer my condolences to your plight.
its challenging here to carry with the great weather all the time and really never jacket weather.

I am in Ohio and we just had single digit temps with significant NEGATIVE temps with wind chill. I really feel for you... ;) I could carry a bazooka under the parka I'm forced to wear.

But seriously, even in Ohio we go inside sometimes, so concealing consistently is always a challenge. I bought a Glock 26 first (I think it's somewhat smaller than the XD), and like you, just found it too big to always carry. Of course the Kel-Tec guns would be super for concealability, but just didn't want the headache of worrying about reliability or doing all the extra work to make them reliable.

Like you, I concluded the M&P340 was the perfect carry gun, and I've not regretted it! I think you will be thrilled. If you haven't shot one, really do take your time working into shooting hotter loads. I absolutely love the gun, but I did take the recoil warnings lightly and shot some full load .357s right away and had a sore paw for a couple weeks!

Glad to have you aboard!

Frozen Tundra of Ohio (actually in typical Ohio-weather fashion, it's comparatively warm again already)

February 14, 2008, 12:28 PM
Welcome and I'm excited for you. Nothing you have read has prepared you for the real joy of the M&P 340. ;)
From one Floridian to another I know your plight. I only own one "full sized" handgun. It never gets out and sees the world. Everything I own is designed around warm/hot weather pocket carry.
That's why I am moving north. :D I will then have an excuse to purchase 5 more.
As Frankly Todd indicated go get some WWB or Greenbox straight .38 spl then some plus P, and I would try first Speer Gold Dot for Short Barrel .357 135 gr. before any full load 158 gr.
If you get bold enough to try a full .357, and not the SGD, after you fire twp rounds, subsequently check each of the last three and make sure the bullet is not slipping out of the case, aka crimp jump. This is a know issue more in the Sc/Ti, but it is worth noting.

Can't wait to hear how you like it.

February 15, 2008, 06:19 AM
OK, so here are my current thoughts.

For years, I've owned an x42 (.38 spl +p).
I carry it everyday. It's on my right side now.

DA and I hang out over in the x42 club (http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=314422),
where we discuss grips, sights, holsters, rnds, etc.

For years, I've admired the MP340.
Light weight; similar design to the x42,
but more solid, w/ more attention to detail,
better metal, eats .357 mag
(not that I'd shoot them regularly,
but nice to know I can if a need arises.
And, it'd be a nice companion piece for my 1894C (http://www.marlinfirearms.com/Firearms/1894centerfire/1894C.aspx).)

Likewise, for years, I've admired the mod 60.
I'm especially fond of the mod 60 2 1/8".
Like the MP340, it eats .357 mag.

It's not pocket friendly.
(But I don't pocket carry; OWB).

So, here's my question:
Why should I buy an MP340
when I'm so attracted to that 60?


February 15, 2008, 07:52 PM
So, here's my question:
Why should I buy an MP340
when I'm so attracted to that 60?And in the light of day, of course, the corollary to that question is,
why should I buy a mod 60 when I'm so attracted to that MP340. :rolleyes:

Of course, I realize this is mostly a rhetorical question.
I'm not really looking for pat answers, because as we all know, there are none. ;)

The answer is, as always, it depends.
(Or for some, it would be "get both", but that's not in my cards.)

But it sure is fun pondering the question.

Options are great.
Life is good.

Happy Friday.


February 15, 2008, 09:20 PM
Options are great.
Life is good.

Happy Friday.

Yes it is and Same to you. I'm roaming THR sipping some handcrafted Tito's.

Still enthused over the M&P 340 am I. It is at my right hand. That Night Agent .44 is very sweet isn't it? Apparently this Sc/Ss format is working out.

I probably get two inquiries per month with questions and comments on the 340.



The creator of this thread starts out with an enlightened POV.
Ok, I'll be honest. I ain't fired one yet. So why the post subject line??

The creator then goes on to say....

Just made me think - HOW in Hades does anyone want to use .357's thru a scandium???????????? I'm no pussy when it comes to recoil but, man ...... I cannot countenance the thought of hot loads thru a lightweight .. really.

Muzzle flash will be there for sure but ... the recoil!!! That has gotta be unreal, surely? Newton dictates here and i don't think I wanna know!!!

Just flexing my imagination ..... and freaking out!

I'll admit I was fascinated initially by these Sc/Ti threads early on. Obviously nothing could be more hurtful than a 460/500 or worse,,,whoa,,, yet the dreaded 340/360pd with .357 load. :eek::what::evil::cuss::banghead:

All that changed with the Sc/Ss format. Two ounces added back to create M&P 340. It is the right balance even with 158 gr. Is it fun? Not really? Does it hurt, not really. (My Seecamp .380 now that sucker is a knuckle banger.) Add the fact that the likes of Speer and Buffalo Bore have come up with ammunition to match snubs and maybe with full house .357 I couldn't do Old Fuf's 5,5,5 drill but I'll bet 5,5,7 would be attainable.

At any rate, I'm not that evangelical to convince the unwashed otherwise. You note that jt1 has gone to BB 20C standard pressure in his 642, and that's what I have had in my 642 for 8 months once I tried a couple boxes.

I now have them mixed in with the SGD plus P as part of the Bianchi SS lineup.

I also have two boxes of SGD 135 JHPFSB .357. I have put them through the M&P 340 and I couldn't tell much difference from the +P.

How did I get on this "tangent". Remember tangent? :D Time for another Titos.

Marvin KNox
February 18, 2008, 02:09 PM
Does anyone have some input on the comfort/controlability level of the new Crimson Trace LG-105 laser grips vs. the LG-405's for the SW340? It seems that the l05's would aid concealability for the weapon but at what cost to comfort with +p's? The 405's have the built in "shock absorber" in the upper grip. The 105's seem to have none. The 105's seem to have a different layout for the finger grips under the trigger area.

I definately want one of the grips for my 340 and have no access to try each. Obviously comfort is somewhat of a concern with hot defensive loads.

February 18, 2008, 02:33 PM
I don't know if I can be a help in comparing the two, but I do have the LG405s, and I do not think they inhibit concealability. The LG305 is the one that sticks down below the grip and would likely be the most comfortable, though slightly harder to conceal. I think the 105 is mostly available because it's cheaper (about $50), although they do claim because it's almost all plastic it's easier to draw than the plastic & rubber 305&405.

I find the 405s to be slightly slimmer than the stock grips, which makes them actually easier to hide in a pocket. The little bit of padding at the top of the backstrap isn't noticable to me in pocket carry. The lower part of the backstrap obviously sticks out way beyond the top part, and the grip doesn't add anything here - the metal still shows.

I think the stock grip feels better in my hand (slightly fatter and better finger grooves), but the 405 backstrap padding makes shooting more comfortable. I guess that's more important! ;)

By the way, just so you are aware, for the [edit: a SIMILAR] price as regular CT grips, you can get them from Smith with the S&W logo on them instead of the CTC logo (same grips, still made and warranted by Crimson). Not a big deal, but for the same price, I went with the Smiths. You can only get the equivalent of the 305 or 405 though, not the 105.

I really do like and recommend the laser grips, though you already seem convinced there, so I won't preach to the choir!

February 18, 2008, 11:06 PM
I think I posted a response to a general inquiry you made.

Just in case,,, my answer is as follows:


$216 with free shipping for 305s and 105s for $169 from Optics Planet.

The S&W version are $259. :eek: Some day though I simply must try out a pair of 405s just to satisfy my curiosity.


I agree with FT on his evaluation for carry. The grip slip business difference isn't worth mentioning. I like the "stickyness" myself. I would prefer a full grip such as the 405s but they would definitely be exposed during pocket carry with certain chinos/shorts. If I were only carrying IWB or OWB I would go for the 405s.

February 19, 2008, 07:27 AM
DAdams, I accept your rebuke on the grip prices. I was comparing local store to S&W - your info is better. Once I paid $600+ for a snub, I fully admit I didn't price shop the grips - I wanted the S&W logo for some vain reason.

I think you might have the models switched (305 & 405):

I would prefer a full grip such as the 405s but they would definitely be exposed during pocket carry with certain chinos/shorts.

The 305s are the extended grip model, the 405s have the air pocket on the high side of the backstrap, but do NOT extend below the frame.

From CT:
Extended Grip Handle: The LG-305 LaserGrips provide a more substantial grip handle than our deep-concealment LG-405 model, both covering the prolific Smith & Wesson line of J-Frame Revolvers (Round Butt).

Compact Lasergrips For J-Frame Revolvers: The LG-405 LaserGrips are our latest edition for the prolific Smith & Wesson line of J-Frame Revolvers (Round Butt). They are our most comfortable revolver LaserGrips to date, and feature a recoil reduction pocket to improve control of the smaller Smith & Wesson frame.

Here's S&W version of the 405: http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=54005&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=46305&training=

Here's S&W version of the 305: http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=13073&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=46305&training=

February 19, 2008, 10:12 PM
I think you might have the models switched (305 & 405):
I switch those numbers all too frequently and proofread even less. They need to change the model numbers, larger number, larger grip etc.

I wanted the S&W logo for some vain reason.

If I ever buy a set of....of....305s....the larger ones. ;) I will probably stupidly pay through the nose for the S&W Logo versions too. :banghead:Just cuzz, and a only a mere $43 difference.

Dollar An Hour
February 20, 2008, 12:04 AM
I think I'll order some 405's for my 340... As comfy as the Monogrips are, they turn the 340 into a belt gun for me, and I think its a great pocket gun with the right grips.

So, who has the best pricing on 405's?

February 20, 2008, 04:11 AM
But seriously, with a set of Hogue monogrips along with point shooting
(what laser?), is this revolver inferior to any handgun out there?

Well, OK, maybe not quite up to a 686 2.5" or 3", but that's apples and oranges.

For an airweight revolver, there's just no comparison, it seems.

Laser? What laser?

February 20, 2008, 09:29 AM
As comfy as the Monogrips are, they turn the 340 into a belt gun for me, and I think its a great pocket gun with the right grips.

Dollar, I agree with your assessment entirely. I purchased my 340 with 405s. Put the HM on it and loved them.
But... Couldn't do much in the line of pocket carry with the extended grips.
I hated to do it but I put the 405s back on. It's ok now that I have become reaccustomed to them. That first trip back to the range was not pretty. :eek: Some of the worst shooting ever, even with the laser pointing the way. Just couldn't 'get a solid grip'.

It's ok now and I miss the HM but I have been back to pocket carrying the 340 for some time now. If I holster carried I probably would get a set of CT 305s.

Nem-I still practice point shooting the 642/340 with the laser off. I point shoot practice the two pocket autos I carry also.

Our challenge in the southeast US is lack of clothing. :rolleyes: I can't dress like an islander everyday with a shirt out to cover a holster, hence pocket carry is virtually a must.
That's why for summer carry in non "high threat areas" I carry a Seecamp 380. Lighter and more discrete than even the 340 in a Mika.

Looks like the going rate for CTs 405/305 is $216 with free shipping.
Optics Planet and some others had this as the best price the last time I checked.

Dollar An Hour
February 20, 2008, 11:55 AM
Optics Planet, thanks for the info DAdams...

Yep, here in warm / HOT Arizona, pocket carry is a popular choice too.

I mean, if I'm gonna belt carry, I've got very nice setups for my Glock 19 or Walther P99c... ;)

Marvin KNox
February 22, 2008, 12:00 AM
Still mulling things over before the big purchase.

Do you guys have any pictures of yourselves or others carrying snubbies? I'd really like to see some.

I'd like to see what one looked like in a close concealing, FBI cant, hip rig. I'd like to see one concealed with an appendix tuck. In the pocket. etc. etc.

This will be my only carry gun. I figure to carry it in the pocket sometimes. But am thinking about hip carry OWB, appendix carry tucked IWB, cross draw tucked - and all the rest.

I'm enjoying the thread and pictures with holsters are always great.


February 22, 2008, 02:19 PM
The 340 arrived yesterday.Oh yeah....worth the wait.I got about 3 different holsters and I have to say that the Smartcarry is superb for this gun.It works here in Florida and you can wear it with shorts,jeans or pants.I will be taking it to the range Tuesday and will take the advise of the other posters on starting with .38 then +p .38 then 357.Is it Tuesday yet?

Venice, FL

February 22, 2008, 03:32 PM
I'd like to see one concealed
Marvin, not trying to be a smart alec, but I carry either in my pocket or in a SmartCarry, and trust me it is invisible. Any picture would just look like me, and you really don't want to see that! ;)

[Pete is] taking it to the range Tuesday
I've been busy, so before I knew it almost a month has gone by without shooting the 340. Went today at lunch, put 100 .38s and 20 Gold Dot Short Barrel +Ps downrange. Holy cow I love this gun! :)

I also rented a Kahr PM9 and a Sig239 and put 100 rounds combined through them. Out of curiosity I seem to keep searching for a carry auto I like better than my Glock 26. The Sig and Kahr were fine, but I like my 26 with added thumb safety much better than either, and for carry I like the 340 10X more than the 26!

I do have a question, though. I'm getting decent at getting very tight groupings at about 25 feet, both with the laser and without. However, that is with slow deliberate shooting. Mine stacks slightly right before the trigger breaks, and I can really shoot it as well as I could if it were single action capable.

However, when I'm trying to sort of simulate a stressfull trigger pull (fast DA pull), my shots go wide - but not consistently wide! The target looks like if I kept shooting, it would be cut in half. All the holes are on the same level line right through the bullseye, but could easily be 10 inches either side of it, or anywhere in between. What am I doing??? :banghead::cuss::fire: I'm not even talking about follow up shots, I mean deliberate aiming, then a fairly fast trigger pull.

I guess I know the answer, I need to dry-fire practice with the laser more so I can see the wiggle and reduce it, but I didn't know if any here had some sort of tip that would help correct this side-to-side action.

One other question is a cleaning question: How do you get blood and chunks of skin out of the knurled cylinder release button? :eek: I apparently gripped it too high with a +P and a big chunk came off the top of my thumb knuckle. First blood shed on the 340 for me, but I don't care, I still have a huge grin on my face after shooting it!! :D (by the way, I'm kidding about how to clean it, I'm sure Hoppes Elite and a brush will take it right out).

To all the newer M&P340 owners out there - congratulations again on what I feel is just about the best carry piece out there right now. I think a +P only Airweight is probably a close second, and maybe is even better in a way if you factor price into the equation, but dang it's hard to beat the 340.

Safe shooting!


February 22, 2008, 04:03 PM
My favorite way to dryfire is watching TV and aiming at peoples' heads for quick aimed shots. It has taken me a long time and a lot of dryfires to get to this point.

I began by aiming at a light switch or something fairly small across the room and squeezing the trigger and focusing on the front sight the whole trigger pull. I try to have the sights stay lined up the whole way and don't move from the aim point even after the trigger has broken. I bet I have practiced this tens of thousands of times in the last 4 or 5 years. Now every time I squeeze the trigger for an aimed shot, I stage the trigger out of habit. I got the staging routine from watching a Jerry Miceluk video a few years ago where he was talking about getting the most accurate aiming routine down. Jerry said it worked for him, and it sure has helped me get better.

When I first started shooting, I flinched and pulled down and to the left on nearly every shot. Then for a while I went the other way and twisted the weapon on the trigger pull and my shots went up and to the right. When I began the routine stated above things began to improve and have kept on improving the more I practiced. Just my 2 cents. Sorry for such a long post.:o

February 22, 2008, 09:05 PM
I've been busy, so before I knew it almost a month has gone by without shooting the 340. Went today at lunch, put 100 .38s and 20 Gold Dot Short Barrel +Ps downrange. Holy cow I love this gun!

Everytime I range my 340 out I just come away amazed at such a fine piece of equipment.


Here you go.



This one has three slots for cant.

Into the Columbia Landers goes the well in this case the 642 with CT 405s.


Driving with a valise style "holster" which fastens to the seat belt.


340 with Hogue Monogrips in an Uncle Mikes IWB. Of course a shirt or jacket would go over this. Could be rotated to 4 O'clock position. Backasswards due to the mirror image.

Manbag Carry. Flap open. Good for the woods or touristy carry when you need you pockets for a backup or other goodies. 642 with standard boot grips.


This holster may be worth a try.

Marvin KNox
February 23, 2008, 09:55 AM
I'm not quite as slim as you, but I'm working on it. Even so, I'm thinking that the 340 with 405 would hide fairly well for me tucked in an IWB appendix carry.

February 23, 2008, 01:11 PM
the 340 with 405s in a bianchi iwb appendix carry works very well for me, you would not forget it is there but it is not uncomfortable. i drive for a living and the appendix is neccesary and it stays very concealed

February 24, 2008, 03:31 AM
OK, really, you people have to quit talking about this revolver,
or I'm going to be compelled to get one.

Now, what's it gonna be?


Marvin KNox
February 25, 2008, 03:28 PM
I'm getting very, very close to joining the club. I even tried to talk myself into an airweight since hardly anyone packs 357's anyway. They just go with a +p.

Funny, though! I keep coming back to the 340 M&P. It may well be that the only 357's I'll fire will be just to check it out and say I've done that. It may be that the only 357's I'll carry are the ones I put in chamber #5 - (just to sign off before I run for it - if things go that far).

But - it's funny that us "boys" pay a lot of money for a lot of toys that we don't really need. It may be 4X4 drive. It may be leather on the seats. It may be mag wheels. We may trade in the factory tires for the extra big raised white letters. It may be the V-8 when the 6 would do.

It may be the custom leather holster instead of one that will work just as good for a lot less.

The more I think of it - I'm just like the rest of the guys. There's just something about a 357 magnum that says it all. The night sights are nice - even if I will have a laser. The 1 1/2 OZ. savings is nice - even if it's nothing to speak of and the gun would kick less at 15 OZ.

I'm just a big kid, I guess. But I'm willing to lay out 2 or even 300 dollars just to be able to answer the question the guys all ask when concealed carry comes up. "What are you carrying?"

"Snub nose Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum - and you?"


February 25, 2008, 04:20 PM
us "boys" pay a lot of money for a lot of toys that we don't really need

Boy, do I ever resemble that remark. :o

I decided that I wanted a very light snub. Once spending the $400 is a done deal (sunk cost), spending the extra $200 was much easier to swallow. I genuinely intend to carry this thing for 30 years, so that $200 works out to less than $.02 per day! :p

And that ignores the fact that I'll eventually pass it down to my sons.... So really two cents a day is way OVERstating the cost of the M&P. Gosh, isn't rationalization a beautiful thing.

If you are not a very nice person, I've heard of people making a lot of money with a 340/340PD by betting people at the range they can't put 3 cylinders full of full-house .357s down range... There's always that route... :evil:

It may be that the only 357's I'll carry are the ones I put in chamber #5 - (just to sign off before I run for it - if things go that far).
By the way, that strikes me as very funny I may have to load a "sign off" round, too!

February 25, 2008, 04:22 PM
I hear ya Marv! Now you're talking. I've seen peoples' faces change when you breathe those three little numbers in order.:what: You don't have to explain +p at all...let them think what they want.

Dollar An Hour
February 25, 2008, 06:34 PM
Is there a pocket-able grip that is reasonably comfortable? Or are the factory Hogue Bantams about as good as it gets for that kind of compromise?

I love shooting the 340 with the Monogrip, but it's too large for pocket carry.

Seems hard grips like Ajax or wood grips would be pretty uncomfortable given the light weight of the 340.

How about Pachmayrs?

February 25, 2008, 06:44 PM
the ct405s are perfect for conceal, they are still the 2 finger grip but have soft rubber on top of backstrap. they fill a larger hand nicely. they are hard pladtic on the sides but soft rubber on the straps which make it a bit more bareable to fire.

Marvin KNox
February 25, 2008, 06:45 PM
I figure I only have to refer to the biggest thing in the cylinder to keep from telling a lie. I think it's worth carrying one FULL HOUSE 357 just to be able to get those looks of awe from the guys. And it will be a "full house - Buffalo Bore" just in case they get a little too curious.

All kidding aside - most of us don't carry reloads, even if some say we should. That being the case - why load a loud "KA-BOOM" to remind yourself you're out of ammo?

Besides that - there's always the chance that the big boy will do something that the little guys couldn't.

And, who knows? It's always possible that the bad guys will think your friend "Dirty Harry" just arrived to back you up.

That's all gotta be worth a sore hand when you get home.


February 27, 2008, 07:50 AM
Marvin KNox-

Great analysis and justification. You will kick yourself the minute you walk out the LGS door with a X42, thinking you could have had a V8 for a few dollars more.

If those aren't the best darn reason(s) to purchase a 340 I don't know what are.

Those same rationalization skill sets will come in even more handy when you consider a Rohrbaugh R9 or a Seecamp LWS .380 in the future. :uhoh:

February 27, 2008, 10:46 AM
Holy Hell :evil:! The 340 M&P CT arrived last week and went to the ramge yesterday. Took a box of .38, .38+P, and 357 mag. The .38 were nice, great groups at 7 yards.Then on to the .38 +P, what a difference. They shot a bit higher being a hotter load. My hands were feeling every bit of every round.Then the .357. Holy Hell :evil:. There was an earlier post stating it was like shaking hands with the Devil. This statement is precise and true. 5 rounds was enough.Love the fact I feel its the perfect carry gun in Florida.This is NO range target gun with the .357 mag loads. I had brought my .45XD and Beretta 92 F for some fun. Love the 340 and looking forward to carrying it.

February 27, 2008, 11:04 AM
The .38 were nice, great groups at 7 yards.Then on to the .38 +P, what a difference. They shot a bit higher being a hotter load. My hands were feeling every bit of every round.Then the .357. Holy Hell.

When I recommended that you start with .38s and work your way up to +Ps, and only then to .357s, I didn't mean in the same range session! :what:

I meant over a period of weeks! :p

It is the perfect carry gun - I'm glad you like it. Don't be discouraged if your hand still hurts tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... :o

I am an admitted paper-pusher, but mine hurt for more than a week after tangling with full-load .357s my first time out! :eek:

Have you decided on your carry load yet?

Congrats again - FT

February 27, 2008, 11:56 AM
Hi FT, Thanks for the reply. I got a laugh out of it. I have selected the Mag-Safe .357 shells. They are reduced load and deep penetrating. I do a lot of handloading so that might change.For now I will stick with the Mag-Safes. Not to woory I only fired 10 rounds of 357's and have no desire short term to fire many more.I will stick with the .38's for now at the range.Great Gun. Glad I own one.
Venice, FL:D

Marvin KNox
February 29, 2008, 12:43 AM
I haven’t done a real good check on prices yet. But, just with the local gun range and Sportsman’s Supply, I’m getting quotes of full retail for the gun. They are also hard to find at all - let alone with the Crimson Trace 405’s that I want on it.

MSRP is around $870. I can get the CT’s online for $220ish if I’m willing to go without the SW logo on them. That’s pushing $1100 even without the factory CT’s.

I can get the 642 all day long for $650 with the CT’s from the factory. For all my rationalizations, that’s a lot of money difference just to say I have a magnum.

I used to get my guns from one of the firemen I worked with who dealt in arms. I think he charged me 10% over his cost or something like that. I got spoiled. I still intend to look him up even though he lives in a different city then I’m living in now. Actually, I have a policeman friend who deals (That sounds bad, doesn’t it?). I’ll give him a call as well.

Just for now, though – where else can I go (online?) for a good price and perhaps get one with the SW logo etc.? I’d still need to have it shipped to someone local to handle it, I suppose. Probably to one of my dealer friends would be cheapest - I’ll check around here to match them though.

What do you think? Which way should I go from here? What did you guys do?


February 29, 2008, 01:12 AM
Try Randy's Hunting Center in Michigan--here. (http://www.randyshuntingcenter.com/contact_us.htm) A couple of months ago they had a huge order come in, and I believe they were selling the standard M&P340 for 689.00. FAIK, they may well have the factory models with CT grips as well.

Recently, a friend of mine got his M&P340-CT package here in MN for 860, IIRC. You may have to wait, by I can't see $870-plus.

Do keep in mind that in the M&P 340, you are not 'just getting a magnum' for the 642 / 442 series guns. I own both, and the M&P340s are an entirely different firearm--from the scandium frame (versus aluminum) on up to the fitting.

The finish on the M&P 340 is much more durable as well. So, while I think S&W does charge a premium over-and-above what it should sell for as a magnum version, there is more value there in the product.

I bought the M&P340 bare, and added the CT-405 grips afterwards. I kind of wish they had the S&W logo, but it really isn't that important, I think--but that's just my taste.

Jim H.

February 29, 2008, 07:45 AM
I paid $605 last fall. They had a deal for $619 and you got a speedloader (didn't need it) and a box of Winchester Silvertips.

The S&W logo can be had if you find the M&P340CT, or if you buy the grips from S&W, but that will cost you. I paid 259+shipping ($280 something), compared to the $220 you can find online. Easy for me to say now, but since this is no safe queen, and I carry it everyday, I feel like a dork having sprung for the S&W logo. Never can tell for sure, but I don't think I would have been disappointed with the CTC logo instead... :)

Wow, I just checked for you, and the local (within driving distrance) shop I use has really beefed up thier website! They actually have the M&P340 for 629 online! Check it out:


I totally vouch for the shop - very large LEO and hunting shop, friendly, etc. Obviously I've never dealt with them online or with shipping. Site says they only have 2 left!

jfh - from reading your previous, excellent posts, don't you have the 405s (the compact ones, rather than monogrip-size) ??? Didn't know if you made a typo, or I was mistaken.

Also, fyi to all, I think if you get the CT package, they come with the 405s, but I'm not sure.

February 29, 2008, 08:37 AM
Thanks, FranklyTodd. Brainfade and not a typo.

Actually, I now have all three CT models for the j-frames--I added the 105 to the 442 yesterday; the 405 is on the M&P 340, and the 305 is on the 640. I'll get a photo comparo and some notes up in the near future.

Jim H.

February 29, 2008, 09:16 AM
I purchased mine at Randy's but that was over a year ago. They not only had the best price at the time, they were about the only Shop that had ANY at the time. I do believe that the supply demand curve has been met with this model. That is I see lots of them for sale. One of the problems with any of the "exotics", scandium, titanium, even stainless and aluminum alloys, is metals prices, metals prices doubled and tripled over the prior three years. They have presently stabilized but have not gone down. Don't expect them too either. Supply is dynamic and today's deal may be gone tomorrow. Don't let analysis paralysis get you. Buy it, carry it, shoot it, enjoy it, and don't look back.

Here is the best price I found today and frankly the best I have ever seen.


Model M&P 340 - 357/38
Barrel Length: 1.87"
Front Sight: XS Sights 24/7 Tritium Night
Rear Sight: Integral U-Notch

Price: $615.00
Free shipping. Jacksonville, FL.
On Gun Broker they (this dealer) has a 340 with CTs list at a "buy now" price of $770. Which calculates to $155 for the S&W logo 405s!!
So, I would definitely ask them about this.
I would also not hesitate to make an offer of a few bucks less, who knows, don't ask...don't get.
If you are out of the state of FL of course there is no sales tax, better yet.

Large retail operation so I would not hesitate to purchase from them with a CC and have it transferred to your LGS.

CT 405s (small ones) are available from Optics Planet for $216 and free shipping.
CT 405s with the S&W logo are $249 plus shipping.

Price Analysis

This same place has 642/442 at $380, which is not bad considering that is what I paid for my 642 1.5 years ago. Based on these prices it makes the 340 $235 more than a X42. Is that worth it? Figure night sites on any gun add about $75. That brings it to $160. 1.3 ounces lighter yeah, that's worth at least $75 to me but that is subjective,... .357 capability, hmmm that's got to be worth $50, that leaves $35, is the DLC coating worth that? Yep sure is. Stealthy and strong. So there is my price justification of X42 vs 340 in a nutshell. There is true value in the difference IMO.

Marvin KNox
February 29, 2008, 05:58 PM
I'm working on step #1 in the process - permission from the boss (wife). (DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.)

I was supposed to clear a couple of items from my inventory of toys first. She may hold me to that, since we're in the 900's with tax, dealer transfer and all.

That is a good price online. I'd like to jump on it, but I'm afraid she might be holding me to our agreement. (The magnum arguement doesn't appear to have impressed her.)

Even if I can't jump on this particular one, I'm getting close.

I have a pristine Browning BDA 380 (loaded with 14 rounds of Glasers right now). I may have to unload that first, even though I love that gun.


February 29, 2008, 06:39 PM
Can one shoot lead bullets like the LSWC through the 340????

I heard that only jacketed tpye ammo should be used.

What tpye of rounds would you all recommend for the 340 in 38+p

Bufflo Bore?
Golden Saber???

March 1, 2008, 11:09 AM
I just got mine from Randys as well. I paid $829 including shipping with a folder knife thrown in. Its a cheapy.I tryed to find it for less but couldnt after adding in shipping.They are not easy to find as well.That was the other problem.I am very happy with the gun and the price.I have a few guns so the wife really doesnt know one from the other. Thank god.

March 1, 2008, 11:21 AM
I have a few guns so the wife really doesnt know one from the other. Thank god.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I bought the 340 within a couple months of of inheriting a 40 year old blue Charter Arms Undercover Special snub when my father passed away. It wasn't that I intentionally tried to deceive her, but I was 100% confident she would think I was nuts for buying the 340, and assumed she'd mistake it for the Charter, which I had put away in the safe (nice little gun, actually, but no 340!).

First time she saw it, busted me. Dang! :eek: :banghead:

Oh well, all appears to be forgiven, but I've put on temporary hold plans to add an HK to the family any time soon... :evil:

What tpye of rounds would you all recommend for the 340 in 38+p
Not ignoring you, Ghost, but I don't have an authoritative answer. I don't think there are any ammo restrictions. I carry Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 38+Ps.

March 1, 2008, 03:32 PM
FYI - Three different CT grips on J-frames. (http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=344469)

I'm not done with the text yet--and I am going to sort out "image" details instead of links--but this ought to help some of you see the grips in real-life installations.

Jim H.

March 2, 2008, 01:44 PM
You surely can shoot LSWC in an M&P 340. The only problem I have found with shooting only lead is that I have to clean the weapon more often, about every 150-200 rounds. The cylinder begins binding from debris under the cylinder at about 150 rounds. I reload and most of my reloads are lead only to save $$. Generally I put around 200 rounds through my snubs every week. I have begun loading JSP to practice with my M&P 340 lately and have found that I can go in excess of 500 rounds, or so, before I have to clean under the cylinder. These snubs are very versatile weapons and if you practice with them often, you can greatly improve your own accuracy and dependability on them for SD.:)

March 2, 2008, 01:47 PM
My carry round is the Remington 158gr LSWCHP +P. This is the historical FBI load. I haven't quite worked up to carrying .357mag loads yet, but I'm working up to it after about 6 months of carrying this instead of a 642 with the same load.

March 2, 2008, 02:29 PM
Ghost rider: My experience parallels Brassman's. I haven't shot my 442 a lot yet, but most of the rounds I run through it are 140-gr LTC reloads done to meet the Speer 38+P 135-gr. GDSB factory ammo specs (860-900 fps from a 2" barrel.)

For the winter, I've been carry the Buffalo Bore 38 "heavy" 158-gr. LSWC-HP loads (they run 1000 fps from a 2" barrel) in my M&P 340. That's a stout, stout recoil in a lightweight, but doable if your hand is conditioned. My "regular" carry round is the GDSB 38+P 135-gr. factory round.

Like Brassman, I have been quite successful shooting lead reloads in any of my carry (2") j-frames. It took a bit of experimenting to get the right recipe for combustion / powder detrius sorted out for my M&P 340, however--initially, my cylinder was binding on the ejector rod after fifty rounds or so. Recently, shooting only lead reloads, I went to 125-150 rounds, and the cylinder still moved easily, if not freely.

Brassman: Have you got any chrono results on the Rem 38+P load? I'm doing 158-gr. load development now using both the Speer (swaged) 158-gr. LSWC-HP and a local suppliers 158-gr. LSWC.

The powders used so far are SR-4756 (to duplicate the fabled Speer #8 loads, which go up to the low 30s PSI in 38 Special cases!), AA#5, and Ramshot Silhouette. I won't be chrono-ing for another six weeks, I think.

FWIW, I reload the Speer 38+P 135-gr. Replica loads for about 10 or 12 cents a round--that makes for reasonable practice cost, and like Brassman, I'm trying to shoot about 200 rounds a week, even through the winter.

Jim H.

Marvin KNox
March 4, 2008, 02:52 AM
I purchased a 340 M&P (from "Shooter" online). It's the model with the Crimson Trace 405's from the factory (with the SW logo).

I got it for $770 and paid $22 for shipping from Florida to Seattle. My local gun range guy is charging me $35 for the paperwork on this end when it gets here. It was shipped out today.

I can hardly wait!

I'm ordering a MIKA pocket holster today. I'll hold off for a while with a good holster. I'm still mulling things over concerning OWB and IWB holsters. I may just use it with my belly band for a while when I go to church with it. It should conceal pretty good that way at the appendix position. Of course, I'll have the MIKA soon as an option as well.

I'll be starting out with light loads for now. But I plan to carry Speer short barrel 38spl. +p's with the 357 short barrels for the last round or two perhaps in good time.

I'm going to try real hard to resist trying the 357's until I am very good with it and have become used to all manner of 38spl. loads.

Thanks to everyone in the "club" for turning me on to what will likely be my one and only snub nose revolver. I've chewed on things quite a bit and I believe it's the perfect package for what I want.


March 4, 2008, 06:00 AM
Sorry, but I don't have a chronograph. I have to do most of my shooting at an indoor range and I don't think they would allow me to set one up if I had one. I have to use a manual for published speeds. That's the best I can do and just try to be in the ballpark with them.

How much trouble is it to set up a chronograph anyway? Is it something that would be easily done in an indoor range? I have never asked them about using one, but I have never seen anyone else with one there either. I have been going to this range twice a week for 4 years now.

March 4, 2008, 06:10 AM
The older gentleman that got me into reloading and showed me how to get started didn't own a chronograph. He stressed that I should always go by the book (Speer was his choice). He said to NEVER load above what the book says and to be cautious loading lower than the book states. He said to not go lower than 10% below the published load. Those were his rules and I try to go by them myself.

He's still around and I shoot with him every week during the summer months. He's a really particular kind of guy, very exacting, a retired electical engineer, a really good shooter, and also Godfather to my older son. I always listen to what he says, not that I agree with everything I hear, but he is usually pretty on-the-ball, if you know what I mean. I have a lot of respect for him.

March 4, 2008, 12:50 PM
Marvin Knox-

Alright. You made it happen. Glad Shooters were able to come through for you. That is a good price.
Did you have to sell the BDA?


Thanks for the excellent CT comparison and for cross pollinating the X42 Club. Do you find the 305s too long on the 340 for pocket carry in the Mika or do they work in most to all pockets. I like the 405s but still miss the full grip of the Hogue Mongrips. If the 305s would work in 90% of my pockets that would probably convince me to get a set and carry the Seecamp 380 in the shallow pocket situations.

My wife being an elementary teacher has a pretty good eye for different shapes and colors. :rolleyes: and although I have run some through the internal system covertly I think she may have figured it out. I won't say I'm busted but I think she is on to me. Time to switch over a shotgun or carbines :D for awhile.

March 4, 2008, 01:03 PM

Thank you for the thank you.

I find the CT-305s too long for pocket carry--but I really haven't tried them on my M&P 340, except for about one week when it was new. As for them on the 640--it is do-able, at least with my jeans with oversized pockets. The 1/4" shorter barrel on the 340 may make a big-enough difference on other pants, but I doubt it.

I guess my opinions have evolved into saying a boot grip is the one for pocket carry, at least if rapid deployment is at all a concern.

Jim H.

Marvin KNox
March 4, 2008, 03:46 PM
D Adams,

Yes, I think it was a good price considering the CT's and all. Even if it wasn't rock bottom, I figured that I'd better jump on it. There just aren't many M&P's around yet-let alone with factory CT's.

But I do think it was a very good price. My local guy treated me right also.

Unfortunately the 380 is no longer with me (that was quick). As a matter of fact - the only handgun I'll have now is the 340 M&P. That's OK. I really looked things over for some time before my purchase and this seemed like the only way to go.

One factor that perhaps others haven't considered much is the ability to practice at home with no ammo expenditure. Ammo is getting pretty high and the trips to the range are farther apart because of it. With the laser, one can practice pulling the trigger (with snap caps just to be safe for the gun.) Any deviation as you pull the trigger becomes apparent and one can practice, practice, practice until the laser dot doesn't move when the trigger breaks.

This wouldn't be possible with an automatic without continually cocking the pistol and reinserting a snap cap. With the revolver, one can put 5 snap caps in it and squeeze til your heart's content.

I realize that nothing completely takes the place of live ammo - but it goes a long way toward being proficient. And then there's drawing and firing over and over again not to mention firing without looking out over the sights etc.

Of course, I wanted the snubby anyway so these are just bonuses.

I really feel that the laser will be a very big aid to me (and my wife, should she decide to try it).

There may be easier guns to conceal out there - but none with all these factors going for it. (I can't forget the macho 357 magnum factor either.)

All in all, I'm very happy with my choice - I think it will do the trick for me for the rest of my life (I'm in my 60's now).

Pictures may follow. I'm sure everyone knows what these things look like by now. But perhaps some concealed carry pictures will follow in time.


March 4, 2008, 07:42 PM
Congrats and yeah we all know what the 340 looks like but....:D


Yes, of course, you need to get your hands on it first.

March 5, 2008, 02:52 PM
Well, after following this thread since the begining, I finally couldn't take it anymore. I went out yesterday and purchased a 360 M&P. I have come full circle with this type of weapon. I used to have a 360 PD, and like an idiot, I sold it about 1 year ago! Why did I sell it you ask? Like many of you, I am on the eternal quest of finding the perfect carry set up. I am looking for a set up that is easy to conceal, relatively comfortable all day, and shoots big enough holes! I had settled on a glock 26 and a glock 30 for daily carry (my wife has commendeered my g26). I carry the g30 in a RM Lowrider IWB holster. This is a great setup, and I LOVE having 11 rounds of .45 on tap. At first, I wore the setup all day until I went to bed. However, I have problems concealing at church, out to dinner, and other events where I prefer not to have an untucked shirt. Keep in mind, I live in Florida, so wearing jackets and other cover garments is not usually possible without sweating through them! Also, if I was sitting at my desk a home, I would take the rig off because it would start to get uncomfortable. I have found myself in many instances where I just flat out did not feel like puting the rig on and hauling it around. So the bottom line is: I have not been "packing" everywhere I go. I do not like this.

I love carrying the glock. However, it is just enough of a pain in the but that sometimes, I just don't throw it on my belt. My new 360 M&P solves all of the issues I have with carrying the glocks! When I had my 360 PD, I simply put it in my pocket at the begining of the day, and forgot about it. It is so light and comfortable to carry, there is simply no excuse to be anywhere without a firearm. And that is exactly what I am looking for. So, after following this thread forever, the other night I gave my wife the speech of how I believe I have found the perfect carry setup, AGAIN!!! Of course she rolled her eyes at me and said I give this same speech every 6 months or so. I am lucky that she likes firearms about as much as I do!

When I got home yesterday, a new set of Crimson trace 305's were waiting in the mail for my new gun (yes I am a dork and sprung the extra $'s just to have the S&W logos on the grips). I LOVE these grips and had them on my PD. I have tried the 405's, and didn't like them as much. I really, really, really like the fact that I can get a full grip with the 305s. This makes shooting the beast much more tolerable. I can personally conceal the 305s in a pocket, almost as good as the 405s. I wear the Columbia shorts (that DAdams showed a few pages back) with the hidden front pocket. These are awesome shorts and work out very well for concealed carry. They also make full length pants in this style. I can also conceal them in the front pocket of my Levis. I will tell you that in the jeans, I must cut the bottom off of the Uncle Mikes holster so the weapon will sit far enough down in the pocket. I have found that sitting the gun in other holsters, pushes it up in the pocket by at least 1 inch. If you are willing to alter the holster, the 360 M&P will sit lower in the pocket, and for me, allows me to conceal the gun in just about any pants I wear. The 305s allow me to get a full grip on the gun, which I feel is extremely important.

I really do believe this is the ultimate concealed carry package and am very fired up about packing it every day! Now, I've got to figure out what is the best ammo to carry. Any suggestions on any of the .357 loads?? I believe I used to carry the speer short barrell .357, but have not looked at this in a while.


Cutting the holster down allows the gun to sit as low as possible in the pocket. This allows me to effectively conceal the 360 with CT 305's which allow a full grip.

March 5, 2008, 03:43 PM
Welcome and thanks for the excellent write up.

Glad you like the Columbia Lander shorts and slacks. They are by far my favorite concealed carry wear. I like being able to secure the pocket closed if need be and that carry pocket is plenty roomy for even the CT 305s; that's good to know. In fact I know there is room in those for my all time favorite grip the Hogue Monos.

I don't blame you for spending a few extra bucks to get the S&W CTs. :cool:

Interesting concept giving the Uncle a shave. That holster stays in your pocket allright even on the draw?

The only .357s I have run in my 340 are the SGDFSB, 135 gr. They are not commonly available although Gander Mountain always seems to have one or two boxes around at their retail store I frequent on occassion and I buy up to two boxes whether I need them or not.

Thanks again for sharing and we look forward to your range report(s).

March 5, 2008, 04:23 PM
Deleted. I figured out how to properly quote on this forum. See below.

March 5, 2008, 04:34 PM
I haven’t done a real good check on prices yet. But, just with the local gun range and Sportsman’s Supply, I’m getting quotes of full retail for the gun. They are also hard to find at all - let alone with the Crimson Trace 405’s that I want on it.

MSRP is around $870. I can get the CT’s online for $220ish if I’m willing to go without the SW logo on them. That’s pushing $1100 even without the factory CT’s.

I can get the 642 all day long for $650 with the CT’s from the factory. For all my rationalizations, that’s a lot of money difference just to say I have a magnum.

I used to get my guns from one of the firemen I worked with who dealt in arms. I think he charged me 10% over his cost or something like that. I got spoiled. I still intend to look him up even though he lives in a different city then I’m living in now. Actually, I have a policeman friend who deals (That sounds bad, doesn’t it?). I’ll give him a call as well.

Just for now, though – where else can I go (online?) for a good price and perhaps get one with the SW logo etc.? I’d still need to have it shipped to someone local to handle it, I suppose. Probably to one of my dealer friends would be cheapest - I’ll check around here to match them though.

What do you think? Which way should I go from here? What did you guys do?


There I think I figured out how to quote somebody on this forum, that was tricky. Marv, you may want to check Budsgunshop.com. I bought an M&P340CT from them at Christmas. I believe the price was either $821 or $871 (shipped price), cant recall. But they have good prices. They also offer 1 year same as cash (interest/fee free financing) if you dont mind "borrowing" money. Thhat may persuade the boss to let you keep your current inventory.:)

I sold guns in the past to get others and always regretted it. New rule- Buy guns, never sell:evil:

March 5, 2008, 04:38 PM
Marv, I see you already purchased and got it for a good price. On the Mika holster, I believe you will you already have a "good" holster once you get it. As long as you wear slacks or loose fitting shorts they are excellent. Not so much with jeans, though. IMO.


March 5, 2008, 04:52 PM
Anyone ever use one of these canted pocket holsters? Seems it would make the gun a bit "taller" but not stick out of the pocket so much.


I've used a Nemesis everyday for months now. It's getting worn (though not yet worn out), so I've been poking around for a replacement. I've heard good things about the Mika, but stumbled into this one. They look fantastic to me, but I'd love to find at least ONE person who has tried it before I buy! :uhoh:


March 5, 2008, 06:15 PM
DAdams - Yes, the shaved Uncle Mikes works great in the pocket. I also should have mentioned that I took the stitching out of the plastic clip that was attached to the holster and removed it. It is a very minimalist type rig, but it works very well. It stays put and only the gun comes out. For $13, it is pretty hard to beat! I have not tried to alter any of the other holsters, and have not really looked for others since this set up works so well for me.

That No-seeum holster looks sharp. It is one of the few that looks like it would not add much height or bulk to the gun when sitting in the pocket. I don't know of anyone who has one!

March 6, 2008, 12:04 AM
Guys I am REALLY interested in buying myself a 340 with the c.t. grip, but am a little worried I'd be unhappy changing from my current gun. I have a Kahr PM9 and it is really about as big as a gun I would want to pocket carry. I see that the 340 looks to be considerably bigger, but I'm just wondering if the shape of the j-frame makes it any easier to carry than the little kahr? If anybody might have a PM9 and a gun similar to the 340 for comparison pictures I would love to see them to help me make up my mind.

Thanks in advance!

March 6, 2008, 08:03 AM
This is really an apples and oranges comparison. If you like your PM9 you will like the 340. In my view the 340 is the PM9 of the revolver world, reliability assumed being equal. (Which many Kahr owners or previous owners may argue when it come to the polymer PM series, and there are plenty of threads that deal with that on THR if you do a search).

I have both. My PM9 does not have night sights. The 340 comes standard with them. Finish on my PM9 is the same as the 340. DLC.

Karh Specfifications from the website.

S&W Technical Specification

Face off





Comparison 340 PM9

Capacity 5/ 7

Height 4.25/ 4.5

Width 1.375/ .90

Length 6.31/ 5.8

Weight 13.3/ 16.9

PM9 9mm
340 38spl/357

I added revolver carry since I had issues early on with the PM9. That is no longer a factor. I would 98% trust the SA vs 100% on the revolver.
Trigger is much lighter on the PM9. The 340 is physically lighter by 3.6 ounces or over 25%.
The overall form factor LxWxH although a different displacement; doesn't effect pocket carry.
If you do IWB, then it might be significant. Weight difference is a big factor.

If you feel more comfortable with 7 rounds vs. 5 so be it. Caliber is not a factoral IMO, shot placement and expertise with the respective device is.

The PM9 is slimmer (width) but in a DeSantis Nemesis vs Mika Roundcut for the 340 neither prints significantly.

I'm not certain if CT makes laser grips for the PM9. They may add some width as they do slightly to a J frame.

If you don't own a S&W J Frame snub nose revolver and are keen on adding one to your collection from a utilitarian standpoint the 340 or 360 are in my opinion the way to go. Unless that is you covet the "old school" look of blue, or nickel, then the weight goes up and no .357.

In summary I will leave you with a comment made by Wiley Clapp following a glowing Guns and Ammo review of the PM9 in 2002. Finally, while the PM9 is unlikely to make me give up my S&W Scandium .357 Centennial revolver (which is both lighter and more powerful), I would not hesitate to carry the Kahr - and I will.

March 6, 2008, 10:41 AM
Does the 340MP have the XS regular sights or the Big Dot sights?

March 6, 2008, 10:55 AM
Does the 340MP have the XS regular sights or the Big Dot sights?

The S&W literature does not differentiate. It states:

Front Sight: XS Sights® 24/7 Tritium Night
Rear Sight: Integral U-Notch

I measured the dot and it is 3mm if that tells you anything.

Based on the XS Website and observation of the sample Big Dot vs Standard and comparing it to my actual sight I would surmise it is their "standard" model.
XS has a nice website btw.

March 6, 2008, 12:41 PM
My M&P340, purchased 10 mo. ago, has what we would call the "standard" size dot. The 360 I handled at the time of buying the 340 had the Big Dot--and I was distinctly uncomfortable with how much it would occlude a target.

However, that was before adding the CT grips and learning some point shooting. Now, the dot size is irrelevant.

DAdams, thank you for doing the excellent 340 / PM9 comparison above. Since you've carried / shot both for awhile now, what's your feelings about the "ease of shooting" issues--i.e., getting off that first shot--of a revolver vis-a-vis the semicauto?

Jim H.

March 6, 2008, 03:30 PM
DAdams, thank you for doing the excellent 340 / PM9 comparison above. Since you've carried / shot both for awhile now, what's your feelings about the "ease of shooting" issues--i.e., getting off that first shot--of a revolver vis-a-vis the semicauto?

I carry the 340 approximately 50% of the time and a Seecamp LWS 380 the other 50%. Depends on what I'm wearing and where I am going.
I also have a handgun in my truck. I haven't carried the PM9 in quite awhile. After I get another 100 flawless rounds through it I may...but perhaps not since it is so much heavier than the two aforementioned. I like it though and will never sell it. I have too much invested in it going through two "break-ins".
I'm keeping it.

I have no problem deploying the Seecamp, and 7 rounds of SGD 90 gr .380 doesn't make me feel under(over)whelmed. The Seecamp comes out of the DeSantis Nemesis in a jiffy and as you can see point shooting at 5-7 yards is not an issue.


Alfred Hitchglock
March 6, 2008, 09:22 PM
I was quoted a price of $575.00 on the M&P 340 by my Gun Dealer.

I gave up a stainless model 60 (exposed hammer) on another transaction and have been wanting a shrouded j-frame since.

I really like the looks of the 340 PD finish but I'm thinking the M&P's finish would be more durable.

(Input/thoughts would be appreciated on this)

I was also thinking the difference in price could be applied towards the CT grips (you can buy them direct from S&W's website for $260).

Dollar An Hour
March 6, 2008, 10:14 PM
Like DAdams, I own both a Kahr PM9 and a M&P 340.

I like he capacity of the Kahr... 7 rounds of 9mm +P is nice. IMHO the Kahr is much more pleasant to shoot, and easier to shoot accurately, and with quicker follow-up shots.

The wheelgun is a bit lighter and has an edge if the fight goes to the ground, or if you're pressing it up against the BG as a semiauto could be taken out of battery and not fire at all. :(

My Kahr is threatening my J-Frames for EDC duty.

March 8, 2008, 02:22 PM
Guys, I have a LNIB M&P340CT that I bought this past Christmas. Less than 20 rounds through it, AS NEW. I have a new project that is requiring a lot of funds and the M&P is basically duplication considering I have other J frames. If anyone is interested please let me know.

jmt1271@bellsouth.net is best. I am in West TN.

Marvin KNox
March 9, 2008, 11:55 PM
Hey guys,

I'm just taking posession of the new 340. I understand that the triggers can be rough on new snubbies.

I've read that some people put in some snap caps and dry fire the thing for a thousand rounds or so before ever taking it to the range - just to smooth the trigger out some.

What do you think of this? Will it help? If so, do I need to take it apart and clean up any filings before taking it to the range.

etc. etc. etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated along these lines or any other angle you can think of to help me with break in/lube etc. concerning the new revolver.



March 10, 2008, 11:18 AM
The break-in so to speak for a revolver is optional and will happen on a defacto basis everytime you operate it be it dry or live fire.

If you wish to speed up the process you can certainly dry fire the revolver to accelerate the "smoothing".

Although S&W says it is not necessary to use snap caps in the Centennials for dry firing, that debate still goes on. Use or not use. For the price of a set I guess it is inexpensive insurance.

I have to tell you I can't tell the difference in relative smoothness between my 642 that I dry fired over 500 times and have over 500 rounds through it. In addition it went back to S&W for repair and was probably "cleaned out".
And the M&P 340 with 500 rounds through and perhaps 50 dry operations.

I found that in conjunction with the break in of the revolver for me and just as important was developing sufficient hand and finger strength to properly hold and operate the revolver. I am a desk jockey and my hand strength was what I would call "whimpy".

The combination of the two events, breaking in the revolver and developing hand strength has improved my performance.

I don't know how much difference you would be able to actually detect following 1000 operations.
Pull to stack point, realign and break. This all takes place in microseconds.
I'm concentrating on grip and target acquisition not how smooth things run.

Others comments are welcome.

Dollar An Hour
March 10, 2008, 11:23 AM
New J-Frame triggers are pretty bad out of the box.

Mine went to a gunsmith who left the springs stock for the sake of reliability, but deburred and polished the internals. Man, what a difference! :)

March 11, 2008, 05:46 PM
Just got my M&P 340 last night. Already sporting the Clipdraw (also have an UM pocket holster) and loaded with RBCD .357 ammo in it and Speer SBHP's in the Bianchi Speed Strip. Gonna shelf the Charter Bulldog for awhile...

March 11, 2008, 10:21 PM
The j frame in a cheap pocket holster prints much lighter than my old pm40. also I had trigger reset probs with my pm. Maybe only twice after 2000 rounds, but I have fired MANY more rounds thru j frames with NO probs. hence i put trade of pm40 towards M&P 340ct four months ago and am NEVER going back...(SURE!!!) I always dream of better.

March 13, 2008, 01:41 AM
A few days ago, I decided to (at least) remove the side plate of my 340 and do an inspection: nominally 1000 rounds have been fired through it, and I wanted to check things out.

This revolver has been carried daily for about nine months now--always in a Mika pocket holster, and typically in my right front pocket. Other than the comments mentioned earlier in this thread about cylinder binding from shooting reloads, I have had no complaints about it.

Typically, the rounds shot through it have either been the Speer GDSB 135-gr 38+P factory PD load (perhaps 100) rounds, or "Replica Reloads" of this cartridge that use a 140-gr. LTC bullet and either a 38 or 357 case charged with AA#5 powder to achieve the same subjective recoil. It has also had the Buffalo Bore 38+P+ load fired through it, (1020 fps, 158-gr. LSWC-HP), and the Speer 357 Magnum (970 fps) 135-gr factory round as well. I am recently starting to test fire other "replica reloads" of the FBI load using a 158-gr. LSWC-HP bullet. These latter rounds are stout, to say the least--but what DAdams said above (and I have said in earlier posts) about hand conditioning is the factor.

Even with that initial polishing by my 'smith, the action still feels a bit notchy--not like new, but not as smooth as my 640 (about 6000 of the same type of rounds fired)

The (aftermarket) CT grip is the third one--this one is beginning to also tear out at the lower left of the recoil pocket after 700 rounds or so; look closely and you may see it. CT has replaced them as needed, and I have no complaints. If you put CT grips on, be sure to protect the lens while cleaning. It is a PITA to clean off the dried residue, as noted earlier in this thread.

Here's some pictures I took as I went over it...

1. Disassembly, four groups--


2. Close up: action, no cleaning done--


I was quite surprised at how little gunk was in the action. I freely spray degreaser (including original formula Gun Scrubber) and CLP, as well as use the Hoppes' "Elite" cleaning products recommended by S&W.

3. Close up: wear points on frame--


This wear appears to be entirely normal. The only one I hadn't noticed earlier was at the crane insertion point in the lower front. The "dots' you see on the frame are not missing finish, but dust, or hot spots in the camera CCD, BTW.

4: Left side: after cleaning and reassembly.


5. Right side: after cleaning and reassembly.


Although I still haven't located my feeler gauges, the fore-and-aft cylinder freeplay is still quite minimal, and I suspect it is still about .0005, which is what my gunsmith measured when he did the action job at about round 5.

As you can see, there really is no wear of the DLC finish, save for the wear spots at the cylinder and crane. The kind of indexing wear on the cylinder suggests to me that the pawl is burnished during the assembly process; something one rarely sees with standard assembly procedures.

BTW, these photos had no unusual "enhancement" from the camera (a Fuji F30) or in PSE--I simply cropped and adjusted some contrast, besides converting the image size to 144 dpi.

Jim H.

March 13, 2008, 03:14 PM
Hi. What CT grip is on the pic on the 340? It looks a lot beefier than the one I have? Love to know.Thanks

Marvin KNox
March 13, 2008, 05:43 PM
I just received a box of Speer 135 gr. +p short barrel 38 spl ammo in the mail. It is Speer part #23921.

They are 135 gr. bullets and have what appear to be the same hollow points as I have on their 357 short barrels.

The 357's came in a box that appeared to be a new box (graphics) than their plain 357's. They were clearly marked "short barrel" all over the box.

The 38's, on the other hand, are in an older style (graphics wise) box with no "short barrel" anywhere on the box. The Speer product #23921 is correct for the short barrels as far as I can research from the web.

But why are they not in the new box and marked "short barrel" as they should be?

Again - the product number seems to check out and it seems to be the same 135 gr. bullet as the properly marked 357' I also have.

Does anyone know what gives and why they are not in the box that they show on the web for the short barrel 38 sp. +p 135gr??????

I suppose it's OK. I just want to be sure since these are my carry rounds.


March 13, 2008, 06:03 PM
I don't know the "why" but I've bought 4 boxes in the last few months, and all are the old box with no reference to Short Barrel. If you look at the Speer site (as you have done), the 125gr is regular, the 135gr is short barrel (plus, of course, the part #), so I figure they are ok, too. They seem to shoot great, but that's purely subjective - no chronograph or anything. I'm confident jfh will give a better answer! He's the ammo-guru! ;)

I'll be interested to see if anyone says different.

Marvin KNox
March 13, 2008, 06:17 PM

I'm supposing so also. And it is true that the only 135 gr. they make is for the "short barrel". And it really does seem to be the same 135 gr. projectile as the poperly marked 357's.

It will be great to get some more feed back though. Otherwise, there is that (very slight but very persistent) doubt in my mind.


Marvin KNox
March 13, 2008, 06:55 PM
I just got off the phone with a guy from CCI. He says that they packaged some early stuff in the boxes without the new graphics. But all of the newest stuff is is the newest boxes.

He says that any 135gr. stuff is automatically the short barrel stuff. Also he confirmed that the part number was indeed short barrel stuff - no doubt about it.

Very polite and sure of his statements as well. I'm OK with it now.


March 14, 2008, 01:01 PM
About the GDSB-135-gr. 38+P loads--

Yup, you got it sorted out properly, Marvin.

Keep in mind that you can order these same rounds in boxes of 50, under a CCI part number: 53921.

Streicher's (http://www.streichers.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Catalog=Guns%20and%20Ammo&Category=AMMO_DHAND&Prod=CCI-38GD) sells those boxes for $26.00, or $.52 a round, plus shipping--that's noticably cheaper than the nominal $1.00 per round in the 20-count retail box.

Another site sells this round for about $210.00, IIRC, for 500-count orders, including shipping.

Finally, you can reload--the bullets are available, and such a round costs about $.23-.24.

Or, you can reload with 140-gr Lead bullets, for a cost of about $.10-.12.

stripenow: That's the CT-405 gripon DAdams' M&P340. It's the one with the recoil pocket built in, and is the same one shown in my pictures.

Jim H.

March 15, 2008, 12:56 PM
So I’ve had my M&P 340 for a little over a month. Finally got it out to the range the other day…

I decided that I was going to shoot this gun, no matter what, on Tuesday. I took a box of Magtech 38spl 158 gr LRN, a box of Winchester 357 Mag 125gr JSP and a cylinder of CCI 357 Mag 125gr GDHP. I left my range bag and target stand, since I really just wanted to concentrate on the feel of this gun. I grabbed on old cardboard box to use as a target, and off to the range I went.

15 minutes later, before making my last turn, I realized that I didn’t have any hearing protection with me (left ‘em in the range bag). For a moment, I thought about popping a couple of rounds au natural. My safety sense got the better of me though, so I headed back home. When I returned to the range, I was happy to see that I had the place to my self.

I tossed the box out about ten yards and walked back to the line. I loaded 5 38s in the cylinder and got ready. I was wary of what was coming from everything I had read here. I remembered how it felt the first time I shot a Kel-Tec P-3AT. That was only the second gun I had fired, and I thought the recoil was huge (plus the slide bit the top of my left thumb real good – lotsa blood that day).

I got my death grip on, sighted, and squeezed. Wow. That felt…not too bad at all. I liked the trigger, I liked the grip, and the ripped palm flesh never materialized. 19 bangs later, and I knew I’d be carrying this little beast a lot. Now onto something a little more stout…

I had already decided that, barring unforeseen issues, I’d be carrying the 125gr HP Gold Dots, so they were first up. I wasn’t so concerned about how it was going to feel this time.

This was a Mistake.

The sensation from the first shot was really weird. Kind of a delayed reaction, like “WTF was THAT?” I definitely knew I was playing a different game now. Did a quick inventory: 10 digits…check…sore trigger finger, maybe bounced off of the guard…check…scraped palm with road rash…felt like it, but it looked fine. No blood spatter, so apparently my grip was positioned correctly. I finished off the cylinder, wondering if I’d ever be able to accurately shoot this thing.

I finished off the remaining 38s, which now felt mild compared to the 357s. By the time the box was empty, I had the cardboard target box dancing. I really enjoyed the way this gun shot. I didn’t miss having an exposed hammer, and the trigger was very nice. Since my first gun was a Sigma, I’ll probably think every trigger is pleasant.

I loaded the cylinder with the 357 Winchesters. I’d like to say that I now had the gun bent completely to my will. This would be Untrue. I shot better than the first five, but there’s lots of room for improvement. I can see a typical range session consisting of something like 20 38s, then 5 357s, and repeat. For me, at least at this point, more than 10 357s is pushing it.

I’m currently carrying in a Desantis Nemesis in my front pocket (got a Mika round cut on order). This gun makes CC effortless; I just have to remember to put all of my change / cash / Carmex in my other pocket.

I’ll need to put some +P rounds through it for comparison’s sake. If I never shoot another 357 round, I still couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I guess I’ll have to try a Hogue Monogrip on it to see how much (if at all) CC is hampered.

Bottom line - I am a happy camper.

March 20, 2008, 06:00 PM
Didn't mean to kill this thread...

...or is my range report the definitive word on this fine 13.3 oz hand cannon (doubtful) ;)

Anyway, BTT for anyone who's forgtten about it!

March 20, 2008, 06:07 PM
jgorniak: don't worry, you didn't kill the thread.

Many of us eventually treat it as a cumulative record to add to from time to time.

In fact, I suspect that some of us who read of your travails with a P3AT smiled a bit at your future experiences in learning to shoot the M&P 340. Once you can repeatably shoot a quad five, some may respond more quickly to your observations.

Jim H.

Marvin KNox
March 27, 2008, 02:50 PM
Has anyone done the ballistics (velocity and energy) on both of Speer's
38+p and the 357 magnum short barrel ammo from a 1 and 7/8" snubbie?

I know where to find Speer's specs on their site. I'm not sure what length barrel they used. But I'd like to see how they REALLY differ when shot from the really short barrels like our S&W 340's. That's the only gun I carry.

Also, please discuss recoil and muzzle blast with these two "specific" rounds to help me decide if it's really worth it to fire the 357 short barrels or if I'd be just as well off with the 38's.

Also, I suppose, discussion of these rounds compared to, say, the B.B.'s and such for short barrels would be helpful in so far as considering both recoil and muzzle balst and balistics. I have the B.B. site's data already.



Marvin KNox
March 27, 2008, 03:48 PM
Well now -

After posting the above post I revisited the Speer site. After looking at the same ballistic charts many times before- I just for the first time noticed that it does say that the data is from a 2" barrel.

Isn't that the way things always seem to go.

Still - any discussion would be helpful, including any personal tests and observations and ideas concerning the two rounds vs. other kinds of ammo.


March 27, 2008, 03:51 PM
Marv, someone more up to speed on the ballistics will likely chime in. I carry the 357 short barrels.

I personally don't notice much recoil difference (if any) from the 38+p Speer short barrels. I even recall one day thinking the 38 recoil felt more stout on my hand, but it's been a while since I shot those calibers back to back.

My question is where are you finding 357 Speer short barrel?. I order most of my ammo from midwayusa, and they have been "out of stock, no backorder" for many many months on that round. I'm running out. With the weather starting to turn warmer, my practice will pick up, and I'll be out in no time.

Anyone? anyone?

March 27, 2008, 04:02 PM
where are you finding 357 Speer short barrel

+1 I've searched for them so often online I know the part number by heart 23917. They have been out everywhere I've looked for probably 4 months.

March 27, 2008, 04:31 PM
I was told in December they would be in production of that round in January. I just called speer customer service (nice as can be) and they said they are Now scheduled to be in production of that 357 short barrel round in mid April. We should be seeing it shortly thereafter. I suggest if you see it, buy what you need for 6 mos or a year cause it obviously runs out with large dry spells.

Marvin KNox
March 27, 2008, 04:38 PM
I got mine from "Ammunition to go" - just a few weeks ago.


March 27, 2008, 04:45 PM
That was the last place I found it too...back in November. However, I ordered 3 boxes and I got a call that they could only send 2, as that was all that was left in the 135 grain short barrel 357. Maybe that's changed. I hope so. :)

There is a 125 grain version that is Not short barrel. In my experience, the 135 grain short barrel round has significantly less recoil than a regular 125 grain speer, remington, etc...they are much more punishing in a small frame revolver.

I'll check out ammuntiontogo !


Marvin KNox
March 27, 2008, 04:53 PM
I just looked over there and they are now out of the Speer 357 short barrel. I guess I got the last box.

Speer 38+p short barrel seems to be around, though.

Anybody out there who comes across info on this stuff - give a shout out. Don't keep it to yourself. This seems to be the popular stuff for snubbies. That's true in 38 and 357.


March 27, 2008, 04:55 PM
Anybody out there who comes across info on this stuff - give a shout out.

NO, NO, NO. First, PM FranklyTodd, wait 24 hours, THEN shout out! ;)

March 27, 2008, 05:15 PM
I've recorded and reported data from Speer's GDSB135-gr. loads in both the 38+P and .357 Magnum version, as shot in both a 640 and an M&P 340, as well as in a M60/3" and a 686P/4".

Use google to search this thread, the 642 thread, and in the Reloading forum for more information, particularly about "replica reloads" of these rounds.

Several of us have worked extensively on reloading recipes for these rounds.

I will have to disagree with travl4me, however, in his assessment of the recoil of these two cartridges as being essentially similar. The 357 Mag / 135 gr. round is much quicker and harder than the 38+P / 135 gr. round--which is full, and a bit sudden, but not hard.

Personally, I would rate the 357 Magnum round at the upper end of tolerance in a lightweight, at least if measured by the criteria of two quad fives fired back to back.

Frankly Todd can probably help fill you in a bit more, too. Meanwhile, look for the posts with Google.

Jim H.

March 27, 2008, 05:32 PM
I would have to go out and shoot them back to back again to access the perceived recoil difference, but I tend to lean towards your thinking Jim. You've obviously done the research and what I was trying to recall was long ago. I may very well have my wires crossed, or thinking of a memory of completely different gun. its possible.

FYI - I called ammunition to go regarding 357 s.b. speer. Also nice folks.

Said they have it in 158 grain short barrel.

I told them to the best of my recent knowledge the short barrel version isn't made in a 158 grain, at least not for a 357 Mag. (I've not seen the 2008 Speer product catalog)

Put on hold again.

Said they were updating their web site tonight and thought it show up tomorrow.

I asked "in 135 grain, short barrel."

put on hold.

then I was told "I believe so."

Dont hold your breathe, cause I believe MidwayUSA would be showing an actual backordered date if this was correct (assuming both companies would be restocked around the same time) , but I'll be looking in the next 24- 48 hrs. I hope they have it!

March 27, 2008, 05:48 PM
Ammunition to go , Just posted they have it! Order away! Thanks Marv. You were spot on!



March 28, 2008, 12:38 AM
I just picked up my S&W M&P 360 tonight. This is the first I've heard about .357 short barrel ammo. the only .357 ammo I still have laying around is a few rounds of DoubleTap 125gr. Are these lightweights able to handle these loads or should I be looking at some lower pressure ammo? Looking at the specs it seems the SB ammo puts out significantly less ME.

March 28, 2008, 12:50 AM

1. The scandium-framed j-frames will handle .357 Magnum factory ammo, period. Depending on the age of your 360, it may have the warning to NOT use 110-gr. bullets in it. Do heed that warning--apparently doing so leads to cylinder problems. (If yours does NOT have that warning on it, it means that the cylinder is now steel, IIRC.)

I think there is less question about the scandium lightweights being able to handle this ammo; the question is more whether or not the shooter can handle it.

The short barrel ammo does put out less energy--but the bullet is optimized for use that the lower velocities.

The GDSB 38+P 135-gr. round runs about 860-900 fps from a 2" barrel, and the bullet is set up for nominally 850-1050 fps. The GDSB 357 Magnum 135-gr. round runs about 970-1000 fps, with a much sharper recoil.

Unless you're an accomplished short-barrel revolver shooter with a well-conditioned hand, I'd suggest you try the 38+P 135-gr. loads first and see how they feel to you.

Many of us carry them in complete confidence.

Jim H.

March 28, 2008, 02:54 AM
not offended by what I wrote.

Sorry if it was over the top ... :uhoh:

But just in case - I'm going to pull this little fun essay off -
and keep it in a safe place.


<sound of crickets>

March 29, 2008, 02:51 AM
{Friday night, almost 24 hrs later}


Is anybody here?
Is anybody here?
Is anybody here?
Is anybody here?

Do any of you folks have
an M&P340 wearing a set of Hogue Monogrips?

Or an image of one?

March 29, 2008, 06:17 PM
I missed something? I have been busy spinning the hampster wheel of commerce, traveling a great deal and haven't been around THR Ranch much lately.

Tell you what, you can't take your eyes or ears off a thread for a minute and that Nem A. Tocyst fellow comes around raisin-a-ruckus. :D
We run a family place hereabouts, so be good and be on best behavior ;)

Do any of you folks have
an M&P340 wearing a set of Hogue Monogrips?

Or an image of one?

See Post #2 for photos of the 340 sporting the HM.

I took the Hogue Monos off reluctantly because they were a bit long for many of the shorts and chinos I wear and were easily made while in pocket carry mode. I also missed my laser sighting system. :evil:
One of these days I'm going to purchase some 305s which I hope might be the best of both worlds, albeit it again they might be a big long.

Didn't mean to kill this thread...

...or is my range report the definitive word on this fine 13.3 oz hand cannon (doubtful)

jgorniak. Thanks for the report and your impressions. JFH thanks for the cleaning report and to all contributing to the ammunition experience keep it coming.

March 29, 2008, 07:21 PM
We run a family place hereabouts, so be good and be on best behavior Oh, OK. I'll try to be good. :rolleyes:

It's just so hard to be good sometimes ... :uhoh:

:evil: :D

I'm at work now on a busy day, but I'll pm you the original so you don't miss out on anything. ;)

March 29, 2008, 09:51 PM
Ammunition to go , Just posted they have it! Order away!

Two boxes on the way... I'll post my impressions of the difference, as I have plenty of the +P, too. :D

Frankly Todd can probably help fill you in a bit more, too.

Actually, no, this will be the first of the .357SB I've gotten my hands on. Can't wait! Don't know why I can't wait - not like it will be FUN to shoot or anything! :eek:

March 30, 2008, 01:03 AM
See Post #2 for photos of the 340 sporting the HM.

You mean this one? (Yes.)


Now that's a fine, fine looking air-weight revolver. Oh, yes.
The proportions just look ... natural to me.

And if I'm going to try to control that much power in a mule,
gimme something extra to hold onto.

Marvin KNox
March 30, 2008, 05:41 PM
By the way- do you all know about this place. They don't have the 357 "short barrel" ammo - but they do have the 38+p short barrel ammo.

$26 is a very good price for 50 rounds. I know places that charge over $20 for only 20 rounds.

Check it out.

(Maybe if we all get on them they'll order in some 357 "short barrel" stuff when Speer starts running it off the production line.)


Marvin KNox
March 30, 2008, 05:42 PM

Doesn't help much with out the site address now does it?

April 2, 2008, 04:12 PM
If anyone's on the fence, here's an M&P340CT for $750, which seems really cheap to me (I've got a lot more than that in mine!). I've bought from this store in person - good folks:


April 2, 2008, 05:21 PM

These guys have the 340 and 360 for $625. Might have to add shipping, CC fees vs cash and of course transfer fees.

I think Marvin Knox purchased his from these guys??

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