What`s the story?


June 12, 2007, 08:17 PM
I just got this email alert from GOA.


In it it says that the Dems and the NRA are working up a deal to expand the Brady Bill. Now I know this has been a long discussion about the NRA compromising with them, but nowhere can I find info on this subject from NRA`s website to back up GOA`s claims. Or from NRA mailings. I am a life NRA member and I do not want the NRA to compromise anything on the Brady Bill or the McCarthy Bills. Is there truth to this? Can anyone show me proof that the NRA is doing this? Please do not start flame threads on the NRA. I just want to know if this what the NRA is making deals with these bills, so I can respond to them that as a member, that I do not support compromising. At least not with the Brady Bill or McCarthy bill.

I hope everyone is taking action on this bill.

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June 12, 2007, 08:41 PM
Go read the actual bill and stop relying on press releases.

What they are talking about is requiring states to submit the names of those adjudicated mentally defective (per the line on the 4473) to NICS, just like they do with felons, or lose law enforcement dollars.

The impetus is VA Tech, as the kid probably met the letter of the law to be barred from purchase but his status was not reported to NICS and thus he was able to buy.

The trade-off the NRA wants is to make it easier to get your name off the list (as opposed to the process now in place) and to remove some names wrongfully added.

I don't know about the Smith Amendment, but if they are still charging a fee for NICS checks (did it go to ATFE from FBI?) then obviously GOA didn't solve the problem.

GOA's whole "we're better than you are, we're the only true gun rights organization" rhetoric turns me and a lot of other folks off.

As an example, note they actually didn't ever actually state what the text of the bill was or what it would do, they tweaked it just enough and left out just enough detail to make it seem far worse than it may be.

That's insulting, to try to manipulate the reader on something so easily checked. If you are in the right, you should be able to win on the full facts, no manipulation required.

June 12, 2007, 09:09 PM
That`s what I am asking. Where can I find the truth to whether the NRA is compromising a deal with this. Do you know a link to the actual bill? Now I don`t believe where you state GOA is implying "were better than you are", or that they are "tweaking the wording in their messages. That`s how rumors start to fly. If either of these organizations start to manipulate information to get readers to vote on their terms, then they would be as bad as the politicians.
Besides the actual bill you are referring to would not give info on how the NRA or GOA is dealing with this matter. The bill number is H.R. 2640. The House only shows bills up to H.R. 2635.

Car Knocker
June 12, 2007, 09:33 PM

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