Another "Help in Building an AR" Question but with a Twist...


June 14, 2007, 12:30 PM
I have been luring on a number of threads about the AR-15 Platform, and have not found answers to this question.

I want to build, from the ground up, an "extreme" AR-15 for longer range target shooting. This is to be a rifle like those you sometime see on the cover of Shotgun News. A non traditional rifle is preferred, with very little resemblance to a tactical rifle, all the way toward the target end.

I've seen guns with the bloop tubes on the front and fully adjustable stocks, with extremely long barrels and a variety of other options, but I don't know where to get the parts. I already have the lower, so I don't need the "gun" part, just the extras.

Any help is appreciated.

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June 14, 2007, 12:48 PM will have any part you can think of. i would suggest just buying an upper reciever in the configuratioin of your choice. and then of course you can add whatever you want, like rails or a bipod. you will need one of these too. or something like it. and dont skimp out on the glass! get a supersniper or a leupold.

have fun

June 14, 2007, 12:55 PM
The White Oak Armament match rifle upper should work for you:

The basic config is a 26" 1-7" twist barrel with a Wylde chamber and a modified gas port/tube for slower burning powders. You may want to talk to WOA to see if they'll chamber for a different cartridge if so desired. Not sure if you'll want a 1-6.5" twist. A few people like it for basic Across the Course, but just to shoot up to 80gr. Not many people really like the 90s right now.

Just add sights. RPA or Warner sights are very popular.

Creedmoor should carry an adjustable stock for the AR for match class.

Get the Geissele trigger if you don't already have it.

Jim Watson
June 14, 2007, 01:22 PM
What kind of "longer range target shooting?"

I have a flattop AR with 28" Krieger Varmatch 6.5 twist, gas port 2" farther forward than standard to allow for long dwell time to muzzle and slow powders. Scope and bipod put it in F-T/R Long Range. It is moderately successful with JLK and Berger VLD bullets at 1000 yards. ("Moderately" meaning it shoots as well as or better than my .308 and kicks less.)

The 90 gr Sierra won't cut it. Loaded hot enough to make it to 1000 yards supersonic, not all get there. I had one string in which I shot nothing but 10s, Xs, and misses. Load them down to Sierra data and they are fine at 600.

One of the guys at Berger prefers to load the 75 gr VLD to high velocity in whatever twist it calls for and fight the wind with speed instead of B.C.

Note that the usual OAL for heavy .223s calls for single loading. The heaviest bullet I know of that is meant to be shot from the magazine is the 77 gr SMK.

June 15, 2007, 09:36 PM
Thanks everyone for your help.

I am looking for a finished product close to those pictured on this site:

Now I have an idea where to get the stock, now for the rest of the parts. I will not be using iron sights on the rifle, probably a moderately powered variable scope.

Colt.45 I have tried midway for this project and they don't have much close to what I want.

ocabj, thanks for the link and the pictures... these are real close to what I want.

Jim, I want a rifle that will shoot out to 600 yards. With some luck, I will have time to take it to a 1K yard out of town range. Currently I am shooting a Rem. PSS in .300 with Black Hills 190 gr. Match Moly coated (aka the 'Navy Load") This is getting taxing on the shoulder and I want to shoot more, with the same accuracy and enjoyment of the sport. I have heard excellent reviews of the Krieger products. Did you build this barrel up, or did you have it shipped to you installed on an upper? I will probably stick to the lighter bullets to keep them feeding from a magazine, or until I have accuracy problems.

Any other help on some of this type of part sets is appreciated.

June 15, 2007, 10:17 PM
Clint McKee sells 6 inch bloop tubes.
Scroll down about 24 or 25 items from the top of the page.

Jim Watson
June 15, 2007, 10:36 PM

I had the Colt CAR A3 flattop rifle, 24" barrel in a tubular foreend. Not good for a whole lot. I shortened and turned down the barrel for 3-gun while that lasted around here. When a friend got me to try F-class (NRA Long Range with scope and bipod allowed) I sent the upper to Krieger and had them install the 28" Varmatch... later sent it back to have the throat lengthened to load the heavy bullets way out.
I was later told I'd have done better to buy the barrel and have it fitted by a match riflesmith, but I did not know one and it shoots very well as is. My local guy helped me with a JARD 2.25 lb trigger. The Giesselle trigger seems to be the hot number these days. I have a 8.5-25X Leupold Long Range on it. I shoot it in F-T/R which is limited to .223 and .308 (Other calibers fall in F-Open.)

I am not really experienced enough to make strong recommendations. The White Oak uppers that Ocabj shows would be great for 600 yards, probably adequate for 1000. The guy who got me started in F-class thinks the world of Compass Lake Engineering ARs (and others, he shot with their chief machinist for years.)

The AR is a good piece of machinery to get to shoot well. So good that the Tubb 2000 bolt action and several "tube guns" with Remington or other bolt actions in a tubular chassis bear a close resemblance to the AR. I think you can have a good time with it.

The only purpose of a "bloop tube" is to increase iron sight radius on a Match Rifle without adding too much muzzle weight. If you are going to shoot in that event, great; if not, there would be no point. It doesn't help with a scope in Any-Any or F-class and is not allowed in Service Rifle.

June 15, 2007, 11:02 PM
I build my wife a NM AR, not exactly what you're looking for, but I'll give you an idea of what it is capable of. At 1000 yards it holds an 8" group of 5 rounds from a sand bag on iron sights, range measured off on a gps claiming an accuracy of 9'. Weather was around 90*F and wind wasn't felt or noticable even to cig smoke. Useing Black Hills Ammo, 77gr molly coated hollow points.

I second the recommendation for the Geissele trigger, it's spendy at almost $300, but it's the best trigger I've ever felt on an AR-15. I've had the privledge to touch some very expensive sniper rifles, and I think her AR trigger still is one of the best I've ever squezzed.

I've heard good internet reviews on the White Oak uppers, but have no personal experiance with them.

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