Trijicon ACOG TA-33-8 for an AR?


June 15, 2007, 09:54 PM
A brief bit of background first - I just started shooting 13 months ago, and got my first rifle (SKS) 7 months ago. I have taken to the sport, and I'm ready to swim into the world of sighting systems a bit further.

And swimming is the way my head feels after poking around some. So far I've only had a $29 NCStar 4 x 30, and it's been a huge leap, but it is a cheap scope.

Now I think I'm zeroing in on the Trijicon TA-33-8. It will be used primarily on a Colt 6920, shooting mostly 100, 200 and 300 yard ranges. It is expensive, but I'm prepared for that, I think.

So, first, is that a good choice for that rifle and application? Any thoughts on the amber versus the red reticle? What are the pros and cons of the TA-60 mount versus the LaRue LT105 mount?

Finally, cost notwithstanding, is there some other combo I ought to look at? I've read enough here and elsewhere that I'm saturated to the point of needing some input from y'all.


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Don't Tread On Me
June 16, 2007, 01:14 AM
I have that exact mini-ACOG. I LOVE IT. And so do my buddies. At the range, I can barely get time on it myself! In my opinion, the best optic you can ever put on an AR-15 (other than another type of ACOG).

It is expensive. Yes. All ACOG's are - but this is the cheapest one they make, but is still the same quality. You pay a lot, but it is the most shock resistant, does not require batteries, has no electronics and just plain old works! It is light and small. Total package. Peace of mind. Bright in the day, works in total darkness.

As far as red vs. amber. I have the amber one. I believe it is the easiest to see, and gives the greatest color contrast vs. any background. However, it is a personal choice and if you can - try and find a store that has either the ACOG or the Accupoint in stock to look through one. The reticle will be bright in the store, but it will be amazingly bright outside in sunlight. There is absolutely no worries about washout whatsoever. Check out red and amber if you can and make a decision.

Now, when it comes to mounts. I highly recommend the Larue mount. Yes, it is more expensive- but it IS better. The TA60 mount was heavy duty and not junk don't get me wrong. I like the LaRue because it is return-to-zero, it is lighter, and it is more streamlined. The TA60 has large thumb screws that protrude too far off the side for my tastes and is bulkier/heavier. I sold my TA60 for $65 and put that toward the LaRue. LaRue is also easier to take off and on.

You should be able to find the TA33 on the internet for $720-$730 if you look around. I got it for exactly $721 shipped.

Just so you know, the TA33 is calibrated for the M855 out of a 14.5" barrel. Other loads in different barrels work out with a slightly adjusted zero.

If you get the Trijicon, it will be pricy, but you will not regret it. Get the best up front and be done with it.

June 16, 2007, 07:57 AM
Well that reinforces my thoughts so far. Thanks for the input.

It's helpful that it sounds like you did have the TA60 mount before going to the LaRue.

My shopping will probably be done amongst the arfcom dealers.

I had seen that Trijicon has models calibrated for 5.56/.223 and .308.

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