SunCoast Gun Show (What a Joke....)


June 17, 2007, 10:36 PM
Went to the SunCoast Gun Show in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend. I'm almost embarassed to admit that I paid $8 to get in (and $5 parking to add insult to injury). The usual assortment of clowns - beef jerkey, jewelry, junk guns for $125 and a whole lot of overpriced guns and ammo. I think these guys actually RAISED their prices for the show. Wall to wall people. Lots of gangstas. Needless to say, I won't be back.

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June 17, 2007, 11:22 PM
Yeah, I went to a show in maryland this weekend Nobody would work with you on price and EVERYTHING was over priced.

Kali Endgame
June 17, 2007, 11:54 PM
Sounds like the jerky and airsoft shows in CA.

Don't Tread On Me
June 18, 2007, 12:00 AM
Suncoastgunshows are heinous.

I never buy from them. I go to offload stuff I don't want. With their outrageous prices, my fair deals look like steals. I usually buy good stuff, and treat it well. Haven't failed to sell one yet. I hate paying the $6 to get in, but I'm only there to sell, so I figure it is part of the cost to sell.

I laugh everytime I see that Colt 6520 for $2,499.00. If I ever see anyone serious about buying it, I'll offer mine for $1,900 even (only paid $999 new).

Ammo is ridiculous. Radway and XM855PD being sold for 2x more than internet pricing. Mosin Nagants which run $69 go for $180 there, and they are average to poor grade. Lots of junk guns at high prices. Lots of used AR-15's with complete junk mods and add-ons (like no-name chinese optics) or airsoft accessories having extra high price tags because they are advertised as "tactical" ...Most used guns cost as much as new guns would in reasonable stores.

Then you've got other people there trying to sell their firearms. That I don't mind, but most of them are just an annoyance trying to peddle things that no one on Earth wants. They are almost as bad as the dealers. People with beat-up bubbafied SKS's thinking that their former ideal dream combat rifle can appeal to someone else. Look, you destroyed it - it is an embarassment, you're stuck with it. No, I don't want it for the "giveaway" price of $350. The Leapers scope and the ATI stock does not make it an SVD substitute. Sorry. No, I don't believe that you shot a 1" group with it either. The spray paint camo is flaking off too. Thanks, bye.

June 18, 2007, 01:07 AM
At least your gun shows are $6......... :(

June 18, 2007, 01:16 AM
I was this weekend at Ft. Lauderdale too...

Here are some deals I negotiated (but not necessarely
finalized) -- all at the same place with different vendors.

new EAA Witness Match pistol in .38 super with two mags
(it comes with one from the factory), out-the-door price
is 590. What do you guys think: good, bad or so so?

Saiga .308, 16 inch barell. new 350 out the door... is that reasonable?

Mosin - long version (working, no cracks anywhere) $60 bucks plus tax.

FEG PJK-HP 9mm, new in a box with magazines 300 plus tax.

ar15 lower (empty) 120 out-the door


Nomad, 2nd
June 18, 2007, 01:25 AM
Worker: all too high. Except the Nagant.

June 18, 2007, 01:55 AM
sig228 - I was at the same show. There weren't too many gangsta types when I was there, but I saw some coming in as I was leaving.

The prices were ridiculous! The prices were higher than the LGS prices.

All I bought was some Glock recoil springs from the Glock armorer booth.

Admission and parking prices were outrageous for what the show was/is. I'd gladly pay more if the show was actually decent.

Blazer Brass .40SW was like $15 a box! I can get it for less ANYWHERE. Glock mags were $25 and up at all booths. Knife prices were MSRP. It was a joke, I agree.

This was the second time I went to the show, and will likely be the last. I'll try the other gun show that hits Miami (I forget the name).

June 18, 2007, 02:54 AM
And they have these shows at least once a month. I go maybe once every two years.

They suck.

June 18, 2007, 06:26 AM
Saturday's a coming And I can't wait
Gunna hurry on over, Cuz I can't be late
I'm going to the place We all love and know
The local overpriced nightmare gun show

I had to park my car twelve miles away
The walk to the door takes me half a gosh darn day
I go to the door and pay my entrance fee
Walk around the floor, to see what I can see.

I get a sample Beef Jerky that taste old and stale
Some lady's selling left over garbage from her last garage sale
I see a table with some hardware that's looking mighty fine
I pass a pair of homies gawking at a Tec-9
I get to the table and what do I see?
A gun I've always wanted. There just for me.

I ask the dude behind the table, (How much is this thing)?
I was hoping that the price was right and wasn't going to sting
He thought for a second, and rubbed his Grizzly Adams beard
His demeanor got somber, and his face looked weird

"This very gun was used by a NAVY SEAL
but I'm in a good mood, so I'll cut you a deal
Ordinarily, I'd need to get a grand for this gun
But I'll sell it for $800, howse that sound to ya son?"

I about soiled my pants!
"$800? EAT MY SOCK!
It's a worn out police trade-in ratty old Glock
I think you were drinking when you wrote your price tags
So you can keep your stupid Glock and your lame post-ban mags"

But I didn't despair, I just went on my way
The Class-3 table ought to brighten my day
The man behind the table was a sketchy old cat
With dark tinted glasses and a MOLON LABE hat

He stood there looking proud at all his full-auto goodies
The kind of guns that could give a gun-nut woodies
I asked him how much he wanted for the Colt M-16?
He snapped his head around and started to scream


His arms were flailing 'round like a bat out of hell
And just at that moment, I caught a horrible smell
I felt kind of bad, but it still made me laugh
What he has is machineguns, what he needs is a bath

So I pulled up my shirt to cover my face
My eyes were tearing up like I got nailed with mace
I walked off quick, the smell was just too rude
Till I got to the table of the C&R dude

"This rifle is handpicked and personally chosen
by the Czar of Russia as the Worlds finest Mosin
Now lest you think it's out of your price range
I'll let this gem go for $200 and change"

I said "Dude, your nuts. Out of your freaking mind.
Those guns sell for $50, for the exact same kind"
He got really mad, and threw a hissy-fit
So I told him he could keep his outdated old kit

I needed some ammo, so over I went
To the ammo display in the green army tent
The ammo guy named Tom told me to come in
And look through the baggies in the little blue bin...

He said his 10mm ammo should be somewhere in there
Loaded by his drunk brother Willie, hot enough to kill bear.
I politely declined, and wandered back out on the floor
And slowly but surely made my way back to the door.

As I left the building. the promoter said "Have a nice day"
To which I replied "Your gun show was lame"
They asked if I had plans on ever coming back?
Yeah. Maybe the next time I'm strung out on crack

The moral of the story is "modern gun shows suck"
And are no longer the place to go if you want to save a buck
While there are things there that we'd all like to get
It's all just overpriced crap bought off the internet.

June 18, 2007, 07:34 AM
I love gun shows, but admission is cheap here and we don't have to pay for parking. I walk around and walk and walk. And look and look and look. And talk to folks. I've bought so much salsa and jerky from some of the vendors I get freebees now. Dern, their kids are getting big, too.

I bought a gun once. One. Got a good deal on a 442 that had been traded in.


30 cal slob
June 18, 2007, 07:36 AM
sounds like the manchester (NH) gun show. :barf:

June 18, 2007, 07:42 AM
At least you have gun shows you can go to. Here around Detroit the only ones are at the Gibraltar Trade Centers (Think flea market inside a building). And if you are lucky ten vendors will show up.

June 18, 2007, 08:41 AM
I use the local gun shows as a way to pick up and handle guns that I may be interested in, but don't want to waste three or four weekends' worth of gas running around four counties trying to find. I've actually made three out of my last four gun purchases at gunshows. The trick is to not go there expecting to find any "once-in-a-lifetime" deals. Just go there to look and handle the wares. IF something strikes your fancy, and IF you're well versed in market values, and IF the seller is asking what you're happy paying, then you make the deal, and everybody's happy. If any of the above conditions aren't met, then just walk away. The dealer's there to make money, just like every other dealer. Just because he's asking $650 for that rare only-slightly-used G-17 doesn't mean you have to pay it...

June 18, 2007, 01:04 PM
I am in Florida


And they have these shows at least once a month. I go maybe once every two years.

They suck.

at least we have the option to go or stay home , some don't .........................................

June 18, 2007, 01:22 PM
I went once to the (in) famous Tanner Show in Denver a while back.

Utter, utter crap.

The rhyme above describes everything to a T. Homies, wild-eyed morons,
overpriced everything. The cops even cuffed a guy and walked him out.
And there were like 40 cops there. The knife prices were
out-*******-rageous. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the
price tags on the knives.

A ho-hum Nimravus for the one-time low, low show price of a mere $180.
A supremely beat up and re-edged Kershaw vapor for $69. Without sheath.

Weekend warrior home-business folks hawking their wares, clad in load
bearing vests and "X brand" manufacturer garb. All very unfriendly and


I will never, ever ever ever (ever) set foot inside another "gun show" as long as I live.

June 18, 2007, 01:43 PM
My son(14 yrs. old) and I go to a small show put on by a local collectors group. We have been looking at different revolvers thinking he may need one someday. There is usually several nice vendors that take the time to talk with him and most don't try to BS him too much. Well they might try to pull his leg a little but it's all in fun. At the last show, as we were fixin' to leave one display the vendor asks me if my son can have a knife. I said "sure' and he tossed a nice little chinese made folder to my son and said "don't take it to school with you" At the same show I was offered a Longbranch enfield for $100.00 .

June 18, 2007, 01:46 PM
First, Cannonball....that was awesome!

Second, I hate going to the gun shows! Everytime i go its the same crap.
The Southern Classic Gun & Knife show is over priced, and there is about 5-6 tables with an assortment of pistols which are all over priced. Forget about finding a good deal here unless your looking for belt buckles and airsfot guns.
I went looking for holsters, and no one had them except one guy who was way too expensive.

I only go to these shows to look at and feel a new model i dont have experience handling and thats about it.
The miami & ft. Lauderdale gun shows all blow!

June 18, 2007, 01:54 PM
Suncoast controls most of the shows anywhere south of Orlando. Recently they sabotaged the Lakeland show by having their show in Tampa on the same weekend and requiring their regular (Khalid& Shoot Straight) dealers to attend or lose their regular spot. It isn't going to get any better. At least the Orlando show still has free parking and a different promoter. Always crowded. Joe

June 18, 2007, 02:35 PM
I know! The gun shows have all (or most) gone down hill. I remember going when anyone could buy a table and sell or trade what they had. I even did it a few times when I had a couple of guns to up-grade or sell for cash. Even had some extra camping or black powder trinkets to sell. It was fun. Now there is a totally different attitude. Like stated here, the prices are higher than in the shops, the sellers are un-friendly and un-willing to deal. I still go from time to time just to look, handle, drool. Once in a great while one runs into a good deal on ammo or some other "must have" item. When younger, I would go with my Dad and GrandDad. GrandDad would look at every single item on every single table. :) I miss the good old days.

Agent 006 &7/8
June 18, 2007, 03:00 PM
We had a show at the local Holiday Inn a few years back. Prices were MSRP +10% to 20%:cuss:. I, and appearently several others went nextdoor to the local ranch supply store (which has a decent gun selection) for what we wanted. Some then returned to the show, let the promoters know that things were WAY overpriced and that they would buy elsewhere. A few guys even stood outside and advised people about to enter that the guns and such were over-priced! :neener: In response (I guess) the promotes cancelled the next show. After about two years we finally started seeing gun shows again. Now, when we get a show most, although not all, prices are more appropirate and the attendance is much higher than previous years.

June 18, 2007, 03:49 PM
Suncoast shows are the WORST.

I usually go to the Ft. Myers one just to walk around with a buddy. He'll point out a gun and the price and I'll tell him how much it's overpriced in front of every one.

I actually had one guy just go stark raving nuts on me. I actually offered him a more than fair price on a 10/22 for my daughter. I offered him $200.00 for the carbine model which had a $240.00 price tag on it. He had the gall to ask me if I was stupid. He says he doesn't even get them for that price.

Yeah. Right...

I told him $200.00 was a more than fair price and he went nuts. I simply told him that seeing he didn't want to make any money today that I would go to Wal-Mart and pick one up for $170.00 and he told me that I couldn't get one that low.

Low and behold I returned 2 hours later with a reciept from Wal-Mart for the same gun for $170.00 and told him ever so politely to cram his entire stock in his rear end.

Was the guy with the Baretta CX-4s for $1200 still there?

June 18, 2007, 03:56 PM
"This very gun was used by a NAVY SEAL
but I'm in a good mood, so I'll cut you a deal
Ordinarily, I'd need to get a grand for this gun
But I'll sell it for $800, howse that sound to ya son?"


Can't stop laughing because I've actually seen this before at gun shows. :rolleyes:

scotch handler
June 18, 2007, 04:30 PM
are there any good guns shows in central PA? or within a 60 mile radius of Williamsport PA??

June 18, 2007, 04:51 PM
You can always tell when Shoot Straight is at the show down here because most prices are kept in check, since Shoot Straight is always the lowest priced. When they aren't there the prices go through the roof. I was talking with a vendor once and we were talking about Shoot Straight and he despises them as they are underselling and under-pricing all other vendors and I asked him if that was truly the case or is it that he and others are trying to rape customers. He assured me they must be doing something shady to get the guns at such a low price. Needless to say, I have bought the majority of my guns from Shoot Straight.
The main thing that ticks me off most about the gun shows around here is that there are no holster reps or holster companies. I can't afford to buy a new gun every show but can afford to buy a new holster at every show.

June 18, 2007, 05:09 PM
It's not any difference out here on the west coast either. I went to a gun show with a couple of friends on Saturday at the Santa Clara county fairgrounds, here in the bay area. It was $8 to get in, and the building it was located in was much smaller than the ones held in a couple of years ago. Most of the stuff was flea market garbage, with some over priced guns thrown in. oh and you could buy old books and VH tapes of Gunsmoke and some other
60's movies and TV shows. Ooohh, hold me back!
and of course a table with tactical knives, the woman there said they were designed by a Green Beret!. but I'm sure she couldn't talk about it, of course.

I remembered why I hadn't been to a gun show in a couple of years. and won't go again. It makes me wonder if gun shows will exist in 10 years time.

June 18, 2007, 05:20 PM
Look, it's gun related, knife related stuff! What? People want to come and buy our "quality" wares? Hurry, change the tags out and set someone with tickets at the door! :barf:. Bah and poodle piddle. I think I'll take my buisiness to the local gun shops...heh, I said poodle piddle...

June 18, 2007, 05:24 PM
Yes, my friends, I am one of those evil guys who sets up for the gun shows and attempts to hawk my wayward wares. So, sit back and enjoy my stories of woe and dismay.

I work the Tanner show in Denver and while I do agree that the majority of the people at the show are trying to sell obvious museum peices at vastly inflated prices, there are a few guys there, like myself who are there with decent prices on guns as well as a good attitude....

For example, I had on my table a beautiful, 1972 Browning Hi-power with a few mags and in very nice, 98% condition. It has the rich bluing and is just a darned nice gun... for $550. Not a smoking deal, but fair, in my opinion. all of my guns were priced fairly, as were the miscelaneous items.

Now come the unwashed hordes. I smile at almost everyone that walks by and I say Hi and even try and joke around with some.... Here are the responses I get....

The nod and grunt guy - This guy goes through the show at light speed. He has no use for anything except the one thing he is looking for... a left handed extractor for a gun so rare, only 3 people have heard of it.

The dayshopper - This guys wanders by the table at a slow crawl, will not make eye contact and has not opened his wallet since the Carter Administration. He is not here to buy anything, just to block the tables.

The know-it-all - and unfortunatly, this includes alot of the dealers. They are the ones that don't believe in Glocks or think that the Mini-14 they have slung on their back is far superior to the AR-15s and that there are several armies using the Mini 14.....this actually happened at the last show. When you ask him if the Mini 14 is so good, why is he selling it... he mumbles and flees.

The gabby dude - Wants to chat your ear off about X gun, no matter how arcane... No, I did not know the finish on a glock is so tough as it has Kryptonite actually in the finish.... Really, I did not know that salt water was great at cleaning a 1911..... This is usually followed up by... What gun do you think I should buy?

The Geewhiz guy - The one that comes to the table, see the one gun he has been looking for for months and WOW, what a great price, drops a trouser trout in praising the gun, how clean it is, how they have always wanted one, etc... Then they flee like frightened deer..

Gang bangers- Dont get me started. Sorry, I dont have any tec-9s or sideways Glocks.

The Wheeler-Dealer - This guy is the worst. I price things fairly and I don't like to haggle. These are the guys who want you to do everything, can you drop the price to a nickle? can you pick up the background check? can you pay me to take your pistol? The part I really like is when they get huffy when you I actually thought one guy was gonna cry when I didnt just jump at the chance to give away my guns.

Finally, we have the good guy. a guy like Walt, who would drop by the table, say Hi, chat a little about guns and if he happened to find something he liked, he would buy it. I would cut him a deal as I knew it was going to a good home. Sadly, good guys like Walt pass on. RIP Walt. I miss ya.

June 18, 2007, 05:36 PM
Love the poem, so true.

In Texas the High Caliber Rifle show is okay.
You have to shop around and like someone said,
sometimes from the local guys selling there own
you can get some good deals.

June 18, 2007, 06:02 PM
You can rest assured if Khalid was doing anything shady ATFE would be on him like stink on ships. He buys in HUGE volume and routinely buys closeouts from major distributors. Have your cash ready and deal directly with the man on the scooter. If you deal with an employee, they have to get his OK anyway. Joe

June 18, 2007, 06:21 PM
"Suncoast controls most of the shows anywhere south of Orlando. Recently they sabotaged the Lakeland show by having their show in Tampa on the same weekend and requiring their regular (Khalid& Shoot Straight) dealers to attend or lose their regular spot. It isn't going to get any better. At least the Orlando show still has free parking and a different promoter. Always crowded. Joe"

I don't think this is the case. I went to Orlando, then Lakeland, then Tampa, all on separate weekends. I saw Shoot Straight at all 3.

Suncoast only does Lakeland and Tampa, Southern Classic does Orlando.

Both I believe are owned by the same family, but one had a falling out and started their own show.

BTW, I've bought 2 guns in the past 3-mos at shows. One from Shoot Straight, and one from Pompano Pawn (who matched and beat Shoot Straight's price!). Price was at least as good, if not better, than the web once you figure shipping and FFL fees. This is comparing to the cheapest I've seen, Bud's Gun shop online.

June 18, 2007, 06:42 PM
I posted on Florida Shooter's Network forums about the's the quote of my post:

Went to the show....will never go back.


1) Packed full of "gangstas" that probably shouldn't be allowed to look at guns, let alone own one. I heard the word "foe-tee" used to refer to the .40 way too many times, and I even overheard one call a Hi-Point a "gat"....

2) Packed full of un-escorted kids/teens. Granted, I'm only 23...but there's no reason that there are a bunch of 15-18 year olds running around handling pistols. I got swept by way too many guns to be totally comfortable....saw numerous teens/young adults walking around with their SKS/AR15/Mini-14 for sale, carrying it 2-handed combat style. I don't care if the action or bolt is tied back with a zip-tie..don't carry it around like you're out on patrol and don't @&%* point it at me while I'm walking down the same aisle as you.

3) Just plain packed! Way too crowded around 2:00 on Saturday. Almost impossible to get to most "good" tables.

4) Overpriced! ***? I thought gun shows were supposed to be good deals. Gun show? Yea right, this was just a general gathering of the local gun stores. In fact, I think they raised their prices on the drive over from the store. Better prices on handguns over at Bass Pro Shops, and that's sad. Arizona range/Guns & Knives. Inc? Jeez, get a grip on price reality. Maybe they should downsize their store a bit so we don't have to pay their mortgage.

5) Saturday Night Specials. Tons of crap guns....pandering to the crowd, I guess. Those $120 handguns seemed to be a big hit with the crowd listed in item #1. I guess something had to be cheap, though, because the decent firearms sure weren't (see item #4).

6) CCW badges...***? Every time I glanced over, this table had people LINED up at it. When will people learn? Just reaffirms my belief that most CCW'ers in Broward are in it for the "makes me cool" or "wow" factor.


6) Mmmmm...beef jerky. Mmmmmm...salmon jerky. Only thing worth buying at the show, IMHO.

7) Some very cool collector stuff (WWII memorabilia, guns, etc.) I don't know if they price on that stuff was good, because I have no knowledge of it...but definitely cool to look at a 1938 sniper rifle and a vintage Garand.

8) Funny shirts. One that had the word "INFIDEL" printed on it in big letters, with arabic writing underneath that.
Another had "Taliban Hunting Club" with "SEASON NEVER ENDS / NO BAG LIMIT" underneath.

June 18, 2007, 07:30 PM
Shoot straight/Weapons Unlimited is one of the largest gun dealers in the US. they will undersell anyone at the show just to deprive the other guys of a sale.

I used to buy guns from them for silly low prices..I just fibbed to them I saw a gun I wanted on another table, for $85 bucks less...they didn't even verify it..OK, sold..I had done this many times,lol...

Texas Moon
June 18, 2007, 07:56 PM
Gun shows of today aren't anything like the shows back in the 70's.
Back then the shows were populated with gun nuts with FFL's.
These were the guys who loved guns and wanted to trade/sell/buy to get what they wanted. It was great.
Shows also didn't occur every weekend either.
Nowadays the shows seem to be populated with dealers that are there to maximize their profit and thats it. Gun nuts are hosed.
What really chaps me is the B.S. you hear when you carry a nice piece into a show.
They act like your stuff is radioactive feces and they're doing you a HUGE service taking it off your hands for 1/4 the real market value.
Theirs stuff is, of course, solid gold.
"Yep, this here AK was used by the Cossacks to defeat the Romans at Machu Picchu in 1888. Its worth every bit of $900"


June 18, 2007, 08:11 PM
Listening to the wild stories from vendors AND shoppers is the entertainment I pay $8 admission for!

I live in SE PA and often go to the Valley Forge, Harrisburg, and now Reading shows. There is lots of overpriced stuff, but I have bought firearms and accessories for fair prices too. I bought a Bushmaste ORC for $800 in March (saw one for $750 on Sat :fire: ) and a NIB Eotech 512 for $325 in May. Also the ammo prices are the same as on line without shipping. As long as your expectations aren't too high, you can still get your money's worth at the local shows here in PA.

Evil Monkey
June 18, 2007, 08:25 PM
Damn, The only gun shows I've been to are the Gibraltar Trade Center Gun & Knife Show in MT Clemens MI. It's decent, although there may be some "gangstas" running around, there never seems to be a problem. In my opinion, this show is one of those "middle of the road" gun shows. Meaning it's in no way bad, but it's not a very good show either. Ammo prices are about the same as you would find on the net. You can find any type of mag you want, most at good prices, some not. The guns are usually more pricey than seen elsewhere but there are some dealers that have very low prices as well. The show seems to be balanced.

BTW, I've never seen beef jerky at this show. There probably is, but I've examine many tables and I never spotted them.

I'll keep on the look out. :D

BTW, it's $2 for parking and free admission on Fridays, but $5 for Sat. and Sun.

June 18, 2007, 09:11 PM
Was at the show in Fort Lauderdale on saturday. Got there early to avoid the crowds and gangsta wannabes. Have to say it was one of the most dissapointing shows I have ever been to. Unless ofcourse you were looking to buy a pool cue, a drill bit that extracts stripped screws, or something else along those lines. Will say i was impressed by pompano pawn enough to pick up one of their business cards. I plan on browsing their wares now that all the fathers day shoppers aren't driving up prices.

June 18, 2007, 10:24 PM
Sig228 - The Fort Lauderdale show SUCKS, but try the West Palm show at the fairgrounds. It sucks too, but much less. I think I have even bought something at that one (other than pizza).

June 18, 2007, 10:52 PM
For the different perspective. I just wish all dealers had your philosophy - a fair deal and a pleasant attitude. Unfortunately, for most of these guys its just about making a buck. Many of the gun show vendors and lots of gun shops in general down in South Florida have attitudes as inflated as their prices. I prefer the mom and pop gun shops. I like a little bit of conversation. And I also know when there's not going to be a deal made ( note that i said deal..not steal..or try to get something for nothing) its time to respectfully move on. Never burn bridges. There's always another day.

Don't Tread On Me
June 19, 2007, 02:03 AM

ShootStraight/GunsUnlimited? (I never pay attention to the dealer names, sorry), but if that's the dealer with the guy who rides on a Segway ....

They're the one's with the $2,500 Colt that should be $1,150 as a fair price.

So much for "great prices" ...their pistols are OK. By far the best of the show in price - but NOT a deal at all. They match regular gunstore pricing. That's it. I guess they look like a sweet deal since they don't rape like the other dealers. I remember them as the one's with the super long table and large selection.

A friend of mine got the only deal I've ever seen in the history of gunshows (that I've been to of course :D ). There was a dealer, not the SS/GU guys mentioned above, that was blowing out Springfield XD's for $420 when regular street price was around $450-$460. That's about it. Must have had 30 of them. Table was surrounded by buyers. 3 people filling out 4473's constantly. Sold out of them by 1pm on day one.

June 19, 2007, 05:34 AM
Yep, they are the segway guys. They are usually $50-$100 cheaper than anyone lese, if not more. To me, that is a deal. I am sure they are high on some things but in general they are much cheaper. For instance, Gator Guns in WPB had a Taurus PT140MilPro listed at $529 but could "let it go" for $475. Another shop in Ft. Lauderdale is asking $499 for the PT145MilPro. Pompano Pawn had a PT145 at $389 (the lowest I saw besides SS) Shoot Straight has them for $329 for the 40 and $339 for the 45.
There are many more examples but that is just one of them.

June 20, 2007, 09:24 AM
I have to admit, I am there for the buck as welll. I didn't pay $60 for a table to have everyone admire my gun collection...

I price things fairly cuz I want to sell them. I have never understood the dealers who price things way out of line and then only sell 1 or 2 items... I would rather sell a buttload of items and then go looking for more items to sell.

The one nice thing about this approach is, I have owned just about every gun ever made, gotten to shoot most of them and gotten to keep the ones I like. My permanent collection of guns is an amalgam of all the guns that I personally like and will never sell, and there are gun sthat I buy to resell that end up in my collection if they make my day. The rest get shot and sold.

August 7, 2010, 03:38 PM
I have been to gunshows all over the States for over 40 years and am a collector of quality pieces.

The SUNCOAST show has become the most rancid I have ever attended. You are fleeced to park and fleeced to get in. It is an expensive way to get to see rednecks and more rednecks and modern gun junk - no good buys at all - the same as in a gun store - T -shirts for rednecks - Jerkey for jerks and did I mention? - LOTS AND LOTS OF REDNECKS -- in the aisles and behind the tables. AND on top of that - the managemnet are rude and crude.

Believe it or not - some 25-30 years ago - it was actually a pretty fair show that had real collectables and not just rows upon rows of 'salt rifles' for witless hillbillies to gawk at. You won't even find 'Forrst Gump' waste his time there.

Suncoast is the PITS - the bottom of the barrel - the last ditch option. It is the ultimate insult to a serious experienced 'collector'. A total waste of time.

August 7, 2010, 04:33 PM
I go to the Suncoast shows in Palmetto.
I never go in unless I need something specific.
I walk the parking lot. No fee to park and sometimes remarkable buys from private sellers.


Guns and more
August 7, 2010, 04:37 PM
Shoot Straight is always the lowest priced.
How does $400 for a mossy 500 in .410 sound? I can buy the same gun from Bud's for $279.
I just came back from the Suncoast gun show in Tampa. I didn't buy a thing. And the air conditioning wasn't running. I had to get out just to get some fresh air.
I almost bought a few oddball things I was looking for, but I'd be paying sales tax and when I added it up, I could do better online.
I guess everyone stocked up on AR's when they were hard to get, because I've never seen so many for sale.
If you want holsters, bags, and knives, it's a great show.
I'm not mad I went, It was entertaining, but when you have one mega-dealer, it takes the LGS out of the picture. I actually had a LGS tell me they are not allowed in the the Suncoast Gun show. I don't know.
So, for $13, I got to people watch.

Oh, and here's the best part. All guns have a wire tie through them. So if you want to look at a pistol, you can't pull the slide back, I looked at a used Sig 225, but the tie was behind the trigger, so I couldn't even pull the hammer back. There's got to be a better way. A revolver has the tie through the cylinder so you couldn't open the action either. No salesman ever said, "here, let me take that off for you."

August 7, 2010, 04:38 PM
Being a Tampa Bay resident, I've gone to a few of the Suncoast shows.

I agree, they are largely unimpressive. The only reason I went to the first one I ever did was for the inexpensive CCW class (I was already a very safe and reasonably skilled shooter, this was just a formality). I discovered a nice holster maker there that day (cheap, but can be molded into the perfect holster for my sccy), who I still do business with, as well as discovered the Jerky stand there needs to get some better Landjaeger (a type of german dried sausage)....or at least replace it with Droewors (south african dried sausage, easier to make properly).

The thing I remember most was the massive amounts of cheaply made kitchen knives (I love Amerrican made stuff, if they're quality American made stuff), oddball accessories (I didn't know pistol bayonets came in pink either), and nazi memorabilia (seriously? Great image you're giving to the show buddy...).

The place is a mixed bag at best...but it's well worth it when you find a businessman there that's worth doing business with.

August 7, 2010, 06:19 PM
The "market" for shows has definitely changes during my lifetime.
I've been to tiny shows at VFW halls and giant ones like the old AstroHall one (and the Reliant show is just not the same, nor as large). Oddest show always seemed to be the Market Hall show in Dallas. A real mix of vendors and of customers.

What is different now? Well, it's harder to make a buck promoting shows. So the small venues get short shrift. Which is push me-pull you, rent on the BuFo Co Convention center is whatever they set, but you need to get a number of "reliables" who will rent the tables, which means you barely have cash for advertising. Don't advertise and you don't sell many tickets. Or the entrance price goes up. Either way, you get lookie-lous more than customers. Which makes it hard to get legitimate vendors back. Which makes your show ever leaner. But, worst of all, it means the show promoter, then tends to relay on the same entrance ticket buyers in a location, and the people buying tables. Promoter no longer cares much who the customers are, or to bother advertising to them, as long as there is some profit involved.

And, these are tough times, which definitely seems to make the fringes fringier.

August 7, 2010, 06:24 PM
Its funny that Shoot Straight has the lowest prices at the shows, because their store in Apopka is the bigest rip-off hall I've ever seen.

August 7, 2010, 06:28 PM
Shoot Straight DOES have the lowest prices at the Suncoast Gun Shows but even they are on average $100 overpriced.

I actually told the head guy that it's no wonder they ride around on Segways because their prices are just this side of extortion.

My local guy, Spor-Trap isn't allowed to the Suncoast Shows either. They all complained he was undercutting them all and making them look bad when he was charging the exact same prices he does in his shop.

August 7, 2010, 07:17 PM
Yeah, don't get me started about the goofy scooters (segways)....I did make a bet with a person at the last show I was at...I lost $10...there wasn't a segway-on-segway collision.

I can't help it, seeing those things and how the staff use them just seems incredibly actually creeps me out.

August 7, 2010, 09:06 PM
I saw a $380 Mosin Nagant M91/30 at the Dixie gun show in Raleigh NC this afternoon. Albeit it was a private seller walking around, but I still chuckled.

Guns and more
August 7, 2010, 10:10 PM
Its funny that Shoot Straight has the lowest prices at the shows, because their store in Apopka is the bigest rip-off hall I've ever seen.
Not to bash the store in Tampa, but it's literally 1/2 mile from the gun show and their prices are often above list (by a lot). I used to go there because the sales people were nice, but the last time I went, I couldn't get anyone to pay attention. (20 sales people...5 customers) If I did ask, I got, "If we have any they'd be over there." Where I used to get, "Here let me show you. Have you thought about xyz too?"
To those who haven't been to the Tampa show, Shoot Straight's display is so big they have two guys on Segways running back and forth with (?), and 20 salesmen.
I've bought at the show from them, but you have to know what a good price is. (today $399 +tax for a Mossy 500 in .410 was not.)

You know, the place was crowded, and at $8 +$5 parking, somebody made a lot of money.
I think Shoot Straight pretty much calls the shots at all the Florida gun shows (no pun intended) so they're laughing all the way to the bank.
This was my first show since getting my CCW, so I was looking forward to walking out with a gun. (no waiting period) I didn't.

August 8, 2010, 12:49 AM
LOL, three years old, glad to see nothing has changed. I still go to the shows, primarily the Miami show, better venue, wider aisles than the Ft. Lauderdale show. Last time I bought an M&P 15 lower for about $125, which I thought was fair. I mostly go to crowd watch, look for private deals and touch and hold the guns that I buy later online, always at better prices. Primarily Davidson's, they are the easiest, no FFL faxing and annoyances like that, but I have also had my occasional purchases from Gunbroker too. Go to the shows for what they are, entertainment. Same price as a movie these days, and a lot more fun.

August 8, 2010, 03:04 AM
As much of a zombie post as this is it still kinda made me chuckle thinking about the segway code talking shoot straight guys.

I do remember about 2 years ago some guy was over on the surplus section looking and asked what the 380 dollar rifle was. The shoot straight guy had no idea and they just kinda sat there scratching their heads. I kinda popped in and said 'it's a Carcano' but the guy who was on the segway didn't believe me. He started saying that it was a WW1 Mauser and yaddy yaddy yah. Well I came back 30s later with a bud of mine with an iphone who had pulled the wiki page of the carcano. Lo and behold they matched! You should've seen how red the shoot straight guy got!

Totally worth the 8 bucks it cost to get into the show.

August 8, 2010, 10:15 AM
maybe im glad i skipped this weekends gun show but it is raining today....

August 8, 2010, 12:04 PM
When I was a kid I used to help my father and his buddies from the local Marine Corps League set up and take down their gun show. It used to be a great show even though it was 20 years ago.

There was an old man who used to sell nothing but shotguns. He had 4 tables of any and every shotgun you could imagine. He'd show up in an Dodge conversion van about midnight Friday night every year and I'd help him unload his van and set up his tables.

Well one year I was looking for my first shotgun. I had my eyes on a 20 gauge Harrington and Richardson single shot. Sunday, near closing time, I asked him how much he wanted for the old 20 gauge. He said "How much you got?". I told him I had $30 and that my Dad would pay for the rest. Keep in mind I was 13 at the time. He said "You helped me unload all this stuff and I assume you're going to help me load it all back up. I can hardly walk and this is the only show I go to that has people helping me. I'll sell you this shotgun for $30.". And he did...

The next year he showed up at his usual time and I again, helped him unload and set up. He happened to see me looking at shotguns and he asked me if I was looking to upgrade from that 20 gauge I bought last year and I said I sure was. Sunday night, after the show, he asked me if I had found anything I liked and I said that I hadn't. And he said he might have something I liked. From under the fold down bed in the back of that old Dodge van he pulled out a 12 gauge H&R brand new in the box. He asked if I brought that old 20 gauge and I said that I did and he told me to go get it. He thanked me for helping him unload 2 years in a row and took that 20 gauge, put it in the box and handed me that 12 gauge.

The next year I helped him load and unload again. Same with the next year. That year I was 16 and I would be staying over night in the building with my father to provide security. He showed up at his usual time. Again, I was looking to upgrade that single shot 12 gauge and I was looking at Mossberg 500s. Didn't find anything in my range and he waved me over. He asked what I was looking for and I told him I was looking to trade the single shot he traded two years ago for a pump. He pulled out a 500 that had a couple of years on it but was in great shape. He asked to see the 12 gauge H&R so he could see if I took care of it. He said I took great care of it and traded me the single shot and $50 for the Mossberg. And at the end of the show I helped him load all his stuff back in, thanked him for what he did for me through the years and said I'd see him next year.

He didn't show up the next year. He died 2 months before the gun show. I've still got that old Mossberg sitting in the gun cabinet.

That's how gun shows are supposed to work...

August 8, 2010, 12:11 PM
FLAvalanche, good story. I know there are still good people like that at the shows, but certainly (as your story shows) they are a dying breed.

August 8, 2010, 12:22 PM
Last time I went, there were two young men trying to sell a beater shotgun with a real long barrel. It was a crapper, they asked me, and trying to be diplomatic, I said I was looking for something with a shorter barrel. Next thing I know they tracked me down again, this time with a hack saw. "we can cut it to any size you want". I quickly had to stop myself from cracking up, and said "sorry I'm going to have to pass on that".

Deus Machina
August 8, 2010, 01:07 PM
Whoa, wait. Shoot Straight has the best prices? I didn't notice that one. I thought the only way they 'kept anyone in check' was by marking the upper limit.

I must be mistaken on the $720 CZ 75's, and the $240 Savage Mk2's, or the $1300 baseline DPMS AR's, or the $180 rusted Mosin Nagants, or the $200 single-shot 20-gauges that don't lock up, or the $480 Taurus 85's, or...

Or the guy with an admittedly very nice Nagant revolver for $449. He tried telling me it's hard to find working ones. I laughed in his face.

Ahem. Anyway, as usual, yesterday's show was mostly vastly overpriced. Some looking around found some acceptable prices (a friend got a mint SP101 for $375 otd. Wish I had the extra money.), but most of the worthwhile buys were on accessories. Some were right around Midway prices, and not having to pay shipping was nice.

Ammo was mostly overpriced, but at least a few of the big sellers had prices that beat out buying plus shipping online. Georgia Arms is always worth a look, because where else can you still find acceptable SD ammo for $15/50?

August 8, 2010, 01:09 PM
:banghead:Have got to agree with most of whats been said here. Being a dedicated gun nut (we really can't help ourselves) I plan to haunt any gun show within 100miles of the house (beats hell out of staying home and mowing the lawn) ,and like most have said, its the same ole' tired guys trying to sell the same ole'crap. But every once in a while ya run across a sleeper that makes it all worthwhile. I work the parking lots and ticket lines. The private sales are where the "deals" are.
There is only about 20% of the crowd at any given time, that have even a hint of what they are looking at. The "Rambos", the "Mall Ninjas", the "Wantabes", and the "Tire Kickers", make up the rest of the crowd. These are the ones the "vendors" depend on for sales. If you're not smart enough to recognize that a Stevens 200, with a "rattle can" camo job, topped with a junk Barska scope, and a $5.00 nylon cartridge holder,, isn't in reality a $1200.00 "Tactical Sniper", then you deserve every bit of the hosing you just took.
Don't even get me started on the "TACTICAL" crowd--thats got to be the biggest joke that was ever played (and bought) by the shooting public. Really guys--you got enough useless chitt hanging on that over priced AR to pay my kids tuition this semester.
I will continue to attend these things,as the $300.00 03-A3, the $300.00 Remington Rand GI, the $450.00 Weatherby Mark V, and the $200.00 Win. Model 12 "Pigeon Grade", do actually show up once in awhile.

August 8, 2010, 01:41 PM
I'm a capitalist. I love to see consumers interacting directly, and sellers getting hammered because they overestimated how desperate the demand is at a given time. They will go home, lick their wounds, and readjust for the next show.

Unless of course, there were plenty of suckers there and they cleaned house. They may actually have a better plan in mind than just; "Let's go to a gun show, mark everything up 200%, and hope that the other dealers won't try to undersell us." Just sayin'.

August 8, 2010, 03:22 PM
doesn't it seem quite possible that the prices are NOT overinflated? I mean, it's a price for a cash deal FTF transaction...(the so called 'loophole', right?) so, the gangbangers and other assorted hoodlums can walk in and overpay someone cause they've got excess cash laying around, right?

not sure if i'm making much sense here, i'm running on fatigue fumes today.

oh, and I don't generally bother going to these shows because i'm just not that interested in being in such a weird environment. I prefer shopping guns at my local gun shop...

Deus Machina
August 8, 2010, 04:10 PM
doesn't it seem quite possible that the prices are NOT overinflated? I mean, it's a price for a cash deal FTF transaction...(the so called 'loophole', right?)

This isn't including the 'loophole' you hear so much about.

The vast majority of the booths here are dealers, not private sellers, so you still need to get the background check run. It's not, as some people claim, an inflated price so anyone can buy with no questions asked.

On the dealer booths, you actually get a better deal (read: less shafted) with cash in hand, anyway, so the inflation is still just inflation.

August 8, 2010, 04:13 PM
Don't even get me started on the "TACTICAL" crowd....

Actually, we refer to ourselves as Tacti-COOL. ;)

But seriously, the guns you refer to tell me you might be a "old generation" hunter vs. "new generation" who primarily are into concealed carry, self defense and target shooting.

You probably have no room in your safe for an AK, an AR, or something tacti-cool like a Crimson Trace forward laser / flashlight grip.

But then again, old vs. new generation is a WHOLE DIFFERENT thread.

August 8, 2010, 04:15 PM
There is no such thing as gouging - if you willingly pay your money, then you must have thought it to be a good deal, even if someone else doesn't. Just because something sells cheaper n another area, doesn't mean that the local price is out of line. If you feel it is, you do not buy - the customer sets the price. Things are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay - no more, no less

Deus Machina
August 8, 2010, 04:36 PM
Things are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay - no more, no less

True, and the beauty of capitalism.

I, personally, consider it gouging when the price is inflated, and the sellers tell you "we know, but you pay this or get nothing," and often in less polite words.

The last few times I've gone to these shows, I just haven't seen many people walk out with new stuff. I'm more upset because Shoot Straight is largest new seller (I don't see how, with much better prices two boothes away!) and most of the rest of the sales are used stuff.

I'm more upset because I had several sellers tell me, face-to-face, that they haven't managed to sell much, and just don't understand it's because of their 300% markup.

August 8, 2010, 05:48 PM
I, personally, consider it gouging when the price is inflated, and the sellers tell you "we know, but you pay this or get nothing," and often in less polite words.

Still not gouging because you are not FORCED to buy from them.......walk on by, and if everyone does, then they will have to re-evaluate their business model

August 8, 2010, 06:41 PM
Still not gouging because you are not FORCED to buy from them.......walk on by, and if everyone does, then they will have to re-evaluate their business model

Or change it to sell to someone who's looking for that "foh-tee."

Yeah, that good old FTF in-cash gun show loophole.

August 8, 2010, 06:51 PM
so, what you're saying is that all these dealers who set up tables at shows are 'high road' type folks who wouldn't *dream* of telling a cash buyer...well, i've got this here 9 that i'll sell ya outside in the lot (for 3x what it might go for online) and we do it FTF? i'd like to believe that i'm wrong, but i'm just too cynical for that...

August 8, 2010, 07:24 PM
I stopped going to the Suncoast gun show a few yeras ago. Overpriced big time.

August 8, 2010, 07:37 PM
Its funny that Shoot Straight has the lowest prices at the shows, because their store in Apopka is the bigest rip-off hall I've ever seen.
Same with the new store in Ft. Myers. Not only have they over-inflated everything so much that they can "work with you on the price" and still gouge you, but the clerks are not too well-informed.
I've been to the Suncoast show out here a couple of times, and have found some decent deals on accessories, boots, etc., but I'd feel weird buying any high-ticket guns. I prefer a shop where I can try things out and ask as many questions as I want.

August 8, 2010, 07:45 PM
Anybody been to the Florida Gun Show at the dade county fairgrounds? Is it any better than Sun Coast?

August 8, 2010, 08:48 PM
Anybody been to the Florida Gun Show at the dade county fairgrounds? Is it any better than Sun Coast?

Yes. I mentioned this in my post above. Prices aren't necessarily better, but better venue, wider aisles. Costs more than Ft. Lauderdale, but parking is free, so I guess it evens itself out. Personally, I enjoy this one better, but sometimes I go to the Ft. Lauderdale show if I can't make the Miami show. Again, I consider it ENTERTAINMENT $$ well spent.

Guns and more
August 8, 2010, 09:26 PM
Since someone brought it up, here are the cities controlled by the "Suncoast Gun Show" group.
Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Palmetto, Ft Myers, Lakeland, Ft Pierce.

italian biker
August 8, 2010, 09:42 PM
I noticed the down fall of good deals at gun shows during the Clinton administration. When he persecuted "kitchen table dealers" with legislation, that took away alot of competition at the shows, and with less competition, prices at gun shows aren't any better then at the gun stores.

August 9, 2010, 12:27 AM
Here in Kentucky we get shows from primarily two promoters, Ron Dixon's shows up in Louisville (National Gun Day, Great Eastern, Etc) and RK Shows/Kenny Woods shows scattered around the rest of the state, including here in Lexington.

Bud's is here in Lexington, and that alone keeps most of the other dealers honest and above-board on prices. That, and I and some of my fellow Kentuckians can be pretty "thrifty" folks :D

The Louisville shows bring out tons of stuff that doesn't interest me personally. There are tons of tables with rare military stuff, and there are a lot of guys with a dozen ancient Colts for $10,000 a pop. That's all fine to look at, but I go to gunshows to pick up guns and goodies. If I had 10 grand in my bank account, I wouldn't dole it out for an old Colt, no matter how nice, how rare, or how "reasonable" the price for what it is. I'd buy several other guns I like instead of the one Colt.

I'm looking for semi-classic American sporting rifles (Remington 721s and 722s, for instance) that I can afford AND enjoy shooting. I might pick up an interesting handgun or two here and there, and that's about it.

I honestly have better luck at the smaller (and cheaper) show here in Lexington. The amount of stuff interesting to me personally is about the same as the Louisville show, even if the Louisville show is three times larger.


Flame Red
August 9, 2010, 10:26 AM
Three times a year, there is a very large Gun Show hosted by a local club in Lakeland, FL. IMHO the Central Florida Arms Show, as they call it, is the best show in Florida.

For many years, the Segway Surfer (i.e. Shoot Straight) attended, taking up many rows of tables. Then a couple of years ago, I was told that he wanted to dramatically increase the number of rows he wanted at the Lakeland show but the club that promoted the show felt that SS request would create a table shortage for the other vendors so they denied their request. SS then pulled out of the Lakeland show completely, at least for a while.

The saga continues that SS has a tight arrangement with SunCoast, which is easy to understand since they consume such a large number of their tables at all their shows. The story goes that SS demanded that SunCoast schedule a show in Tampa to "compete" with the Lakeland show as a result of the denial of their table demands at Lakeland. The shows are about 30 minutes apart, so it did have an impact with reduced number of vendors requesting tables at Lakeland, and attendance was down.

I cannot confirm if the above story is true but the last Lakeland show SS did return, with only a couple of rows of tables and the Tampa show was still scheduled the same weekend. This information was provided to me by a couple of different dealers at Lakeland.

August 9, 2010, 10:32 AM
I went to a show in Miami looking for a Kahr PM45. I found one at around the going price. I started doing the paperwork but then I found out that the box had BLEM marked on it. The shop owner said they all have that????? I backed out of the deal, left the area and I checked on my Iphone, and found that if it is a factury blem there is a mark slamped on the trigger guard. I went back to the booth, the gun was back on display, the BLEM sticker was removed from the box, but the pistol did have the mark stamped on the pistol guard! Never again......

August 9, 2010, 10:34 AM
When I lived out West, you saw the same "dealers" at every gun show, much like you see the same vendors at several flea markets - it's what they do with their weekends. The best deals occur before the show is opened to the public and after the last visitor has left. To be part of that, buy a table and get in early to scout out the other folks. When you get the same folks at every show, it becomes like the intersection with 4 gas stations - they'll all eventually have the same price.

Deus Machina
August 9, 2010, 11:12 AM
so, what you're saying is that all these dealers who set up tables at shows are 'high road' type folks who wouldn't *dream* of telling a cash buyer...well, i've got this here 9 that i'll sell ya outside in the lot (for 3x what it might go for online) and we do it FTF? i'd like to believe that i'm wrong, but i'm just too cynical for that...

I won't say at no one will, but in that case they would do it at their brick-and-mortar shop or over their dinner table, too. It's a personal thing, not a gun show thing.

Keep in mind that if it's shop inventory, and not a privately-owned gun, they still have to account for it. Buying 'for themselves' and then not having it when someone checks their books would raise questions.

August 10, 2010, 01:47 PM
I go to the Gun Show in Orlando for powder, primers and the occasional ammo, perhaps from Georgia-Arms or Space Coast Bullets. I pay the tax but don't have to pay the Haz-Mat fee. So, by the time I pay the admission cost and sales tax I pretty much break even. Paying $9 to get in and have a look-see is like buying a couple gun mags. Shoot Straight brings alotsa guns to the show and I can lay my hands on them while some guy on a Segway goes 12ft. forwards and then 12ft. backwards. (I'm still tryin' to figure out what the hell that is all about. My best guess is that they were raised in an 8-ft wide trailer and feel right at home.) Just as I have struggled for years to understand how a car dealer can move a bunch of cars somewhere off their car lot, set up a huge tent, bring in power and everything that goes with it including all of the advertising and then tell me I can save money on the car, I fail to see how gun dealers can make money draggin' all that stuff to the gun show. But I like to look and touch and that's worth the green to me. Oh, I almost forgot: some of the stories you hear while waiting in line to get in are real gems; even the true ones. :cool:

Guns and more
August 10, 2010, 04:57 PM
Three times a year, there is a very large Gun Show hosted by a local club in Lakeland, FL. IMHO the Central Florida Arms Show, as they call it, is the best show in Florida.
Next time I'll drive to Lakeland and skip the Suncoast show.
True, and the beauty of capitalism.
Is it capitalism when one seller can keep other sellers out?

August 11, 2010, 07:29 PM
I'm sorting a couple grand for the next time I go to the gunshow(long awhiles off mind you) to shore up the last of my pistol collection.

I've gone to the Orlando gunshow many of times. Each time you want to find the old guys selling guns out of there trunks up to two hours before the show opens. They're usually liquidating old stocks from their collections(and sometimes their buddies collections), they don't sell to gangstas, got to hear one lecture another gangsta about how he should pull his pants up and to go to (a bad place where they wear horns).

I don't bother buying at the show other than Georgia-Arms and some cleaning brushes for cheap. Then I go on the hunt for older guys with their wives looking to sell there old guns. Got me a Bersa 9mm Ultra Compact Mint LNIB for $240 or 260(can't remember) and a 95%+ condition S&W 15-3 for $240.

The chumps trying to sell their Auto-Ordinance 1911s for five hundred bucks can bite me. The usual guy in a ball cap that's a fat aging guy buys handguns cheap and sells them at $500, gee who would buy a used Glock 19 for $500 and he tries to do it the same day for no paperwork or receipt. Folks from New York and California show up for some reason, and I've see D.C. plates I think on a few times.

I'm hunting for a GP100 4" for less than $400. A Glock 26 for less than $400. A S&W 638 for less than $300. And perhaps a nice Colt 1911 for $500 or less(I've seen them at the shows). Won't get it all in one go I know but a man can dream, a man can dream. And a man can lie to himself and say he is done and no more.

August 31, 2010, 10:00 PM
Quick question on the shows. So it seems like you guys have a low opinion on the gun shows. Do the dealers at least sell decent rifle accessories there? Most of the local gun stores I've visited have little to no stock, especially on accessories. It would be nice to at least handle some of the stuff before I buy...unlike ordering online. Any incite would be awesome...thanks.

August 31, 2010, 10:34 PM
The stands do have a variety of goods, it's just the firearms are far mroe expensive than expected ($450 kel-Tec P11 anyone? I could get a Glock 26 at their brick and mortar store for $50 more at the time...), and it was just a mess of tacticool accessories for the most part, which simply go against my idea of a well-outfitted rifle.

Sadly the last one I went to, the stand with american made cutlery stood out the most....yep kitchen knives. If I hadn't already blown my money on jerky (my drug of choice), I would have bought some knives, as they were worth a try. I'm normally a Henkels man, but I'm willing to tray any American company out at least once.

The action was in the parking lot....well unless you wanted odds and ends like scrimshaw topped jewlery boxes (which were absolutely gorgeous, but way out of my pricerange). It's just I felt there wasn't as much gun in the show anymore there was just show.

If you're in the tampabay area, check out Bill Jackson's, Cracker Boys, Wain Roberts, and Knight Shooting Sports. If you want firearms, Deer Hunter up in Clearwater is a very good shop (they also have about any used S&W grip imaginable, it's where I got the pachmayrs for my square butt K frame, which was near impossible to find). Each shop has their niche and their flavor, but they have a wide inventory of goods. Bill Jacksons is like Knights in that they are crazy busy...they try their darndest to make things go smoothly, but don't expect the same service as you'd get at the smaller shops unless you come in at off-peak hours as there may be a dozen people lined up.

August 31, 2010, 11:50 PM
The last show that I went to in Lakeland was almost 20 years ago.

I snatched up a S&W 622 with target sights and beautiful walnut stocks for $200, and a Dawson #101 fixed blade knife for $190; Barry no longer makes this exact model, but this example is extremely close to this in dimensions, shape, and form - (similar to ), but with a sharpened false edge spear point blade, nicer stocks, and solid rivets.

The Smith is a paper puncher without flaw and a glass like trigger. Barry Dawson's knife has seen many years of hard use, and still has a flawless finish and could be used as a razor. It is my number 1 "Go-To" knife.

The Lakeland show was always a great venue, back when.

Segways at a gunshow? Huh - Okay, I guess, don't ask, don't tell. No offense intended.

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