Sig 226 finish is very fragile


June 20, 2007, 11:30 AM
I just recently got a new Sig 226R in 9mm.

Shoots great, but I am really disappointed with the finish. It is very fragile, as it nicks so easily and exposes the steel/alloy beneath. For a gun that costs so much, that is very disappointing.

I've had my Glocks and CZ's for years, and the finish on these are so much more durable. Maybe Sig can learn something to improve their finish from Glock/CZ.

Anyone else have this experience ?


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June 20, 2007, 12:33 PM
I find this very surprising.

I own a few Sigs, and have owned many over the years. Most of my Sigs have had the Nitron or other black finish. I have not one scratch on them.

I used my P239 to shoot IPSC with a Kydex holster... Not a scratch.

Is this gun new to you, or new from Sig/dealer? Is it a CPO? Special finish?

June 20, 2007, 12:50 PM

Yep, all my Sigs have the Nitron finish, except the P232 SL, and I just got past the "first scratch syndrome" long ago, with my Beretta Px4, who's finish is thicker, in a semi black gloss finish. Yet, the Gunsmith who changed out the sights managed quite well to put a few first scratches on it.

Bottom line, all, any, of my guns are "working guns" and when they have gone 10,000 rounds, or so, then maybe with new springs, etc., is when I will have them refinished for the next go-around.

It doesn't take much, metal on metal to scratch any gun, and is why I buy Uncle Mikes IWB clip-on holsters to carry them in, not only CCW wise, but when I put them in the safe, as to protect them (at 14 bucks a holster) from any slight bumps, into each other, etc.

And to be clear, this Uncle Mikes statement is not to say, they're the best, worst, cheapest, etc., but, they just work for me at a low cost, to protect my gun investments without leaving "any" holster-wear marks..

Along with, I take my largest Gun-carry case with me to the range and clean off my station, sand, dirt, dust, small shell casings, etc., then lay the case down and put all the guns I take on it..

Preventative measures go a long way in making them look, and work good.

Not saying this is what the OP did, or does wrong, but what, and how, the first scratch on one's new gun does to one's head (for just awhile) in my case.


June 20, 2007, 03:10 PM
I actually experienced the same thing on a old Sig 226 that I had, I bought it used and it was covered in scratches and since I was keeping it in a leather holster it quickly wore down the finish on the front edges of the slide.

My solution was to just buy some of that bluing stuff at Wal Mart and it worked surprisingly well, it went from looking very used to looking almost new again. I've had mixed results with this stuff on various finishes, if its a high-gloss finish it doesn't seem to work, but on dull finishes I've had very good luck.

I would give it a try and see what happens, it may not make the scratches go away, but it might help cover them up a bit.

Good Luck!

Anna's Dad
June 20, 2007, 03:37 PM
Not a scratch on my 226. Of course it was refinished with a ceramic coating before I bought it used so I guess that doesn't really count. :D

Does surprise me, though, as I've never heard anything like this from other Sig owners.

June 20, 2007, 04:51 PM
The gun is brand new from the Sig dealer.

I see the nicking at the edges of the magazine well. The blueing is nicked away and you can see the steel/alloy exposed. Makes it look like an old gun. This happened only after the first time shooting with a couple mag changes. Also inside the slide is already scratched near the breach from exiting brass.

For after the first time shooting, the finish doesn't seem to handle much at all.

It just doesn't seem to make sense for a gun that has such a high price and reputation for durability to have such a fragile finish.

Could it be possible that I have a "lemon" in terms of the finish ?


The Law
June 20, 2007, 05:13 PM
My new Navy got some small scratches in the finish the first time I took it to the range. It was rather disappointing. :mad:

June 20, 2007, 05:24 PM

No, not a blim, nor thin, cheap finish.. and all are "test-fired" at the factory before shipping, some more than others. All my NIB Sigs, had some kind of flaw, very small, yet there, where you see a pen-point, round, SL (steel) finish showing thru, along with, sure, my interior slide started showing "a little wear and tear, along with where the casings fly out HOT!! and hard and fast.

It's a gun, and what those marks inside the slide are telling you is, hey, put a little oil there, or what I use and do, put a little white gun grease there, to prevent further wear and tear.

Unless your going to dirt, mud, windy, war games, any added internal oil, or grease lubrication isn't going to clog up your gun in one day, one shooting. Quite the opposite from what I have experienced. Sometimes when I know I'm going shooting 3 times within a week, I leave the grease in, do a fast breakdown and inspection, to make sure those parts still have lubrication, and just use a bore-snake on and in the barrel, along with a quick cleaning of the guide rail, and put fresh oil on that, along with Q-tips, or gun cleaning cloth, clean out the feed ramp and area within, where powder gets..

I only totally clean any gun, after some 3 or 4 range visits, as you will find, guns get HOT quick, and oil tends to dry out fast.. and that's why I really like the white gun grease, as it can take the HEAT.

And, about Sigs mags, yep, look unfinished for lack of a better word, but if you want to see a beautiful "finished mag" take a look at a Beretta Px4's mag/s NIB, as mine, after 3800 rounds thru my Beretta Px4 40cal, still look "brand new and shiny-black."


June 21, 2007, 01:32 AM
Thank you for everyone replies.

Gun is a gun. Guess it was sort of a shock for me to see the finish nick so easy on such an expensive gun. Oh well, I guess this is part of being a Sig owner.

Glad that it shoots well and will plan on enjoying the break in process.

Thanks to all,


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