OH CCW list posted in Sandusky Registert


June 25, 2007, 05:03 PM
As noted in this thread: http://thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=284847
the Sandusky Register has published 5 counties worth of CCW permit holders (name, age, county).

Article explaining their stance is here: http://sanduskyregister.com/articles/2007/06/25/front/321675.txt

with directions to:
EDITOR'S NOTE: The decision to make the lists available to readers was made by the Register's managing editor. All inquiries should be directed to 419-609-5866 or mattwesterhold@sanduskyregister.com

For a list of businesses advertising in the Register: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/marketplace/retailads/

Newspaper staff directory (if you can't get through at the editor's number) http://www.sanduskyregister.com/contact_us/

Also to be noted is the comment from the Buckeye Firearms Association:
Please email me jsalyers@buckeyefirearms.org if your name is on any of these lists and you received your CHL after 3/29/07 http://www.buckeyefirearms.org

Time to start contacting people.

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June 25, 2007, 06:27 PM
wow, myself and most my freinds are on the list.

Old Fuff
June 25, 2007, 06:33 PM
The most potent way to answer this is to e-mail their advertisers. The paper survives on advertising revenue, and if advertisers start kicking about perceived or real loss of business the paper will take notice. Advertisers pay to get business not lose it. :evil:

June 25, 2007, 06:46 PM
I like the idea of going through the property records with the county assessor's office (many counties are online) and publishing a list of where the reporters and editors live on line....

See if they can take it as well as dish it out.

June 25, 2007, 06:50 PM
Man, didn't we just have this problem elsewhere????

June 25, 2007, 06:51 PM
I'm glad I live in a state with a little sanity. That crap is against the law here. News scum can't get a list of CCDW holders in KY.

Henry Bowman
June 25, 2007, 06:53 PM
Please keep this thread on track: ACTIVISM

Discussion of topic is on-going in L&P: http://thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=284847

June 25, 2007, 07:00 PM
whats the deal with after 3/29/07 issue?

June 25, 2007, 07:35 PM
Texas just tightened up on it. they never would release the entire list but would confirm a name submitted to them. Now they won't even do that except for law enforcement agencies.

June 25, 2007, 10:18 PM
Douglas D. Phares
3216 Angels Way
Sandusky, OH 44870-5995
(419) 621-1726

I asked him to also publish the names of the advertisers and subscribers ...so I can also call them

June 25, 2007, 10:45 PM
Sent the editor a list of impertinent questions - see my post at http://thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=284847 .

Hope he responds to the add-on question I asked at the bottom of my missive.

stay safe.


June 25, 2007, 11:16 PM
outrageous....dangerous....deserving of attention and direct communication in a way that doesn't damage our cause.


June 26, 2007, 07:53 AM
whats the deal with after 3/29/07 issue?

That's the date that HB9 went into law. It closed the media access loophole. The media could no longer request copies from Sheriff's Depts of licensees. They can still view records, but can not make copies, write down info, etc. So unless they have photographic memories, this should not be happening again.

June 26, 2007, 08:07 AM
We put this article up on our website last night.

Keep an eye :scrutiny: on our website over the next couple days, because life is going to become uncomfortable for Mr. Matt Westerhold, editor of the Sandusky Reporter.:uhoh:

Be sure to support the businesses that were "outed" as having owners who carry. Because of the decision of one person, their lives have potentially been put in danger as well as everyone else who's name was published.

June 26, 2007, 10:36 AM
Hello everyone, I was about to start my own activism thread on this subject when I saw this one. Thanks for getting it started Siderite!

Ohioans For Concealed Carry is organizing an official campaign to contact businesses that advertise in The Sandusky Register to ask for their support in demanding that the paper remove its blanket list of law-abiding CHL holders' personal information, apologize for their dangerous actions, and terminate the employment of Managing Editor Matt Westerhold. You may have heard about this effort last night when NRA News' Cam Edwards interviewed OFCC President Jeff Garvas.

If you would like to be involved, please visit our website (http://www.ohioccw.org), where I have posted a sample letter/email as well as the contact information for known advertisers of the Sandusky Register. We will be udpating that advertiser list as more info becomes available. If you could, include your contact information and request that the advertiser reply so that you may let the OFCC community know about their intentions in a dedicated forum thread I set up (http://ohioccwforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=11604). OFCC assumes that no action taken on their part means that they support the Register's actions.

We must remember that polite and professional contact is the only way for us to make progress. Many people feel that anti-gun zealots like the Managing Editor of the Register purposely make their contact info available waiting for just one "bad apple" to contact them in a negative way so that they can paint the entire CHL community as irresponsible.

Thanks very much if you choose to help!

June 26, 2007, 12:27 PM
Here's a list of e-mail addresses for their automobile advertisers:
mail@fostersandusky.com, smyers@kasperautogroup.com, tom.ripley@mathewsford.com, suzi13@yahoo.com, vermilion@sharpnack.com

Send them all e-mails!

June 26, 2007, 12:45 PM
CCW List has been pulled off the two articles and the front page. The original article has been re-written to say:

How many residents are licensed to carry concealed handguns?
(By county)
Erie — 1,071
Huron — 367
Sandusky — 329
Ottawa — 644
Seneca — 270

Instead of having links to the actual lists

Can still get to the direct lists via The Week in Review. Keep hammering them!

Old Fuff
June 26, 2007, 04:07 PM
How many residents are licensed to carry concealed handguns?
(By county)
Erie — 1,071
Huron — 367
Sandusky — 329
Ottawa — 644
Seneca — 270

If everyone on this list who happens to have a subscription up and cancels it - and tells they why - they'll notice. :evil:

The list totals 2,681. :uhoh:

June 26, 2007, 04:58 PM
The most potent way to answer this is to e-mail their advertisers. The paper survives on advertising revenue, and if advertisers start kicking about perceived or real loss of business the paper will take notice. Advertisers pay to get business not lose it.

I think this type of action had the single greatest impact in shutting down the very same antics perpetrated by The Roanoke Times in Virginia. All advertisers were emailed and advised they would be boycotted until the paper ceased and desisted. We also flooded the paper's parent company with emails and phone calls, too. That certainly helped as well.

An email/boycott list for the Roanoke Times included; real estate companies, banks, auto dealers, etc. Start emailing real estate companies first. They were the biggest bang for our buck in Virginia since numerous real estate agents carry for protection. Real estate companies are most likely the single greatest source of ad revenue for the paper.

Don't waste your time with the editors and authors. They're anti-gun libs and leftist elitists and I promise you won't change their minds. Pain in their pocketbooks is the ONLY thing they'll understand.

June 26, 2007, 05:04 PM
Also, look for prominent names on the lists; politicians, judges, prosecutors, etc. Email these folks if their names are on the lists and bring it to their attention. In Virginia, we had a local U.S. Congressman who was on the list and he helped bring pressure to bear upon the Roanoke Times. We, also, had US Senator Webb on our list as well as the Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court.

June 26, 2007, 07:35 PM
I called their advertisers and I live in NV!
now it is your turn!

June 26, 2007, 08:53 PM

Here everyone goes!! We've got the article now up on our website!:evil:

We at Buckeye Firearms have started our "public records" postings of Matt Westerhold! Make sure to check back over the next several days. You will learn much about this scumbag......all from public records of course.:neener:

June 26, 2007, 09:07 PM
" I'm glad I live in a state with a little sanity. That crap is against the law here. News scum can't get a list of CCDW holders in KY."

Oh no you don't. I had my name published in the local rag seven or eight years ago. All the reporter/editor has to do is ask for the list from the KSP under FOIA. I pitched a fit as the local Commonwealth's Attorney is a friend (of sorts) who has a CCDW and his name was not on the list. Supposedly because he is considered an LEO, but still has to have a CCDW. Go figure that one out.

June 26, 2007, 10:08 PM

The MSM’s war on gun owners
By Michelle Malkin • June 26, 2007 09:32 PM

I’ve reported before on the newspaper campaign against gun owners with concealed carry licenses. The war continues. The Buckeye Firearms Association sends word of another news outlet, the Sandusky Register, which has published a list of concealed handgun permit owners in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca counties in Ohio.

BFA reports a citizen revolt and backlash against the paper’s actions:

The fallout from this action has barely begun, but it will no doubt be far-reaching. Already, subscribers are blogging on the Register’s website about canceling subscriptions, and at least one local business, Windjammer Restaurant in Marblehead, has forced the Register to remove their paper machines from the premises because of this violation of privacy.
Read more.

Here’s the Sandusky Register’s list targeting law-abiding CHL owners.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry are also protesting:

Jeff Garvas, President of OFCC, is in contact with other gun rights organizations to enlist their support and assistance. The organized response will include a letter writing campaign and a directed effort to communicate with the ad sponsors of the Register in order to educate them about the despicable and dangerous practice of of “outing” people who have undergone training, passed a rigorous background check, been fingerprinted, and received a Concealed Handgun License from their county sheriff.

Mr. Garvas has released a statement saying,

“Sandusky Newspapers Inc. and The Sandusky Register should immediately demand the resignation of managing editor Matt Westerhold for his role in putting the lives, homes, and lawfully-owned firearms of countless citizens in Northwest Ohio at risk of violence or theft.”

“When newspaper management chooses to put a juicy headline controversy with no journalistic news worthy content ahead of the safety of the public, the only acceptable answer is to terminate their employment post haste.”

“Ohioans For Concealed Carry and its supporters intend to send that message to the owners of the paper by targeting advertisers and encouraging them to pull advertising until this dangerous course of action is reversed and an apology is made to those citizens whose privacy has already been violated by the paper”.

Spread the word.

June 27, 2007, 10:47 AM
We have had at least two advertisers contact Ohioans For Concealed Carry to say that they are glad they were made aware of the situation, have canceled their ads with the Register, and told them why. It's working!

Sorry for the length of this, but in case anyone would like to contact the advertisers and help us out, I'm posting the sample letter I drafted up and the up-to-date advertiser contact list to make it easier for you folks. The list is continually updated on the OFCC website (http://www.ohioccw.org) as more info comes in.



Dear Sir/Madam:

I am contacting you today as a concerned consumer. As you may or may not know, The Sandusky Register, of which your business supports with advertising, has committed a grievous and dangerous attack on thousands of citizens in Northwest Ohio. On June 26, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold and The Register decided to publish the personal information of every law-abiding citizen that has received a Concealed Handgun License. These licensed citizens have undergone state-mandated training, passed a rigorous background check, been fingerprinted, and have been studied in the legal responsibilities of carrying a handgun solely for the defense of themselves and their families.

Many of these law-abiding citizens are now put in a dangerous predicament. Women that have relocated and received a handgun license for protection from an abusive spouse or stalker now have their location revealed. People that merely want privacy now have to answer employers and housing management about why they have chosen to legally own firearms. Now there is a “shopping list” available for any criminal that wishes to target houses where firearms are likely to be stolen, which are extremely valuable on the black market.

The Ohio Legislature gave media outlets the privilege of obtaining this personal information in order to ensure that Concealed Handgun Licenses were being issued appropriately. That is a very noble and worthy justification. However, the Legislature’s intent was clearly on record that a journalist was to research an individual crime and determine if an individual criminal had received a license. The intent was most certainly not to publish blanket lists of license holders and their personal information for no reason except public harassment.

Therefore, I ask that you please contact The Sandusky Register and demand as a paying advertising supporter that they stop this dangerous practice, apologize to the law-abiding citizens of Ohio, and terminate the employment of Managing Editor Matt Westerhold.

This movement is being organized by Ohio’s largest grassroots firearms advocacy group, Ohioans For Concealed Carry. Please visit www.OhioCCW.org for more detail. Thousands of Ohioans are closely following this situation and ask that you support them in this endeavor.

I humbly request that you contact me so that I may know your intentions and can forward them to our large community. I hope that we will be correct in assuming that no action taken by your business will constitute support for the Sandusky Register’s dangerous practices.

Thank you for your time,



Faithful Companion Pet Services
900 North Street
Fremont, Ohio 43420
Phone: 419-332-7391
Fax: 419-332-7366

Firelands Federal Credit Union
221 East Main Street, P.O. Box 8005
Bellevue, OH 44811
Bellevue: (419) 483-4180 or 1-800-276-5775
Norwalk: (419) 668-5833 or 1-888-276-2060
Galion: (419) 468-5631 or 1-888-761-7237
Bucyrus: (419) 562-0447

Patrick O'Brien - Web Director
Phone:(419) 625-5500 ext. 333
E-mail: patrickobrien@sanduskyregister.com

Gundlach Sheet Metal
Main Office: 910 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, OH 44870
Ph: 419-626-4525 Fax: 419-626-9365 Toll-Free: 1-800-953-4525

Steve Sparks, D.O.
1723 Columbus Ave Suite D
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 626-5252
No e-mail, form at http://www.familybariatric.com/store/go/contact-us/

No phys mail addy, no phone, no e-mail.

Vacationland Realty
8 Harbour Parkway
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
(419) 627-1111
Fax (419) 626-8544
beeksd@aol.com (but MeanStreaker had his mail returned as undeliverable)

800 Bridge Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065
Tel: +1 415 633 4500
Fax: +1 415 633 4501

University of Phoenix
4615 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Bowflex Revolution™ Customer Service
Nautilus, Inc.
16400 SE Nautilus Drive
Vancouver, WA 98683

Bank Of America
231 South LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Tel: +312 828 2345

FTMC Smoking Cessation Program
800-589-3862 (FTMC), ext. 6320 or 419-668-8101, ext. 6320

LendingTree, LLC
11115 Rushmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

Added at 3:00 on Tuesday.

HCMS Loans
Toll Free: 866.261.0296 Office: 419.660.1700 Fax: 419.660.0090
158 Milan Avenue Norwalk OH 44857
Email: HCMSHomeLoans@yahoo.com

Corporate Headquarters: 330-742-0500 or toll free 1-888-822-4751

The Remembrance Center
1522 East Perkins Ave. Sandusky, OH 44870
Groff, Ann: kk4208@aol.com

Arthur's Shoe Tree
(419) 609-SHOE
No web site, no e-mail.

June 27, 2007, 03:15 PM

Just posted on Buckeye Firearms website!

Mr. Matt Westerhold had the gall to publish an article today about the problem with sex offenders, when in fact, he has employee(s) who are rapists. The particular said rapist, delivers the newspapers to the doorsteps of people whom have children. The offices of the Sandusky Register appears to be within 1000' of multiple schools.

All learned of course, thru public records. Mr. Westerhold chose not to respond to our email requests, so it is our duty to make sure people know he has a rapist employee working for him, because of our access to public records.

Just say NO to the Sandusky Register.

Dave Dembinski
June 27, 2007, 04:06 PM
Gotta say, guys, I love the work you all are doing on this. It's really encouraging that there are folks like you out there to fight this nonsense. Combined with the recent fixes to the carry law and I'm going to call today and schedule a CCW class. Keep it up!

June 27, 2007, 04:34 PM
Thanks Dog! We've got much more that will come out on this. Please stay tuned. Trust me, none of us are getting much done at our paying jobs this week!:eek:

Hey, come take my CCW class. IM me!

June 27, 2007, 09:22 PM
Good work - I'm following this closely.

June 28, 2007, 08:42 AM
I promise not to waste any more bandwidth by posting the whole list, :) but we're continually adding to it and there's OVER 70 advertisers listed now. You can see them all on the OFCC site: www.OhioCCW.org

The more people that contact them the better since we now have so many!

Thanks for your help!

June 28, 2007, 08:23 PM

Round 3 to the lastest article we have posted on Buckeye Firearms website about Matt Westerhold.:evil:

It is absolutely amazing/chilling how much info can be learned about someone, just from public records.:neener:


June 28, 2007, 09:33 PM
From Buckeye Firearms

We do learn that he owns 322 Deepwood Lane in Amherst, Ohio. However, a quick search reveals that Mesh*** Elsw*** has the phone service there, and she claims to be a renter of Mr. Westerhold and states that Matt does not live there. Turning to the County Recorder, we see that Mr. Westerhold’s mortgage with Union National is a residential mortgage, not a commercial/rental property mortgage. If we were vindictive, we could contact the bank and let them know that Mr. Westerhold is now allegedly renting the property out to a renter, since that is potentially a default under the residential mortgage allowing the bank to foreclose the mortgage.

Why don't we all contact the bank pointing this out?

June 28, 2007, 10:07 PM
Man, didn't we just have this problem elsewhere????Yes, unfortunately.

People got outraged, and flooded them with letters and e-mail, so they took the list off the next day. So I'd say try the same thing this time. It might work. :)

June 29, 2007, 01:32 AM
Wow, I would hate to piss you all off.
You all are awesome. Keep up the good work!

July 8, 2007, 12:27 PM
Tried to hit them were it hurts, sent this slightly personalized version of the emial to Zone Labs since I have 350+ copies of their software "Dear Zone Labs

I am contacting you today as a concerned consumer and user of you fine product Zone Alarm. I use it at home as well as at work as a Systems Administrator on over 350 PC and laptops. As you may or may not know, The Sandusky Register, of which your business supports with advertising"

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