July 15, 2007, 09:36 AM
Petitions that have too many inaccuracies put us in a quandary. Do we sign up to them for the general principal we support and risk being misrepresented or do we turn away from them and miss supporting the cause?

Here's an example of a far from ideally worded petition on the net that has so many inaccuracies that I can't support it.

WHERE AS the proposed rules will impose unwarranted and severe restrictions on the manufacture, transportation and storage of: small arms ammunition and hand loading components such as propellants-(black and smokeless powder), primers and percussion caps;

WHERE AS there are already rules and regulations that assure the safety of employees and the public in general;

WHERE AS there is absolutely no evidence of any new safety hazard from manufacture, storage or transportation of small arms ammunition or components that would justify any new rules or regulations;

WHERE AS OSHA’s proposed rules would impose restrictions that very few gun stores, sporting goods stores, or ammunition dealers could comply with;

for example, as required under the proposed rule, firearms would be prohibited in stores that sell ammunition- that is absurd;

WHERE AS there will be a detrimental effect on America’s economy with respect to the billions of dollars generated and the jobs which exist as a result of the firearms industry directly and peripherally;

WHERE AS wild animals in the several states will be directly and negatively impacted;

lack of affordable ammunition will result in low and ineffective hunter participation in managing game;

game populations will grow to excessive numbers and have negative impacts which will be harmful to the animals, the environment and the citizenry;

WHERE AS the proposed regulations shall cause an increase in crime;

law abiding citizens will not be able to afford ammunition for defensive purposes;

a black market in ammunition and components will ensue resulting in further burdens placed on law enforcement in addition to loss of tax revenues as a result on the fall of the firearms industry;

hardened criminals will, with impunity, be able to commit crimes against unarmed citizens;

WHERE AS we view the proposed regulations as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL de facto gun control scheme;

that we view any attempt to weaken or dissolve our 2nd. Amendment Right as affront to the Founding Fathers’ original intent regarding each citizen’s right to gun ownership, possession and usage;

WE the undersigned AMERICANS strongly oppose proposed OSHA regulations to classify loaded ammunition, propellant primers and percussion caps as “explosives”. We further demand that OSHA cease and desist from any further considerations of passing the proposed regulations of Docket No. OSHA-2007-0032 (Explosives—Proposed Rule)


Your Employers, the AMERICAN CITIZENS

Everything in red is just inaccurate or plain silly. Manufacturers were the ones that requested the changes be made. Small arms ammunition and components have been defined as "explosives" under the regulation for 30+ years without hurting shooting. Most of the revision needs to be made to bring the 30+ year old standard into alignment with DOT, ATF and SAAMI and EMI standards. Suppositions about black markets ammo, crime rates and animal populations are so extreme that they damage the credibility of the few credible claims. And the thing is too long.

What it should have done is request that the current separation of small arms ammunition and components in distribution, retail sales and end-user businesses that is covered by the exemption for establishments with less than 750,000 rounds or primers or 750 lbs of powder be retained in the revision of 1910.109.

What do we do instead when we see these things?

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July 15, 2007, 09:41 AM
yes, but soylent green is people.

and some people accuse the anti 2a camps of being purely emotional...

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