Range Report,RIA 1911 and Springfield XD .45


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July 21, 2007, 06:56 PM
Hey everyone

Today me and My GF went to the Range and shot both a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 and a 4" service model Springfield XD. We tested both at 10 yards using Magtech 230 grain FMJ.

Here is what we found:

My GF shot first. In her words

"Neither the 1911 nor the XD (like many handguns) are an ideal fit for my small hands being both too thick and too wide (from the backstrap to trigger). However I found the 1911 to be a bit better in this regard. With the XD I found that in order to reach the trigger I had to grip the pistol in such a way that it did not rest firmly in the web of my hand.

Secondly, I prefered the 1911's trigger pull. The DOA on the XD had alot more take up before the trigger broke. This is problematic for me personally, I believe it was causing me to flinch.

And the last difference I noted was in the sights. The XD's sights were definitely larger. I suspect this is to aid in quicker sight picture acquisition, however I suspect it also makes it less dialed in.

I believe the combination of these things no doubt account for the major difference in how well I shot the two pistols. Slow fired (3-5 seconds between shots) 7 shots at a 3 inch bullseye. With the 1911 I achieved a 1 1/2 inch group slightly upper left, 5 of the shots touching. However with the XD w/ 7 shots I couldn't even keep them all on the paper, however the last two shots did hit the bullseye. Perhaps I just needed to get a feel for the gun. Maybe we'll see next time. ;)

Overall, I prefer the 1911's ergonomics and with thinner grips I think it would be even better for me."

Now for me:

I shot the Springfield XD.45 first at 10 yards, with a 3" bullseye. I fired 7 shots at the target (1-2 seconds between shots) the first shot missed the paper but was visible on the target holder. The rest of the six shots hit to left of the bullseye, group size was 3 1/2 inches.

I noticed the pistol had very little felt recoil and the sights where quite easy to acquire. I found the grip reasonably comfortable for my hand but I was not able to use my thumb on the magazine realease without turning the pistol. I could realease it with my index finger easily as it had ambi dexstrous safety.

I liked the numbered witness holes on the magazines. I didn't mind the long trigger pull as I am used to shooting a Makarov pistol on Double Action.

The the rock Island, I fired a single shot and had a malfunction, manuaully cycled the pistol and had another malfunction tried my other magazine and had the same problem so I went back to the first magazine that my GF used with no trouble and it worked fine. All magazines where G.I. contract mags but only one functioned correctly. The trigger bar seemed to be dragging on them. In anycase when I got the functioning magazine back in the pistol I shot a very similiar group to the XD though all 7 shots hit the paper the group was 3 1/2 or so and to the upper left of the bulls eye and paper. But with the 1911 I managed 3 rounds in the black only 1 with the XD.

Not sure why I shoot to the upper left of the center of the target. I did find that the Pachmayer grips on the 1911 not to my liking they had the swells and it made it difficult to operate the magazine release without turning the pistol and the rubber on the front strap help up the magazine somewhat. though the trigger bar may have been to blame on some of the mags. I think the malfunctioning of the pistol contributed to size of my group to some degree.

as usual my girlfriend proved to be deadly accurate with the pistol of her choice.

I as per usaul proved myself to be a mediocre shot with a pistol :) but consistant

Brother in Arms

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July 21, 2007, 07:16 PM
Glad you and your girl had a nice range session. :)

That RIA you shot, was it a Rock Island Arsenal refurbed 1911,
or a Rock Island Armory ? The former points to a very large
US.gov facility. The latter is a brand based in my part of the world.

Oh, and my wife outshoots me regularly.
She doesn't enjoy shooting more than a couple of mags' worth, though.


Brother in Arms
July 22, 2007, 06:38 PM

It was a Rock Island Armory made in the Phillipines.

My Gf is a excellent shot and I think she and I will be shooting more in the near future.

Brother in Arms

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