Ammo makers prepare for drop ?


July 23, 2007, 07:29 PM
This is an interesting article. That's a lot of ammo coming out of Lake City.;_ylt=AiNAR1BVf1FCimYBcCRgtP7MWM0F

Officials at the military's Joint Munitions Command in Rock Island, Ill., say there are now more than 170 commercial ammunition companies that make everything from gunpowder to grenades.

Adding to that base are 10 weapons production plants, including Lake City, that are owned by the government but managed by contractors. Three others are owned and run by the government.

Of these 13 facilities, four will close by 2011, victims of the military base closing round conducted by the Pentagon in 2005.

The experience at Lake City illustrates the renewed attention paid to ammunition producers. Built in 1941, Lake City is operated by Alliant Techsystems, a multibillion-dollar weapons company headquartered in Edina, Minn.

Spread over nearly 4,000 acres, Lake City is the largest producer of the small-caliber ammunition used by the Army and the other military branches. General Dynamics manufactures an additional 300 million rounds a year.

The bullets come in different types and sizes; the 5.56 mm round, used in the standard-issue M-16 rifle, is the most frequently fired by U.S. forces.

When Alliant began managing Lake City in April 2000, it had 650 employees there making 350 million small-caliber rounds annually. After the United States invaded Afghanistan, orders increased and continued to escalate after the war in Iraq began in 2003.

Alliant now has 2,500 workers in Lake City making four times as much ammunition as it did seven years ago. Current output is 120 million rounds a month nearly 4 million bullets a day.
I hope prices will drop if there is surplus..

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July 24, 2007, 01:58 AM
I hope that whatever elected leader in office haven't banned surplus--or any other--ammo.

July 24, 2007, 02:08 AM
nearly 4 million bullets a day

If only I could have an hour or two's worth of ammo....

July 24, 2007, 02:33 AM
So as they churn out the military's most essential pieces of hardware and millions hope for an end to the war ammunition makers are preparing for a downturn in business.


Paradoxically, peace may be as profitable as combat to certain sectors of the ammunition industry. The military uses more gun rounds in training than in combat, a ratio that provides a cushion for Alliant and others, according to defense industry analysts.

Huh? Did anyone else notice this article doesn't make much sense?

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