S&W or RRA Tactical Carbine?


July 23, 2007, 11:30 PM
OK, OK, I've been bitten by the AR-15 bug! :evil: I'm looking for an M-4gery type carbine for two purposes: Defense, target shooting, and varmint hunting, but also to use with a drop-in CO2 activated laser kit to use with a judgmental use-of-force simulator for law enforcement training. For that reason, I need a carbine-type weapon that is commonly used by law enforcement. I also need it to be, well, "tacti-cool" to favorably impress police trainers and using officers.

After quite a bit of looking on line, I had pretty much settled on the Rock River Arms Tactical Carbine A4 with free-floating quad rail, and quad rail gas block with folding back-up front sight. Yesterday, however, I went to Sportsman's Warehouse in Lewisville, where their resident AR-15 expert recommended the S&W 15T. They didn't stock RRA, but I compared it quite favorably to a Bushmaster.

Today, at Cheaper Than Dirt, I was able to compare the two weapons side-by-side, and there doesn't seem to be much difference in price between the two weapons with similar features.

Here's what I'm looking at: RRA Tactical A4 as low as $900, plus $85 for quad rail gas block, $80 for folding front sight, $120 for free-floating aluminum quad rail, $40 for chrome lined barrel, and $8 for a set of rail covers. Total $1232.

S&W 15T as low as $1200 including all the above features, but will need $135 Timney trigger to equal the RRA's competition trigger. Total $1335. The Smith is, obviously about $100 higher, but reviews I've read say it has one of, if not the best quad rail system made, and arguably the best flip-up back-up front and rear sights, as well.

Would appreciate any thoughts or experiences from anyone who has used either, or especially, both. Which do you think represents the most, er, "bang for the buck?" Thanks, all!

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July 23, 2007, 11:33 PM
Get the smith. If you want a little better price and just as good quality, get a Stag.

July 24, 2007, 12:03 AM
I bought the S&W M&P15A for my first AR. You might also check out www.sportingarms.com for Stag AR's. They are actually in LEwisville. So, you could pick it up locally.


July 24, 2007, 01:07 AM
Yes, I bought mine at SportingArms from Becky. I was up there to pick up another gun, and she had just got the S&W in. They were allocated at the time; she asked me if I wanted to see it. I think she really is a natural blonde - I mean - is the pope Catholic!!!

I needed a bib, but I left without it. I almost made it home, but pulled into Bass Pro Shops to call Becky on my cell-phone ( I don't drink and drive either). I asked her if she sold it yet, she laughed. I picked it up the next day. It is one sweet AR.

Bartholomew Roberts
July 24, 2007, 07:42 AM
I don't know about the best; but the S&W has better accessories than what you have priced for the RRA - of course you can also buy the same accessories for the RRA if you want; but you won't get the same package pricing.

Only issue with the Timney is that while it is probably a better trigger than the RRA; it is also not as durable as the RRA trigger IMO. Whether they can be made as durable with proper installation, I couldn't say. However, durability won't be an issue if you are just plinking with it a few hundred rounds a year.

July 24, 2007, 08:08 AM
Made by Stag Arms. They will have the same gun for less. Not the same features, configuration, accessories, the EXACT SAME RIFLE. So, buy the Stag, and take a white paint pen and write S&W on it, and there you go.
(I'm a huge Smith fan, btw, and still can't figure out why they can't make their own rifle.)

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