Garandguy still good or is he slipping?


August 13, 2007, 11:03 PM
I've gone through numerous threads regarding "Garand Guy"

A lot of people gave him praise earlier, but lately I've seen some unsatisfied customers.

Is he doing all the work or is he just the sales guy in the front?

And how's his product now?

I want to get this one...

Super Premium Grade M1 with a US GI Reciever
Same as premium grade, but with new Citadel* and commercial 30.06 or .308 barrel and new Boyd walnut stock and hand guards; Made to USGI specs
. Comes with: Instruction manual, 10 clips and a 1 year warranty.


Thing is. I've heard from some people on here that the wood is not new. Can anybody confirm?

Also, what does a chromed lined barrel do?

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August 14, 2007, 12:24 AM
I recently purchased a Super Premium in .30-06 and found the experience less than satisfying.

See my last post in this thread:

The chips in the finish are my main disappointment. Overall, its a nice looking rifle, but those chips stand out like a sore thumb. The stock was indeed new as stated, with some minor drips in the finish. However, thats Boyds fault, not Garand Guy. There was also a minor dent in the stock which probably came from the op handle of another rifle, but it's not too noticeable.

I finally got Tony to reply to an e-mail and he said he would send some "touch-up". That was a week ago and I have not received anything yet. In the meantime, I found out there is no such thing as touch-up for parkerization, so I have no idea what he is sending.

To be fair, I have not tried phoning, since it's difficult for me to make personal calls during work hours. However, I feel a business that accepts online orders should be responsive to customer emails.

I'm tempted to ask for a partial refund, say $50 or $75 to compensate for the chips - why should I take the hit on resale value if I decide to sell? But I want to test fire the gun first to make sure it functions. If not, its going back and I'll be asking for a full refund. My CMP ammo order arrived today, so I'll be taking it to the range this weekend.

In retrospect, I should have waited for the CMP Select Grade, which is supposed to be available this fall. I've dealt with CMP a few times, both via phone and email and the customer service has been exceptional.

I believe the main advantage of the chrome lining is longer barrel life, but I'll defer to the experts.

My $0.02


August 14, 2007, 12:36 AM
Yeah, you're post and Samuraigg is what got me second guessing.

Up till now, all I hear is praise for this guy, but now that he's popular, he might be slacking.

In defense of garandguy though, his website says that he's been having trouble getting emails. Maybe he couldn't get your emails?


Is the "Super Colossal Premium Grade M1" worth the extra $300 over the "Super Premium Grade M1"?

August 14, 2007, 05:38 PM
I got the exact same grade you are wanting last week.The stock was a brand
new boyds stock.The gun looks great and has functioned flawlessly.I was kind of skeptical for the price but this rifle is tight.When I get the money I will
be ordering another from Tony aka the garand guy.Oh and I never had any communication problems with him either he returned my calls and emails.

August 14, 2007, 06:02 PM
I was initially very disappointed. I got a Premium Garand for $895, which is supposed to have a new stock. Mine was quite obviously used, with a series dings and chips. Fortunately the receiver and barrel itself were very good. It had a muzzle wear of maybe 1 to 2 when I tried measuring it with M2 ball ammo. The muzzle has no scratches or anything else.

I emailed tony and he sent me a complete new stock. The new stock is fantastic and really fits the rifle better than the old one. When I closed the trigger guard on the old stock, I got no resistance (a sure sign its not fitting well); but the new stock gives a lot of resistance and I feel like the rifle has a great tight fit with the wood.

I felt like I really had to pester tony a lot to get some answers. "How much extra is shipping, will you give me a tracking number, when will this ship" etc etc. I would have liked more feedback considering I'm spending just over 900 bucks on this rifle.

So in summary, while I had some bumps on the way, I eventually wound up with a rifle I'm completely satisfied with. Hopefully if you order from him you will too. It just might take more effort that you would have hoped it would.

August 14, 2007, 06:05 PM
Also Joe, keep in mind my old post from the other Garand thread. If your rifle doesn't cycle properly when you go to the range; make sure you have greased the proper areas on the Garand, and put enough oil in the action. Keep on working the action and get it smooth. My Garand initially failed to cycle and I was ready to mail it back for a refund. But after I properly applied the grease and oil, it functioned like a dream.

August 14, 2007, 07:03 PM
I was initially very disappointed. I got a Premium Garand for $895, which is supposed to have a new stock. Mine was quite obviously used, with a series dings and chips

On Tony's website it clearly states that a Premium grade for $895 comes with
a USED stock.

Super Premium grade for $995 comes with the new Boyds stock.

August 14, 2007, 07:30 PM
Well then he just changed that. When I ordered mine the site said the Issue Grade was used, Premium Grade new.

August 14, 2007, 08:15 PM
Yep, I distinctly remember the Premium Grade advertised as having a new stock. Apparently that has now changed. IMO The Super Premium is now a better deal for $100 more with both new stock and new barrel, unless you happen to want a GI barrel.

Samuraigg, I stripped the rifle and it had lube in the right places. I cleaned it with CLP and swabbed the bore - it appears to have been test fired. The bolt was clean, so I'm assuming the residue was from a Citadel proof load. Everything appears to be SA parts and they looked good - no rust, etc. Hopefully it will function well.

I'm probably being overly critical of Tony because I'm disappointed with the chips, which mar the appearance of an otherwise very pretty rifle.

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