July 5, 2003, 06:31 PM
The Gun: Stock Belgian made 1967 BHP T-Series

The Ammo: 100 rnds of 115gr Winchester $5.99 Wal-Mart target 9mm.

The Range: Most shooting was done on the rest with target at 25 yards in
the indoor range.

The Test: This is the first time I shot my newly acquired BHP, actually this the is first time I ever fired Browning Hi-Power. The magazine was original T-series 13 round magazine. After previously removing the magazine disconnect, it drops out freely.
the trigger pull is very crisp, but it has longer sear travel then that of the 1911. Also the trigger reset is longer, thus making double tap less faster to do than with 1911.
As for the sight, they are crappy in everyway from long range shoot to rapid combat acquisition. Novak sights would be nice, but I wouldn't mass with gun of this significance.
As you can see the ammos that were used shot consistently 3 to 4 inches high at 25 yards.

Here is better group at 15 yards, but it still shoots high.
I can probably find lower rear sight to lower POI, but I am not going to bother with it for it won't be my primary range or carry gun (too pretty for that).

I also tried some rapid double taps on the siluette target at 7 yards, and I managed to put all 14 shots in the torso area.
Since I do not have a large hand, I experienced no hammer bites.
Due to its hefty steel frame, the felt recoil and muzzle flip was the mildest among the 9mm pistols I own, even less than that of high bore axle Beretta 92FS, and may be even less than that of Glock 17.
As expected, all 100 ball 9mm fed with out any problem

Overall Impression: The BHP T-series lived up to its reputation. Aside from its attractiveness, I was really pleased with its shootablity and performance. Along with my 1911s, another fine piece to make me truly appreciate John Moses Browning.

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Stephen A. Camp
July 5, 2003, 07:05 PM
Hello. Great gun and a very fine report. These darn things grow on ya' ... well, for sure on me! That's a really nice old T. These are getting harder and harder to find.


July 5, 2003, 11:41 PM
Nice, Doc.

I have one just like that except for the grips.

My feeling is that it shoots hi 'cause I'm always outta the notch. The sights are so freakin tiny that when my sight picture is right I can't see the front sight at all.


July 7, 2003, 12:07 AM
What is the "T series" and how many series are there?

July 7, 2003, 12:20 AM
T-Series is Browning hi power made during 1960's. It is called T-series, because ones made during this period had serial number with "T" prefix.
It is somewhat more desireable because of its superior finish and fit, though current MkIII might be more rugged and user friendly.

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